by soulsticespirit

Today, Saturday March 13th gives way to our next New Moon. Born in the sign of Pisces, this lunar period offers many gifts for those of us who are intuitive. New Moons are always considered an opportunity for renewal and rebirth. As with all New Moons, this is an excellent time to begin or continue to create your list of intentions. For as the moon waxes, so do the energies of your intentions. Be sure to take time out for yourself today and pen that list of desires you’re dreaming of to create your best life!

With both the sun and moon in the sign of Pisces, we must be cautious not to place too much emphasis on our thoughts and feelings. Because Pisces is the most ethereal sign of the zodiac, we will likely think and feel very deeply, travelling to the farthest reaches of our minds. The depth of our thoughts and feelings at this time can sometimes lead to irrational behaviour or off-balance decision making that we may regret later on. Should we feel impulsive regarding making changes in our personal or professional lives , it is best to wait until the New Moon in Pisces has passed through (Monday should be clear sailing!)

Oddly, for such an ethereal sign, Pisces does have a strong work ethic, particularly when left to her own devices. Thus, this lunar period is a great time to work on home renovations, journaling, yard work or any other type of solo physical endeavour. You are likely to find that your productivity level is elevated all weekend. Time to take advantage! To boot, while you are engaged in this type of work, you will likely find peace in occupying yourself with physcal tasks. This is because when your body is busy, your mind is preoccupied which allows your conscious mind to be free of all of the worries and fears it ordinarily runs through. In fact if you are able, spending as much time as you can engaged in physical tasks (anything from construction to journaling to sewing to cooking to laundry) you may find that the potential to worry yourself silly at this Mew Moon time just simply passes by without issue.

There may be a tendency at this time to “leap before you look” into new relationships. Be mindful that this is NOT a solid, grounded time to make any sound decisions, especially in love. This is a time to believe your instincts over the apparent facts. If something doesnt feel right in a new relationship, trust your gut. Do not ignore the red flags, they are there for a reason. It is much too easy to blindly believe someone’s words at this time. However if there is no follow through or back up to what you’re hearing from your new partner, pay attention! Pisces has us daydreaming the day away in love. While this is a pleasant experience in itself, it could spell disaster later on if you’re not paying attention.

Pisces, ruled by the planet Neptune, is associated with the higher dimensions and realms of spirituality. For those of us who are spiritually sensitive, this is the perfect time to delve into our own spiritual journeys. We will likely have an easier time than usual accessing important information from our subconscious. We may even find that while journaling or meditating we have flashes of past lives! If this type of work interests you, be sure to take the time to set the intention to be able to see more deeply into your subconscious for the purpose of self healing. It’s truly miraculous how much Spirit wishes to help us in this way. Any aspect of our self healing journey is a tandem effort between ourselves and beings of Spirit of higher vibration. Thus, by enlisting their help in our attempts to heal, we are surely already making progress!

With both the Sun and Moon in the sign of Pisces, the sign of the fish, there may he a tendency to “flounder” with respect to both minor decisions and major life choices. We may spend our time going in one direction only to find that we must double back because we have changed our minds. It is best to recognize that this lunar period may have us swinging from one decision to another- and back again. Therefore, instead or making flash-in-the pan decisions that could leave is with regret, it is best to wait until next week to make any decisions that will work for us in the long run.

As a result of this pull from one decision to another, we may become easily frustrated with ourselves and others. We may have a tendency to become too emotionally and mentally invested in our thoughts and feelings at this time. Which , because of the constant mind changing, can lead to burn-out. It is in our best interest to allow our conscious minds to be free to do what they will, yet to rise above our thoughts and feelings at this time. In fact, by rising above our mind changing tendencies, let us become a silent observer of our thoughts and feelings. In fact, by becoming the silent observer, we may even find humour in observing our minds flounder from one extreme to another. This is to say, let your mind go where it will; taking a step back and detaching from the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel. By observing these thoughts and feelings through your higher mind (higher consciousness), you will be able to rise above any potential for inner conflict and frustration. By disengaging with yourself in this way, you will be free to find inner harmony. Most applicable here is Buddha’s adage; “rule your mind or it will rule you”.

However you decide to spend this New Moon weekend, be sure to take time for yourself to process, meditate and be grateful for all of the bleasings that have come your way. For this vibration of gratitude is sure to bring more. Blessings your way!


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