Arriving on Thursday, February 11th, this year’s New Moon in Aquarius offers many lessons. Each new moon lends us the opportunity to begin anew. With the birth of the moon and its growth, we have another chance to plant our seeds and watch them grow.

Especially regarding relationships, this New Moon’s placement just before Valentine’s Day can have us in serious reflection mode. This new moon presents us with the potential to either make or break our relationships. Whether we subscribe to the Valentine’s Day mentalities or not, this new moon focuses on our relationships. It focuses on attachment, detachment and all of the life lessons in between.

Should we find ourselves in romantic partnerships, our New Moon in Aquarius will highlight where our feelings within our relationships maybe out of balance. This is a time when we may be called to take a step back and weigh our priorities within our relationships. Romantic or platonic, this new moon will illuminate the imbalances in our relationships. It will show us whether we are being taken advantage of or whether we are asking too much of our friends and partners .

Thanks to the emotionally detached nature of the Aquarian, we will easily be able to step back and take an objective view of our relationships as well as our roles in our relationships. When we embody the Aquarian energy, we will find it easier to be confronted with challenging emotional situations and work through them rationally and with a sounder mind. This blessing will therefore allow us to contemplate what we accept within our relationships and what we no longer do. As a result of this shift in personal power, we can begin to contemplate of what we wish to rid our relationships and our lives by the light of the next full Moon in two weeks time.

Perhaps of greater importance than the analysis of our relationships with others is your relationship with ourselves. This most important relationship will also be highlighted at this time. Drawing once more on the Aquarian nature of detachment, we can begin to objectively see how we relate to ourselves. If we are practiced, we will be able to see what areas of our relationships with ourselves need work. How do we speak to ourselves? Are we cruel or kind? Now is the time to listen to our self talk and to remember that how we treat others is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. Kindness is everything.

This new moon has the power potential to remind us that our relationship with ourselves is equally, if not more important than our relationships with others. The energy of this lunar period could push us to realize that we are worth more than we are being treated in our romantic partnerships and could compel us to begin the steps to walk away. Conversely, it could compel us to recognize that we are treating others unfairly and that this is merely a reflection of how we treat ourselves and that it’s time for a change. Either way, at this time, it is important to acknowledge our desire for solitude and self growth.

Wth both the sun and moon in the sign of Aquarius at this time, we have a strong Uranian influence parading itself in our atmosphere. At this time, we can expect Uranus to shake things up in a sudden and unexpected way. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus which means that we can expect sudden and strong change at any time during this lunar period. Because of this new moon’s focus on relationships, this sudden and unexpected change will likely be relative to a relationship; romantic, platonic or with self. This unexpected change may come in the form of brand new game changing information, self-realized epiphany or any other show stopping moment. The bottom line is: be prepared for anything.

Though we may have a few changes on the horizon due to the Uranian influence, its crucial at this time to draw on the Aquarian air of detachment from these changes. As Buddha said, “attachment is the root of all suffering”. When we become attached to people and circumstances the way they are we are bound for devastation as nothing, ever, is permanent. The only constant is change. When we understand the impermanence of experiences, circumstances and life on Earth, we will more easily detach from them. When we do detach, as these circumstances shift, we will be more easily inclined to let them do so with a greater sense of inner peace.



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