Just as all new moons, this moon is an excellent time to begin anew. This is an excellent day to take stock of where we are and where we would like to be. By practicing conscious intention, we are able to do our part of the tandem covenant with Spirit to help us manifest our highest potential.

Because both the sun and moon are in the sign of Virgo and Virgo is an Earth sign, this new moon is ideal for manifesting the foundation and structure for your desired pursuits. Virgo is a very practical sign, yet it is also adaptable. These dual energies can help us to configure a more grounded approach to realizing our hopes and dreams. Remember it is just as important to remain grounded throughout our spiritual practices as it is to connect with our spiritual sides. This balance can make all of the difference in the world to our health and the outcome of our intentions.

Especially interesting is that Mercury, Venus and Mars are also all in Virgo! This unique planetary alignment will have us focusing all of our energy on sharpening various aspects of our consciousnesses. Beginning with Mercury which stands for communication, its place in Virgo could create an atmosphere of great learning and new information. Detail oriented Virgo loves to research every possible fact and figure. This combined with Mercury’s strong communicative ability will have us as curious as can be with an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Perhaps some of us will find emphasis on Venus’ place in Virgo. For those in a romantic partnership, be forewarned that if those tiny aspects of the relationship that you overlook are not discussed openly, they may tend to be more of the focal point during this planetary alignment. That said, both Virgo and Venus are very feminine signs. This can have us reconnecting with our femininity all day long! Be mindful that there is also the potential to fall victim to perfectionist tendencies during this time.

With Mars’ entry into Virgo, we may find that we can be quite hard on ourselves. This alignment is a great time to consider our current approach to conflict and how we may be able to improve it. Whether inner or outer conflict, practicing kindness and compassion to ourselves and others is always an act to be rewarded! Remember that practicing detachment from our negative feelings is the first step to healing them.

Virgos tend to be very meticulous and detail oriented. This influence has the potential to create an acute survey of our lives in order to take note of where minor details may be throwing us off course. This is an excellent time to revamp our diets and organize our homes. We may in fact find ourselves to be more clearheaded if we do.

We may also find that we feel a push to complete previously unfinished tasks. We may feel a push to let go of hurt and pain that we have formed an unhealthy attachment to. It is time to step up and complete our current cycles in order to move on, to grow and to be free!










Whether you have just adopted a new animal, are moving into a new home or adding a new family member into your home, your animals may not react well. Companion animals build trust with people and other animals in a very specific way. If your goal is a happy home, there are a few steps to follow that will ensure a harmonious transition into the new environment.

When bringing a new animal into the home or going to visit another person’s home and encountering their animal friend, there is one main commonality that will help you win the animal over. You must LET THE ANIMAL COME TO YOU.  You will want to avoid approaching the new animal on your terms. Animals are considerably sensitive and reluctant to trust new people and circumstances. When working through any issues with companion animals, we always want to go at the animal’s pace. By allowing the animal an opportunity to approach you when she is ready, we are respecting her boundaries thereby allowing for her to feel safe.

Companion animals, especially dogs, thrive on routine. They become easily accustomed to the household happenings and relax once the routine is set. When the routine is changed in a major way such as bringing a new animal into the home or moving, it can be very upsetting to the animal. Though eventually they will adapt, it’s important to consider these events from the animal’s perspective.

The animal builds trust and comfort easily in a home where there is a daily routine. If this routine is broken, the animal can easily lapse into anxiety- especially if the animal has already been predisposed to such behaviour. Of course, it would be nearly impossible to expect every household to stay in precisely the same routine for the duration of the time your animal is with you! However based on this concept of the animal’s comfort zone, we can proceed in accordance.

Similar to routine maintenance, another way to help you to gain an animal’s trust is to use very easy commands with her in a consistent way. Animals who are new to your home will be adjusting to a whole host of new circumstances. Having as many constants as possible will make this easier on them. How you can become a constant is to use a few of the same words consistently. Whether you are obedience training them or helping to familiarize them with you and their new home, using the same four or five words as commands will go a long way. We want to use commands that a short, sweet and to the point. For example, when we are training a dog to stay off of the furniture, using a one-word command such as “off” is a good idea. When we begin to vary this command to “not on the couch” or “stay away”, this can be confusing to the dog and he may feel like he is failing in his new home by not understanding what is the desirable behaviour. By using exactly the same command in exactly the same tone, the dog will grasp the concept easily. Furthermore, this command can be cross-implemented in other situations where the dog may be on a bed, counter or any other surface. When the animal understands the command, the animal feels successful and will be much happier and more comfortable, allowing a bridge of trust to form.

When you are bringing a new animal into your home, or having a visitor, it is a good idea to remember that companion animals are incredibly noise-sensitive. This means that they will respond best to soothing tones of voice and music. Keep in mind that if your intention is to play loud music or have many people over, it is best to consider your options from your animal’s perspective. Loud parties can be damaging to sensitive animals. This does not mean that you have to avoid throwing a party (like I do!), it may simply mean that your animal friends may be more comfortable in a room alone, or staying elsewhere for the night.

Further to the noise issue, when speaking with your animals or any animals for that matter, remember that they will resonate more easily with soothing tones of voice. In fact, if you are attempting to communicate with your animal that she has engaged in unacceptable behaviour, speaking in loud and heavy tones may do the opposite of getting the point across. It may make the animal shut down completely and fear you. When seeking to gain an animal’s trust, instead of yelling the work “NO!!”, it may be worthwhile to use gentler, softer tones and use a word such as “uh-uh”, or  even saying “no” in a softer tone will help.

By implementing some of these suggestions, you will surely create an environment in which animals feel safe and secure. Following these steps with new animals to your home, animals whom you encounter regularly and bringing new people around your animals allows for a healthy and positive life experience



Soulstice Spirit is incredibly excited to share that we have opened up a brand new line of  Animal Wellness courses! We are now offering the following courses for distance education students. Students can now learn to work with their animal companions in a deeper, more compassionate way from the comfort of their own homes, anywhere in the world!


Learn to treat your companion animals with the magic of Reiki- from your own home on your own time!

J Morgan Saifer has created a distance education Animal Reiki class for those who are unable to join her Western Canadian classes. In this course, students will learn about human chakras and auras as well as the practice of Reiki self-treatment. Self-treatment is a very necessary step before learning how to treat animals. Students will learn how to read and treat animal chakras and auras with Reiki. As companion animals have very different stresses than do humans, students will learn to identify and remove the origins and growths of animal-specific energy blockages. Every student wil receive a quantum attunement to initiate her/him into Reiki. This level I course is derivative of the Usui Reiki lineage and is infused with relevant points of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Animal Communication techniques. This course comes with a 33 page colour PDF manual, three live video sessions with J Morgan Saifer, one final exam and a certificate of completion. J Morgan Saifer offers ongoing support via email and video chat for the duration of the course. Course tuition: $195.00


Approximate course length- 7- 21 days. Completion time is dependent on students’ availability.




Learn to communicate with animals in their native language! From the comfort of your own home and on your own timeline, study the foundations of interspecies communication. Through several exercises, meditations and practices, J Morgan Saifer- Animal Communicator & Animal Reiki Master has outlined the methodology behind honing your individual intuitive animal communication skills! Throughout this Module I course, students will be required to keep a journal of their intuitive development exercises. There will be several opportunities to check in with J Morgan to ensure that each student comprehends the details of telepathic communication. This course includes and exam and certification upon completion. Course tuition: $195.




In this beginner course, students will learn how to use crystals with animals. Students will learn which types of crystals are most beneficial for animals and why. Students will learn how to program crystals to engage in healing work with animals. There is also a focused study on how to create crystal healing layouts for animals. This course includes a basic study of animal-specific chakra systems as well as which crystals are beneficial to each. This course also outlines the details of how to perform a crystal healing session on animals.  This course is a pre-requisite for Crystal Healing for Cats and Dogs Level II. This class includes ongoing support from J Morgan Saifer, a 20 page PDF manual, six hand-in assignments and one final exam. Students need not purchase any extra crystals than they already have. The assignments in this course are geared for those who may not have all of the crystals they need at the time of the course. No previous experience necessary. Course tuition: $80.00




Further to the Level I course, Crystal Healing for Cats & Dogs II contains a deeper level of understanding of how crystals work to treat animals. The level II is an advanced class where students will learn the practice of crystal gridding for animals, a deeper look at animal chakras and how to create layouts/grids for each individually. Students will learn the art of crystal Feng Shui; which crystals will add to the healing energy of each room for both animals and people. This course contains six hand-in assignments, ongoing support from J Morgan Saifer and one final exam. Students will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. Prerequisite Crystal Healing for Cats & Dogs Level 1. Course tuition: $100.00

crystal grid


In an effort to continuously share messages of love and healing toward animals, Soulstice Spirit is currently creating several additional Animal Healing courses that will be available within the next several weeks. Thank you for your patience!

To register for these and all other Soulstice Spirit events and courses, please email jmorgan.soulstice@gmail.com to obtain a registration form.




Our animal friends are part of our families. And as such, they should be used to how we conduct our lives and everything we do in our homes right? Wrong! Here are six of many ways that human behaviour annoys companion animals. Do you do any of these?

1)      Yelling- Animals are incredibly noise sensitive. Animals often cower and become extremely uncomfortable to the sound and energy of yelling. Animals are highly sensitive to energy. Often, yelling is accompanied by angry or other negative energies. This alone can make any animal feel irritated and unwelcome. Because of their audio sensory survival mechanism, the shape of their ear flaps and a heightened sense of full spectrum hearing, cats and dogs hear sounds at a magnified volume. Ask any animal, and they will tell you that silence is golden!

2)      Letting children climb on and pull ears/tail or teasing in any way- Parents often think that animals don’t mind and don’t take offense to small children dressing up animals, climbing on them and tugging their extremities (ears and tail). And what’s perhaps the most offensive about all of this is when the animal finally works up the courage to stand up for himself by lashing out, his people get scared and kick him out. ALWAYS put yourself in your animal’s position. Would you want children pulling your ears and tail, dragging you around and climbing all over you? As the companions of companion animals, it is our responsibility to understand our animals’ perspective and role in the home. Animals are not toys, dolls or novelties. They are gentle beings who should always be respected through a good understanding of boundaries from all household members.

3)      Barking or meowing at a dog or cat- Humans think they can get dogs and cats to communicate with them by barking and/or meowing at them. Dogs and cats think that this is ridiculous behaviour.

4)      Aggressive cuddles/greetings- Animals are very gentle beings by nature. It is important to recognize that they do not consider roughhousing to be endearing. Some dogs definitely like to play that way at the right time and place, however introverted dogs and almost ALL cats are not appreciative of aggressive petting or cuddling. They find it quite offensive and do not understand it. This is one main reason why they may hiss, scratch of bite. It is important to be mindful that cats are gentle beings and should be treated in a gentle way.

5)      Staring- Just like humans, if you stare at an animal, it makes them very uncomfortable. If most could hear them, the animal would as “what are you staring at??” Animals ESPECIALLY get annoyed when you stare at them while they are doing their bathroom business. Keep in mind how you might feel if someone was staring at you while you were on the toilet!

6)      Ignoring attempts to communicate- animals are fully conscious, sentient beings. They are always communicating with us through body language, behaviour and telepathy. If they feel like we are unable to understand their gentle cues, they may get frustrated and act out in a way that will definitely get out attention! Be mindful that our animal friends have endless messages to share. The more receptive and compassionate we become to this end, the better the communication will flow and the lesser our animals will be annoyed!

7)        Taking their pictures or video- Animals do not understand the concept of photography. They may understand that you are shoving your cellular phone in their face or personal space, however they do not understand why. In many cases, animals become annoyed and frightened by cell phone cameras. Some animals may not mind having their pictures taken but most do. They will often be uncomfortable with having you record their adorable behavior. It is important to stop and consider if your animal friend would appreciate having a phone shoved in their face during certain moments. That said, who can resist a photo shoot with the most adorable faces on the planet?

All of this can be avoided through the understanding and practice of empathy! By really understanding your animal’s comfort level instead of assuming that they are or are not a certain way, you will be promoting a healthy home for your whole family… most importantly, your animal companions will love you that much more!





In the first part of this article, we discussed approaches to maintaining our personal power in confrontation with skeptics. In the second part of this article, we will examine personal power on a much more personal level.

Most of us live out our lives in a state of imbalance of personal power. Those of us who are acutely focused on our spiritual paths often suffer from a lack of personal power, and those of us who are driven by the material world often suffer from a surplus of personal power. Finding the balance can be a life-long practice.

Those of us who are committed to our paths can be prone to giving our power away in so many ways.  Not only does this throw our spiritual balance off, but it can also deplete us of our physical and emotional energies! Here are a few common experiences of power loss and how to remedy them:

1)      Probably the most common type of power-loss is in a romantic partnership. We care so strongly for the other person that we would do anything for them! It’s a very kind thought, however what happens when our partner takes advantage of our kindness? This can happen in both obvious and lesser than obvious ways. What this means is that other than the obvious signs that our partner may be taking advantage of us, he or she may be doing so on a subconscious level. In fact, this may even lead to an energetic co-dependency! One of you is the giver and one of you is the taker. All of the time. And you both may be living out these roles because it is serving your subconscious belief systems. Is this balanced? If you are in this type of relationship, it is important to recognize and ESTABLISH BOUNDARIES. By establishing healthy boundaries with your partner, you will find that you feel much more balanced! If you are the “taker” in this equation, take a step back and take note of how it is affecting your partner. Relationships are all about respect, trust and gratitude. Are those feelings mutual and equal in your relationship?

2)      Aside from romantic partnerships, there are a diverse number of interpersonal relationships that can drain our personal power. For example, we are always at risk of giving another person TOO MUCH CREDIT. This will frequently occur when we are the type of person who trusts too easily. On many occasions, we will be introduced to an individual who appears to be a fine example of a human. We, being non-judgmental and optimistic, find ourselves begin to slip into a state of admiration. In fact, perhaps we begin to put this person on a pedestal. And this is the beginning of a power imbalance. We may find ourselves ignoring our own intuition because we are enamored with another person and believe everything they say to be true-regardless of the warning signs in our gut. This can be dangerous because when we put so much faith in someone else, we forget our ability to trust in our own power. When we lose sight of our own power, we may then begin to question ourselves in a negative way; doubting ourselves at every turn. When we hang on every word they say, when we fill our mind with dramatic hopes and dreams with respect to this person, when we believe that another person is a gift from God, an infallible miracle, we are bound to be disappointed. As we know, nobody is perfect. At the end of the day, the only credit that should be worth anything is your own self-credit. Because when we give others more credit than they deserve, we run the risk of feeling rejected, disappointed and let down. These are all examples of damaging personal power loss. It is important to give credit where credit is due, however it is equally important to see these people with objectivity- to see them who THEY are- not who you want them to be.

3)      Probably every day of our lives, we have been told what to think, what to wear, what to try to look like and what to do with our lives. Some may say that society has been brainwashed by the media, the government and by major corporations. This is called POWER OVER. These bureaucracies will do anything to force their ideas into our heads. We find these characteristics in the types of people who are “human supremisists”- those who have the false belief that humans are superior to all other species. They are those who believe that destroying the homes and environments of other species is justified by the amount of money they will make. They exemplify the “power over” mentality. By being immersed in a culture that subscribes to POWER OVER, we may constantly feel like we are swimming upstream just to make it ok to be who WE are as individuals. In fact, we are likely allowing the POWER OVER mentality to affect us far more than it needs to! By reminding ourselves daily that these world leaders do not have our best interest at heart, nor do they have the best interest of animals, Mother Earth and future generations, we can make a difference to the impact that these predators have on our hearts and minds. Being led by those who have the “power over” mentality will not serve the greater good and is not in alignment with our soul’s purpose. By following what we know as truth in our hearts and souls, we shall overcome those who feel their need to control us!

4)      Absolutely, the most important aspect of personal power maintenance is EMPOWERMENT. What is empowerment? Empowerment is recognizing and utilizing our inner power for the highest and greatest good. Many people are confused by this concept. Many people fear that they will cause harm by coming into their personal power. They fear that if they become empowered, they run the risk of exhibiting “power over” another.  This is not the case. Being empowered will not harm another. In fact, it may have the opposite effect!  For without empowerment, we are unable to stand up for ourselves and what we believe in. Without empowerment, we are slaves to those who see us as victims- those who will take our power because we let them. Empowerment is achieved through many means- often through hard work. Most necessarily, though, empowerment is achieved through self-examination, through finding one’s self-confidence to vocalize one’s inner voice.

Examining our own struggles and successes with personal power is a significant part of our spiritual journey. Once we have a solid grasp on where we are and where we’d like to be in terms of power balance, we can be a shining light to others!






What are free radicals? What do they have to do with my animal’s well-being?
To first understand the connection, we must have a brief look at basic biology and chemistry. According to scientific research (as you may remember from high school science class), cells are made up of molecules which are made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of a nucleus, neutrons, protons, and electrons. Each proton (positively charged) is paired with an electron (negatively charged) particle. They balance out the chemistry of the atom. Once the atom is full of protons and electrons, the molecules will split and enter a newly formed shell of an atom by way of “bonding” together. Atoms are always seeking stability in terms of containing an equal number of protons and electrons. Strong molecules split and pair equally. When weaker bonds split, the result is an unpaired molecule- a free radical.
Free radicals play an important role in the biological functions of your animal. They are responsible for aiding white blood cells with “eating” bacteria and other pathogens in the body. However mostly they act in an unpredictable and DESTRUCTIVE way. Free radicals are very likely present in animals with chronic allergies and chronic muscle soreness/joint pain. When free-radicals are formed, they behave in an “irrational” way, trying desperately to pair with any other molecule it can find. They are very unstable and seek balance. If the free radical is successful in “stealing” another pair’s molecule, the third molecule then becomes a free radical. Ordinarily, this chain of events would not compromise the well-being of your animal friend. However, this series of events can cause a cascading event, wreaking havoc and eventually harming once cell after another. Free radicals can result in serious tissue damage. Aging is also a significant opportunity for free-radical damage to occur within your animal as the body is producing fewer antibodies to combat the damage. Once the chain of compromised cells begins, it can, If untreated, lead to certain types of CANCERS, irreparable ORGAN DAMAGE and other terminal illness.
There are many known causes of free radicals in the body; both human and animal. Have you ever torn a muscle? Maybe walked up too many stairs or lifted too heavy of a weight at the gym and felt it two days later? This is a classic example of tissue damage. Physical pain from tissue damage is a result of too many free radicals running around the body.
Another common cause of free radicals in the body is a compromised IMMUNE SYSTEM. Because of the effect that free-radicals have on cells, in an already weakened immune system, the free radicals (if not treated) can cause serious damage to muscles and have even been linked to some types of cancer.
Free radicals are connected to all types of pollution; air, water and food chemicals, and even the cleanliness of the animal’s home. Be aware of your environment and do your best to allow your animal a clean, safe environment. It may be a good idea to look into supplementing your animal’s diet with diatomaceous earth or colloidal silver (see earlier articles) if you reside in an especially toxic environment.
Free radicals have been linked to poor nutritional habits, lack of exercise and lack of rest between exercise sessions. Free radical damage is not foreign in stressful environments- remember animals are affected by stress far more deeply than humans are. It’s ALWAYS important to allow them an outlet.
The easiest way for you and your animal friends to prevent free radical damage is to consume as many ANTIOXIDANTS as possible. It’s not a coincidence that antioxidants are said to help prevent cancer. This is due to the negative effects of free radicals on weak cells, enabling cancer to occur. Some examples of foods rich in antioxidants are:
-Darker coloured vegetables- Broccoli, Kale, Carrots, Red Peppers, Yams,
-Berries- Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Goji
-Vitamins E, A, C, Beta carotene
-Dark chocolate
Obviously some of these are not appropriate for your animal friends. Contrary to popular belief, feeding thoroughly cooked green veggies to your cat and dog is healthy and beneficial. You may also add turmeric, milk thistle and astralagus as a supplement to your animal’s regular diet.
Another way to prevent free radical damage is to ensure your animal friend has a balanced diet, exercise and rest schedule. The lesser the animal is stressed, the lesser the possibility of damage.
Regular energy/healing work is absolutely beneficial to animals. By removing negative energy from the animal’s field, the animal will have a healthier body, mind and spirit!




Would you believe that most poor companion feline diets are due to a lack of education on the part of their people? In almost every home I enter into, cat people are madly in love with their cats and wish to know how to help them. Interestingly, in about 95% of these homes, not a single cat’s person has any idea what a species appropriate diet or proper feline nutrition entails.

By now, most of you know how much of a stickler I am for proper animal nutrition. Just like humans, companion animals need a balanced diet to live a healthy and high quality life. It is truly a sad day when innocent people ask medical professionals for help and receive either false information about their cat’s ideal diet or receive information that leads to vast confusion and eventually frustration.

Cats should always eat a balanced diet rich in fresh meat such as organic chicken, sardines and salmon. If only these options were always available! Though I believe wholeheartedly in feeding cats and dogs whole foods as much as possible, there are often circumstances where this is not possible. Learning about species appropriate diets can seem overwhelming at best. There is a lot of information that can seem contradictory, questionable and nonsensical. So where do you turn to find the best source of information about what to feed your cat companion?

I was recently sent a highly in-depth study about feline nutrition by an American research group called Reviews.com. In this study, 1759 cat food formulas were examined, 97 veterinary professionals were consulted as were 437 human cat companions. They all agreed that feline diets are intricately complicated. Ideally, every house cat should be eating four mice per day. However, this is not always possible as most cats live in urban environments and many are not allowed outside. Though processed food itself is a second choice for optimal feline nutrition, there are several choices within that choice that you as a conscious cat companion can make to optimise your cat friend’s quality of life.

Out of the 1759 formulas the research team tested, only 145 of them made it to the “risk free” list. Though the study is an American one, we as Canadians can certainly use the same elimination process when seeking the best quality food for our beloved feline friends. The process of elimination used in this study is thorough. While most of you know that I strongly disagree with feeding cats kibble (dry food) of any kind, it is, on occasion, acceptable. Personally, kibble is a fun treat for my cat who subsists on a 97% high quality wet food diet.

I will remind readers that cats cannot subsist on a strictly (or even mainly) dry food diet. This type of diet can severely dehydrate your feline friend and lead to early stage renal failure. This is because cats do not derive adequate moisture from water alone. They need alternative sources of moisture that are found in wet food. Without these alternative sources of moisture, the feline GI system will have trouble passing the dry food to be eliminated. It will draw moisture from all of the organs – even the skin- in order to sufficiently process the dry food. This can lead to dry coat, skin and eyes. It can lead to the body’s water systems early depletion. In addition to bladder and kidney problems, a dry food based diet can cause constipation.

Additionally, lower quality wet food is extremely high in magnesium that will cause urinary bladder crystals. It is important to be mindful that we choose canned food that is high in protein, lower in magnesium and is grain free. The latter is due to the fact that cats lack the digestive enzyme (amylase) that is responsible for the breakdown of grains. When these grains are ingested and not broken down properly, they metabolize as sugar. With prolonged ingestion, cats are prone to feline diabetes. This is why it is best to avoid cat foods with grains.

What may be surprising to note for some of you is that the veterinary recommended diets have been eliminated from the list. Though it is no surprise to those of us who read ingredients and note where the food was manufactured, it may be pause for thought. It seems that trusting one single source for information on the healthiest foods to feed your kitty is a thing of the past. It is extremely important to read labels and research our cat foods as many veterinary professionals will try and persuade us to buy their product. In fact, it has been my experience that they are unaware of the ingredients that they are even selling us! To me, this is frightening. It is frightening that we live in a world where professionals whom we look up to will blindly sell us products without knowing exactly what it is they sell. Many of them refuse to research what they are selling and if it is more beneficial to our animals than other brands! Our cats cannot speak for themselves. They are at our mercy. It is our responsibility to understand how what we are feeding them affects their bodies, minds and spirits. Isn’t it time that we gave them the life they deserve?

Does all of this information sound confusing? That’s because there are a myriad of components of information that go into healthy feline nutrition. The good news is that there is a lot of good research and progress being made about species appropriate diets. There is also a lot of great research about which cat food brands are suckering consumers into buying their low quality brands by emotionally manipulative advertising. Be advised that a few of these emotionally manipulative marketing schemes belong to cat and dog food companies that have been linked to feline and canine deaths as a result of eating these companies’ foods!

In addition to researching the ingredients of the food you are feeding your cats, please be sure to research the location of processing. Many low grade cat food companies will have their foods processed in countries with lower feeding standards. They will then fudge the ingredients list to make it sound more appealing to North Americans.

Pay attention to food recalls. There are well known cat food companies who have had several recalls due to incorrectly following guidelines, fudging ingredients and even feline deaths relative to food.

Much of this precise information is listed in the following article. Again, though this is an American study, it does account for a valid education and elimination process.  Here is the link to this 300 hour study: http://www.reviews.com/cat-food/

Let us know what you think!






There is no doubt about it. Today’s astrological alignment is a powerful one. With the sun in the sign of Leo, we can expect a bold desire to affect long term events. As with all solar eclipses, we can ascertain that we are at the end of one cycle and beginning the next. Old belief systems, karmic patterning and personal limits will be put to the test. Because the sun and moon are in direct alignment with our Mother Earth, we will soon become in alignment that all options are possible. We will gain a clearer picture of both our shadow sides and Light sides and what we can do to cultivate personal growth of body, mind and Spirit.

The sun and moon are both in Leo which allows for a time of empowerment. However, because Leo is a fire sign, there is also the potential for butting heads and hot headed behaviour. Let us remember to be mindful of each other. Let us remember to be kind to each other, always. And mostly, let us remember to be kind to ourselves. In addition to the potential for us to be headstrong, the sun and moon’s presence in Leo can find us quite physically energetic. Today is an excellent day to get outdoors and enjoy the summer! It may even be the perfect day to watch the eclipse. Depending on where you are, you may have a full or partial view of the eclipse. Across North America, the eclipse is visible in the later morning hours.

Solar eclipses are a time of rapid change. Change has the power to frighten us. It is important to be mindful that change is geared to push us forward. And it may not always be so obviously doing so. Often, change can come in the forms of loss, disappointment and misunderstanding. But as with all events that we witness, we must take them in stride. We must remember to trust the process.

In this particular solar eclipse, the new moon illuminates the centre of the Leo constellation which is its brightest star. This brightest star is called the Heart of the Lion and is considered one of the most powerful. Its association is a strong courageous heart, emotional rebalancing and abundance. Caution is warranted to those who place attachment on said abundance is the illumination of the Heart of the Lion warns of potential loss.

This eclipse brings higher self awareness. If we attune ourselves to the energy of the magic of the eclipse, we can begin to see visions of our future selves. Additionally, Mars is in the sign of Leo which will add fuel to the motivational fire to see out our highest and bravest dreams. Focus on our dreams in combination with the impassioned fire signs of the sun, moon and Mars, are a sure recipe for success! All we need is discipline, faith and self-belief.

Today is an excellent day to begin a new list of intentions. Ordinarily, in celebration of any new moon, we practice outlining a list of intentions. However today, the alignment of the Earth, moon and the sun will illuminate our intentions extraordinarily more brightly. It is important, as always to ensure that we create our intentions with love in the highest and best of all involved. In combination with the lunar eclipse which occurred on August 7th, this second eclipse creates a tandem manifestation cycle that will end mid-2018. What would we like to see happen in our lives within the next year? What seeds can we plant that can begin to grow over this next year and blossom into the coming years?

To come fully into alignment with our higher selves, we may want to spend part of our day chanting or in meditation. By releasing attachment to the material world, we can be open to receiving the glorious messages of healing and abundance that Spirit wishes for us to know!





Bringing a dog into your home to live with you is a tremendous responsibility. It is a role not to be taken lightly.  It is important to recognize how to properly train your dog so that he becomes a well-adjusted member of your family. The main reason that dogs get abandoned and put down is because of misunderstood behaviour. The good news is that with a sound knowledge of how the dog mind works, you can prevent this from happening!

Here are 5 common dog obedience mistakes that people make that lead to undesirable behaviour and unhappy homes:

1)      Possibly the most common mistake that dog people make is to “rub their nose in an accident”. In the old days, people thought that if they exhibited anger while showing the dog “what he did wrong” the dog would get the correct message; not to do it again. While this makes sense according to the human mind, to the dog mind, it does not. When we discipline our dogs, we want to consider the fact that their concept of time is very different from ours. To the dog, your rubbing his nose in his accident comes through in his mind that you are being unnecessarily cruel. Sadly, this can cause a whole host of other fear-based behaviour in the dog. For example, the dog will think that you think that elimination is wrong. The dog can then employ a fear of elimination.  Most importantly, that the dog may become afraid of you. To get the point across, we must catch the dog in the act of accident and then discipline him. Because to the dog, the only time that exists is NOW. When we catch the dog in the act, instead of saying “NO!” we may say “NO! OUTSIDE!” and then take the dog outside to finish eliminating.  If we are unable to watch the dog all day and all night, we want to make sure we SET THE DOG UP TO SUCCEED. We do this by creating a fool proof environment so that the dog has no choice but to eliminate using our desired behaviour.

2)      INCONSISTECY is a big mistake when it comes to dog training. And it is especially difficult to keep on track if there is more than one person who is attempting to train the dog.  Dogs thrive on routine and consistency. If we are inconsistent with our discipline, we will get inconsistent results from the dog. To ensure that the new behaviour becomes engrained in the dog’s brain, we must be incredibly patient and consistent with training. It is always a smart idea to have family meetings every few days to recap what has gone on with the training and to ensure that everyone remains on the same page about techniques and discipline. By sticking to your obedience training plan, you are ensuring a happy, peaceful home for your whole family.

3)      Especially in rural areas, dog people think it’s a good idea to give their dogs the exercise of a lifetime by allowing them to run beside their cars while they drive down the street. In theory, it’s quite a good idea. However, practically, you are training your dog to believe that running onto the street along with moving cars is fun and is a desirable behaviour. Whereas in our minds, we are operating carefully, and there may be very little traffic on that particular road, what happens when we take the dog to the city? The dog does not know the difference between running alongside your car on a dirt road in the country and running into traffic on a busy city street. To them it’s all the same.

4)      If you are particularly stubborn, you may want to believe that all dogs respond to the same obedience training in the same way. This is completely false. In fact, just as every human responds to the same stimulus in an individualized way, so does every dog. Every dog, regardless of breed, age, background, etc. has his or her own personality and will react as such. It is important that which each dog whom you work with, you come into the experience with an open mind and an open heart. Recognizing your dog for who he or she is will go a very long way in amalgamating the dog into your family.

5)      Repeating commands- We have all had the experience where we command a dog to do something and he does not do it. And then we repeat the command. Whereas when we are communicating with other humans, we tend to repeat a comment if it is not addressed by the other party, communicating desired behaviour with dogs is much different. Because dogs learn human language as a secondary form of communication, we must proceed very slowly in teaching. To a dog, if the word is repeated, the command “sit” becomes “sit sit”. The dog will then understand that every time you wish for him to sit, he must wait for you to say it twice. This can be very confusing for both you and the dog. By being patient when we use the command “sit”, the dog will recognize that you want him to sit when you say it once. Many times dogs will hear the command and take a few moments to remember what that command means, especially puppies who are learning human language for the first time. This is where humans often mistake the behaviour for the dog not listening or not responding to the command. Give the dog a few minutes to remember what that command means. Dogs are much more intelligent than most people give them credit for. Training a dog takes an incredible amount of patience and persistence.

These are five of many mistakes that people make when attempting to train their dogs. It is always the golden rule to do your research before adopting your new family member into your home. Remember that adopting an animal is a major responsibility that requires a lot of planning and consistent work. It is a life long commitment. Be aware and take care!





Ever wondered why, after a single conversation, you can feel completely depleted of energy? Ever wondered why someone crossed your mind out of “nowhere”? How about those times when you’re sitting at home and you spiral into a spontaneous state of despair?

All animate objects have an aura. These auras are subtle bodies of energy extending from the physical aspect of the being to as far as a few feet. Minerals, plants, animals and humans all have different auras from each other that come in different shapes, colours and sizes. Animal and human auras have seven major aura layers, the first of which is called the ‘ETHERIC LAYER’. The etheric layer of the aura is extremely important in understanding our own energies as this is where the ENERGY CORDS reside.


Energy cords are invisible to the untrained eye. They are strands of energy that form between two animate beings when these beings have interacted. For example, each of us has an energy cord to our significant other, our mom and dad, cat, dog, next door neighbor, old lover, classmate, work buddy, etc. They do also exist between humans/ animal and plant/ mineral, however the cords are different in structure. The cord is essentially a “rope-like” tie that forms as a result of energy exchange from one aura to another, and back again. An energy exchange can be a conversation, thought, handshake or notable eye contact, among other occurrences. Ordinarily, these energy cords are pretty harmless…. until they’re not.

Ever wondered why, out of nowhere, you’re uncontrollably thinking about your ex? Ever wonder if he or she is thinking about you? He or she probably is… but that may not always be a good thing! Many times, throughout the course of our lives, we encounter a break up, an argument, resentment from an long standing friend, a family member, an ex- flame, or perhaps a brief interaction with a negative person that leaves is feeling depleted or depressed for no apparent reason. This seemingly sudden and strange change in our energy field is likely coming from an unhealthy energy cord that is attached to us from a negative source. Given that the majority of us come into contact with a variety of people throughout our day, we may not always be able to pinpoint the source of negativity.

In extreme cases, you may be prone to psychic attack. You will know if you are under psychic attack if you suddenly cannot stop crying, you have a sudden loss of belief in yourself and your purpose, questioning why you’re here and who you are. You may feel extremely depressed, often suicidal and experience extremely irrational behaviour. Some psychic attacks happen unintentionally, and some happen with ill intent. It is always important to be cautious of who you share your energy with!


Many of us who are sensitive often forget that our “out of the blue” blues may not be ours! Thankfully there are a few easy practices in which we can partake that will help is to maintain our balance and let go of any harmful energies that do not belong to us. Here are three simple steps to keeping your aura clear:

  1. Smudge: Go and get some sage and burn it in your home at least once every couple of days. Make sure you cover the corners of each room, the windows and the doors especially. This will help to clear negative energies away on a regular basis. This is very helpful if you work in a public place or have to frequently deal with negative people as you may be unwillingly taking their energies home with you.
  2. Cut those cords! It’s as simple as this: ask your angels (particularly Archangel Michael) to please cut the unhealthy cords that still exist between you and whomever’s energy must go! Following this, you will ask for a return of all of YOUR positive and healthy energy that other people have taken from you. This form of energy recall often results in feeling like a “brand new woman/man”.
  3. Get a piece of selenite- Selenite is a powerful crystal that aids in disconnecting your aura from the auras of others. It protects you from negativity while inviting your angels into your home to protect you.

If you are even remotely sensitive, protecting yourself is a must! If you’re feeling down, exhausted, lethargic or depressed for no apparent reason, remember, the energy may not be yours. By following these easy steps, you will find that you have a lot more energy; you will feel rejuvenated and ready to face the world!