Everything in the Universe has a vibration. Living beings, inanimate beings, spirit; all have vibration. Each vibration varies from the next. No two humans, animals, plants or minerals have the identical vibration.

In addition to each individual entity possessing its own unique vibration, each vibration has its own resonation. This is to say that some vibrations are lower than others. Therefore some vibrations are higher than others. Living beings have living vibrations. They are subject to shift and flux based on our experiences, surroundings, feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Our vibrations are constantly influenced by both internal and external circumstances.

Those of us who are conscious of our vibrations are aware that by placing ourselves in different contexts with different people can have varying degrees of impact on our vibrations. Those of us who are sensitive know all too well the kind of impact external negative energies can have on our own vibrations. Often, when we leave a building or conversation we feel drained and depleted. This is because we have allowed other people or spaces to drain and deplete us.

Those who have chronic mood disorders such as anxiety or depression have vibrations that are easily influenced by our mental wellness. Often it can be quite challenging to rise above the depths of depression or the throes of anxiety.

 For any situation in which we find our vibrations compromised, there are several techniques that are tried, tested and true to raise our vibrations to our highest and greatest potential. Listed below are five easy ways to do so:

1)      Meditate- Meditation facilitates both relaxation and clarity. It also facilitates reconnection with one’s Divine connection. When truly engulfed in meditation, the “ego” or “thinking” part of the brain takes a back seat to becoming one with all that is. This oneness connection alone will raise your vibration. Because the Divine Source Consciousness is the highest known vibration in the universe, when engaged in meditation the connection to it brings our vibration to a higher resonation. When most think of meditation they think of sitting in stillness. Though this is a common and highly effective form of meditation, there are many other ways to do so. Often walking, swimming or dancing are equally as effective in terms of becoming in alignment with a higher vibration.

2)      Dance/Drum- Body movement is an excellent means to raise our vibration. This is because dancing is both grounding and liberating at once. By dancing we are reconnecting with our bodies. Additionally, by aligning our movements with the rhythms of our bodies we are facilitating a type of meditation. A moving meditation. Other types of moving meditation include; yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi to name a few. By facilitating these types of body connection, we are connecting our physicality with our spirituality. All spiritual groups from Shamans to hippies have used drumming and dancing to create a trance-like state that is a type of meditation. This meditation elevates us. By elevating our mind, body and spirit we are elevating our vibration. Often we may become so engrossed in these meditations that we may seem to travel to alternate realities.

3)      Mantra/Chanting- Mantra is the art of discovering a concise set of words that raise our vibration. There are traditional mantras that many practice such as mantra for abundance, mantra for self-healing and various other uplifting phrases. By chanting a short set of words that uplift us, we will also be raising our vibration. For example, we may choose the mantra “I am healthy- body mind and Spirit”. We may choose “I am in alignment with my highest abundance” or any such phrase that helps to clear out negative belief systems from our consciousness. By repeating positive words to ourselves we are in essence rewiring our synapses to a healthier state of being. We are “talking ourselves out of” negative thought patterns and “into” positive ones. Chanting has been utilized for lifetimes after lifetimes to facilitate meditation. Monks, Buddhists and various other disciplined groups choose chanting as a form of aligning themselves with each other as well as the Divine Source consciousness.

4)      Connect with nature/animals- Animals and nature naturally have a vibration that far supersedes most human vibrations. Animals and nature are gifts from the Divine to assist us with remembering where we came from and ultimately where our souls plan to end up at the end of our human incarnations. Ever wonder why we feel recharged and refreshed after camping, playing with cats and dogs, horseback riding or hiking? This is because nature and animals are of such high vibration that when we immerse ourselves in their energies, our energies become elevated by association. The beauty of nature is that when she elevates our vibration, she powerfully shifts the low vibe energy with which we visit into positive energy. Take care, however with animals because they are prone to holding on to low vibration energy when confronted with it. Always remember to practice energy healing on animals regularly. Or, if you prefer, always ask your animal’s angels to clear your low vibe energy from your animal once your animal has recharged you!

5)      Compassion- Perhaps the most challenging yet most rewarding way to raise your vibration is by learning to find compassion for all other beings on our planet and in the Universe. The challenge arises when we encounter someone who angers us, saddens us or stirs negative energy within us. To learn to rise above this negativity and find compassion for those who have offended us is a remarkable way to keep our vibrations high. At first, this action may feel like a tall order. An effective technique for finding compassion for the offender in a hurtful situation is to take a step back and ask yourself what you have in common with this person. Finding common ground is an excellent foundation for beginning to find compassion for others.

These are just five of many activities to engage in to raise your vibration. Because there are so many reasons why it may become lowered, taking up regular practice of one or more of these activities will surely aid in keeping you in alignment with your beautiful Divine spark!




Whether we are conscious of it or not, all spiritual souls are on their own unique path to healing. The journey of the spiritual soul begins at the origin of the universe and ends (so far) with complete enlightenment. Souls live one life after another until they have learned all of the lessons that they need in order to stop incarnating completely.

Though the process of healing one’s soul audibly sounds as if it were a gentle and nurturing process, in fact it is often quite the opposite. In the trenches of it, healing can be painful. Why is it so much so?

Before recounting some of the reasons why healing can be painful, we must first acknowledge ego’s role in the process. Ego is, for all intents and purposes, the enemy of spiritual enlightenment. For those who wish to know what ego refers to, let us recognize its origin in the Hindu scripture: the Bhagavad Gita. This ancient text makes reference to the two parts of the human existence; the ego and the self. Whereas the “self” is the part of human existence that maintains direct connection with the Divine Source, the “ego” is the personality, or the aspect of human existence that develops relative to one’s experiences. The “self” is one’s Divine spark and the “ego” is the earthly attribute of human existence. The goal of living with these two unseen forces within us is to have them be at peace with each other. As many of us know this is insurmountably challenging.

The process of ‘healing’ often includes examining our shadow sides. This happens when we are confronted with aspects of ourselves that are out of alignment with our highest good. This confrontation can be painful at best due to the ego’s inability to acknowledge that it is misbehaving. The ego will both put ideas in our heads to create a certain type of unhealthy behaviour as well as challenge us once the “self” aspect of ourselves realizes that it is out of alignment with our highest good. The ego wishes to make us feel like we can do no “wrong”, that we are error free and that we know best. Therefore when we are confronted with our shadow sides, any admittance that we have behaved in an unhealthy manner toward ourselves or another can be highly uncomfortable.

Embracing our shadow sides is often challenging due to its practice of reliving past heartache. Often we reencounter situations and/or feelings that we had thought we’d previously overcome. Yet here they are again, surprisingly staring us in the face. We wonder why we are feeling these ways again after all of the hard work we put into healing them before. But, as with all other personal growth, these heartaches have layers and layers of work. The more highly evolved we become, the higher the angles from which to relive and release the past. The higher the angles we rise to, the greater the perspective. The greater the perspective we have, the more complete the healing process.

As with any type of change, healing can be uncomfortable. When we are wading in the depths of self healing, we will notice that spiritual inertia can feel far easier to live with than any action of rising above. To put it simply: it’s easier to dance with the devil you know than to dance with the devil you don’t. For some, affecting change is one of the most difficult parts of life. Particularly when it involves changing habits to which we have become accustomed. For these people, this aspect of their personality (ego) has been born unto them as their challenger. It has been born unto them so that they learn to balance that aspect of themselves with initiative and positive action.

Too, change can be highly uncomfortable to those who possess a fear of the unknown. They fear that though they perhaps are not on their best track, changing their routines and beliefs could end in further suffering. These people need be reminded that this is a classic fear tactic of ego. Ego will produce fear within us to stop us from evolving at any cost.

Healing often means embarking on a path to forgiveness. Whether our aim is to forgive others who have hurt us, forgive ourselves or a combination of the two, finding the love in any situation can be an uphill battle; with Self-forgiveness being at the top of the mountain. Why is it so hard to forgive ourselves? Many of us who feel that we have wronged another (or ourselves) will find it easier to maintain an element of self-pity or self-woe. Once again, this is the marvelous work of the ego. The ego will attempt to convince us that we are not worth forgiveness. The ego will oppress us into believing that staying angry or hurt is a way of life and that we do not deserve contentment. The truth is that every living being deserves contentment. The universe is an endless pool of unconditional love, available to all those who wish to access. The challenge arises when we seek out to rise above ego’s oppressive nature and come into alignment with the unconditional love that breathes forgiveness into our souls. For every one, rising above and learning to forgive is possible. When we become detached from our sorrow and see it objectively, we are more easily able to access the Self and follow its guidance through the path to self-forgiveness.

The process of healing to every single one of us means letting go. The process of healing means releasing old, stale energies. The process of healing means releasing that which no longer serves our highest good. And often, that is accompanied by sadness. For the most part, releasing stale or harmful relationships can have us feeling melancholic. They can frequently have us arguing with ourselves over the “what if’s” and the “should have’s”. On occasion we can be at war with ourselves over whether or not to remove a person or situation from our lives. The truth is, if these people and situations are facilitating our suffering; if they are repeatedly bringing down our naturally high vibrations, they are not right for us at this time. Though the self aspect of us is aware of this matter, the ego will fight it all of the way. The ego will convince us that the person or circumstance involved will suffer if we let go; that WE will have a gaping hole in our hearts if we let go. The ego’s work often will stem a dramatic war within. However- that is just the ego. We must learn to take a step back when the ego speaks to us. We must acknowledge that it is in fact ego and that we know better than to give into its drama. For that drama attracts more drama, and that drama attracts even more. And so on and so forth until we are far worse than when we set out to let go of the person or situation in the first place.

Yes, releasing is sometimes gloomy. However once we have cleared away those old, stale energies, we have far more room for new and brighter energies. Most importantly we have far more space to get to know ourselves again, free and clear of former anguish.

The healing process will have us thrown into the fire of rapid shifting and fluxing. Repeatedly we will find ourselves unbalanced and bouncing around. A goal of the healing process is to rebalance our energies. This means that when we set out to heal our darkness we will also find a symbiotic shift in our light. This means that while we are aiming to release any negative mood swings we are also releasing the positive. In fact any swinging at all is a sign that healing is necessary. When we are invested in our healing process we will find that in addition to lessening our lows we are lessening our highs. For even when we are at ecstatic heights, we are unhealthy as we are imbalanced. At first this may seem dull and disappointing. We may even feel like we have lost part of our unique dynamic. But- this dynamic is the work of the ego, not the self. The self is always balanced and compassionate; especially to us, individually. When we are kind to ourselves we are in alignment with our Divine spark- the Self.

Healing is a foundational aspect of personal growth. The journey is far easier when we accept that we will undergo moments of trial throughout out paths to healing instead of placing expectations on ourselves, our lives or other beings. When we accept that we are here in these bodies at this time to learn, grow and make peace with ourselves, we become warriors. We become empowered with each challenge we face. The shaking off of old belief systems and lifestyles is almost always uncomfortable. Letting go of old friends and situations can be sad. However once we have succeeded, we are one step closer to a more whole, more complete version of ourselves!



Sometimes letting go is harder but in the long run serves your highest good ❤




As we grow older, we understand who we are. We understand that the experiences we have had have shaped us. The people in our lives have left their imprints on us. And on our journeys, we learn to understand who we are apart from those external influences. When the time arrives that we understand ourselves, separate from all else, we may find ourselves at a loss for how much gravity we have given other people’s authority. And because of the ever changing nature of existence, their beliefs and realities grow farther and more distant from our own awakened state.

For those who have dedicated our lives to self-mastery, we have manifested a keen awareness of what no longer serves our highest good. That which no longer serves our highest good is that which becomes out of alignment with our altruistic path. That which no longer…

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Wednesday January 31 marks an especially rare celestial event! This triple-threat lunar experience is one we will all be sure to watch. In addition to the blue full super moon in Leo in the sun sign of Aquarius, we will bear witness to a total lunar eclipse. Experts are calling this one a ‘super blue blood moon’. While this may all sound and read like a tongue twister on its own, there are innumerable energies coming at us from every which way. Earth has not seen a super blue blood moon in 150 years. The next of its kin will not be seen until January, 2037.

This further west you go, the more the visual spectacle in the night sky. Eastern North Americans will see a partial view of this awes inspiring lunar event beginning at 6:15 (EDT) am. Those in the east will not witness the “blood” aspect of this eclipse. The western states and provinces will have a fuller view of the event which begins at 4:15 am (PST) with its crux at 5:30 am Pacific time. The western states and provinces will see a full eclipse; blood moon and all.

Breaking down the very long name of this celestial event, let us first examine the term “supermoon”. The supermoon is coined such due to its closer proximity to our Earth than most other moons. Therefore the supermoon appears larger on the horizon and in the night sky than do other full moons. Because of its closer proximity to our Earth, its energetic influence is stronger.

The term “blood moon” refers to a total lunar eclipse. During a complete lunar eclipse the moon appears to be reddish in colour. North America has not seen a blood moon since 2014.

Next, the name “blue moon” is given to the second full moon within the same month. In this case we had a full moon on Jan 1st, 2018 followed by the second – the blue moon- on Jan 31.

If all these details were not confusing enough, let us now add in the specifics of the celestial body energies and their influence on those who are sensitive:

The energies of this full moon are connected to the energies of the eclipses in February and Aug of 2017. If we can recall the lessons and trials we were facing at that time, this full moon has the potential to create a greater ripple in those waters. On the other hand, the energy of this moon has the potential to bring closure and peace to what we had been working through in 2017. As we reflect on these lessons we may ask ourselves- what have we learned from these relationships, circumstances and personal paths of growth? Though in our hearts it may be sad to begin to move on in absence of some of these relationships and circumstances, we know deep down closure is necessary.  It is time to move forward, releasing the past to create a new dawn. Often, it can be hard to let go- but ultimately once we do we will leave these relationships and situations feeling stronger, more empowered and more complete.

Examining now the placement of both sun and moon for the duration of this lunar eclipse we may also find powerful energy cast our way. The moon’s placement in Leo is an empowering one. Leo energy is dominant, masculine and authoritative. While this may help us to become confident in our endeavours be they personal or professional, this Leo moon may have us headstrong and neglecting to maintain balance. Because Leo is such a domineering energy, we must take caution to pay attention to our physical bodies. Many of us may feel a surge in energy. Take care to avoid burnout or even accidental physical harm.  Leo can be quite spontaneous. To utilize this Leo energy wisely, take the time to create a list of intentions and begin to build your hopes and dreams. Leo is very task oriented and has the drive to do the work to see his dreams come true.

In contrast to the commanding nature of the Leo moon, we will see our sun in the mild-tempered sig of Aquarius. Aquarian energy is quite removed from her emotion. This will provide a balance to the reactive Leo nature. Aquarian energy remains detached from circumstances external to her physical body. By inviting the Aquarian energy into ourselves we will be allowing ourselves the opportunity to think before we act. This pause before action can be helpful during the spontaneous headstrong Leo lunar influence. On the other end of the spectrum, Aquarians have a tendency to become too reflective and mentally charged. Because they are removed from their emotions, their minds may have a tendency to work in overdrive. This is where the impulsive nature of the Leo moon may bring balance and grounding to the Aquarian sun.

As with all full moons, the moon represents our emotions and the sun represents vital energy. During a full moon the sun and the moon reside opposite each other. There is an opportunity to find balance between emotions (water) and vitality within the physical body (fire). The full moon is the end of the waxing lunar cycle. It is at this time that we may experience a conclusion to seeds we sewed during the new moon prior. The duration between the new and full moon is the time during which our intentions grow and flourish.

As with all lunar eclipses, we may find that this one brings a turning point in our lives. Eclipses often display where our lives are off balance and what is beginning to no longer serve our highest good. The lunar eclipse brings to light our subconscious needs. As the moon represents our subconscious and the sun the illuminator, during a lunar eclipse the sun will illuminate our deepest seated desires and needs. Some may be emotional and some may be spiritual in nature. The lunar eclipse will bring to the surface our correlation to our spiritual life’s purpose. Are we in alignment with it? If we are not, this lunar eclipse will exhibit any spiritual imbalances.

It is likely that we may feel emotionally unbalanced. It is likely that old feelings and thoughts will be brought back to the surface. Some of these thoughts and feelings will be those which we believed that we already healed. Yet here they are again, needing attention. This time, however they are being brought to the surface so that they can be released one final time.

Notwithstanding, this celestial event is a very powerful one. Here is an opportunity for us (especially women) to find our inner voice. It is a time for us to learn to speak our truths. It is a time for us to gain personal empowerment as well as empower those who cannot speak for themselves. For those of us who do have a voice, may we speak for ourselves and on behalf of those who cannot with wisdom and kindness toward all beings. May we raise the vibration of the collective consciousness and send love to those who need it before all others- those who have lost their divine spark. May we remember that the perpetrators of harm are those who need our love and compassion the most.







In part one of this article, we discussed what a soul contract is. This article will outline steps to free yourself from your karma contracts so that you are able to live a more enlightened, harmonious life.

The truth is, there is no overnight process that will free you from your contract. These types of relationships can take a lot of hard work, self examination and fortitude. However, if this type of situation has come upon you, it is only because Spirit knows that you have the wherewithal to overcome it. Though it seems like a tall mountain to climb, you were born equipped to combat and win, as the Universe only gives us what we can handle.
When in the depths of a soul contract, it can seem like we are constantly fighting an uphill battle. We are so drawn into these depths that it can be difficult to see outside of them. The depths are so intense that we seemingly become them. The first thing we want to understand is that when we are in the throes of the rollercoaster, we are never alone. When it seems like nobody will understand what we are going through, we can remind ourselves that help from the spirit world is always available to us when we need it. All we need do is ask.

Our angels and spirit guides are unable to assist us unless we ask. This is because there are contractually bound to The Creator to steer clear of interfering in our karma. What does this mean? If they see us struggling, as much as they want to help, they have taken a sort of “oath” to The Creator in that they must leave us to work it out unless we ask them for help. Just as we are ethically unable to interfere with the karma of other humans, so are our angels and guides not to take it upon themselves to interfere with ours.
To ask for help from our angels and guides, the simplest method is to write a letter to our angels for help with this matter. By addressing a letter to “angels of mine” or “archangels Michael and Raphael” or to whichever angels you are most comfortable, you will be inviting them to assist in your healing. Upon invitation through letter, the body of the letter should begin with a heartfelt gratitude for their help followed by a prayer for help with whichever situation you are in. Lastly, you can add a second mention of thanks to your angels (they respond very well to the “gratitude” vibration) and then your signature. By utilizing this method of prayer, your angels will be clear on what and how you would like help.


1) Accepting responsibility for your part in the contract- To blame others for your soul contract is only hurting your progress. This contract is not only about how the other person has hurt you but also about your part in the relationship. Have you done anything to hurt this person? Have you delved into any previous lives where the roles may have been reversed? The nature of karma indicates that “what goes around comes around”. Thus, it is very possible that what you know that this person has done to hurt you, you may have done the very same thing or something similar in a previous life to attract the situation that bears healing. This is, however not always the case. Either way it is important to understand the role that you played in this contract ad accept responsibility for it.

2) Forgiving yourself for your part in the contract- Perhaps one of the hardest challenges in life is to learn to forgive yourself for any perceived wrongdoing. As challenging as it may be, self-forgiveness is an integral part of the healing process from a soul contract. And this challenging feat will likely take some time to work through, which is why it is vital that you are patient with yourself, and speak to yourself only in loving and positive ways. To ease the burdens of acceptance and forgiveness, studying the methods of energy work can go a tremendously long way. If you are unable to learn for yourself, finding a balanced energy work practitioner such as a Reiki Master to work with you can help you take leaps and bounds in healing.

3) Letting go- Letting go, once you are truly ready, is actually quite easy. Once you have done the work in acceptance and forgiveness, letting go will happen when you are truly ready. To aid in the finality of letting go of the deep seated emotions associated with the other members of the karma contract, you will want to find a professional healer who is well versed in the practice of cord-cutting. Most healers who have been practicing for at least a few years will be able to do this with you.

Remembering that we are only responsible for healing our part in the contract and nobody else’s is key. Once we remove our attachment to the outcome of the situation as well as our attachment to the other person/people involved, we can begin to focus on our own healing irrespective of them. We will work and work to climb the mountain until one bright day, we will wake up and be completely free, in our highest and greatest good.
SOULSTICE SPIRIT is currently creating a short series of workshops about karma contracts and other pertinent healing tools associated with understanding your life’s purpose. To learn more, email: jmorgan.soulstice@gmail.com or visit https://wordpress.com/page/soulsticespirithealing.wordpress.com/19 .





According to spiritualist, Buddhist and Hindu traditions, it is the goal of the spiritual soul to eliminate all of the karma we have incurred throughout this and all previous lifetimes. Karma is created through thoughts, feelings beliefs and actions. Much of our karmic debt stems from our relationships with others. Our karma can stem from romantic partnerships, unrequited love, parent-child relationships, sibling, neighbor, co-worker- pretty much any type of interpersonal relationship has the potential to create karma.

Karma, according to the above faiths, is considered neither positive nor negative- it just is. What causes karma is energy. This energy flows via the law of cause and effect. Though there are innumerable types of karmic relationships, perhaps the most challenging ones to battle are those of a lover or a close family member.

Those of us who have been confronted with relationship karma contracts are all too familiar with their gravity. And we never quite adjust to the rollercoaster that comes along with being invested in them.


As spiritual warriors, we are always being confronted with echoes of our past. These echoes may be relative to our current life however, they often extend beyond the lives we currently know all the way back to previous lives.  Though the circumstances, time periods and roles we played may have been different in these previous lives, one thing remains the same- the tumultuous nature of our relationships.

Karma contracts, also known as soul contracts, are contracts that are agreed upon before we incarnate onto Earth in this life. In keeping with the spiritualist philosophy that we choose the details of our lives before we incarnate in order to learn the lessons that our souls need to learn, soul contracts are written for the purpose of healing our karma with ourselves and the other individuals involved. One type of karma is the “carry over” of unresolved issues from a former life to the next. Karma (soul) contracts are covenants that we created along with The Creator and other pertinent souls before incarnation in this life. In this three-way agreement, it is “stated” that we will encounter the other souls involved in our next incarnation so that we are able to heal any unresolved issues we have created with them in previous lives. And, if the unresolved issues remain unresolved, we will incarnate in further lives until we heal our own aspect of the karma. We subject ourselves to reincarnating time and time again with the same person/people and living out the same karmic pattern.


Whereas some may believe that healing karma with others involves direct contact or discussion with said others, in fact it does not. It is unnecessary to heal our karma contracts with the others involved. Due to the idea that all souls are in different places on their individual soul path journeys, it is not always possible to find that the recipients of our soul contracts will be on a sympathetic wavelength to ours. This means that it’s likely that the other souls involved in our soul contract may not be ready to heal; or even be aware of what needs healing. Therefore, any attempt made to resolve the issues with the person directly could seriously impede our progress. And, depending on the nature of the relationship, may very well cause further karma to be created between the individuals involved. Because these other souls may not be I the same place as we are in terms of wanting to heal, we will likely spend many unnecessary tedious periods of time agonizing over these relationships. This can become quite taxing on our energies of body, mind and spirit. Further, spending this time agonizing over loved ones or circumstances will create more karma- just the opposite of our soul’s intention.

With the realization that we need not obtain closure from the others involved in the soul contract, we can free ourselves from the binding contracts. It is unnecessary for those of us who are aware that we are a part of the soul contract to share this information with the others involved. In fact, we probably shouldn’t. This healing of our karma contract is not about mending our relationships with others per se, it is about healing our role in said relationship. This is especially valid when others are not ready to heal. Working on self can be tremendously challenging and some may not yet be up to the challenge. That is their choice, and it is not our responsibility to change it. In fact, the sum and parts of our responsibility in this matter is to heal ourselves apart from anyone else involved.

The first step in healing from the contracts is to recognize when you’re in one. There are common symptoms and attributes of soul contract relationships. Common symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Feeling drained or sick after thinking about/being around someone
  • A feeling as if you’ve been punched in the gut when thinking about the person
  • Persistent nightmares or anxious dreams about the person
  • Continuously crying, depression or other stress-related illnesses stemming from interactions (including obsessive thoughts) about/with the person
  • Obsessive thoughts about the person
  • Soul-recognition- the first time you met the person, you feel like you’ve met them before without any rational explanation
  • That person exhibits any of the above symptoms toward you
  • Unfounded fear/jealousy surrounding the person
  • Physical, emotional or mental abuse from or toward the person



We can assuredly understand that by recognizing our parts in the contracts, forgiving ourselves for our parts in the contracts and healing our own parts of the contracts, we can begin to release ourselves from the patterns at hand. Tune in next week for part two of “How to heal yourself from soul contract relationships” for more information on techniques to heal yourself.

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As many would agree, knowledge is power. Most consumers and animal lovers are unaware of how they may be presently harming their best friends; their animal companions. Below are five very common causes of early stage illness that can easily be avoided in companion animals.

1)      Obesity- By far, one of the leading reasons for early stage animal illness is obesity. Sadly, many North Americans are unaware of how obesity affects themselves and their animal companions. Obesity in animals can cause; early stage heart failure, early stage kidney failure, early stage lethargy, constipation, diarrhea, respiratory illnesses associated with having to carry heavy weight around, among many, many others. The math is simple. Calories in, calories out. If you are feeding your animal friend more calories than he can burn in one day, he will gain weight. If you are feeding your animal adequate numbers of calories for how much exercise he gets, your animal should be a healthy weight. Selecting a food for your animal that has a list of primarily whole foods will aid her digestive system and contribute to overall optimal functionality of the body. This will help your animals maintain a healthy weight. And the strangest part is that most feel that good quality cat and dog food is expensive! Did you know that the highest quality food brands for cats and dogs are only middle of the road prices?

2)      Feed nutritious food- Believe it or not, healthy cat and dog food need not break your bank. The healthiest (most nutritious) brands of food in North America are middle of the road in price. The high priced foods are reserved for “vet recommended foods” that are geared towards a specific outcome for you animal friend. Some of these “prescription diets” include; weight loss, hairball control, dental hygiene or urinary bladder health to name a few. There is a law suit filed against the “big six” American dog and cat food companies for falsely using the word “prescription” as there is no such ingredient I the food that requires a prescription. To make matters far worse, in reading the ingredients listed on the labels of most of these foods (I have yet to read the others so cannot comment), consumers will not find even one whole food in the product. For example, one of these companies lists the following two as FIRST INGREDIENTS: Pork by –product, wheat gluten… and it goes on from there. These are not whole foods (to say the least) and can contribute to extremely poor health down the road. Because of the lack of nutrients in these foods, animals have been known to develop dandruff (excessively dry skin and coat), early stage kidney failure ( of course there is a “prescription diet” for that.. how convenient), certain types of cancers (from non- food items such as preservatives and GMO products), poor bowel health, and the list goes on. The lesson here is to research food labels! Animals alike to people require whole foods for optimal wellness.

3)      Keep hydrated- Most dog and cat parents are completely unaware of how easily dogs and cats can become dehydrated. For one, most often water alone will not adequately hydrate a companion animal. Humans will constantly argue that “my dog/cat drinks so much water, how can s/he possibly be dehydrated?” Though water can adequately hydrate a human, the same is not necessarily true for an animal. This is particularly true for those animals who consume processed foods. Though the animal is aware that water can quench his thirst, the animal is likely not aware that the water is not being retained in the body. This water will often go right through the body and be outputted in the urine. This means that there is no moisture retention occurring in the body whatsoever. Ideally here, our goal is to have the animal’s body retain some moisture to promote healthy skin and coat, healthy eyeballs ( no red-eye) and in the longer run, urinary bladder and kidney health. On the subject of kibble (dry food) and kidney failure- I always pose the following question to clients- “what would happen to your body if you only consumed dehydrated food every day?” When considered, they often give the correct response: my organs would become dehydrated. Exactly. When a cat or dog eats mostly dry food every day it can be quite taxing on the organs, especially the kidneys. This is because in order for the body’s gastrointestinal system to process the dehydrated food, the GI system must draw moisture from all of the body’s organs. The kidneys take the brunt of this. As you may have guessed, after prolonged periods of time in this state, the kidneys will in fact shut down. And depending on other factors in the animals’ life such as genetics stress, a poor immune system etc, this kidney failure can happen at a very early age. Instead of buying into the “early stage kidney failure prescription diet” garbage, there are several ways to prevent any of this organ failure from happening. a) Add consistent supplementary Omega’s 3 & 6. Akin to the human body, the companion animal body requires a healthy amount of Omega fatty acids to retain moisture in the skin, coat, eyes and other vital organs. Healthy sources of Omega fatty acids for animals include; coconut oil, Wild Salmon oil, other fish oils, flax seed oil with DHA (DHA makes the flax seed into a complete protein. Without the DHA, the flax oil is considered an incomplete protein and will be of lesser value to the animal’s system) among others. It is important that before you add any new supplement to your animal’s dietary regimen, that you consult your holistic veterinarian or other holistic animal care professional. b) Ensure that your animal is consuming whole foods- For those who live with cats, domesticated cats should be living on a mostly wet food diet. This wet food should be of high quality (not high price!), and should be bought at your local cat/dog food store- NOT at a human grocery store. Cats in particular are genetically linked to their desert-dwelling ancestors. These wild cats did not drink water as they lived in the desert. Their digestive systems developed to retain moisture through the meats and blood found in the prey animals they consumed. This is why it is especially important for felines to eat mainly wet food. Their bodies only retain a very limited amount of water. Cats and dogs alike will derive a healthy amount of moisture from wet food. Be sure that this wet food is composed of whole food ingredients such as “deboned chicken or chicken, turkey, salmon, duck, etc.” and NOT “protein source by-product”.

4)      Adequate exercise- Just like humans, companion animals require adequate exercise. Benefits of exercise include; healthy weight, healthy musculature, proper circulation of blood and other fluids, arthritis prevention, self-confidence, self-worth/purpose, cardiovascular health among others. I have seen FAR too many clients who do not understand the significance of exercising their animals. Some are too lazy to walk their dogs, thinking that it’s not of primary importance. Some feel that because their dog has a big yard to play in, they get enough exercise. Did you know that walking your dog is not just about the physical exercise but also about mental exercise? The smells and sights to a dog on a walk can be educational and inspirational. When dog people do not regularly walk their dogs, without a doubt, the dogs will develop depression. They will also often develop a lack of purpose feeling. Dogs are highly intelligent creatures. If they are not being consistently mentally and physically stimulated through varied outdoor exercise, they suffer greatly. Their mental health will suffer which will contribute to a rapid decline of physical health. Please walk your dogs. If you are unable to do so, hire someone who can.

5)      Age/species appropriate diets- Few people are aware of the fact that there are different formulas of food for different age groups of animals. For example, there is a major difference between kitten food, adult cat food and senior cat food. The main difference is the volume of protein and fat in the food. Because kittens are growing, they need extra proteins and fats to healthily build muscle, skin and organ tissues. Adult cats need about 10%-12% protein content in a can of food to maintain a healthy metabolism, body and brain. However, once a cat reaches approx. 11 years of age, the level of protein that his body needs decreases. As the organs age, they are unable to process as much protein. If the aging cat consumes the volume of protein of an adult (2-10 yrs) for a prolonged period of time, it will take its toll on the kidneys. This often induces early stage kidney failure.   Feeding species appropriate diets encourages optimal wellness. These diets are full of whole foods, often inclusive of raw food diets. Please be mindful that the raw food diet is not ideal for all animals. It is important not only to read ingredient lists but also to understand that the word “natural” on a food label does not mean that it is natural at all. In fact many processed foods claim that they are natural. This, by definition is untrue. Anything that is processed cannot be natural. This includes all brands of canned and dry food. This is not to say that all brands of canned and dry food are unhealthy for animals.  It is up to you, the caregivers of your animals to thoroughly research proper nutrition for your cat and dog friends.

These are just five of the main causes of early stage illness in companion animals that can be easily avoided. Through careful observation of your own habits, avid research and a little bit of common sense, we may be able to prolong our animal’s good quality of life, our animal’s life overall- and our time with our beloved family member.




2018 starts with an astrological bang! January 1st, 2018 marks the full moon in Cancer. This full moon is considered to be a “Supermoon” which means that it will appear larger than most moons in the night sky. This is because its proximity to our planet Earth is closer than most moons.

Since Cancer is ruled by the moon, this full moon promises to be charged with emotion. Cancer is a water sign which represents deep emotions, intuition and long lost memories. A feminine sign, Cancer nurtures those around her. The high tides of the moon in Cancer bring waves of sentimentality and nostalgia.

Empaths beware- because those around us will surely fall prey to the emotional peaks and troughs of this watery full moon, we will want to take extra caution. When we suddenly feel overcome with emotion inexplicably, we must always ask ourselves: are these feelings ours? We must be sure to take extra measures to protect ourselves at this time. We must make the time to ground and centre periodically throughout. We may even opt for short intervals of “time out” to rebalance if necessary.

Because of its opposition to gentle, feminine Venus, this planetary alignment has us contemplating the nature of how we express love in our partnerships. Recognizing these differences could allow us to rise above them and work together with our partners for a greater, stronger compassionate love. Though there is this potential, there is also the other side of this opposition which is that we will feel a stronger need for love and affection. It I important that we recognize this so that we do not lower ourselves to have these temporary needs met. Further, placing expectations on any relationship could lead to disappointment. It is important to acknowledge that we may be feeling extra sensitive with the moon in Cancer. This in tandem with Venus’ need to have us feel loved and cared for could have us in an emotional tailspin. While we may be feeling these temporary feelings, we may remind ourselves that this too shall pass.

When we examine the placement of the sun and moon during any given full moon, we are inclined to pay attention to the opposing energy of each. In this particular scenario, we are working with the moon in the watery, nurturing, feminine sign of Cancer versus the sun in grounded, authoritarian, masculine Capricorn. Capricorn is the hard working Earth sign, in need of structure and function. Cancer is the maternal caregiver, always healing. Though both Cancer and Capricorn heavily emphasize home and family life, there is a strong opposing energy between nurture versus nature. Our aim throughout this astrological phase is to find the balance between.

The placements of Neptune in Pisces and Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio have our intuition at an all time high. This alignment is sure to have us open ourselves up to the magic and wonder of the universe. The connectedness between all that is will become quite apparent to most, if even just for a short time. Let this be an inspiration to all of us to realize that every action, thought, feeling and belief we have as individuals affects all conscious beings. To streamline our consciousness to love, feel compassion for and empathize with all beings is to recognize that we are all one.




Aside from their beautiful appearances, crystals all have healing properties that resonate with us on our subtle levels.  The practice of crystal healing has been used as far back as the early days of Shamanism which dates back to nearly the dawn of the modern human.

Having been mined directly from the Earth, crystals are extremely powerful balancers of energy, as they embody the energies of Mother Earth that most of us have strayed from in our daily lives. Crystals can help to initiate calmness, meditative guidance, and grounding. They can help to manifest abundance, aid in lessening physical pain, and create a significantly stronger connection with the Divine Source energy.

As a crystal healer of animals, people, and nature, I have spent much time creating crystal healing grids, Reiki grids, and experimenting with different types of crystals in healing sessions for both animals and people. Of all of my sessions, and much research, I have compiled a list of my top 5 picks for crystals that every spiritual person should have in her or his home:

1)      ROSE QUARTZ: This pink stone is the most gentle of the stones. Its properties include: facilitation of self-love when love of self is lost, a gentle soft healing vibration for anyone who wishes to unwind after a long day, and is especially pertinent in any crystal healing sessions with animals. Animals truly love the Rose Quartz for its calm, gentle nature. This stone is best placed by your bedside, your animal’s bed and/or any meditation/yoga room. Rose Quartz resonates with the Heart Chakra.

2)      AMETHYST:  Resonating with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, this stone is a stone of psychic protection. By carrying an amethyst or keeping them around your home, you will be warding off negative energies and psychic attacks. This stone is excellent for meditative practice, and can have a calming effect after a stressful day. Using amethyst in combination with Lapis Lazuli will help your animals feel comfortable travelling through alternate planes of consciousness which is where they often love to go when they appear to be asleep. Amethyst goes well in a healing room such as a Reiki room or yoga room.

3)      CITRINE: Citrine is a wonderful stone for a few reasons; it is most commonly known to help manifest abundance in one’s life. To initiate this, you can place it in your office, on a business card, or in any place that has “abundance” type energy. Citrine is also beneficial to those who have digestive issues or a lack of willpower. As it resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, it facilitates healing with the chakra’s resonant energies.

4)      BLACK TOURMALINE: This stone has many beneficial qualities. Black Tourmaline, if worn as jewelry, carried in pocket, or left in any room of an office or house, can attract any negative or dark energies, suck them in and make them obsolete. The stone acts as a sort of black hole that does away with any energies that can be harmful to you and your environment. It is especially beneficial for those who face many people in one day or those who have many people visiting their homes. It is also beneficial for those who work on computer at home or n the office as it reduces electromagnetic energy from its surrounding area.

5)      CLEAR QUARTZ: Clear quartz is by far the most versatile crystal available. It is the primary conductor of energy in a crystal healing session, a crystal grid or Reiki grid. Clear quartz can be programmed by the user to suit the needs of the particular circumstance. For example, if a healer wishes to gift a quartz crystal to a sister who is feeling down, the healer is able to program the clear quartz to heal her sister with loving energy, When the healer’s sister receives the crystal, she is gifted with waves of love that have been stored in the crystal. Clear quartz is also wonderful for animals as it can be charged to treat each individual issue to of the animal such as separation anxiety, fear, aggression, digestive upsets, etc.  Clear quartz, in combination with other specific crystals, can form a crystal healing grid that exponentially increases the healing power of all crystals involved, as the quartz is a conductor and magnifier of energy.

Any veteran crystal collector knows the value of placing crystals around the home.  Whether you’re  a veteran or new to crystal healing, these top 5 choices will increase the positivity of your home!





There are a growing number of sensitive people in the world. We are becoming greater in numbers and deeper in sensitivity. As the vibration of our Mother Earth shifts so do we. We are becoming more sensitive to the desperation that humanity emits both on a global and interpersonal scale. Whether we are conscious of it or not, every person, animal and animate being is receptive to energy from the grandest scale of the world to the minute. It affects us subtly. It affects our ability to cope with what we see, read and hear. Due to the fear it invokes, it can also affect our ability to connect with others on a genuine level.

Many humans are living in a fear-based consciousness. This can lead to a lack of seeking truth from within and looking outside of our consciousnesses for external validation. When we neglect to seek our truths from within, we are creating an injustice for ourselves. We are also potentially creating a massive imbalance within. When we seek validation externally, we are relying on others to make us feel a certain way. This can be harmful for many, many reasons. One such reason is called energy matching.

Almost all of us who are sensitive to energy are likely constantly energy matching. In almost all of these scenarios, we are easily drained and exhausted by the end of it. Given that every person is composed of and emits a unique energy or vibration, we can ascertain that our energies are no different. Every person’s energy (vibration) is its own unique frequency. When we engage in conversation with another person; be it face to face, telephone or electronically, our inclination is to connect with their energy. Especially for those of us who are healers, teachers and nurturers, we will often do our best to empathize with those whom we converse.

Whereas this is a truly noble concept, we must be careful when we attempt to empathize. True, kindness and compassion are virtues. However kindness and compassion for self is of primary import. All of this is to say that when we set out to heal, to nurture, to empathize with those we know and those we love, we must recognize the human desire to relate to others by conversing with them at their vibration. Too often their vibration is lesser healthy than ours. It is our nature to relate to them on their level, thereby lowering our vibration instead of attempting to bring theirs up to ours. In doing so, we forsake our own inner balance for the sole purpose of relating to them. Needless to say, by forsaking our inner balance we run the risk of utter depletion.

When, for example, we are in conversation with another who is more easily excitable than we, surely we notice that our energy becomes more excited. When we converse with one who is defensive toward us, we may find that we react defensively even if defensiveness is not our natural state. We may find that as peaceful souls, when we converse with one who is depressed or angry, that we become drained by attempts to feed into their low vibration behaviour by “talking them through”. Of course, this is not to say that those who are having these lower vibration experiences are bad or wrong. It would be impossible to suggest that every human whom we know should live a life full of only positive experiences. What it does say, however, is that when we engage in conversation and activity with those in the above vibrations, the reason we feel drained and exhausted afterward is because while we are with them, we are unconsciously energy matching them.

Energy matching is the term used to explain when an empath engages in activity with another person at a different vibration. Particularly for healers, when we take on clients and friends who are undergoing healing crises we will find that in order to share our wisdom that we will want to empathize with their experiences. Even when our friends and family are working through life’s challenges, we will find that our initial inclination is to help them by tapping into their energies to feel what they are going through. We will often put ourselves in their shoes to do so. After all, it has become our second nature. And as far as we have experienced, this type of empathy allows us to share our wisdom for their individual situation. The danger here is that when we lower our vibrations to meet theirs, we abandon ourselves in the process. Further, any wisdom we attempt to share from a state of self-abandonment would be unsound. In the period of time following the interaction, we will find ourselves completely unbalanced. Often, it can take hours or days to reacquaint with our natural vibrations.

As empaths, it is crucial that we learn to protect our often fragile vibrations. It is impractical to suggest that we do not ever engage in communication with those on lower vibrations. In fact in today’s society it is almost impossible. Whereas many of us at times wish we could just go live alone, away from all humans, we must remember that we are here on Earth to make peace with the human experience. This requires us to make peace with other humans, despite how they may make us feel in certain situations.

There are several effective techniques we can practice so as to avoid feeling drained after communicating with those on lower vibrations. The first is to ensure that we are grounded and centred throughout any communication. By energetically anchoring ourselves, we will have an easier time staying rooted to the Earth in the throes of any attempt to energy match. We will find, too, that by remaining grounded throughout the conversation, that the person with whom we are communicating will be more inclined to meet us at our vibration as opposed to our meeting them at theirs. Grounding is an integral part of maintaining inner balance at all times.

Second, it is important to remind ourselves that we are prone to energy matching. Though it may sound too simple, this practice can help us to avoid being swept away in other people’s energies. When we are conversing with one who is at a lower vibration, or at an erratic or irrational vibration, we can take note of when we begin to feel like we are shifting away from our anchored state. When we feel this shift, we can consciously take a “step back” and reground. This process may include breathing exercises, positive self-talk or meditation.

Lastly, it is of key magnitude that we always ask our angels for protection. Whether we intimately know the person with whom we are speaking or whether the person is newer in our lives, asking for protection of our energies from our angels can mean the difference between extreme depletion and inner peace. Remember that our angels are unable to assist us with anything until we invoke their help. Our angels live by the same law of karma that states that we are not entitled to violate another’s free will. This means that even though our angels may see us struggling, they are not entitled to intervene unless we ask for their help. It is their “job” to help us, and they want us to know that they are here to help at any time. All we have to do is ask. And in this case, for the sake of our health, it is imperative that we do ask for protection every single day.

Energy matching is a part of the human experience. The more sensitive we are, the more likely we are to be affected by it. The more energy work we do with others, the more prone we become to depletion and exhaustion. And though our goal is often to assist others on their self-healing path, their wellness is ultimately not our responsibility. To detach from their challenges at the end of the session or talk is always a must. When we become too connected to their challenges, we take on their karma. When we remain in their vibration, we begin to attract lower-vibration experiences. We must always remember to let go of that which does not serve our highest and greatest good. By engaging in releasing their energy, remaining grounded in our approach and grateful for our on vibrations, we are sure to avoid the side effects of energy matching.

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