As our second last full moon of 2020 waxes full in the night sky, we witness the bulk of our autumn season in hindsight. Our full moon in Gemini gives way to the beginning of eclipse season with its penumbral lunar eclipse. Though our gaze rests upon the majority of our perilous year in hindsight, eclipses often bring our awareness to the future.

Both the full moon and lunar eclipse mark an important opportunity to release. This year has been so trying for most of us. We have before us an opportunity to release the fear, oppression and the other lower vibrations that we have been carrying around with us for months. We have an opportunity to set the stage for a new beginning. As with all full moons, this is an occasion to reflect on what we need to release in order to streamline our lives to align with our Divine life purpose. Creating a list of that which we are ready to release is the first step to letting it go. Remember you must truly want to let it go. For if your list is created without the intention and meaning behind it, it will not be released. Ensure that your list is compiled of that which you are fully ready to let go. Once you have created this list (the list can be as long or short as you feel necessary), you may take action by the light of the full moon and burn it, bury it or sage it, tear it up and flush it. By doing one of these activities, or any activity that feels right to you, you are, along with the Universe acknowledging that you are letting go. Again, should you partake in this ritual, for it to work, it MUST be done with true intention behind your actions.

At 1:45 AM central time on November 30th, 2020, we witness our final penumbral eclipse. For those of us in  North America, South America, Australia and parts of Asia, we are able to view 82% of the moon’s shades of darkness as the moon eclipses the sun. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun Earth and Moon are exactly aligned, and the moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. This can only occur on a night of a full moon.

When the Sun, Earth and the Moon are aligned, we can celebrate the occasion to become in alignment with our shadow sides. As the Sun is our Light, the Moon is our shadow.  While they are in alignment, we come face to face with parts of ourselves that can stir discomfort with us. This is a natural reaction. Humans love to avoid pain at any cost. We love to procrastinate when it comes to doing the self work it takes to ascend. We love to avoid pain by shifting our focus away from it and not dealing with it head on at all. However at this juncture, instead of running away from our shadows, let us become one with them. Let us understand that without accepting our shadow parts, we are unable to fully and completely love ourselves. Let us find the humour and joyfulness in the aspects of our lives that make us feel uncomfortable. Let us realize that this is why we are here on Earth, to learn to love ourselves; shadow and Light.

As the moon waxes full in Gemini, we are reminded of options. We are reminded that we can co-create our futures. As intellectual Gemini reigns high, this full moon is the perfect space in which to contemplate what it is that we desire to create for ourselves. This is an excellent time to cast away self doubt and acknowledge that we are worthy of the limitless abundance that the Universe has to offer. However because of Gemini’s known inability go make a clear decision, it is best at this time to merely reflect and wait to take action. On the other hands this lunar period is an excellent time to recognize the areas of our lives are out of balance and/or out of alignment with our hopes and dreams. Thanks to intellectual Gemini, we are able to analyze and scrutinize our surroundings. With that said, with all of the analysis and scrutiny we may be facing, we may also risk over analysis of ourselves. This is a slippery slope. If we find, during our surveying of surroundings, that we begin to pick ourselves apart in the process, let us be mindful of it and turn it around immediately with waves and notions of self love and care.

Gemini is known for its duality. Again we witness the theme of shadow and Light. Gemini is the sign of twins Castor and Pollux; twin brothers in Greek and Roman mythology. Both twins were immortalized by Zeus, spending half of their time on Earth and the other half in the starry heavens. We can discern from their story our dual nature. The law of duality, the tenth Law of the Universe states that everything is on a continuum and has an opposite within the whole. This is to say; though there are two sides to a coin, there is still only one coin. As Castor and Pollux spend half of their time on Earth and half in the heavens, we are reminded of the Divinity that exists both in the heavenly skies and here on Earth; as above, so below. Everything in the Universe, no matter how far reaching it seems, is interconnected, intertwined with all else that exists.

As Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury who stands for communication, this lunar period emphasizes interpersonal communication. This is a time to evaluate our beliefs and our needs through self acknowledgement. This full moon emphasizes how we communicate with ourselves. Do we speak kindly to ourselves? Or do we talk down to ourselves? This is the time to really pay attention to how we are self-communicating. Remember that how we treat others is a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

We always have work to do. This Full Moon/lunar eclipse highlights the areas in which we need improvement. We are granted the opportunity to delve into this work peacefully. That said, as important as it is to work on our journey to self mastery, so too is it to rest. Be sure, if you feel bogged down by the energy of this lunar alignment, that you take a time out. Be sure that you are giving yourself a break. You deserve to be honest with yourself at all times. You deserve a kind word, spoken to yourself. It is absolutely ok to rest. The more you take the time to honour your needs, the more resilient you become! °♡°♡°♡°♡°♡°♡°



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