Otherwise known as the Pink Moon, this month’s Full Moon waxes in the sign of Libra on April 7th (Western Hemisphere) or April 8th (Eastern Hemisphere). This Full Moon is the second Supermoon of 2020. Supermoons are the full moons that occur when the moon is closest in proximity to the Earth respective to the others. The proximal closeness of the moon to the Earth creates a larger looking moon, hence the name Super-moon. As with all full moons, this one is an appropriate occasion to practice releasing. “Releasing” simply means taking the time to consider which elements of our lives have fallen out of alignment with our most authentic selves and actively letting them go. Releasing can be done in a variety of effective ways, from chanting mantra to spell work to practicing self-energy healing techniques.

This month’s full moon, occurring in the sign of Libra, means that there is an emphasis on seeking balance in all aspects of our lives. During this time, finding balance could feel like a daunting task. With the world being in chaotic disorder, finding balance may seem, at first glance, impossible. However, if we break this into smaller pieces we may find its end much easier to achieve. For example, instead of seeking the balance between home and work life as we usually might, we may choose to seek balance only in the home. Given that many of us are house bound at this time, we may seek to restore order to a chaotic home, balance to our interpersonal relationships and a general equilibrium to our mental state.

Despite Libra’s desire to minimize chaos and maximize balance, Libra also tends toward drama. It is common for those born under the sun sign of Libra to aspire to be professional musicians or actors. This, in addition to their perceptible charm is because of their natural ability to command an audience. During this time we may wish to be more social (albeit on video chat). We may wish to entertain even if it means throwing a dinner party for our immediate family.

On the other hand, because Libra is always seeking fairness and Justice,  for those of us who live in environments with people who are constantly butting heads and arguing, we will take it upon ourselves to become our family’s peacekeepers. If we live or work with people who are unable to see eye to eye or find common ground, we will find that we become the mediators. Libra seeks to bring social harmony to the home and community.

To add to the social atmosphere, Venus and Mars have a strong astrological alignment during this lunar period. With Venus and Mars being “lover” planets, we can expect romantic relationships to flow naturally and easily. For those who are in long term relationships, you can expect to feel a new and exciting surge of romance at this time. For those who are just beginning their relationships or are interested in a special someone, this time is perfect for developing a true and compassionate connection.

Libra, ruled by the planet Venus, embodies a love of all things beautiful. Art, music, poetry, dance- Libra favours them all. This is a time to engulf ourselves in whichever art form to which we feel drawn (no pun intended). Venus, the sign of the Divine feminine, will facilitate a desire to get in touch with our feminine sides. We will be guided to reconnect with our emotionality and our sensitivity. Woman and man alike will be called upon to delve deep into our sensual side and bring it forth and honour it. Activating our femininity is empowering and gratifying.

Contrary to our fair minded-Libra moon, we have a very emboldened Aries sun. Our sun’s placement in fiery Aries may create an easily frustrated atmosphere for those of us who have limited freedoms at this time. Aries is generally full of physical energy that must have an effective and healthy outlet. If we are house-bound at this time, we may have a sudden desire to renovate or update our living environments. As the sun is in energetic Aries and the moon is in balance-minded Libra, investing our resources in home projects can be a very productive way to utilize our energy.

Should we succumb to the hot-headed ways of the Aries sun, we can call upon the just nature of the Libra moon to balance our energies. Libra focuses on Justice in all situations. We will, during this lunar influence, be gifted the ability to see any conflict or situation from all available sides. This gift is one of compassion and empathy. May we use this vision wisely. May we use it to understand that everyone is doing the best we can with what we have. May we use it to realize that when we are judging others, we are judging ourselves for we are all one. We are all part of the same whole. We are all reflections of each other. When we find fault in another it is merely a reflection of fault we find within ourselves. May we use it to find compassion for each other and work toward the healing of humanity and of the environment at this, such a crucial time in our world’s history.



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