-We have always trusted J Morgan Saifer to care for our cat when we’re away. Her caring and compassionate nature makes her a wonderful animal healer and a trustworthy pet-sitter.  I hadn’t experienced just how talented she is until this summer when I went away. My cat Meowzer had been mysteriously sick just before I left, and he got slightly better after some veterinary care but he was still not himself. At 7 years old he was walking around like an old man, would lay around the house stretched out and eyes squinted,  like his belly hurt. There was something still not right.  While I was away, J Morgan was catsitting him and she knew intuitively that he was unwell.  She was kind enough to practice acupressure and Reiki on him, recommend a diet change, and started him on nutritional supplementation and herbs. After her treatment it was like he was a kitten again! I was SO relieved to know he was healthy and back to himself again. I recommend J Morgan to all of my friends with animal companions for Reiki and Acupressure treatment. Suzanne Thiessen DVM, MB, Canada

-I have worked with many intuitive individuals in the past.  Many of them have been well-meaning, but have sadly lacked the gift.  But  I can tell you that Morgan Saifer is the real deal.  The depth and accuracy of J Morgan’s perceptions rank in the 99th percentile of any intuitive I have ever encountered. Your pet will be in good hands with J Morgan Saifer. -Rabbi Alan Green, Canada

I can’t say enough about the pet reading I had. It’s so inspiring to KNOW that all your feelings about your pets are true. I received wonderful information on how to keep my dog Jade more comfortable and understand her feelings. I’m truly honored to be Jade’s caregiver and very lucky to have been picked to receive insight from J Morgan’s gift. Thanks again for all you do. You’re amazing. -Mindy, AR, USA.

-I met J Morgan in an Animal Reiki workshop that she was teaching. Her knowledge and connection of animals was quite amazing. She explained in great detail how to perform reiki, what to look for and when to tell the client to take the animal to see the vet. Her teaching method was very clear and easy to understand.  I have taken many workshops before and felt that they were rushed. It was important for her to know that we understood what she was teaching. I had an elderly dog at the time and she helped him as well as myself with his passing. Her love for animals is very genuine and it shows when she is around my other 2 dogs. She has also helped me to understand why my Shepard cross is the way she is. I look forward to working and taking other workshops with her. -Vickie, MB, Canada

Morgan, I want to Thank you so much for the Free contestReading last week.. you got everything spot on.. and even though I’m in Canada, with all this snow, I found a tree in the park that I was able to ground myself with. First time I ever did that and you know I felt absolutely amazing.. If you need a reading Morgan is definitely the one to give you one. Thank you again Morgan.. she is amazing. 🙂

J Morgan Saifer Thank you so very much for my reading today! You were so spot on on so many things I am still shaking my head!! My only regret is not booking a longer reading ! I will be in touch …you are AMAZING!!❤️ Much love sister !! THANK YOU!! – Desiree, Chicago, IL

Her readings have brought me new insight and understanding… Above all I have peace of mind… I especially loved hearing my pup is happy and enjoys his life with me ❤️

If you have the opportunity to get a reading with Morgan you will not be disappointed 🌺- Angel, Canada