On Friday, October 16th, we witness our next new moon. This new moon is one of two amazing celestial events this week! This new moon is born in the sign of Libra. With both our sun and moon in the sign of Libra on this day, we are sure to spend our time seeking balance in every aspect of life that we can.

The first of the two amazing celestial events comes to a crux on the night of October 13th. Gradually building up until this night, we observe our warrior planet Mars at its biggest and brightest. As Mars aligns with Earth and the Sun, we feel its tensions boil. Tuesday night we witness both a spectacular sight as well as an astrological phenomenon which captivates the skies in its narrowest gap between The Sun and Mars until 2035. On a clear night, we can see Mars at its closest to Earth. As Mars and the Sun bookend our Earth in alignment, we see the Sun illuminate the red planet, creating a bright red light in our night sky.

In astrological terms, our Earth’s placement between The Sun and the Mars creates a viewpoint of a heated, sunlit, angry Mars.  The Sun’s casting of light onto our red planet from our viewpoint on Earth can cause egos to flare. Mars, called “the red planet” is named so both for its red colour as well as its warlike energy. Mars is the God of war. This is to say that each time we experience a prominent Mars on our journey we are prone to feeling a headstrong desire to fight! For those of us with dominant energies, we may want to take a note that this Martian influence is a great time to become aware of how to keep our ego in check. The bright and powerful sun is casting its light onto our red, aggressive planet and creating an emboldened sense of anger, destructiveness and antagonism. Before we fall prey to these hostile energies, we may choose to channel this headstrong energy into a creative outlet. We may choose to harness the battalion-minded energy and pour it into a physical project or into physical activity, as physical activity is sure to burn off the excess energies. It is important, at this time in our Earth’s evolution, to be mindful of others. The general tendency of people at this time can be to anger quickly, to become frustrated and to take it out on each other. Let us remember that we have a choice; we can be part of the problem or we can be part of a solution that cares about, respects and loves one another. It is our choice.

With our sun and moon in the sign of Libra during the final part of this week, we are sure to be ready to reclaim the balance that had fallen by the wayside; both earlier in the week and earlier in the year. The Zodiac sign of Libra is depicted as “the scales”. The scales represent each person’s balance. Likened to the Tarot card Justice, where an authority figure is holding the scales, we are being called upon to seek out the areas of our lives and our consciousness that are imbalanced. We are called upon to examine how and why they may be unbalanced and further, to seek the means of bringing balance and restoration back into those areas of our consciousness and our lives.

There is a tendency among Libran energy to give into the dramatic nature of our lives. Given that Libra is so concentrated on balance, relationships are no exception. Take care not to become overdramatic when engaged in emotional, heart-centered conversations with your partner. Should you find yourself behaving in this way, you will live to regret it. Take a moment to gather yourself before you choose to speak with loved ones so that you avoid speaking any words you’re unable to take back. Conversely, if you are in a relationship where you have found that you have been giving far more than you have received, this new moon will find a way to bring your relationship back to balance.

Avoiding the opportunity to give into our ego, our dramatic nature also means letting go of the areas of our lives where we are stuck on self-blame. This new moon is particularly helpful for beginning the process of letting go of guilt, shame and all of the lower energies that surround these difficult feelings. This new moon is the opportunity to begin this process, allowing us the time period from now until the light of the full moon in two weeks time. During the waxing of this moon, we may focus on and prepare ourselves for letting go of these aspects of our consciousnesses for the purpose of creating room for newer, higher vibrations that are more in alignment with our futures. For in a short few months, we will see a new and beautiful reality!

The new moon is an opportune time to meditate on our intentions for our futures. With so much uncertainty in the world at this time, during this new moon, we can shift our awareness away from global chaos and toward an angle of self-mastery. By setting our intentions to getting to know ourselves on our deepest, most fragile levels, we can begin to overcome many of our self-doubts and fears. With hard work we can rise above the ambiguity of the months to come.



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