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Soulstice and J Morgan are incredibly excited to share that we are adding a very special new element to our animal wellness repertoire!

J. Morgan has been guided to create a variety of crystal healing items for the wellness of animals. As an Animal Communicator, Animal Reiki Master, Archangel channel and certified crystal healer, J Morgan is sensitive to the resonation of animals with the gentle, yet powerful healing energies of crystal gems. Because of this, she has created various crystal healing items for the purposes of protecting and healing your animal’s body, mind, spirit and sacred space.

Soulstice Spirit and J Morgan Saifer will now be sharing the gift of highly unique CRYSTAL HEALING WANDS and CRYSTAL HEALING GRIDS for animals with you and your animal companions.

Crystals are gentle yet powerful healing tools that facilitate balance and healing energies on all levels for animals and people. J Morgan, having worked with animals for over 14 years, has been guided by the archangels to select very specific types of crystals and arrange them in a very specific pattern on the wands and grids for various purposes in healing your animal friend and protecting her/his sacred space.

Below is a short list of items that J Morgan has been guided to share with you:


J Morgan has been guided to create crystal healing wands for animals. In partnership with the archangels, J Morgan has put together wands that contain crystals of the highest efficacy for animal healing. These crystals are charged with Animal Reiki energy and Archangel healing & protection energies.  Because animals are so sensitive to direct energy as well as subtle energies, the layouts of the wands address the animal’s need for deep emotional and spiritual protection and healing.


These wands are layered with the protective energies of black tourmaline, labradorite and black onyx which are known protectors from negative energies. These wands are ideal for animals who are in negative or toxic environments. Because some of these wands also contain pieces of rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz, they also embody the ability to keep an animal’s emotions stable and ward off negative and unbalanced energies from people in the home or visitors to the home.

charm-repel negative energy1


These wands are primarily made of rose quartz which is the highest vibration of crystal healing for companion animals. Rose quartz facilitates emotional rebalancing and also enhances connection between animals and their people. This wand is perfect for newly homed animals, re-homed animals, fearful animals, animals who have suffered emotional or physical abuse and animals who are highly emotionally sensitive.

charm-self love, reconnect with love


These wands are ideal for animals who are older souls. Older soul animals spend a lot of time traveling through the Astral Plane while they appear to be sleeping. Through the combinations of amethyst, lapis and clear quartz, your animal will surely have a smooth and restful transition between planes. Some wands contain  black onyx for protection upon return from the Astral into a toxic environment. These wands are especially beneficial for those animals who practice meditation and energy work with their people as the stones on these wands facilitate highly charged spiritual connection between animal, person and the Light realms.

charm- connection with spiritual planes

All wands are connected to a split ring so that animals are able to wear them on collars or have them attached to their resting area without danger of ingestion. Every wand has been charged with Animal Reiki and Archangel Healing energies. Each wand is $12. Additional shipping charges may apply. Payment in CAD and USD only. Please see link at the bottom of the page for visitors outside of Canada or email jill.soulstice@gmail.com to place your order in Canada via email transfer.



Based on the workings of sacred geometry, J Morgan has studied the symmetry between certain crystals and their effects on companion animals. Here are a short number of available grids for specific healing and protection purposes. Each grid is fully charged by J Morgan, Animal Reiki Master, Animal Communicator & Archangel Channel. Archangels Michael, Raphael, Ariel, Uriel and Gabrielle have channeled Divine healing energies through J Morgan in order to charge the grids with the purest energy for animals in their highest and greatest good. J Morgan has channeled these grid patterns from the archangels so that they resonate specifically with companion animals. The grids are placed on wood because it is a natural resource. As wood come from trees, it is very grounding. Many animals have become ungrounded as a result of being a part of the human experience. The wood energy helps them to reconnect with nature in a healing and nurturing way. Each grid is accompanied by a quartz wand for the purposes of recharging the grid. It also comes with instructions on how to properly use and take care of the grid. Additionally it comes with an explanation of the properties and spiritual functions of each stone used.


This grid layout accounts for animal specific stresses and animal specific chakras.

Animal chakras are very different from human. Animals embody the stresses of both humanity and Mother Earth and integrate them as their own. They have two sets of major root chakras and one set of minor.  This grid is ideal for rebalancing and re-attuning each chakra system of animals.  Because animals and angels have such a strong and beautiful connection, this layout includes Selenite to aid in reconnection to Angelic Realms.



Ideal for animals who have been abused and have lost their connection with the Source Consciousness. Perfect for animals who are adjusting to new homes or are struggling with self love. Rose quartz is the stone of rebalancing the heart and reconnecting with their life’s purpose. The Merkaba is the centrepiece which allows the grid’s energy to flow in and out of all 12 dimensions, creating a sacred space for animals to heal their hearts and be at peace. The Merkaba contains a hook so that it is able to be fastened to the animal’s collar or bedside once the grid is fully charged. This will allow the 12 dimensional healing to be perpetually activated while the Merkaba is worn.


Grids & layouts are $32 plus shipping.

Personalized grids available upon request.


For more information about J. Morgan’s Gems, email: jmorgan.soulstice@gmail.com