Most of us wish to do the very best we can to help our animals feel and look healthy. We want for them the highest possible quality of life and longevity. When it comes to good nutrition and wellness for our animals, it is hard to know whom to trust these days- do we trust our peers? Do we trust the experts at the stores? Can we even trust our veterinarians?

It is important to seek out as much information as we can with respect to what we are feeding our beloved best friends. There is so much misinformation regarding what actually goes into cat/dog food, how/where it is processed, from where the ingredients originate and what the marketing companies aren’t telling us. Though it is a tall order to spend our days and nights researching every aspect of our cat/dog foods, below are five commonly used ingredients in cat/dog foods that might surprise- and disgust you.

  1. MEAT-Perhaps most questionable of all, when a cat/dog food label lists unspecified ‘meat’ as an ingredient, there is a cause for reservation. Certainly, there are many, many types of ‘meat’ that can be used as dog/cat food. Unfortunately, in this case, none of them are. When a cat/dog food label lists ‘meat’ as an ingredient, the meat is not composed of beef, pork, poultry or fish, no. Unspecified ‘meat’ is most often composed of euthanized pets, horses, dead, dying and diseased animals. Some lower and middle end dog food companies have been exposed in the media as using the above forms of ‘meat’ to promote a healthy, protein-rich food. If your dog/cat food label includes an unspecified form of ‘meat’ in its ingredients list, you are likely feeding your animal other people’s pets. Please do yourself and your animals a favour and only buy dog/cat food with specified forms of meat on the labels- preferably in their least processed form. (i.e. deboned chicken, deboned turkey, etc).
  2. FISH-Often, labels of ingredients list ‘fish’ or ‘ocean fish’ as one of the fist ingredients. While fish is an excellent choice for a protein source, a label that does not specify a type of fish may spell trouble for our animals. Much like the meat label listed above, the non-specification of the type of fish means that it is not one specific fish. Cat and dog food manufacturers have come up with yet another clever way to fool us. ‘Fish’ , or ‘ocean fish’ without specificity likely means that these are the fish that are caught that are too polluted for human consumption- so these manufacturers throw them into cat and dog food.
  3. CORN GLUTEN– In this day and age, corn gluten is an ingredient listen on many ingredient lists of brands who claim to be the healthiest. Further, most of these brands are actually recommended by your veterinarian. But what exactly is corn gluten? It may surprise you to know that corn gluten isn’t gluten at all. It is actually a product that was created to kill weeds. Yes, it is lawn fertilizer that kills weeds. Corn gluten is a by-product of the corn manufacturing process. While the machines turn field corn into store-bought corn, the waste materials from the process are gathered together and called ‘corn gluten’. While in the past it has been used as animal feed, corn gluten is a starchy material. Starches in animal food can cause great harm such as; yeast overgrowth, severe joint inflammation, early stage organ failure and some types of cancers. Would you feed your animal something that was created with the intention and high success rate of being a weed-killer?
  4. POWDERED CELLULOSE– Powdered cellulose is an unfortunately common ingredient in cat and dog food; even the higher quality brands. Powdered cellulose is just a fancy marketing name for sawdust! Derived from pine trees, bamboo and cotton, powdered cellulose is made into a pulp and then dried before it’s added to food. What is beyond questionable here is that pine and bamboo are toxic to cats and dogs! As you may imagine, there are at least several major health concerns that come along with our cats’ and dogs’ daily consumption of sawdust. One such concern is that the cellulose has a large quantity of insoluble fiber and can actually prevent your dog or cat from digesting and absorbing crucial ingredients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, powdered cellulose is a highly processed As we know, consuming processed foods on any level care dangerous for our animals. The more something is processed, the worse it is for our health. Processed foods can wreak havoc on our digestive systems, cause severe inflammation, bowel irregularities and more. Powdered cellulose is often found in dog and cat food that has a specifically targeted audience such as; hairball, weight control, dental and diabetes formulas. While a healthy amount of fibre is important in the diets of our dogs and cats, a diet with too much fibre can rapidly deplete their bodies of healthy and vital nutrients. A diet with too much fibre causes too much poop. This means that before the vital nutrients are able to be absorbed into the body, they evacuate.
  5. BY-PRODUCT– By definition, the term by-product means ‘the secondary product made in the manufacture of something else’. In dog and cat foods, by-products are the parts of the slaughtered animal that are leftover after the ones that are intended for human consumption have been removed. Often, on such cat and dog food labels that list “by-product (chicken, pork, beef, etc.), we will see pictures of whole foods in their healthy form. This is the ‘genius’ of marketing. When in fact these labels appear to advertise healthy food choices in by-product meats, what you’re actually feeding your cats and dogs may surprise you. What exactly is by-product? In cat and dog foods, by-product can consist of anything from chicken beaks and feet to out of date supermarket meat. Cat and dog food companies will claim that chicken beaks and feet are high in proteins. While technically this is true, this type of protein is called Keratin and is the protein found in hair, skin and nails. Protein is metabolized to create healthy skin, bones, muscles and brain function. Keratin, however, is insoluble and does not break down in the digestive system to be metabolized as proteins for the body. This type of protein goes straight through the digestive tract without any nutrients having been retained in the body. Other forms of by-products are; feathers, feet, brain, blood, bone, intestines and fatty tissues among others.

Whether or not any of the above information found yourself shocked and appalled, it is imperative to research all food labels for your animals and for yourself. If you type any of the above ingredients (or others) into a search engine you will find pages and pages of research and results. Awareness is a vital aspect of ensuring we and our animals live a long and healthy life!





Ahead is a magical, mystical week full of blissful celestial surprises! This is a wonderfully enchanted time of year full of reward reaping and new beginnings. This week, we celebrate both the beginning of a new season as well as the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This is truly a time to give thanks for what we have been gifted as well as to plant the seeds of any dreams we wish to come to fruition over the coming months.

On Monday the 23rd of September at 2:50 am we will witness the autumnal equinox. This day is one of two days per year where day and night have equal lengths of time. The autumnal equinox signifies the first day of autumn; the first day of fall. This day has both great historical and spiritual significance. Historically, north of the equator, this is the season of the harvest. This is the time when all of the crops have grown to their ripest and are ready for picking and gathering. This season is a time to celebrate and give thanks for the abundance that has been gifted.

Just as the crops have reached their ripest and are ready for harvest, so have the intentions that have sprouted from the seeds we had sewn at the time of the Spring Equinox. It was at that time that we were encouraged to plant the seeds of intention that we had wished to nurture and to grow for the time between then and the fall. Now is the time that the seeds we have planted that have bloomed into beautiful fruits and flowers are ready to be plucked and harvested. The spiritual significance of the autumnal equinox is vast. It is a meaningful time to honour the efforts we have put forth to work on ourselves and our hopes and dreams.

The changing of the seasons are important representations of the rhythms and cycles of all life. As we become more aware of how the cycles of nature equate to the cycles in our lives, our self awareness grows and flourishes. The beginning of the autumn season is an excellent time to rejoice in ritual. Perhaps your ritual includes a mindfulness meditation as you connect your energy with nature; appreciating and giving thanks for all of the abundant resources Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. Perhaps your ritual includes creating an altar that is adorned with natural objects such as fruits, pinecones, squash and wheat. Whichever practice you choose, creating a ritual that resonates with how you express gratitude to Mother Earth and to spirit is a wonderful way to welcome in the new season.

In addition to the beautiful new season’s beginning this week, we are blessed with a new moon in Libra. On Sept 28th at 1:26pm our moon begins anew in Libra. As with all new moons, this is an excellent opportunity to set our intentions for the coming lunar cycle. The best way to set intentions is to write them on a piece of paper. It’s important to take the time to meditate on exactly what it is that you desire so that your written intentions are crystal clear. Once you have written down your intentions, put them away so that you’re not tempted to look at them day after day. When creating your list of intentions, it’s important to send them out into the universe and let go. By letting go of the attachment to our intentions, we are allowing the Universe to create our wishes and dreams behind the scenes.

As the moon and sun are both in the sign of Libra during this time, we can anticipate a desire to seek balance. The Libran nature is to seek to find balance in all endeavours- and sometimes this can take work. We can take this time to meditate on where we feel our thoughts, feelings and actions are out of balance. This may mean a journey within to examine our shadow sides- and that, at times, can be uncomfortable. We must remember that all personal and spiritual growth requires discomfort. Letting go of old energies is not always easy. However should we take on the task of de-cluttering our lives and energies in the name of balance, once it’s all over, we will be glad we did!

With the sun and the moon in Libra, we may feel a magnified desire to be social. Libras often enjoy being the centre of attention. They often enjoy putting on a show for company. While this can be an endearing trait, we must be careful not to entice drama in our social circles. The tendency at this time in our lunar cycle may be to attention seek or to gossip for the sake of enticing others to become interested in us. Or perhaps we may feel the desire to dress a certain way or to project a certain image. Though self-expression is absolutely healthy and important, we must be sure that if we are especially drawn to act in these or similar ways, that our actions are in alignment with our highest good, and not in alignment with our ego’s need to feel worth.

Whatever actions we choose to take to celebrate this magnificent week of new beginnings, let us remember to stay grounded; to stay connected with Mother Earth and give thanks for all she does to nourish our souls.





Akin to humans, companion animals experience several types of depression. Animals are acutely sensitive to all of their environmental factors. Many of these factors become triggers for depression and other mood disorders. There are many, many triggers in an animal’s life that can create mental, emotional and spiritual un-wellness.

Because companion animals feel that it is their duty to remove all distress from their people, animals can often become depressed in doing so for one of many reasons; three of which will be explained in this article. The first reason is that animals are like sponges. This is to say that if a companion animal is living alongside a depressed person or people, the energy that these people are emitting will, without a doubt, impact the mental health of the animal. Companion animals feel that it is their role in our lives to keep us from as much pain and suffering as possible. Though, of course they are unable to do so, in their minds they are. Animals feel responsible for our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Of course it is unreasonable for us to expect ourselves to keep away from being depressed or having bad days. However, once informed, we are able to identify with how our moods affect or animal companions and take steps to ensure that we lessen the negative impact on them which will be discussed in the third part of this article.

The second reason for companion animal –human related depression is perhaps the most significant. Animals feel that it is their role to maintain emotional, mental and spiritual balance in the home. In fact, almost all companion animals make it their mission to bring peace and harmony to the home. However when they feel as though they have failed this role, they become very depleted and depressed. Companion animals use all of their might to bring joy, mental and emotional health and peace to their people. If all of their might is used up, they have no more energy to give, yet they will relentlessly try. Once they have become energetically depleted and feel as though their mission to bring peace has not been completed, they will fall into depression.

The third reason that a companion animal may become depressed alongside their people is through their lack of being heard. In so many households, there is a major lack of communication between animal and people. Often animals feel misunderstood in the home. An animal will often try several times in several different ways to communicate a message to her people. If left feeling unheard, the animal will become depressed and often act out in an attempt to further get her message across. Sadly, in most cases, this “misunderstood” behaviour leads to undue punishment which further intensifies the companion animal’s depression.

In addition to familial triggers of depression, there is another environmental factor that can often (but not always!) weigh heavily on an animal’s mental health. Just like for humans, the winter months can cause seasonal affective disorder in companion animals. With the days getting shorter, fewer daytime hours and colder temperatures, some animals become depressed. Sometimes dogs who love winter can become depressed because their people are too cold to want to give them the daily exercise they would love to have. Animals who are sensitive to darkness may become depressed without hours upon hours of daylight.

Animals may often experience depression if they are physically unable to enjoy their lives. When an animal’s mobility is compromised, he or she may become depressed as a result of not being able to run, play or guard the home. Often this is due to injury itself however animals also regularly experience minor skeletal imbalances that can create an inability to live her or his life comfortably. It is particularly important to pay attention to the way an animal walks to see if the spine or limbs seem unbalanced. Upon first sight of any imbalance, seeking care from an animal chiropractor is always the highest and best form to heal the skeletal system.

It goes without saying that neglect is an unfortunately common cause of depression in companion animals. Animals have very deep feelings and become sad and depressed if they feel ignored on any level. Should humans neglect to walk, feed or play with their animal companions, the animals will question their purpose in the home and in life. When animals are malnourished, they can also become depressed as there are far too few nutrients in the brain and body for the animal to feel mentally and physically healthy. When dogs are not walked or cats’ litter boxes not cleaned properly, the dog and cat will feel helpless and down on themselves for having to eliminate in undesirable places. Naturally speaking, dogs and cats are very clean animals. When dogs are forced to eliminate in the house and cats outside of their boxes due to neglect of their human caregivers, they feel embarrassed. In time this lack of cleanliness will render them helpless and depressed.

A lesser considered yet quite prevalent form of companion animal depression stems from a loss of purpose. Many animals experience a loss of purpose throughout their lifetime. Loss of purpose occurs when an animal’s ‘job’ is taken away. An animal’s job can be anything from herding cattle to being an emotional support animal to being a service animal. For complete mental wellness, all companion animals need jobs. They need a purpose. Should they have a purpose that later gets removed from their life, they will feel as if they have no reason to live.

There are far more reasons that an animal may become depressed. Depending on the individual needs, life experiences and circumstances of an animal’s life, there may be triggers that could impact an animal’s mental wellness that are specific to the animal. It is paramount that all those who care for companion animals get to know each animal they care for on a very individual and personal level. By connecting with our animal companions this way, we are able to acknowledge an act upon her or his needs in order to include them in the most joyful life possible!

In part 2 of this article, we will identify 6 signs that your animal may depressed followed by 5 effective methods of treatment.





Saturday, September 14th 2019 marks this year’s full moon in Pisces. As with all full moons, this moon represents the culmination of a cycle. Every full moon brings with it the opportunity for us to let go of that which no longer serves our highest and greatest good.

As spiritual warriors it is important that we practice continuous release of old, stale energies. Most of us who begin our spiritual paths are seeking to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be. By regularly releasing energies that no longer serve us, we are welcoming in newer energies that are more in alignment with our Divine purpose. There are several ways in which we can practice this release of energy. There are rituals, prayers and all kinds of ways to let go. If you do not have a regular practice already, one you may want to try is to write down the details of that of which you wish to let go on small pieces of paper. For example, if you wish to quit smoking, you can write ‘smoking’ on a small piece of paper. On another, you may write ‘unhealthy relationship with mother’ or something to that effect. You may write as many or as few as you wish. Once you have written all of which you wish to rid yourself, you can take the papers outside and burn them one by one into a small metal bucket or something safe so that the burned papers are contained and cannot cause harm to anyone or anything in their vicinity.

The full moon’s place in Pisces this month promises to bring our emotions to the forefront. Pisces are especially emotionally and spiritually sensitive. This means that any emotions that have been close to the surface and we have yet to deal with are likely to come to the surface during this time. It is important that we are prepared for this. A good way to prepare is to have a journal, sketch pad, voice recorder or anything you’re drawn to in order to encourage a healthy release of emotion. By allowing ourselves a creative outlet for our feelings, we are allowing ourselves to be authentic. This authenticity permits us to come face to face with our shadow sides- the parts of our personalities that we have yet to love. In being authentic, we will have a much easier time accepting ourselves. Thus, we can see where we are out of alignment and bring ourselves back as per the full moon’s opportunity.

This month’s full moon has the potential to create the perfect conditions to get to know ourselves on deeper levels. Pisces are highly spiritually sensitive. For those of us who are not Pisces, we can best utilize these lunar energies by meditating, reading up on and practicing dream recall, past life regression work, connecting with Angels; any divination practice that speaks to you. During this 48 hour lunar period (24 hours before and 24 hours after the full moon), should we be open to it, we may begin or continue to receive messages of healing from benevolent sources through meditation, dreams or past life work that can dramatically help us along our spiritual journeys.

Pisces are also highly intuitive beings. This lunar influence makes for a great opportunity to get to know your unique intuitive abilities. You may feel drawn to go to a book store, healing workshop or read online in ways that had not previously occurred to you about developing your intuition. During this time, if you feel drawn to anything at all, there is likely a deeper reason for it. This is a great opportunity to follow your intuition!

While all of these intuitive channels are opening up to us, we may end up feeling easily exhausted. We may quickly burn out. Thankfully, our sun is in the earth sign of Virgo while our moon is in Pisces. This is highly beneficial as Virgo has a very strong grounding element. Should all of the ethereal Piscean energy get the best of us, we can call on our sun’s placement in Virgo to help us to ground. To best help us through this highly emotionally and spiritually charged few days, it’s important to engage in grounding activities such as walking outside in nature, eating nutritious foods and resting well.

Given that both Pisces and Virgo tend to be quite introverted signs, we may want to opt out of any social engagements during this time. Or, should we wish to attend social engagements, we will want to pay attention to our own energies. We may find, especially at this time that we are easily depleted of energetic resources. This is why, if we choose to attend social engagements that we practice grounding both before and after these events. By calling on the Virgo sun’s energy, we can be sure that her grounding nature will help us to replenish our stores. Additionally, you may wish to protect your energy field before attending social events. By protecting your energy you are lesser likely to become drained of energy.

This lunar period has the capacity to bring about a great shift within each and every one of us. Though we are likely to experience deep emotions and profound spiritual insights, once this period comes to a close we will be much wiser and much more self aware than ever before. Be sure to keep a journal of your experiences for review later on. Keeping track of your spiritual journey is a wonderful way to look back and see how far you’ve come!




What are free radicals? What do they have to do with my animal’s well-being?
To first understand the connection, we must have a brief look at basic biology and chemistry. According to scientific research (as you may remember from high school science class), cells are made up of molecules which are made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of a nucleus, neutrons, protons, and electrons. Each proton (positively charged) is paired with an electron (negatively charged) particle. They balance out the chemistry of the atom. Once the atom is full of protons and electrons, the molecules will split and enter a newly formed shell of an atom by way of “bonding” together. Atoms are always seeking stability in terms of containing an equal number of protons and electrons. Strong molecules split and pair equally. When weaker bonds split, the result is an unpaired molecule- a free radical.


Free radicals play an important role in the biological functions of your animal. They are responsible for aiding white blood cells with “eating” bacteria and other pathogens in the body. However mostly they act in an unpredictable and DESTRUCTIVE way. Free radicals are very likely present in animals with chronic allergies and chronic muscle soreness/joint pain. When free-radicals are formed, they behave in an irrational way, trying desperately to pair with any other molecule they can find. They are very unstable and seek balance. If the free radical is successful in “stealing” another pair’s molecule, the third molecule then becomes a free radical. Ordinarily, this chain of events would not compromise the well-being of your animal friend. However, this series of events can cause a cascading event, wreaking havoc and eventually harming once cell after another. Free radicals can result in serious tissue damage and severe inflammation of the joints and tissues. Aging is also a significant opportunity for free-radical damage to occur within your animal as the body is producing fewer antibodies to combat the damage. Once the chain of compromised cells begins, it can, if untreated, lead to certain types of cancers, irreparable organ damage and other terminal illness.


There are many known causes of free radicals in the body; both human and animal. Have you ever torn a muscle? Maybe walked up too many stairs or lifted too heavy of a weight at the gym and felt it two days later? This is a classic example of tissue damage. Physical pain from tissue damage is a result of too many free radicals running around the body. When we tear our muscles (even on purpose at the gym!), we are creating the fabric from which free radicals are born. 

Another common cause of free radicals in the body is a compromised immune system. Because of the effect that free-radicals have on cells, in an already weakened immune system, the free radicals (if not treated) can cause serious damage to muscles and have even been linked to some types of cancers.

Free radicals are connected to all types of pollution; air, water and food chemicals, and even the cleanliness of the animal’s home. Be aware of your environment and do your best to allow your animal a clean, safe environment. It is especially imperative to feed your animal fresh, clean food and water daily. It may be a good idea to look into supplementing your animal’s diet with diatomaceous earth or colloidal silver which are known detoxifiers of the body. Diatomaceous earth has been known to cleanse the digestive tract of all pollutants that have stuck to the intestines and colon from nutrient-poor foods, chemicals in tap water and other ingested substances. Colloidal silver has been linked to the relief of allergens that cause mucous by eliminating the oxygen that the bacteria need to survive. Colloidal silver kills pathogens which are what cause allergies, cold and flu symptoms. Pathogens are created through a weakened immune system and rampant free radicals.
Free radicals have been linked to poor eating habits, nutrient-poor diets, alcohol and drug abuse (in people that is!) lack of exercise and lack of rest between exercise sessions, poor sleeping habits, stressful environments and stressful lifestyles. Remember animals are affected by stress far more deeply than humans are. It’s crucial that we allow them an outlet for their stress.


The easiest way for you and your animal friends to prevent free radical damage is to consume as many antioxidants as possible. Antioxidants are molecular compounds that slow down or stall the process of oxidation; the process in which free radicals are formed. It’s not a coincidence that antioxidants are said to help prevent cancer. This is due to the negative effects of free radicals on weak cells, enabling cancer to occur. Some examples of foods rich in antioxidants are:

a) Darker coloured vegetables- Broccoli, Kale, Carrots, Red Peppers, Yams, Red Cabbage

b) Berries- Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Goji

c) Vitamins E, A, C, Beta carotene

d) Beans

e) Nuts

f) Fish

g) Dark chocolate

Obviously some of these are not appropriate for your animal friends. Contrary to popular belief, feeding thoroughly cooked green veggies to your cat and dog is healthy and beneficial. You may also add herbs and spices such as turmeric, milk thistle and astralagus as a supplement to your animal’s regular diet to wage against free radical damage. Cooking fish without spices and sauces and feeding it to your animal is a great way to keep the free radicals at bay. Please note: cooked fish alone is not a complete meal for your animal friend. The cooked fish is complementary to the animal’s regular meals.

Another way to prevent free radical damage is to ensure your animal friend has a balanced diet free of inflammatory substances and as many whole foods as possible. What may be surprising to many cat & dog food consumers is that the brands of food that professionals recommend are frighteningly high in inflammatory substances and frighteningly low in whole foods. Any label that reads “pork by-product, corn gluten, modified corn starch”, etc is NOT going to help to keep free radicals at bay. In fact, these are just the types of ingredients that cause free radicals. Be sure to find food with labels that read “deboned chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, kelp” etc. to help alleviate free radical damage, it is also worth the consideration to cook your animal’s food- should you be available to do so. Essentially, the more whole foods they eat, the healthier they’ll be!

It is equally as important to provide your animal with clean, fresh filtered or spring water daily. Tap water is full of toxic heavy metals and chemicals from water treatment plants. These heavy metals and chemicals can also easily cause free radical production in the body. Regular exercise and rest are key components of maintaining healthy cells in your animal friend’s body. The lesser the animal is stressed, the lesser the possibility of damage.

Regular energy healing work is absolutely beneficial to animals. Each and every cell of an animal’s (and person’s) body has physical and non-physical counterparts. By engaging in regular energy work with your animal, the high frequency energy will begin to break down the negative energy in the non-physical cellular counterparts and over time begin to combat the negative free radical energy that has infiltrated the animal’s healthy cells.

Regular energy work helps to break down energy blockages that have formed in an animal or person due to stress from any and all sources. Regular energy work also helps to boost the immune system. A boosted immune system means that fewer, if any pathogens (remember- pathogens are the causes of allergies, colds, flus and other chronic ailments) can permeate the animal’s immune system and cause free radical production in the body.

By ensuring that we are taking steps to battle against free radical damage, we are creating greater likelihood of longevity and a far better quality of life for our beloved animal companions!





At one time or another, we have all woken up after a dream and wondered what our dreams meant. Why did we dream of something? What does the seemingly nonsense string of events we dreamt of mean- if it means anything at all? Though every person’s subconscious landscape differs greatly from the next, there are several common dream themes and meanings that are generally similar in meaning for all of us. There are books, theories, practices and volumes written on why we dream, the meanings of our dreams, where dreams originate and what dream symbols mean. Here are 8 very common dream symbols and what they (generally) mean:

  1. NIGHT TIME– When your dreams occur in the darkness of night, this is a symbol of hidden fears. This is a message that your subconscious mind wishes for your hidden fears to be revealed so that you can heal them and move on!
  2.  CAR- Most people in the first world have dreamed that they are either driving a car, a passenger in a car, can’t find their car or any other type of car-related theme. Within the framework of dream interpretation, a car represents an extension of your body. Upon waking after a car-related dream, you may want to ask yourself: Who was driving the car? Where was I situated in the car? Was the car driving during the day/night? Was the road bumpy curvy or flat?
    If you dream that someone else is driving your car, this indicates that you are letting someone else control your life. Whether the person driving the car in your dream is the person controlling your life or not, having a dream that someone else is driving your car is indicative of letting someone else control your life.
    If you dream that you are driving a car, this means that you are in control of your life. However, if you are driving someone else’s car, this may mean that you have control issues with respect to that person.
    If you are driving uphill (or if someone else is driving you uphill) this means that you are facing an uphill battle. This could be relative to anyone else in the car or indicative of a personal uphill battle. If you or someone else is driving a downhill path, this may mean the end of a difficult situation. However, if you or someone else is driving downhill and there is a loss of control of the vehicle, this may mean a loss of control in your life or spiritual descent.
    Dreaming that you’re unable to find your car is representative of a loss of control over your life. (There is both in the dream as well as a loss of control a feeling of ‘panic’ or ‘anxiety’).
  3.  MOON- When you dream of the moon, pay attention to what phase it’s in; full, half, quarter, etc. As the moon has a monthly cycle, dreaming of the moon is indicative of a life cycle that you’re in. If you dream of a half moon, for example, this is indicative of your being halfway through that life cycle. Or, if you dream of a full moon, this is indicative of your being at the completion of a life cycle. Thus, a new moon is indicative of a new life cycle.
  4. DOG- Dreaming of a dog represents a dream about a loyal friend.
  5. CAT- Dreaming of a cat represents female sexuality.
  6. HOUSE- Dreaming of a house has many meanings, all relative to the same context. Much the same as a car represents an extension of the body, so does dreaming of a house. Depending on the nature of the house, we can interpret the meaning of the dream. For example, if you were to dream about a childhood home you lived in, this would be indicative of unresolved issues from childhood; particularly if the dream was anxious or fearful. (Often we awaken with a feeling after a dream- this would portray the feeling that we were having while we were dreaming).Should we dream of a house that we lived in during our first serious romantic relationship, this would be indicative of an unresolved issue from our lives at that time.
    To take this one step further, we will want to pay attention to the room in the house that we are dreaming about. For example, if we were to dream that we were in our kitchen, this would likely represent that we are hungry or that our digestive system was active at the time of the dream. Or, if we were to dream that we are in a bathroom, this would mean that our bodily functions would need attention during the time of the dream.
    However, if we were to dream that we were in our basement, this is likely to mean that we are dreaming about deeply buried memories or feelings. As the basement is generally below ground, it represents buried feelings or memories.Essentially, we will want to consider in what activities we usually partake, in that specific room or area of the house.
  7. WATER- Water in dreams represents emotion. To dream that we are floating on the water indicates that we are floating on our emotions, or at peace with them. To dream that we are on a boat on water, we must ask ourselves what the water is doing beneath the boat. Is it calm? Is it rocking the boat? Are the waves taller than the boat? If the water is calm, we can rest assured that we are in control of our emotions. If the water is rocking the boat or the waves grow taller than the boat, this symbolizes that our emotions are out of control. (The boat is an extension of our bodies just as a car is).
    If we dream that we are drowning, this represents that we are drowning in our emotions.
    If we dream that we are walking on a shore of a body of water, this may mean that we are reluctant to delve into our emotions.
  8. NAKED– Almost all of us have had a dream where we are naked in a group of people. Whether dreaming of being naked in our former elementary school class, at work or at a shopping mall, to be naked in a dream means simply that we feel exposed. The time period during which our dream takes place is indicative of the times in our lives where we felt exposed.

These are just eight of hundreds of common dream symbols. Delving into your dreamscape is an integral part of your spiritual journey. Our subconscious mind has many important messages to share. To unlock the mysteries of your dreams, you may wish to begin a dream journal. By keeping track of your dreams, you will begin to notice patterns which will allow you to better understand your healing journey!






We have all seen a cat’s reaction to catnip. Though it appears as of our feline friend is merely having an enjoyable physical reaction to the herb and is having the time of her life, there are innumerable other health benefits of catnip for cats.

With known lineage as far back as ancient Egypt, Catnip is a highly regarded and effective healing herb. If you are the caretaker of a cat with an especially sensitive gastrointestinal system, you may want to try feeding your cat catnip once or twice a week. For those who are the caregivers of “pukers”, cats with gas or other digestive issues, catnip can calm their tummy aches and gag reflexes. In addition to these digestive aiding principles for cats, catnip has these of many other healing qualities:

  1. Appetite stimulation- catnip, when ingested, can cause those who are ordinarily reluctant to eat to have an increased appetite
  2. Nerve calming- catnip has been shown to relive anxiety and stress in cats. It can also help restless kitties who have trouble sleeping.
  3. Digestive aid- most store bought cat foods are extremely low in fibre. This causes a major digestive hold up. this hold up therefore can and will cause constipation. The results of this can cause severe pain and discomfort for our kitty companions. Additionally, the main fibre sources used in cat food are often composed of non food items such as saw dust. should these non food items become lodged in our kitties intestinal tract, they can even cause damaging illnesses such as cancer. By adding catnip as a regular staple to our feline companions’ diets, we can assist them in moving these unhealthy additives through their bodies more quickly. (Of course it would be paramount to feed our cats a healthier choice of fibre such as chia seeds or papaya seeds!) For more info please read:
  4. Flatulence reliever-As mentioned above, the low fibre content of store bought cat food can cause severe digestive pain. One side effect of this trouble is flatulence. Feeding catnip to our felines is an excellent and fun way to relieve their gas and bloating.
  5. Cold and Flu remedy- catnip both detoxifies the body and builds the immune system, making it an excellent remedy for seasonal allergies and/or the sniffles. Because the origin of allergies is a compromised immune system, catnip will help to regulate the body’s combat of toxins and dangerous pathogens.
  6. Anti Inflammatory- because of its ability to reduce inflammation, catnip is of great benefit to any companion animal diet. Most store bought foods are highly inflammatory to the cats bodily system. Particularly with respect to the “science diet” philosophy over the holistic variety, most of the non-food ingredients on the ingredient list cause inflammation of joints, muscle tissues and organs. Be adding catnip as a regular staple to the diet, we will be alleviating both short term discomfort as well as long term pain for our bff’s.

Catnip has a variety of valuable vitamins and minerals to also aid with your cat’s overall well-being; including selenium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, calcium, chromium, vitamins A & C.

Catnip is also highly beneficial for dogs and humans… though you may not get the same hilarious reaction upon ingestion as you do with cats. This is due to feline sensitivity nepetelactone isomers. This compound, isolated from the Nepeta Cataria plant (traditional catnip plant name) interacts with cats via the olfactory (smell) sensors. Catnip belongs to the mint family and has been used medicinally for over 1000 years.

Though catnip can be found at most animal food stores across the world, it is most beneficial for your cat to feed him home grown catnip. The varieties on the store shelves have been sitting for weeks and months on end. By feeding your kitty cat home grown catnip from your won plant, you will be ensuring a greater nutrient-rich experience for your cat. By ingesting the home grown herb, your sensitive cat’s tummy will have a =n easier time processing it. Therefore, its effects will be stronger, more productive and more enjoyable for your feline friend!

Because of its ability to stimulate the nervous system and to relax it shortly thereafter, catnip is the perfect mix of fun and good health for you and your feline companion!





Particularly for those born under the signs of Leo and Aquarius, this full moon powerfully resonates. This Thursday’s full moon promises scattered emotions, fears uprooted and passionate flare ups. As with all full moons, this is an excellent time to set the intention to release all that no longer serves our highest and greatest good. This can be done through written word, spoken word, prayer, or any method that speaks to you. To release old energies, all we must do is focus on our heart centre and set the intention (written, spoken or prayer) to release all the energies in and around us that no longer serve our highest good. As always, it is important to thank our spiritual beings who help us to release this energy.

The moon is uncomfortable in the air sign of Aquarius. This is because astrologically, the moon is responsible for emotion. It is responsible for a Divine feminine aspect of our solar system. However when it resides in the emotionally detached air sign of Aquarius, there is a desire to detach from our emotional bodies. While our initial inclination with respect to the moon is to become one with our feelings, to become the nurturers of our families and friends, we may find a desire to do so from a distance. Instead of feeling the pull to engage our every nurturing whim, we may find that we are more easily able to take time for ourselves; to walk outdoors and enjoy the weather or to sit and read in a park.

With the moon in Aquarius we may find it considerably easier to avoid engaging in arguments with loved ones. The detached nature of the Aquarius is to listen objectively to the many sides of a conversation without being heated and force our way into winning the argument. Aquarians are generally peaceful. They will hear their loved ones out, take a moment or two to process and return with what they feel is an amicable solution. For those of us who are ordinarily hot headed, we may learn a lot from the reserved nature of the Aquarius.

This planetary alignment includes Aquarius opposite Venus. This creates a strong need for love and affection. However, it is likely to be unrequited. Venus calls for love and Aquarius answers back in a tepid, non-passionate way. Unfortunately we may also see undertones of jealousy, intimidation and impulsiveness. Since our new moon for those of us who have experienced interpersonal shifting and fluxing, we must hold true to ourselves. This is a time where patience and understanding wins the race. We must both be patient with our loved ones as well as with ourselves. This lunar period is not an ideal time to make final decisions. There is a lot of instability in the stars; take the time to review all options and as the moon begins to wane, your choice will become clear.

During this time, the moon also opposes Mars which tends to create a power struggle within romantic and business partnerships. One’s need to control or have ‘power over’ is illuminated. Should you find yourself in a partnership with a controlling partner, this may be the time to notice any ‘red flags’. Martian energy is head strong- after all, he is the God of War. Be mindful that anger and aggression may show their heads at this time.

As is Mars a headstrong planet, so is our Sun’s placement in Leo. Both Mars and Leo have a tendency to want to control everything. Should you find yourself in a predicament whereby you’re needing to have it done your way or failing to compromise, remember that there is certain power in the discipline of ‘letting go’. It’s often more important to be kind than to be right!

With our sun in the sign of Leo, we can expect to be full of physical energy. This is a wonderful opportunity to get through our list of tasks as we well have the energy to finish them all. Leo highlights our ambition and task orientation. For those of us who are generally insecure or shy, we may draw on the outgoing, boisterous Leo energy to accomplish anything our hearts desire.

With passionate Leo, detached Aquarius and the emotions of the moon pulling us in different directions it can be hard to know which way to turn. Our emotions may feel scattered at times, however with the benefit of this knowledge, we are able to reel them in and use the energies to our advantage. Let us channel our scattered energies into engaging in healthy practice for ourselves, our families and our mother Earth.




Companion animals are very sensitive beings. They do their best to communicate their thoughts and feelings with us whenever possible. However on occasion, we may miss a signal or two. It’s always a good idea to take note of our animals’ behaviour when they are healthy so that we are able to note any sudden signs of distress; however big or small. Most animals will not cry or whine when they are in pain, in fact many behave asymptomatically. To stay on top of our animal’s physical comfort, we will want to note the following hidden signs and symptoms that an animal may exhibit when in pain.

  1. HIDING- Should you come home from work or school to find your animal unusually hiding behind or under furniture or even in the corner of a closet, pay attention. Most animals, when in pain will hide. This is because genetically, they are wired to steer clear of predators. When they are injured or in pain, they are vulnerable and easy targets for predators. This is why companion animals will hide when they are not feeling well.
  2.  CONSTANT GROOMING/NOT GROOMING ENOUGH- Animals, particularly cats, are very clean beings. Healthy cats will groom themselves after every meal and several times in between. Dogs, too have their way of self-cleaning. It is vital that we as caregivers of these animals notice when their regular grooming habits change. For example, if you are a cat caregiver, pay close attention to the frequency and location of your cat’s grooming. Should you notice that he is excessively grooming (that is to say, more than post-feeding or drinking), you may have an issue on your hands. Pay specific attention to the location on his body at which he is grooming. Do you notice that he is mostly grooming his belly? His legs? If he is grooming excessively in one specific area of his body, he is more than likely in pain or other discomfort. This does not necessarily mean that the animal is in pain in the specific area that he is grooming. The animal could be I virtually any type of pain and feel compelled to lick a specific area. This type of specific grooming can also be linked to an allergic reaction. Either way, it is vital to pay close attention to the area on the animal’s body where he/she is excessively grooming (licking, biting, etc).
    By the same hand, if an animal is not grooming herself at all, this is also a signal from your animal that she might be in pain. When an animal is not grooming, there is a strong likelihood that she is physically unable to groom (muscular pain, organ pain, nausea, etc). Cats and dogs much prefer to be clean whenever possible. They will lick their hair/fur and bite areas in an effort to clean themselves. There is a definite message coming from your animal if she is reluctant to groom/clean herself. It is very important to seek medical attention if you find that your animal is not grooming for more than two days
  3.  NOT EATING OR DRINKING- Much like humans, if animals are in pain or discomfort they will lose their appetite. If this is the case in your home, do not force-feed your animal. If your animal generally loves food and has suddenly stopped eating or drinking for more than 12 hours, be aware that this is a sign that the animal is feeling off. It may be temporary nausea which could pass within a day. Or it could be a symptom of a much deeper issue. If the animal is reluctant to eat for longer than one day, there is a strong possibility that she may be in pain. Whether the pain is preventing her from walking toward her food dish or whether she has hidden bodily trauma, pay very close attention to how she behaves. Especially in the summer time when our animal friends go and play outdoors and are not directly in our eyesight, they may hit their heads or scratch themselves in a painful way that we do not witness. Because we are unable to watch what they are doing every second of every day, we cannot always be sure that they are staying out of trouble. If you have allowed your dog or cat to roam outdoors without watching their every move and subsequently you find that they have no appetite or are disinterested in food and water, this is a clear sign that they may have ingested something that does not agree with them or they have hurt their bodies in some way. Do not avoid the signs. Take your cat or dog to the vet immediately if they suddenly refuse food and water for hours on end. This does not mean that every time your cat or dog misses a meal that you should be concerned. What it does mean is that if your animal has stopped eating seemingly out of the blue, it’s likely a sign of pain.
  4.  NOT ELIMINATING- Often when animals are in pain, they will avoid elimination. Occasionally this is because they are unable to physically get into their litter box or get down the stairs to go outside. Generally, animals will need to eliminate within 45 minutes of eating or drinking. Generally, animals will need to eliminate when they wake up or just after breakfast. If you have been out of bed for an hour and your animal has not gotten up to ‘go’, pay close attention. This behaviour could be because the animal is experiencing muscular pain, digestive trouble, headaches or worse-organ failure. If an animal refuses to eliminate for more than several hours, this is a major concern. There is severe risk of toxic accumulation in the kidneys or bowel and this can be fatal. If an animal has not eliminated in 12 hours and has no pre-existing condition that would explain the behaviour, seek medical attention immediately.
  5.  INABILITY TO SIT STILL- Healthy cats and dogs are able to sit comfortably and rest for hours on end. Usually, their sleep routine is based on ours. They wake when we wake and sleep when we do- often napping in between. If an animal is in pain, they will have difficulty sitting in the same position for a prolonged time. If you notice that your animal is constantly trying to switch sitting or standing positions, they are likely in pain. The pain could be musculoskeletal or organ pain. When in pain, animals will seem restless and impatient. They will be unable to find a comfortable position in which to rest.
  6.  LETHARGY- Most animals who are in pain will not want to play or even get up in the morning. They may seem lazy or tired. However upon closer inspection they may indeed be in too much pain to do any activity at all. If your animal is lethargic it could be for any one of a number of reasons. However, if the lethargy is combined with any of the above symptoms, it bears examination. Healthy animals will not be lethargic. There is always a reason, whether its temperature, diet or pain related. If your animal is lethargic, consider making an appointment with a holistic veterinarian to get to the bottom of it.

There are many hidden signs and symptoms of pain. Not all animals will exhibit their pain in the same way. It is imperative that you do not wait until it’s too late. If you suspect that your animal is in pain, seek immediate veterinary attention. Better to be safe than sorry!






Just at the perfect time for most, the sky births the new moon in Leo. At the end of long and tired Mercury retrograde ( ), we have an opportunity to create the life we deserve. For many of us, Mercury retrograde had us feeling stuck or even temporarily lost. We may have questioned our mere existence relative to spirituality and the Universe. Fortunately, on Wednesday, July 31st, the very day that closes this season’s Mercury retrograde, we are blessed with a new moon.

New moons are utilized as prominently creative times in the lunar cycle. This is because as the moon waxes (grows) throughout its monthly cycle, so do the power of our intentions. As a result, choosing to create a list of personal intentions; or goals during a new moon will allow their seeds to grow accordingly.

The juncture of this new moon in Leo is a powerful one. With both the sun and moon in the empowered sign of Leo, we are sure to feel confident in our choices. We can gracefully move forward with ease and self-assuredness. This lunar positioning brings about a time where we can readily release the past and allow for room to be made to fill with new hopes and dreams.

The Leo nature is headstrong, bold and secure. This 48 hour lunar period is an excellent time to reacquaint with ourselves. What do we wish to achieve over the next few months? What are our longer term goals? By taking a moment to meditate on our heart’s desires and writing them down, we will lock in the creative energies to allow them to unfold. Be mindful, however that any intentions that we create will only occur according to Divine Timing. The Leo way can also feel impatient at times, wanting to complete every task “right now”. Because the sun and moon are in Leo at this time, we may fall into the ego trap of instant gratification. By connecting with our inner wisdom, we may remind ourselves to look at the bigger picture.

Leos are proud beings. They have unparalleled inner strength that carries them through the depths. By drawing on the Lion energy, we embody his courage and self preservation. Should we find ourselves going through challenges bigger than Mercury retrograde, we may find respite during this lunar setting. We may draw on personal strength we hadn’t believed existed. We may be reminded of how string we truly are; that we do have the power to rise above any perceived challenges.

Be mindful of our tendency to need to win an argument, or to “prove our point” during this time. Leos can be stubborn and relentless when it comes to needing to be “right”. Remember that it is more important to be kind than to be right! Not everyone will share our opinions every time. So before you lash out or attempt to go to great lengths to prove your point, take a step back and let it go.

During this new moon we may find that we have excess physical energy. Due to Leo’s fiery, passionate energy, we could easily get carried away in physical activity. If physical activity comes naturally to us, this new moon will be full of vitality! Should we be the types of people who struggle with physical activity, be mindful that any excess energy that we may incur which is not properly burned off could result in irritability and conflict. Whichever disposition you may be, taking the time to go outdoors and bask in the fresh air and summer sunlight will bring us much joy and balance.