If the idea of a global pandemic virus isn’t enough to get the anxiety out of control, forced isolation just might be. Some believe that this is the end of civilization as we know it. Some believe that CV-19 is a tool for government population control. Some believe that certain countries created it and fed it to the North American population as a form of revenge. Some even believe that the world leaders are aiming to keep humans indoors for the near future due to extra terrestrial visitation. Regardless of what we believe about Covid-19, we are all forced into self isolation. We have no choice. We are forced to be alone with our thoughts.

Despite what we, as a species may be facing, we are forced to dial down our lives and live within a far smaller framework than many of us have previously ever had to. We are forced to live without the daily comforts that we believe make us feel good. We are free from physical freedom itself. We are forced to live in isolation, free of those daily activities that distract us from our own, deep thoughts. We are forced into solitude. We are forced to face our shadows.

For many of us, living without distraction means feeling overwhelmed and feeling a loss of control. Though we may not be able to control where we go and what we do at this present time, we can control our attitude towards it. We may view ourselves, during this global pandemic, as victims. We may feel that we are being short changed. We are healthy, we are not ill. Therefore we are being wronged by our government and should be permitted to carry on as usual. Though we may feel victimized by this new temporary law, our attitude does not help us to live up to our highest potential. Should we feel victimized, we may want to consider the higher perspective in place. Yes, we are under forced isolation and can do nothing about it. Yes, it is extremely uncomfortable and a major hassle. BUT- We have a choice. We can choose to submit to the pressure of living without what we feel to be essential activities and daily comforts. OR. We can realize that our purpose on Earth is greater than living inside of our comfort zones. We can choose to dwell on what we cannot do at this time OR we can accept what we cannot do and learn to live without it.

Rightly so, Buddha claimed that “attachment is the root of all suffering”. Now, ask yourself why it is that you are suffering at this time of forced isolation? Is it because you are missing those activities that you are so attached to? Is it because your job has become your identity and now that you have been suspended from it you have lost what you believed was your purpose? Is it because you are missing the physical comforts of places and people in them who help you transform the you whom you were born with into a more socially acceptable version of yourself? Is it because you are missing the validation from social activity that helps to elevate a false sense of self-worth? WHY are you suffering at this time?

Imagine now that you are forced into isolation free of attachment to anything at all. You are free of attachment from social interaction, free of attachment to yoir job, the gym, the beauty salon, the rec- complex where you play team sports one evening per week, the club or pub where you meet strangers and have a good old time, you are free of attachment to sex. Imagine for a moment that you are free of attachment to money. I do not suggest this as a means for the public to backlash at me for the mere idea of money being the root of their suffering. I just ask for a moment that you detach from the worries of money; rather the absence of money. Imagine that money or lack thereof was not an obstacle. Imagine that you are forced into isolation and did not care about money or whether you were able to partake in social activity or not. Forced isolation, free of attachment, is much more peaceful, isn’t it?

You see, the more we become attached to external circumstances and activities, the harder it is to live without them. It is one thing to make the conscious choice to live without them, for you can go back to it anytime you choose. However when we are forced to live without those activities that we are attached to, we suffer.

This, dear friends, is the higher wisdom. We have been given an unforeseen opportunity to detach from all of the worldly comforts to which we believe we need in order to survive. We have been given an opportunity to discern want versus need. We have been given the opportunity to learn to let go of all of our Earthly desires. After all, from this higher perspective, we must realize that should we choose not to detach from any attachment we have, we will at some point during the course of our soul’s evolutionary journey, be required to do so. On the journey to enlightenment, we are tested time and time again in the name of detachment. Generally, it is much easier to make the choice to detach on our own, for being thrust into it can be far more uncomfortable. Though we may have passed the opportunity for self-detachment from our Earthly desires and now have it thrust upon us, now is the time to release. NOW is the time to realize that every activity that we are missing during this isolation is a mind trick that our ego is playing with us to make us suffer. If we detach from our attachments, our ego will no longer have the sustenance it needs to create suffering within our minds.

Mahatma Ghandi claimed that the answer to life is to “renounce and enjoy!” What does that mean? It means that life is a gift. Once we have renounced attachment to all Earthly desires, we are fully free to enjoy life to its fullest. We can view this time of chaos just as that; chaos OR we can view it as an opportunity. This opportunity is one where we can take the time we have to detach from that which we are attached. We can take this time to face our shadows; to realize that we are here on Earth in human body and mind to face our fears. These fears we face are of an internal nature. Those of us who are afraid to be alone with our thoughts- WHY are we afraid? Those of us who cannot sit still, spending our lives running and running some more- WHAT are we running away from? Get to know yourselves. Ask yourselves why it is that you become so enthralled with the outside world and are reluctant to look within, to seek your truth and to relentlessly love yourselves.

This forced isolation is a golden occasion in which to do the self-work needed to jump ahead, far ahead on your soul’s journey to enlightenment. You can choose to spend the duration of this global mania complaining about all of the things you’re missing OR you can do the work it takes to learn to live without them. The choice is yours.






Tuesday, March 24 at 4:28am central time marks our next new moon. This new moon is divinely timed, just after the Vernal Equinox (first day of spring). With just four days between the spring equinox and the new moon in Aries, this is a magical aperture in the vast, multidimensional force of the universe that enables us to co-create our futures. Both this new moon and the first day of spring behold the opportunities to create an entirely new beginning for ourselves. As with all new moons, this one is an excellent time to put pen to paper and manifest your life’s goals. This new moon is a wonderful day to take some time to consider where you’d like to see yourself in the coming months.

At this time, both the sun and moon are in the zodiac sign of Aries. During this lunar period, we are prone to accidents. This is to say that we will want to pay close attention to what we are doing while we are doing it. If we spend our time with our head in the clouds, we may find that we are easily injured. Be mindful of the activities in which you engage.

At this time, we will likely notice that we have an abundance of physical energy. Aries, a fire sign, often has a surplus of physical energy which if not used efficiently, can outlet itself in stubborn and argumentative behaviour. Aries can be hot headed and react to situations before thinking. This means that while we are at home with our loved ones, it is important to take regular intervals of self-care time. Taking an hour to ourselves per day to ground, meditate, walk in nature or bathe in bath salts to remove toxic energies can be extremely helpful in avoiding an energy build up that could become explosive in the home. Remember- we cannot “un-say” something that we have said. It is imperative at this time to think before we speak so as to avoid entangling ourselves in circumstances that could complicate our living situations.

Aries have yet another common trait. The ability to come up with wonderful new ideas and projects, rush head first into them, get bored shortly thereafter and walk away. Knowing this ahead of time, we have the foresight to discern whether or not we truly wish to see our projects through to the end. Many of us, at this time, are gifted with a lot of extra time. We may, during this lunar period, have sudden and spontaneous urges to begin new and exciting projects. But before we do, let us ask ourselves how dedicated we really are to them. In order to avoid the future frustration of “phoning it in” or wasting valuable time and resources, let us take a moment to discern whether or not our exciting ideas can be seen through to the end.

Overnight of this new moon, the moon creates and alignment with the asteroid Chiron who represents the archetype of the “wounded healer”. Many of us, on our healing journey have become healers due to our wounds. We have embarked on this path to heal ourselves and hopefully, through intense self-examination and healing, we wish to be able to support others who thereafter walk similar paths to ours. This alignment between the new moon in Aries and Chiron allows for a brilliant opportunity for long term soul healing potential. This is a time to ensure that self- honesty is a priority. This is a time to look deep within and be truthful with ourselves of what we must let go. What are we still holding onto out of fear? Out of a lack of self worth? What are we still clinging to out of inauthentic need? Whether it’s the way we speak to ourselves whe nobody is looking, unhealthy relationships or harmful habits, it is time to examine what can be released for our healthiest spiritual selves. When find the courage to be honest with ourselves, we can begin to find self-compassion. By being completely authentic with ourselves, we permit a gateway to self love.

Both the new moon and the equinox, in such close proximity, offer a novel hope of renewal. There is great potential, with this series of planetary alignments, to leave the past behind ad begin anew. How? All we must do is to search our souls and uncover exactly what it is that we desire (as long as it harms none). Upon discernment of what it is that we desire, all we must do is to ask for it with a pure, unencumbered soul. Free of ego, free of illusion, we have the power to create all that we wish for our lives to be.






Today, March 19, 2020 births the first day of spring!  At 10:49 central time, we witness this year’s spring equinox, also known as the vernal equinox. At precisely 10:49 am, the sun will pass across the equator, designating the beginning of our spring season. The vernal equinox is one of two days, second to the autumnal equinox, of the year where daylight and night darkness are equal. This means that there are an equal number of daylight hours as hours of night darkness.

The spring equinox is significant both historically as well as spiritually. Traditionally, the first day of spring was revered by ancient cultures as “the fertility of the land”. The first day of spring represented a rebirth of both nature and person.

Additionally, the first day of spring marks the sun’s entry into Aries. Aries is considered to be the first sign of the zodiac. This means that today, the zodiac chart begins again, symbolizing another renewal. This is the astrological new year.

Spiritually, the spring equinox holds much gravity. In addition to the opportunity for rebirth, there is a struggle between darkness and light. For every individual, just as our Earth finds balance on this occasion, there is a challenge for each individual to find the balance between the two.

As spiritual beings, we are constantly given opportunities to grow. We are constantly given the choice of slipping back into our darkness or marching forward into the light. Seeking balance between these two shades of ourselves is a continuous process that requires a much self discipline. Today we have the opportunity to look deeply within and begin to make peace with our shadows. The desire to do so is highlighted. We may take this opportunity through spending time alone and soul searching.

Today, the first day of spring, is a time to honour our Mother Earth. Celebrating and connecting with nature. We may choose to take a walk in nature, admiring and sharing energy with her. We may choose to begin gardening. We may choose to partake in any other outdoor activity that allows us to commune with and be grateful for our beautiful Earth and all of her offspring.

This is a day to meditate on what we wish to see come to fruition in the coming months. The spring equinox is a time to plant the seeds of our future intentions. Coupled with next week’s New Moon, these four  days are ideal for creating new beginnings! This time is an excellent occasion to brainstorm about what plans you wish to set in motion to accomplish your life goals.

For some, this day means gathering natural artifacts and incorporating them into an Ostara altar. Bringing items in and arranging them in a meaningful way, giving thanks for them, inviting the energy of renewal onto the home and into your life.  For some this means conducting an earthing meditation to ground and prepare for the coming season.

In whichever ritual you choose to engage, may this time of new beginnings bring magic and joy to your life!





We have all borne witness to the adorable doggie head tilt. It is certainly one of their most lovable qualities. Puppy and dog alike, head tilting is an important body language communication effort. But why do they tilt their heads?

Even though dogs have a far greater reaching spectrum of audibility than do humans, they do not have as acute of a locator of the sound they hear. So, when a dog tilts her head, it is perhaps to locate the origin of the sound they hear. This may explain why dogs tilt their heads when we make strange noises toward them.

Of course in some cases, dogs will tilt their heads if they have earaches or ear mites. These head tilts are often accompanied by scratching and other secondary symptoms such as dark fluid in the ear or whining. If your dog is tilting their head and scratches their ears, you may want to make a vet visit.

Unfortunately in rare cases, dogs will tilt their heads if they have a growing brain tumor or Cushing’s disease.  The head tilt is a very common symptom of a growth in the brain. Constant head tilting should be examined by a vet immediately. Constant head tilting is often a major sign of physical distress.

Generally however, the head tilt is not a symptom of an illness. Generally the head tilt is a symptom of an adorable canine behaviour.

Some schools of thought suggest that your dog is attempting to see you better. The theory states that the location of the dog’s muzzle may interfere with their ability to see where the noise is coming from. By tilting their heads, dogs can see our faces better, in turn creating a more discernible way to read our facial expressions. Our facial expressions are our most notable forms of visible communication.

Perhaps dogs have adapted to our energies in terms of the reason why they tilt their heads. Perhaps they have learned to understand that their tilted heads bring us a tremendous amount of joy. By our reaction to their tilted heads, knowing how delightful we express that it is, it’s possible that dogs realize that they can get a laugh, cuddle or even a treat from such adorable behaviour.

Many people believe that dogs tilt their heads as a signal of empathy toward their people. Because dogs are so emotionally sensitive, it would make sense that they wish to express their empathetic, compassionate side through the head tilt. Wouldn’t this make their adorable behaviour even more so? Dogs are remarkably good at reading our energy. Whether we vocalize it or not, dogs are cognizant of when we are happy, sad, angry or hurt. Though they may not understand the words per se, dogs definitely understand he energy behind our voices and behaviours. In order to acknowledge that they understand us, or at least how we are feeling, they may give us an empathetic head tilt. Some experts have even gone so far as to say that the more empathetic the dog, the more frequent the head tilt.

On the other hand, the head tilt may not have more than one layer as many would believe. Perhaps the origin of the head tilt is of our dogs’ necessity to better understand our words. Not to find the location of them or from whom they are coming per se, but the words themselves; the human language. Perhaps dogs tilt their heads when they recognize a word we speak. Particularly words that has an interesting meaning attached to it such as “food” “walk””daddy’s home” can have a tilting effect on your puppy’s head. Your dog is likely attempting to recognize the word you’re speaking.

Whatever the real reason (of course there may be more that one!), the doggie-head tilt is a behaviour that brings laughter and love and enriches our lives with joy!





Monday, March 9th births this year’s full moon in Virgo. As the night sky is decorated with three planets, this lunar event promises to be a colourful one! This full moon is our first of two Supermoons of the year. This means that while aglow, the Supermoon appears larger than a regular full moon. This “super” aspect is visible as the moon is at its closest to Earth relative to the non-supermoons.

As with all full moons, this one is ideal for releasing. Taking the time to meditate, ground and release each and every full moon is a wonderful way to clear out old, stale energy and make room for the new and positive. Partaking in grounding is necessary in order to release that which no longer serves our highest good. Any and all grounding meditations are enhanced through contact with nature which will be easy at this time. As Virgo is an Earth sign, we will gravitate toward spending time in nature. We will feel at home in nature which will provide a comfortable environment in which for us to ground. With the moon in Virgo, we will find it quite easy to connect with our Mother Earth in order to ground. All we must do in order to ground is to touch a tree, connect our feet with the ground (if we are in an available climate to do so), or to envision ourselves rooted somehow into the Earth. We can then take several deep breaths, enhancing our Earthly connection. After we have connected with our Earth, we may send our old, stale energies into the Earth. Do not concern yourself with whether your energy will harm Mother Earth. As long as you set the intention to release your old energies into the Earth to be neutralized and healed, you will not be causing any harm. By setting the intention and the invitation for Mother Earth to help you to heal, you will be communing with her in a natural and beautiful way.

During this seemingly chaotic time, we may feel the need to organize ourselves. Because the sun is in ethereal Pisces, we may have recently been feeling a loss of control over our lives. If we have, this full moon is just the gift we need. Virgo is a meticulous, organized sign that aids in organizing and reorganizing which will help is to reinstate control over our lives. If we have been feeling overwhelmed lately, we can call on the energy of the Virgo moon to help us to put our lives in order.

The Virgo full moon can create a sense of discomfort within us, as it illuminates the areas of our lives and minds that, to us, are imperfect. There are lessons with this. For those of us who are perfectionists, we may find, at this time that we become easily frustrated by our imperfections. Should this occur, we must remind ourselves that perfection is a myth. It is far easier to accept ourselves fully than to battle our ego every step of the way. We know intellectually that nobody is perfect. Therefore we must learn to love ourselves for who we are instead of becoming frustrated by how we do not fit into the myth of perfection. Let this full moon in Virgo serve as a reminder of the remainder of the self-healing we must to do in order to learn to love ourselves fully and relentlessly.

In addition to our full moon in Virgo, 90 minutes before sunrise on March 9th, three planets will be visible. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be strung in a diagonal line above the horizon. There is yet another strong tie to the Earth element as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transit through Capricorn (Earth sign) and Venus and Uranus transit through Taurus (Earth sign). With Mars in Capricorn, we will feel a drive to work. Particularly for the self-employed, this time period supports brainstorming, getting to work and seeing your projects through to their completion. This lunar period is an excellent time, in addition to the aforementioned getting into nature, to lay any foundation for new projects that have been on the backburner. This is a great time to put yourself to work. Any activity that requires diligent physical labour is favoured now as Earth energy emphasises construction of ideas both physically and mentally.

Thankfully, on this day Mercury resumes forward motion. All of the chaos of the last three weeks will finally calm. We will feel lesser apt to stay in and hide under the sheets, feeling more social and communicative. Because of the highlighting of Earthly matters, communication in relationships is favoured. This is a good time to have that “chat” with your partner, as the lines of communication have cleared and you’re now able to see eye to eye.

After several weeks of disorder, turmoil and disarray, we finally find the reins to reel it in and regain control. This full supermoon comes at the perfect time. Taking charge of our lives, de-cluttering and reorganizing are the ideal activities in which to engage at this time. After all, spring is just around the corner!

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We have all had the adorable experience of being licked by a companion animal. While it may appear that they are trying to communicate their love of us, we may in fact be misjudging the situation. Often animals exhibit behaviour that seems cute and cuddly when in fact they are trying to tell us something entirely different. Cats and dogs communicate in a variety of ways of which many people are unaware. Unless paying close attention and being open to why an animal is behaving a certain way, many of these communicative efforts go unnoticed.

Many cats and dogs develop a “licking” habit and it may be a warning sign to pay attention to. Though it may seem like your cat or dog is grooming or kissing you, this is very often not the case. Whether physical or behavioural, when an animal begins to excessively lick, this is a very first sign of something serious.

Animals lick excessively for several reasons. The first and least problematic is that they were weaned too early from their mothers. This is common in certain breeding situations. When the breeder is careless and takes the babes from their mother before they’re ready, the babies will compensate for the rest of their lives by suckling and licking people or toys. This licking behaviour is also common in situations where something happens to the mother and she is unavailable to feed her babies. This , again, often results in a lifelong licking habit.

Mostly in dogs, a reason for licking is dominance-type behaviour. If your dog is constantly licking the faces of other dogs and people, take note, as this is a potential dominance behaviour pattern that should be addressed with behaviour modification. Or, the dog who is engaging in the licking of faces is curious as to what the face ate for lunch.

Animals may lick objects in the house that are non-food related such as furniture, appliances, walls or other metals. This is a sign of many potential issues that bear examination. One such issue is that they have developed a compulsive licking habit as a result of household stress. If an animal lives in a home with constant noise, yelling and arguing, people regularly filtering in and out of the house, a dirty environment, a smoky home, a home with an offensive odour, many children yelling and screaming or any other type of high stress household, they may outlet their anxiety by licking household items, excessively self-grooming or licking their people. In this particular case, this dog or cat is attempting to communicate that her/his living conditions are too stressful. It is important to take heed of what you and your family members are currently doing to impose this behaviour on your animal. It is important to take significant measures to tone down whatever you are doing to offend your animal. After all, your animal is a member of your family just like the rest of you. Only he is unable to verbally ask you to turn down your volume, stop smoking, ask the kids to stop jumping on and tugging at his ears and tail and so on. So he begins to compulsively lick.

As opposed to physical behaviours, there is a more dangerous side to excessive licking. This danger lies in the health-related licking patterns. One such behaviour is excessive licking of people as a message that the animal is thirsty and dehydrated. Feline and canine dehydration is highly prevalent in today’s society. With the human belief that dry food and water provides adequate moisture to their diet, they suffer. Dry food is dehydrated food. If anyone was to attempt to subsist on dehydrated food for their whole lives, their insides would shrivel up. Water alone is insufficient in terms of providing and distributing moisture to all of the body’s organs. Water is an excellent cleanser of toxins from the body, however it often does not nourish the body as it needs. By adding wild salmon oil or coconut oil and/or wet food, you will be adding necessary moisture to their diet, thereby decreasing the likelihood of dehydration. In a best case scenario, integrating whole foods such as ground turkey or beef, whole pieces of fish or chicken, venison or other forms of whole proteins (WITHOUT sauces and spices!), you will be ensuring that adequate moisture is distributed properly to their body’s organs and tissues. If your kitty or puppy is excessively licking you, themselves or other household objects, and you’re feeding a mostly or completely dry food diet, it is definitely time to consider a diet switch.

Because the kidneys are responsible for processing the body’s water as well as filtering the body’s toxins for urination, when a cat or dog eats mainly or all dry food, the kidneys work overtime to process the dry food through. This is because the kidneys do not have adequate moisture to properly and easily do their job. Prolonged dehydration from a dry-food based diet will inevitably lead to kidney failure and a lot of pain for your animal and yourself. If your animal licks you excessively, it is always important to weed out this potentiality by adding more moisture to the diet. If, after a week or two of added moisture, the animal is still licking, you will know that it is not dehydration.

Perhaps most dangerously, excessive licking of the animal’s own body is a sure sign of distress. Whether an animal is licking the wall or household item or excessively self-grooming, there is a potential that the animal is in extreme pain. Studies have linked wall-licking to severe headaches, extreme liver imbalances and other fatal illnesses. If you notice that your animal is excessively self- grooming, Pay attention to where the animal is grooming herself. Generally, excessive licking of the abdomen can mean a tummy ache, constipation, diarrhea, bladder crystals, painful elimination, or other physical discomfort. This can be a sign of extreme stress such as living in a house with a smoker or severe abdominal pain. If your animal is excessively licking her/his spine or lower back, he may have a painful back injury that needs attention. Or, he may have a kidney issue as the kidneys of the cat and dog run along the lower portion of their spine. If the excessive grooming is accompanied by apparent straining to go to the bathroom, loss of appetite, lethargy, hiding, red eyes, vomiting, a discoloration of the tongue or saliva, or any other unusual symptoms, take your animal to a vet or holistic care practitioner IMMEDIATELY. If your animal is excessively grooming and it is not accompanied by any other “red flags”, pay attention to the levels of stress your animal may be encountering and do your best to remove the stresses from her life.





Today, Sunday February 23, births the New Moon in Pisces. As with all new moons, this occasion is an excellent one for planting the seeds for your next new beginning. Today is a wonderful day to put pen to paper and write down everything your heart desires in the form of intention in order to manifest your life’s wishes.

With both the sun and moon in Pisces today, we will want to daydream the day away. Piscean energy is ethereal, surreal and dreamy. If we are creative-minded, this lunar period will have the benefit of drawing out our artistic sides, allowing us to fully delve into any creative projects. Do not be alarmed if this creative effort lacks actual tangible actions. The Piscean energy is one that will have us creating to our heart’s content in our minds. However, putting our brilliant plans into action may have to wait until next month’s new Moon in Aries.

During this lunar period, there is a “go with the flow” type of attitude. There is a lot of leeway in terms of letting the universe “do its thing” while we wait for the perfect moment to take action. Remember that intention setting is a tandem effort between us and Spirit. In order for our intentions to come to fruition, we must engage in actions that support these causes. Thus, there is a motivation to focus on the brainstorming portion of the process at this time however we must also be mindful that we will later be motivated to set the brainstorming into action.

Additionally, Pisces are a highly sensitive group of people. With the moon in Pisces, we will likely strongly resonate with the sensitive nature of the Pisces and feel inclined to retreat to solitude as much as possible. Being true to our feelings, honouring our need to retreat from social engagements, is an important step to self-care. Taking the time to honour our feelings is a form of self care. Ignoring our need to fly solo could result in an emotional rollercoaster. It is always important to listen to our bodies and minds in order to stay balanced and focused on our health.

The New Moon in Pisces is an excellent time to focus our energies on expanding our spiritual abilities. This is a time that we may feel compelled to look within and carry out much needed self healing. Because of the highly intuitive nature of the Pisces, drawing on this energy will allow us the inspiration to engage in activities such as reading, studying and practicing spiritual rites and divination. This New Moon is also a great opportunity to begin journaling. Journaling opens many windows to the subconscious. By recording our thoughts, feelings and experiences pertaining to our spiritual path, we can keep track of how far we have come since we first began.

This New Moon will have us remembering our dreams. On the subject of journaling, keeping note of our dreams unleashes the power of our unconscious mind and brings forth its messages to our consciousness so that we are able to better understand ourselves. Our dreams are the gateway to becoming in alignment with our spiritual path, our soul’s journey and our life purpose. Utilizing the Piscean energy to remember our dreams will undoubtedly provide clues for our individual healing journeys.

To add to the ethereal energy of this New Moon, the planet Venus is highlighted. This is to say that there is an emphasis on romance. Because we are subject to daydreaming at this time, we may easily fall in love. Be cautioned that the love that is in the air may be short lived. Before you fall head over heels, stop and remember that we are under Piscean rule and are prone to getting swept away. We must also be mindful, that before we leap into the arms of our new romance, that Mercury is in retrograde. This makes it a poor time to make any life decisions.

Too, if you are in a relationship and are unsure where it is going, or if you are interested in someone and have not yet made your move, this is not the ideal time to do so. With Mercury in retrograde and both the Sun and Moon in Pisces, it’s easy to get lost in emotion and act from an unbalanced state.

Though the energies of this New Moon may seem somewhat illusive and confusing, there is much to be said for spending the day in solitude. Keeping an uncomplicated life is a sure fire way to find and maintain inner peace. Because this lunar period will have us engulfed in sensitivity, take this time to go into nature, connect with its beauty and take the time you need to heal.






Companion animals are very sensitive beings. They do their best to communicate their thoughts and feelings with us whenever possible. However on occasion, we may miss a signal or two. It’s always a good idea to take note of our animals’ behaviour when they are healthy so that we are able to note any sudden signs of distress; however big or small. Most animals will not cry or whine when they are in pain, in fact many behave asymptomatically. To stay on top of our animal’s physical comfort, we will want to note the following hidden signs and symptoms that an animal may exhibit when in pain.

  1. HIDING– Should you come home from work or school to find your animal unusually hiding behind or under furniture or even in the corner of a closet, pay attention. Most animals, when in pain will hide. This is because genetically, they are wired to steer clear of predators. When they are injured or in pain, they are vulnerable and easy targets for predators. This is why companion animals will hide when they are not feeling well.
  2.  CONSTANT GROOMING/NOT GROOMING ENOUGH– Animals, particularly cats, are very clean beings. Healthy cats will groom themselves after every meal and several times in between. Dogs, too have their way of self-cleaning. It is vital that we as caregivers of these animals notice when their regular grooming habits change. For example, if you are a cat caregiver, pay close attention to the frequency and location of your cat’s grooming. Should you notice that he is excessively grooming (that is to say, more than post-feeding or drinking), you may have an issue on your hands. Pay specific attention to the location on his body at which he is grooming. Do you notice that he is mostly grooming his belly? His legs? If he is grooming excessively in one specific area of his body, he is more than likely in pain or other discomfort. This does not necessarily mean that the animal is in pain in the specific area that he is grooming. The animal could be I virtually any type of pain and feel compelled to lick a specific area. This type of specific grooming can also be linked to an allergic reaction. Either way, it is vital to pay close attention to the area on the animal’s body where he/she is excessively grooming (licking, biting, etc).
    By the same hand, if an animal is not grooming herself at all, this is also a signal from your animal that she might be in pain. When an animal is not grooming, there is a strong likelihood that she is physically unable to groom (muscular pain, organ pain, nausea, etc). Cats and dogs much prefer to be clean whenever possible. They will lick their hair/fur and bite areas in an effort to clean themselves. There is a definite message coming from your animal if she is reluctant to groom/clean herself. It is very important to seek medical attention if you find that your animal is not grooming for more than two days
  3.  NOT EATING OR DRINKING– Much like humans, if animals are in pain or discomfort they will lose their appetite. If this is the case in your home, do not force-feed your animal. If your animal generally loves food and has suddenly stopped eating or drinking for more than 12 hours, be aware that this is a sign that the animal is feeling off. It may be temporary nausea which could pass within a day. Or it could be a symptom of a much deeper issue. If the animal is reluctant to eat for longer than one day, there is a strong possibility that she may be in pain. Whether the pain is preventing her from walking toward her food dish or whether she has hidden bodily trauma, pay very close attention to how she behaves. Especially in the summer time when our animal friends go and play outdoors and are not directly in our eyesight, they may hit their heads or scratch themselves in a painful way that we do not witness. Because we are unable to watch what they are doing every second of every day, we cannot always be sure that they are staying out of trouble. If you have allowed your dog or cat to roam outdoors without watching their every move and subsequently you find that they have no appetite or are disinterested in food and water, this is a clear sign that they may have ingested something that does not agree with them or they have hurt their bodies in some way. Do not avoid the signs. Take your cat or dog to the vet immediately if they suddenly refuse food and water for hours on end. This does not mean that every time your cat or dog misses a meal that you should be concerned. What it does mean is that if your animal has stopped eating seemingly out of the blue, it’s likely a sign of pain.
  4.  NOT ELIMINATING– Often when animals are in pain, they will avoid elimination. Occasionally this is because they are unable to physically get into their litter box or get down the stairs to go outside. Generally, animals will need to eliminate within 45 minutes of eating or drinking. Generally, animals will need to eliminate when they wake up or just after breakfast. If you have been out of bed for an hour and your animal has not gotten up to ‘go’, pay close attention. This behaviour could be because the animal is experiencing muscular pain, digestive trouble, headaches or worse-organ failure. If an animal refuses to eliminate for more than several hours, this is a major concern. There is severe risk of toxic accumulation in the kidneys or bowel and this can be fatal. If an animal has not eliminated in 12 hours and has no pre-existing condition that would explain the behaviour, seek medical attention immediately.
  5.  INABILITY TO SIT STILL– Healthy cats and dogs are able to sit comfortably and rest for hours on end. Usually, their sleep routine is based on ours. They wake when we wake and sleep when we do- often napping in between. If an animal is in pain, they will have difficulty sitting in the same position for a prolonged time. If you notice that your animal is constantly trying to switch sitting or standing positions, they are likely in pain. The pain could be musculoskeletal or organ pain. When in pain, animals will seem restless and impatient. They will be unable to find a comfortable position in which to rest.
  6.  LETHARGY– Most animals who are in pain will not want to play or even get up in the morning. They may seem lazy or tired. However upon closer inspection they may indeed be in too much pain to do any activity at all. If your animal is lethargic it could be for any one of a number of reasons. However, if the lethargy is combined with any of the above symptoms, it bears examination. Healthy animals will not be lethargic. There is always a reason, whether its temperature, diet or pain related. If your animal is lethargic, consider making an appointment with a holistic veterinarian to get to the bottom of it.

There are many hidden signs and symptoms of pain. Not all animals will exhibit their pain in the same way. It is imperative that you do not wait until it’s too late. If you suspect that your animal is in pain, seek immediate veterinary attention. Better to be safe than sorry!






Today is a wonderful day! It is this year’s full moon in Leo. For most, this full moon will be a highly positive charged lunar period. After months and months of difficult astrological alignments, after months of the deep dark work we have done on ourselves in the same of spiritual growth and self love, we are finally gifted an uplifting Full Moon period! As with all full moons, this one is a time to release our intentions into the atmosphere. We have worked hard on our intentions that we have set on the new moon and this is the time to let them go and allow the Universe to work with us to co-create the reality in which they come to fruition.

Leo is all about self-confidence. Leo is a fire sign which means that we will be full of passion for our endeavours both personal and professional. This lunar period is an excellent time for us to express our passions in the ways that bring us joy. The moon being in Leo brings about a sense of awakening and confidence. Leo’s are empowered, courageous individuals. By connecting with the Leo energy during this full moon, you will bring to the surface inner strength, courage and conviction. Leos embody the spiritual warrior consciousness. They are fearless and unafraid of self work. To harness this Leo energy is to allow ourselves to break free of the fears that come along with change. Leo is a fire sign which means that this lunar energy allows our passionate side to emerge, encouraging us to cast aside any self imposed blocks in the name of following our hearts. Leo is emotionally driven and very passionate about the cause. This sense of determination can create an ideal environment to recognize what we wish to shift within our lives and to take the head-first plunge into it.

Leo, the sign of the lion, embodies courageous energy. It invites us to align with our inner strength in order to discern what aspects of our lives are fulfilling our needs and which are not. Are there any aspects of our lives that are out of alignment with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing journeys? By connecting with our personal power of discernment, we can easily and confidently acknowledge which aspects of our lives we can let go. Perhaps these aspects of our lives had once served a purpose on our healing journey. Now that their purposes have been accomplished, they are no longer necessitated in our lives.

For those of us chasing after relationships, this may very well be the occasion that we feel inclined to put ourselves “out there’ and take that risk. In addition to the confidence that shines in the atmosphere, our full moon is in perfect alignment (trine) with the planet Mars. The alignment between the full Moon in Leo and Mars gives us the courage to take initiative. We will intuitively become aware of exactly what we want and how to go after it. With all of the self empowerment going around in our environment, we may feel excited about going after the prospects in our paths. This means love. If there is someone you’re after, now is the time to go for it! For those of us currently in relationships, this is an excellent time to spice things up. This is a time where we feel secure, self assured and energized about our partnerships. This is a wonderful time to reignite the flame in our romance. It’s a great time to try something new and exciting!

There is, however, one pause for thought. Though Leo’s are confident, empowered and courageous, they can sometimes be hot headed and stubborn. There may be a tendency, for some during this time to feel frustrated if circumstances do not unfold to their liking. Leo’s can sometimes also be impatient which can lead to arguments or anger. For those of us who are short-tempered, let us remember that drawing on the Leo moon’s energy can make us feel more frustrated than we already are. For those of us who feel impatient, argumentative and confrontational, this lunar period is an excellent opportunity to learn to LET IT GO. Learning to walk away from confrontations is a tool that will be useful for the rest of our lives. It is a tool that will bring us inner peace and wisdom. So- if not now, when?

While the moon is in impassioned Leo, the sun is in tepid Aquarius. Aquarians are quite removed from their emotions which allows for logic to take the forefront. Though air signs, Aquarians have a unique way to remove themselves from attachment to emotions and circumstances to obtain an objective view. When it comes to self-work, drawing on the sun’s  Aquarian energy will allow us to remain objective in all of our endeavours. This is particularly helpful while processing any aspects of our lives that no longer serve our highest good. After all, the more we attach ourselves emotionally or physically to that which we desire to release, the more difficult and dramatic it becomes. By harnessing the detached mantra of the Aquarius sun, the discipline of release will feel simpler.

The Aquarian solar energy will have us in full warrior mode, discerning what must be released without becoming overly attached to what we must bid farewell. The lunar and solar balance create an optimal time to shed our skin and become in alignment with our improving paths for the new year. Between the warrior Leo and the warrior Aquarius, we will be running full force into the brightness of our futures, letting go along the way of all that does not serve our healing journeys.






Witnessing our companion animal transition to spirit is unquestionably one of the most painful experiences that a human can live. It is far worse than losing human family. Perhaps it is so because we are unable to ask our animals if they are ready to exit, if they are in any pain or how badly their pain hurts. We are unable to ask them if they loved us, if they had a good experience under our care and if we could have done anything to make their lives better or more comfortable. Perhaps it is because our animal companions were far more loyal and trustworthy than any fallible human could ever be. Perhaps it is because the love of a companion animal is truly unparalleled.

Whatever the case may be, the single most painful aspect of living with such a loyal spirit is that the end of the experience is inevitable. As little as we want to think about it, we know that one day, their end will come and that we will be absolutely devastated. What’s more, to add to the devastation of the loss of our best friends, we are left with so many unanswered questions. We wonder if we made the right decisions at the right time to let them go. We wonder if our animals were angry or hurt or sad that we had to let them go. We wonder if they felt afraid, alone or how badly they were suffering. These questions, to us, are paralyzing at best.

As if the grief we experience at the time of their transition wasn’t enough, in every situation in which we must say goodbye to our loving animal family members, we experience a tremendous amount of guilt. Humans can spend years, lifetimes, rerunning the circumstances of their beloved animal friend’s life and death, time and time again. They often wonder if they could have managed the lives of their beloved friends any better. They wonder if there was anything that they could have done to prolong the lives of their animals or to lessen the suffering at the end of their lives. It is easy to get lost in what we ‘could have done had we had more information’. In almost all cases, we can take comfort in the fact that we did the very best we can with the knowledge we had at the time. We cannot go back in time and change the knowledge that we had. It is in our best interest to accept that we did the  very best we could with the tools that we had at the time.

Whereas in living through the transition of a human family member we can ask all of the above questions, we are generally unable to do so with animals. We are unable to ask for their forgiveness and be sure that their forgiveness of us is granted. We are unable to ask them if they are in pain and if there is anything we can do to help. We are unable to be certain that our animals are truly cognizant of how much we love them and how grateful we are for their place in our hearts. If only we were aware of what animals think during the final moments of their lives.

The animal’s concept and thought processes at death vastly differ from that of the human. Whereas humans tend to make death a dramatic experience, animals do not. Whereas humans tend to want to be surrounded by family members and loved ones at their time of passing, animals tend to want to transition on their own. This is also how their wild ancestors chose to pass. When wild cats and dogs get old or sick, they break away from their pack or pride and go off and die alone. This is not sad. This is the way of the wild. Companion animals are no different in this way. In fact, many humans will find that their animal chooses to pass on their own as soon as they leave the vet clinic or home. This is animal nature. This is not to be taken personally by humans, it is not something to spend the rest of our lives regretting – that we were not present with our beloved family member when they passed. Make no regret about it. Your animal did this on purpose so as not to let you see them die.

What may surprise us most is what animals do think about as they are transitioning. They do not feel alone. In most cases, they do not feel afraid. They certainly do not feel angry or unforgiving of us for the choices that we have made. They do not begrudge, blame or feel that they are in an unjustified situation. No. When they are in their final moments of life, no matter what the circumstances, companion animals really only have one concern. Whether their life’s end was imminent after a long journey with terminal illness or whether their passing was sudden and unexpected, their end of life thoughts are the same: Will my person be ok without me?

Companion animals are completely selfless beings. They have been gifted to very fortunate humans from the Universe in order for us to help us and to heal us along our healing journeys. From the moment we adopt them until the moment we have to say goodbye, these selfless beings feel that it is their role to care for us in a way that nobody else can. They feel that it is their role to provide the kind of love for us that we have been missing. It is their role to take away our pain and suffering in any way they can. In their self-sacrificing way, even as they are transitioning from life to death, their only concern is the fact that once they have left the physical world, they will no longer be available to us to take our pain away. Even at their time of dying, in the last moments of life, they are very aware of the suffering that their death will cause us. At the time of their passing, in their final moments, they wonder who will take care of us if they are gone. They feel sad that they are responsible for causing us to suffer. Sometimes they even feel that they are letting us down. And in their final moments, of course they know we love them with every fibre of our being. After all, we have told them innumerable times throughout our time together. And they have intently listened.

Sometimes these last thoughts that our animal companions have can keep them stuck. Sometimes, even when their bodies give out and pass away, the souls of our animal friends can become stuck between Earth and the afterlife. The afterlife is not “heaven” per se, but a beautifully bright space of unimaginable unconditional love. It is a healing space to which all souls, both animal and person travel upon the death of their physical bodies. But before they allow themselves to leave,  sometimes our animals are so concerned with how we are going to feel without them that they are unable to fully cross over into the afterlife and continue their soul’s purpose as the Universe intended.

While it may seem altruistic of our beloved animal companions to want to continue their loyalty to us even after their souls leave their bodies, it can be harmful. This can trap their souls in an Earthly realm so that they are unable to go into the afterlife to continue their soul’s purpose. We may be glad for this because it means that our animals are “still with us”, however we must remember one integral notion: the animals whom we were gifted by the Universe in order to heal were just that- gifted. They, in the grand scheme of things, do not belong to us. We did not create them. They are gifts. They are individual beings with individual souls on individual healing journeys of their own and we must respect that. We must let them go.

This is not to say that grieving the loss of our beloved friends is wrong. Ensuring that we thoroughly grieve is an essential part of moving on. Learning to forgive ourselves for any mistakes or discrepancies we made is an crucial aspect of healing from the trauma of losing our best friends. True, we will never be the same. But it is necessary to take the time we need to heal. It is necessary to take the time we need to deal with our pain. However it is necessary for their safe and peaceful journey into the afterlife that we do not to dwell on it for longer than necessary.

After every lifetime, the soul leaves the body behind and ascends to the afterlife to begin its healing journey. Life on Earth can be hard. It is often full of pain and suffering. All souls who have lived on Earth will thereafter undergo many healings in the afterlife. Your animal companion is no different. After living their lives on Earth, your companion animal’s next destination is the afterlife. And you have the blessing of being able to help them get there.

It would be a lovely sentiment if we could keep our companion animals with us for an eternity. However, this is not in your animal’s soul’s best interest. It is your animal’s soul’s best interest to live out their life with you and then go into the afterlife to heal. In order to avoid trapping your animal on the Earth plane and stopping them from going to their next Heavenly destination in the afterlife, you must take one simple action. To allow your animal’s soul to be free to ascend, you must tell your animal that you will be ok without them. Even if you feel you will not be, you must tell your animal that you love them with all of your heart and that the healing will be hard but that you want your animal’s soul to be free to ascend to the afterlife and heal. Your animal is so concerned with your well being that they feel responsible for it even after they die. Do not prevent them from moving on. Be inspired by their selflessness, give back to them and let their soul be free.

If your goal is to invite your animal companion to visit you after they have departed, there is a healthy way to do so that does not involve keeping their souls Earthbound. All companion animals love to come and visit us once they are healed. After their souls leave their bodies, they ascend into the afterlife and embark on their healing journeys. Their journeys can last anywhere from several days to several months (earth time) according to how much pain and suffering they had in life. Once their healing journeys have been completed, all companion animals love to come and spend time with us again. They miss us as much as we miss them.

Even after they transition, our beloved soul-animals are always with us. Though we may not be able to see, hear and smell them, they are with us. They just exist in another place. If we are fortunate to believe that they are always with us, we can establish a valuable and valid relationship with them from wherever they are. As even in their spiritual state, they feel responsible for our well being. And we are grateful, as on a very deep level we understand that the reason that we love them so much is because they remind us of from where our souls came. They are little pieces of heaven who were sent to us to remind us of the space our souls go once we transition to Spirit. They remind us of Home.