As I listen to my friends and family (and myself), this appears to be an intense time of ego-battle. It seems to be a time where many of us are having trouble letting go of karmic patterns and negative relationships that no longer serve us. Intellectually, we know it’s time to let go but in practice it seems to be so much harder!


Unlike the commonly known term (ego- narcissist), the spiritual ego is that which we, on our spiritual journey, must overcome in order to become in alignment with our dharma. Dharma is a Sanskrit word which loosely translated means: living in accordance with Divine will; a point at which our personal choices become synonymous with The Creator’s path for us.


The ego feeds itself on our belief systems. Most of our belief systems have been handed to us by our genetic lineage, formative experiences as children and karmic patterning. Some of these belief systems run so deep that it takes many lifetimes to work through them. Belief systems often involve thought patterns respective to money, relationships, intimacy and body image issues. They involve phrases such as “all women are…”, “i am never going to”, “life is hard”, “If I do this then this will happen!”, to name a very small few. Belief systems can be hazardous to our spiritual growth for many reasons. Belief systems often cause worry, fear, despair and frustration. These vibrations are out of alignment with Divine will as all vibrations in alignment with Divine will are positive, unconditional love vibrations.

There are also positive belief systems, of course, such as “I think I can”, or “all living beings deserve respect”. There are also belief systems that can heal our negative belief systems such as “I am beautiful just the way I am”. When we are working through ego based thoughts, we are working with the heavy, toxic, unpleasant vibrations.


Karma is essentially the “stuff” we brought with us from previous incarnations. To use a specific example, if a person is addicted to alcohol and is unable to break the addiction completely, she or he will re-incarnate with the same predisposition to alcoholism. In fact, she or he will continue to re-incarnate this way until the addiction is completely healed.

Ideally, on our spiritual paths, we strive to eliminate all of our karmic patterning. Much of our karmic patterning hinges on belief systems- the same belief systems that are handed down to us in the above three ways.

Our karmic patterns manifest as unhealthy relationships, unresolved issues, addictions, body image issues and unfounded fears. It is our job to recognize our karma and heal it. And sometimes, recognizing the karmic pattern is half the battle. The other half is ego.

The ego can be very stubborn. The ego can want to attach itself to these negative belief systems and unhealthy situations to feed itself. It can often seem to “feel better” to be angry, depressed or hurt by external circumstances. The reality is, all of these “negative” external situations are happening to us because we are repeating the same karmic patterning that we have in previous incarnations. The reason is that it’s time for us to grow from them. The truth is, in the absolute depths of our despair, we are learning and healing the most. The truth is, we CHOSE to be born into and carry out all of the circumstances in this life that we currently are. The soul chooses to incarnate into whatever form and life it needs to in order to learn what it needs to learn. With this knowledge, we will be stronger. We will be able to overcome. Knowledge is power.

The ego never goes away for the duration of our human incarnations. We will always have that voice that wants to react negatively to something potentially upsetting. What we do learn, however, is to hear the ego voice in our minds, acknowledge it, and consciously effort to let it go. The sooner we let go of the power that our ego has over our emotions, outlook and choices, the sooner we can be free of karma.


Letting go of the challenges we are faced with can be challenging. The ego can be reluctant to let go of relationships from which it feeds. To the ego, anger, resentment and fear based thoughts have power. They have a position and a place in your psyche and they make you who you are. This is incorrect. Who YOU are is NOT who your ego wants you to believe you are. You are a Divine, pure being whose innate nature is unconditional love. Your ego will tell you otherwise. Your ego will tell you that you are fear based and that you need these fears in order to protect yourself from being hurt, being financially poor, being alone or being unhappy with the way you look.

The reality is that the ego can be powerless over you if you let it go. Given that the ego feeds on the very same things that are holding you back, if you feed these problems to The Divine Creator instead of feeding them to your ego, you will never be alone. You will have a partner in healing. You will be removing the ego’s power over you and then it will starve and weaken. You will have healed.


The good news is that we are not alone on our karmic healing journey. We are always surrounded by beings of Light who embody the unconditional Divine vibration. They may appear or sound to most like angelic beings, spirit animals, and other beings who exist in non Earthly realms. We will know it is they whom we are hearing and seeing as their messages and presence frequently bring tears of joy and love to our eyes.


As spiritualists, we are constantly becoming more self-aware. The more aware we become, the easier it is to identify where we are out of alignment. Understanding our karma is a crucial part of spiritual growth. Taking the time to seek and destroy our negative belief systems can take years of hard work. Though this work can be gruelling at times, once we are through we will be forever healed from those patterns. We will be completely free of those issues and perhaps be able to inspire and others to walk the path we have. We will walk in tandem with our dharma, at peace with ourselves and all that is.

To find out specifics about how to heal your karma, stay tuned for part 2 of this article next week.


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