As we covered in Pt 1 of this series, the ego and karma go hand in hand. The ego will fight us every step of the way on your spiritual journey until we learn to work with it instead of against it. By working with our ego to recognize where we are out of alignment, we can rewire our thought patterns into healthy harmony.

The vibration of the Earth is shifting. Along with the potential spiritual turbulence this may incur, we are also being confronted with our own shift in consciousness. It is now more important than ever to identify and release these unhealthy patterns. For if we choose to stand still where we are without moving forward, The Divine Consciousness will push us forward. When The Divine Consciousness pushes us forward, the experience can be far more overwhelming than when we choose to do so of our own free will.

Here are 7 steps we can take to heal our relationships with ourselves, each other and The Creator:

  1. Make a commitment- One of the most important parts of healing ourselves on our journey is to commit to it. Commitment helps us to stay accountable for our actions. By committing to ourselves, we are affirming positive self-belief. We are affirming self-confidence. By committing to ourselves, we are ensuring a shift in our consciousness to a higher plane of existence.
  2. Journal- It may help to journal as keeping track of our progress has many benefits. Some of these include-reference points to go to when reflecting, writing often helps to relieve stress as it is a creative outlet, and journaling can help to spur creative thinking/problem solving skills. Once we begin to journal to keep track of our progress, it may also be helpful to start a dream journal. Very often, while our conscious mind is at rest, our subconscious is free to bring forth that which needs closer examination. By writing down our dreams, we may be able to piece together ideas and concepts that can help us to heal our karma.
  3. Meditate- Make a point of taking at least 10 minutes out of our day to meditate. Be aware that there are many forms of meditation. Meditation does not have to be sitting still and being still, it can involve a repetitive movement or sound such as walking, drumming or focusing on our breathing as we stop and ground.
  4. Write letters to our angels- Our angels are always around to help us when we ask. But ONLY when we ask. Our angels cannot help simply if they “think” we need it, as this would be a violation of our free will. A cardinal rule of enlightenment is not to violate another’s free will. Therefore, by writing a letter to our angels stating exactly with what and how we would like help, they will respond in a way that does not violate our free will. When writing a letter to our angels, we must always remember to use positive wording and express our gratitude for their guidance. Given that “joy” and “gratitude” are the highest vibrations known to man, integrating them into our angel letters will readily welcome Divine assistance.
  5. Begin an energy work practice- whether you receive energy healing regularly or become an energy healing practitioner, energy work is extremely beneficial in healing our karma. Energy work includes (but is not limited to) Reiki, ThetaHealing, IET, Access Consciousness, Body Talk, among a great many others. Once we are infused with the Light energy utilized in energy work, seeking out and working on our unhealthy belief systems and karma becomes second nature. It expedites the process of self-healing.
  6. BE PREPARED TO WORK! – No matter how old we are or how far along we are on our path, self awareness takes work. Once we consciously choose to be free of karma, to get there will take much self-examination. We will be bombarded with circumstances that call for DISCERNMENT. Discernment is the wisdom to feel out what is right for us and what no longer serves us in a healthy way. We must be honest with ourselves and proceed in a way that is in alignment with our divinity. The work involved in healing our karma is a kind of work that exists nowhere else in Earthly existence. It can be quite gruelling. But that is our choice to make it so. If we let go of our ego and allow the circumstances of our healing path to unfold, free of attachment to the outcome, the gruelling aspect of this work becomes much less so- and can even become obsolete.
  7. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF- Many of us question our journey. We come face to face with obstacles that seem insurmountable. We wonder what we are doing, why we are doing it and what we are doing it for. There may be times when things look bleak and hopeless. THIS is when we are healing the most. Remember- the darkest hour is just before the dawn. By staying true to ourselves- our real selves (not our egoic selves), and believing in our own divinity, we can overcome and surpass all of the hurdles we create in order to test ourselves and rise above.

In addition to following these 7 guidelines, it is always important to remember that we deserve happiness, love and abundance. We must remember that we too are one with The Divine consciousness. As above, so below. Once we have begun to move through our karmic debt, we can align ourselves with our dharma. We will fully realize the Divine. By understanding the oneness of all that is, and understanding that every choice we make has a direct effect on all of creation, perhaps begin to make wiser choices that will benefit ourselves and all other beings.


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