Those of us who are privileged to live with canine companions find that they are a continuous source of compassion and joy. They make us laugh uncontrollably and of course, they remind us of the true nature of loyalty. Generally, those of us who care deeply for our canine friends will share a bond whereby we understand most of their behaviour. However, try as we might, there may be a few common behaviours we have yet to understand. Below are five very common behaviours that most dogs engage in and why they might be doing so:


Dogs eat non-food items for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are behavioural and some are health-related. It is important to rule out al health-related reasons for non-food item consumption before proceeding to any potential behavioural issues. The name of the disease by which dogs (and cats and people) eat non-food items is called pica. Animals acquire the desire for pica for one main health reason; malnourishment. When animals are not fed balanced meals, they will always feel hungry. If they are eating mainly processed foods such as dog foods bought from human grocery stores, they are likely not receiving the complete set of nutrients that their bodies require to feel full and healthy. If dogs are fed “people food”, they may believe that it is acceptable to eat other items than their specific food. If dogs are not fed often enough or are fed smaller than healthy portions, they may hunger and eat anything they can find to feel fuller. This can often include other animals’ waste in the yard or litter box. For more information on why dogs will eat animal waste, please see the following article: https://soulsticespirit.com/2017/10/15/why-does-my-dog-eat-poop/ . Do not be fooled. If your dog is eating non food items you might think it’s because you may be feeding him portions too small. But before you go and double his portions, make sure you cover all of your bases. Your dog is likely eating non food items because he is hungry, yes. However, that does not mean that he will feel fuller by eating larger portions of the food you are feeding him. BE SURE to read the ingredients of the food you are feeding. The portion size you’re feeding may very well be enough but the food itself is not a sufficient source of nutrition for your dog to feel full. Be sure to research what an adequate amount of protein is for your dog, where the food was sourced as well as any additives that were combined with the food during processing to make the bag or can feel fuller. (Hint: no dog should be eating corn gluten, chicken flavoring, rice flour or brewers rice).


Dogs will howl in your empty home for one of three main reasons. The first of the three reasons is that they miss you. Many people confuse all types of dog howling in an empty home for separation anxiety. Though this can be the case it is not always. The latter two reasons why dogs howl in empty homes are more often the case. Dogs will howl most often due to boredom. If your dog has a very sharp mind and is highly intelligent, long walks alone may not sate their energy. This is because intelligent dogs need mental as well as physical stimulation. Just like for humans, if a dog’s mind has little stimulation, the dog will become quite frustrated. Many dogs will then begin to boredom howl. Thankfully, there are several options to appease boredom howling dogs. Two of which are the following: try a doggie daycare. For dogs who are easily bored while you’re at work all day, a doggie daycare can provide up to 8 hours of healthy physical and mental stimulation for your dog. Dogs learn to socialize well and to respond well to humans. At good daycares, dogs are thoroughly exercised both physically and mentally. Be foretold that it is imperative to do your research before you select a daycare for your dog. Be sure to thoroughly interview the daycare owners and staff as well as seek out testimonials to see if that establishment is right for you and your dog. The second way to approach boredom-related howling is to hire a dog walker. Remember that a dog’s walk is not only for physical exercise but also for mental stimulation. Dogs integrate high volumes of information through their olfactory senses. The computation of the olfactory sensation allows for adequate mental stimulation. By hiring an experienced dog walker to walk your dog, you will be allowing your dog to learn and grow. The final reason why a dog will howl when you are not home is due to physical pain. Dogs are often reluctant to show signs and symptoms of physical pain. However, howling can also be attributed to it. Be sure to rule out any potential physical pain associated with howling before approaching other angles.


Many puppies who were weaned too early from their mothers have improperly developed digestive systems. This is because when they were weaned, they did not integrate adequate nutrients to develop healthy bodies. They became malnourished at such a young age that their stomachs did not develop along with proper enzymes, nor did their intestines develop adequate proboitic flora. Over time, this lack of body regulating organisms can create a major imbalance in the digestive organs. If a GI system lacks appropriate digestive enzymes, this means that certain foods may be difficult for the puppy to break down in the stomach. Additionally, with an imbalance in the intestinal flora, the puppy could take issue with absorbing nutrients into the body and run the risk of flushing all of the food out in loose stools. This could negate any nutrient absorption into the body and create nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Additionally, if puppies are not weaned early but have a malnourished mother herself, the puppies run a serious risk of not obtaining sufficient nutrients from their mother. The results would be similar in terms of improper bodily development. There is a very distinct difference between digestive enzymes and probiotics. For more information about the two, please read the following article:
https://soulsticespirit.com/2017/08/13/enzymes-or-probiotics-which-one-is-best-for-my-animal/ . Other than malnutrition, poor quality food can affect dogs who were weaned properly and had healthy mother’s milk. Chronic diarrhea and/or constipation are likely a result of a poor diet. Just as for humans with sensitive tummies, dogs may not be able to digest many types of processed foods. Researching species appropriate diets is the best way to gain ample knowledge of what is the best food source for your dog. Do not be fooled by marketing schemes, advertising or false information from trained professionals. Do your own research.


Dogs lick humans for a variety of reasons. Though we would all like to believe that it’s because licking is their way of kissing us and showing their love, often it is a behaviour that is more serious. In modern day urban environments, most dogs are fed nutrient poor foods. Unless you are feeding your dog a raw food diet or cooking his/her meals yourself, your dog is eating highly processed foods. One such example is a kibble-based diet. Kibble, or “crunchies”, is a form of processed, dehydrated food. If you were to attempt to subsist on dehydrated food, what would happen to your vital organs? They would become dehydrated! This is exactly what happens to the vital organs of your canine friend; especially his kidneys. His kidneys must work extra hard to produce enough moisture to process the dehydrated kibble through the body. Because of all of this hard work, the kidneys and the rest of the vital organs become depleted of moisture, resulting in dehydration. How does this pertain to licking? By licking, your dog may be trying to tell you that s/he is thirsty. Be mindful that water is often not an adequate source of moisture for the body, particularly if the dog is only eating kibble. In a kibble based diet, water does not always get absorbed into the body and it passes right through the urine. By adding additional sources of omegas 3 & 6, you will be assisting your dog’s body in regulating the water system. Secondly, a dog may lick a person due to having been weaned too early from his/her mother. When a dog is weaned too early, s/he develops an oral fixation and will subconsciously try to re-establish a bond through licking. While this may seem cute at first, it may gradually become increasingly problematic as the dog ages. This, as with all other compulsive behaviours, must be healed. Through obedience training, the dog will learn that compulsively licking his/her person is not acceptable behaviour. This will allow for a healthier mental state for your dog.


Sadly in today’s society, most consumers are unaware of what they are feeding their animals. Most consumers do not read labels and do not research any labels they do read. The result of this is nutrient-poor diets for dogs. Believe it or not, obesity can often be a result of malnutrition. This malnutrition can occur through overeating or it can occur from eating regular amounts of nutrient poor processed foods. When dogs (and people!) consume nutrient-poor foods, their bodies are unable to function optimally. These poor quality foods are often chalked full of inflammatory preservatives and other non-food ingredients. It is common, in overweight dogs who are fed processed foods, to find inflammatory issues such as arthritis and other painful bodily conditions. Most overweight dogs are like people. We must compare the caloric intake of a dog to the caloric output (exercise). Just as for people, if a dog is consuming more calories than he is burning, he will gain weight. It is that simple. If your dog is gaining weight and does not have a pre-existing medical condition, he/she needs more exercise. If you are unable to do this yourself, hire someone who can. Infinite studies have shown that obesity is one of the leading causes of death of companion animals. Obesity leads to arthritis, early stage kidney failure, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, respiratory disease, depression and more. If you had the power to prevent some or all of these health issues for your animal wouldn’t you?






On Saturday, August 11 at 4:59 am central time, we are blessed to experience yet another celestial event in this year’s series of eclipses. Though invisible in the early morning sky from central Canada and the US the eclipse’s effect can be felt throughout several days preceding and succeeding.

New moons are all about new beginnings. At it is believed in many spiritual practices, the start of each lunar cycle represents a new opportunity to begin again; to begin to plant the seeds for a new cycle of manifestation. This is to say that under the rule of each new moon, we may take the time to create a new list of intentions for ourselves. This list of intentions is a written list of aspects of life which, as positive, loving beings, we deserve.  As the moon waxes (grows bigger) from its new moon to full in the sky, as do our intentions. For more information on how to properly write your list of desired intentions, see: https://soulsticespirit.com/2018/04/22/create-your-dream-life-in-four-solid-steps/. New moons are a beautiful time to meditate on our hearts desires, to plant the seeds of intention and to fully release our faith to the Divine.

With both the sun and moon in the fiery sign of Leo, we can examine just exactly how to let go of our intentions. Generally speaking, Leo’s are very alpha, take-charge personalities. We often tend to want to control and micromanage all aspects of our lives as we feel that we are the best people for the job. Leo’s are self-motivated, independent workers. This aspect of the Leo personality can make “releasing attachment to outcome” or “letting go” often challenging.  Because manifesting our life’s desires is a tandem covenant between us and The Divine Source Consciousness, we must release attachment to our intentions once they have been created. This way, we will are allowing The Divine Source Consciousness to do their part in helping us to create the life we desire; the life we deserve. We are unable to fulfill our lists of intentions without the Divine Source, just as the Divine Source is unable to create our intentions for us without our laying the ground work. There are always “behind the scenes” events that take place within the Divine to help to fulfill our desired intentions. In order to see our desires come to fruition, it is crucial that we relinquish control. Often, this lack of control can lead to a power struggle within us and with those around us. During this new moon, we may find ourselves struggling to find balance between having empowered self confidence and needing to have control over all aspects of our lives.

Given that the sun represents our conscious mind and the moon our subconscious, the eclipse of the two aspects has the potential to cause both joy and aggravation. Due to the self-motivated nature of Leo, this planetary alignment has the power to allow us to head full-force into any projects we are currently undertaking. This motivated energy allows us, if we are not already knee deep in a project, to fully focus on any aspect of our lives that we wish to improve or to altogether change. This planetary influence will allow us the confidence and courage to go about revolutionizing our lives and the way we view ourselves.

Finding the balance between confidence and control will be this new moon/solar eclipse challenge. In addition to the positivity of self-motivation that Leo incurs, he also personifies his hot-headed, impatient and sometimes irrational energy. Without proper outlet, these energies have the potential to quickly bubble and fester within us, easily bringing us to a boil. It is imperative that should we begin to feel influenced by this aspect of the Leo nature, that we find healthy outlets for these rapid and intense energies. Exercise, nature-gazing or even engaging in laughter are wonderful ways to temper the Leo fire.

Especially with Mercury still in retrograde, we may struggle with finding the balance between confidence and control. Mercury correlates to efficient communication. While in retrograde, it often brings a halt to many important communicative efforts. Our challenge during this particular retrograde with sun and moon in Leo is to practice the discipline of patience. It will benefit us to, though we will be inclined to proceed though our tasks speedily, take our time to ensure that all of the details of our communications are in order before we are through with them. Leo’s, being the ever-dominant fire sign, often lack the methodical approach necessary for effective task completion. This quality can have all those in a leadership or creative role doubling back to redo our work if we are not meticulous the first time, thanks to Mercury’s retrograde.

Particularly influenced by these solar eclipse energies are those with a sun or moon sign in Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. These are the three fire signs of the zodiac. These three signs will likely experience the highest level of physical energy and will want to find an adequate outlet. Should we, as fire signs choose to bask in the energy of the fire-cloaked sun and moon, we may find ourselves easily irritable and quick tempered. There is no need to fear, however as this mid-summer alignment will provide us with many enjoyable outdoor activities to enjoy!




Many of us who are caretakers of companion animals are well versed in understanding the behaviours of our animal family members. We are cognizant of when they are hungry, when they need to go out and even when they want cuddles. Some of us are conscious of the acute sensitivities of our animal companions such as loud noise, potent smell and how our home environments affect our animal friends’ well-being. Even fewer of us are aware that every action, thought, feeling and belief affects our animal friends on very subtle levels. As these fewer of us are aware, if left untreated, these external factors can create blockages within an animal’s energy field and eventually become manifest as illness in an animal’s physical body. Aside from environmental factors that can affect an animal’s health, there are often physical symptoms which animals exhibit that go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Within the ideology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a concept called observation. The concept, in a nutshell, suggests that we observe our animals while they are healthy so that we are able to spot the first sign of a downward shift. This is to say that when we first adopt an animal, after the animal has been given a clean bill of health, it is crucial to take note of how the animal appears and behaves. This way, when there is even a minute shift in the animal’s appearance or behaviour, we will be made aware of it immediately. Suffice it to say that upon this immediate awareness, we will take the animal to our holistic veterinarian. By doing so early enough, more often than not, we can prevent many traumatic experiences for our animal friends and ourselves. We may even be able to save their lives.

Among many, there are 6 common signs to watch for in our cats, dogs and other companion animals. It is paramount to observe these 6 aspects of our animals’ bodies regularly. This observation is best begun after the animal has received a clean bill of health and should be carried out weekly for the duration of the animal’s time with us. Listed below are 6 of the signs to keep watch for:

1.       EYES- An animal’s eyes are a prominent feature when it comes to gauging an animal’s health. The eyes speak volumes about the health of the inner organs. For example, if an animal who normally has the whites of her eyes as solid white, the first sign of bloodshot eye-whites is a sign that one or more inner organs is off balance. Or, if an animal’s normal state is to have slightly bloodshot eyes, very red eyes or purple eye-whites may be a symptom of an inner organ issue. It is our job as caretakers of the animal to understand her normal state and what is off balance. Eye white-colour correlates to several internal organs. Thus, if the eyes are off, it is more than likely that so is an inner organ. By recognizing this at an early stage, we are likely to be able to salvage the balance of the organ through holistic or homeopathic care.

2.       EARS- Just as the eyes represent inner organ health, so do the ears. When the ears of our animals are healthy, they will contain just enough moisture to regulate the inner workings of the ear. However, when we find ear infections, dark gunk in the ears, hair loss in the ear area, excessive moisture or excessive dryness in the ears, we can be sure that these symptoms are a reflection of an inner organ imbalance. We must note what our animal’s ears look and smell like in a healthy state so that we are able to note the very first sign of imbalance.

3.       TONGUE- In their natural state, different animals are born with different tongue colours. Different breeds of dog or cat also differ in tongue colour. It is important to take note of what colour and texture our animal friends’ tongues are so that at the first sign of imbalance we will be made aware. Within the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are several areas on the tongue that correspond to different inner organs. If one area of the tongue is swollen, discoloured or in pain, there is a good possibility that the corresponding inner organ is off balance. In addition to the tongue-organ map, we must also document our animal companion’s natural saliva colour, texture and tongue coating. While this may be challenging to gauge, their saliva is a crucial sign of inner organ health. To exemplify, let’s say our dog or cat usually has clear saliva and a clear tongue coating. One day we wake up to find that their saliva is slightly yellow and the coating on their tongue has a purplish tinge. This, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a clear indication that the liver needs immediate attention from an animal care professional. While this may seem to be straightforward, it is not so much. Some breeds of dog have naturally purple tongues. This is where observation can become tricky. If we did not know that our dog has a naturally purple tongue and we read the above statement ‘purple tongue is likely a reflection of a damaged liver’, we may become frightened and worried without reason. This and many other reasons are why it’s important to get to know our animal friends’ natural, healthy states.

4.       COAT/SKIN- As many of us are aware, the coat and skin of an animal is a direct reflection of an animal’s digestive health. If an animal is not receiving adequate nutrition from her/his food, the skin and coat will suffer. Unfortunately, many cat and dog food brands that are recommended by medical professionals are completely devoid of nutrients and cause severe malnourishment in animals. It is imperative that we all read every ingredient list of every food we are considering to feed our animals. It is imperative that we do not blindly trust medical professionals just because they tell us to. If we are the caretakers of animals with dry skin and coat, the very first thing we must to do is to look at what our animals are eating. If they have been eating a nutrient-poor food for a substantial length of time, we may only notice symptoms of malnourishment once it’s too late and the organs have begun to fail. By taking note of what our animals’ skin and coat look like when they are in their healthiest state, we will be able to ascertain the first signs of poor digestive health should their coats and skin become coarse and dry. Or, in certain cases of organ imbalance or early stage failure, an animal’s coat and skin can become oily or greasy. If an animal has accidentally ingested poison, the coat will appear greasy as well. Noting a healthy skin and coat can make all of the difference in the world in terms of keeping their inner organs balanced and toxicity free.

5.       GAIT- An animal’s gait (posture and way they walk) is a tell tale sign of bodily health. A with humans, through the central nervous system, the spine is connected to all major inner organs. Should we notice our animals suddenly walking ‘funny’ or straining to stand up or sit down, we may want to consider that their spinal health may be influencing the stability of an inner organ. Additionally, if we find that an animal is favouring a certain side when she walks or runs, we can be sure that this is a reflection of her spinal health as all aspects of an animal’s skeletal system are interconnected. Perhaps more commonly, should we notice early enough that our cat or dog is limping, we will likely be able to treat the issue long before it becomes a matter of surgery.
By noticing how our animals walk while they are healthy, we will be able to notice the first sign of a skeletal imbalance. Should we find the imbalance when it first occurs, we will most assuredly prevent traumatic surgery for our animal companions.

6.       ELIMINATION PATTERNS- By far and away the most significant indication of an animal’s health is his elimination patterns. The elimination of an animal is directly connected to his digestive system. If an animal is not ingesting adequate nutrients, he will have poor elimination habits such as constipation, diarrhea or a combination of both. Consistent bowel movements are a sign of proper inner organ health. Nutrient poor food often also leads to bladder crystals, UTI’s and early organ failure. It is critical to research species appropriate diets for every animal in our care. Animals should not be consuming corn gluten, pork by-product, tri-glycerides, hydrogenated vegetable oils, chicken flavouring or any other non-food ingredients that are commonly listed in ‘prescription diets’. ANIMALS NEED WHOLE FOODS to encourage longevity and a healthy quality of life.
By noting what an animal’s elimination habits are while they are healthy, we will be able to discern if what we are feeding them agrees with their bodies. Should we choose to feed processed foods, we will be able to recognize how our animals’ bodies process these foods by how they eliminate their waste. Dogs and cats should never have prolonged diarrhea or constipation. If they do, their bodies are clearly unable to process what they are eating. If they do, it’s time to change their diet to a whole-food based diet. To learn more about species appropriate diets, see your local holistic veterinarian.

The above six aspects of health are just a few of the many notable signs that we can find to observe the health of our animal friends. These six aspects are six symptoms of inner organ health. This means that alone, each symptom is not its own health concern but it is correlated to deeper issue of imbalance within the body. Should we seek care from a medical doctor, she will likely solely address the symptoms of the issue and not the root cause. Should we seek care from a holistic doctor, she is trained to address the root of the issue and not the symptoms. Should we choose to treat the symptoms alone without treating the root cause, the symptoms are likely to return. However, should successfully treat the root itself, neither the root nor the symptoms will recur. For more information on how seeking holistic care can save your animal’s life:    https://soulsticespirit.com/2017/03/19/thinking-of-going-holistic-how-to-prolong-and-improve-your-animals-quality-of-life/.

Making ourselves aware of how our animals look and behave while they are healthy can allow our animals to stay healthy. To reiterate, understanding our animals while they are healthy allows us to spot the very first shift in health. Treating the beginning stages of this shift, more often than not, can mean the difference between life and death for our animal family members. Just as it is their role to take care of us as best they can, it is ours to do the same for them. Let us honour their bodies by regularly ensuring that they are balanced; inside and out.







“In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge were with the animals, for Tirawa, the One Above, did not speak directly to man. He sent certain animals to tell men that he showed himself through the beast, and that from them, and from the stars and the sun and moon should man learn.. all things tell of Tirawa”. –Eagle Chief (Letakos-Lesa) Pawnee 


At the time of the ancients, animals were not called animals, but creatures or beasts. Creatures were considered equals, in unity with all other living beings. Animals, birds, rocks, lakes, trees, insects and reptiles were all part of a Divine oneness shared with humans. They were treated with the highest respect and consideration. There was a great harmony between all beings on land, in sea and in flight.

Somewhere along the lines, between the wisdom of the ancients and the times of modern day, the connection between human animals and all other species was severed. Somewhere along the lines, animals were named subordinate; inferior. Perhaps it was because of their differing ability to communicate than humans. Perhaps it was because their compassion was so strong that humans saw them as “weaker”. Perhaps it was because humans began to see animals as commodities.

It is possible that humans began to separate themselves from all other species due to the creation of the spoken word. As a result of the human ability to understand a wide range of letters, sounds and words, perhaps humans began to surmise that they were better or more significant than the beings who had a different but equally valid form of self-expression. It is because of this arrogance that there is the human belief that all species are not of equal right to live out their natural lives in harmony with nature. This is a devastating misconception. It is the cause of so much suffering and destruction of animal kind and nature.

Is it not true that for centuries, at various times throughout history, different races, religions, genders and sexual orientations were considered subordinate and of lesser importance than others? Now we know better; that they are all equal. When we truly examine the nature of this concept, it is also true currently for all nonhuman species on Earth. We ALL have a right to be here, to live freely. We are ALL one, from the same Source creation, of the same origin, to the same end. The idea that one species is more important, more intelligent or lesser evolved is inaccurate and harmful.

In fact, animals are entirely Divine beings. They have come here to be our teachers, mentors and guides along our spiritual paths. What’s more is that they are beings of such depth of compassion and empathy that they are fully conscious of the errors of human ways. They are fully conscious of the fact that most humans consider them to be inferior. And they forgive us. They are conscious of the fact that they have incarnated to live alongside our fallible human species just to be misunderstood, poorly nourished, abandoned and abused-just so that humans can learn.

As our teachers, animals silently show us the nature of unconditional love. They show us how to love in a world so devoid of it. They are the bringers of joy, laughter and wonder. And just as our ancestors did, it is our job to respect, care for and nurture them in return.

As our teachers, animals allow us to understand the concepts of living in the moment, free of attachment to material things. Their concept of time is far more in alignment with The Divine than that of most humans. They do not live by a clock as humans have become accustomed to, but rather in response to the rhythms of their bodies, environments and nature.

When we become one with the soul of an animal, the universality of all of life becomes clear. When we become one with the soul of an animal, we experience true beauty; Divine beauty, a oneness of consciousness shared by all living beings.


Your animal friends have chosen to be your companions. They have seen your soul struggle life after life and want to help you heal. They, along with humankind and Mother Earth are spiritually evolving. It is their dharma to teach us what we need to learn in each life in order to progress along our paths to enlightenment. Our animal friends are fully Divine beings. Though they, too have their own karma from life to life, they incarnate in part to remind us of where we came from; the Divine consciousness.

Your animal friends chose you before they incarnated. It is no accident that you were at the right place at the right time to adopt your new family member. Your animal friend’s soul incarnated into whichever animal form you were drawn to, knowing that you would meet in this life and be together for however long you both needed to learn what you needed to learn from each other.

Our animal friends also learn from us. They learn about the human experience. They learn how to rely on us for everything- food, shelter, warmth and love. They learn how to trust and sometimes what it feels like to have trust broken. As they have their own karma, they also choose to learn from us these traits and abide by Earthly vibrations such as fear, sadness and shame.

Even our animal friends who are with us for a very short time have come into our lives to fulfill a specific purpose. They may have come to help us through a momentary grievance. They may stay with us until we beat an addiction, overcome an illness or other personal trauma and then be taken from us more quickly than we’d ever imagine. They may come into our lives to teach us why we need to keep the gate locked in order to pave the way for our next animal companion’s safety- they are that compassionate. They embody an unending supply of love that is at times unfathomable to the human mind.

Our animal friends have a purpose on Earth just as we do.

Animals are fully conscious, sentient beings and should be treated with nothing but respect and equality. Though they may not be able to “speak” our native language, they are completely capable of communicating with us in the language that is most familiar to every living being at their time of creation: love.





Friday, July 27th marks this year’s full moon in Aquarius. This full moon is accompanied by a total lunar eclipse. This eclipse is visible from Europe, Asia, Africa and Antarctica. Though this eclipse will not be visible from North America, its effects will still be greatly felt.

As with all eclipses, there is a strong pull to find balance. This eclipse is no different. With the sun in the passionate, fiery sign of Leo and the moon in the detached, unemotional sign of Aquarius, we will find ourselves attempting to seek balance between the two relative to consequence. We are all aware that all actions have consequences. This eclipse is the time during which, if we are reactive personalities, we will be inspired to think before we react. Conversely, if we are prone to live too much in our heads without taking action to empower ourselves, we will be inspired to speak up on our own behalf! To find this balance between action and reaction is a discipline not taken lightly. However, this lunar event will surely prompt us to do so in a healthy and positive way.

Throughout this 48 hour lunar event, we may tend to gravitate towards the Leo persona; allowing our reactive energy to overtake our rational thoughts and behaviours. Because the Leo energy is rooted in action, we are subject to its hot-headed thoughtlessness. With respect to understanding consequences to our actions, it may help to ground in the emotionally detached moon sign of Aquarius. Aquarians, alike to Leo’s, do feel very deeply and intensely. However, Aquarians have an innate ability to practice restraint when it comes to reacting to external circumstances. They have the inherent aptitude to recognize that all external influences are just that: external. Though they may be a reflection of what we are attracting, Aquarians understand that any external circumstances wield no power over us unless we let them. Practicing this detachment is the ideal lesson for any Leo-hearted personality.

Yet just as the Aquarian nature is to detach from emotions and experience, they, too have much to learn about the Leo way. Should we choose to live a life free of emotion, we are not allowing ourselves to feel. Feeling our feelings is part of an honest and true path to self healing. Feeling our feelings is gravely a part of the human experience. So much so that should we choose to proceed through life without feeling, we would be doing ourselves a disservice. Rooted in feeling are empathy, compassion and unconditional love. These feelings are the foundation of existence. Without allowing ourselves to feel the depths of emotion, we would be unable to heal these depths in order to achieve resonation with unconditional love. This is how the fully detached Aquarian mind can learn from the Leo heart.


Within the astrological framework, there are three ‘modes’; fixed, mutable and cardinal. Both Leo and Aquarius are ‘fixed’ which means they thrive on consistency and stability. As with all full moons (and eclipses) we are encouraged to shake off all old belief systems. For the duration of this 48 hour full moon/eclipse period, particularly if we are Leo’s or Aquarians, we may find that we are battling our stubborn ego. As fixed signs, we are often protected by our stubborn nature, unwilling to venture out of our comfort zones. Now is the time that we must take a leap of faith and believe that there is a higher path outside of our current comfort. And, as with all full moons and eclipses, if we choose to stand on the sidelines instead of taking spiritual warrior action to do so on our own terms, we may find that we are thrust into action  without proper warning. This is a choice that each of us can make. Either way we go, we will find ourselves within this celestial event, battling our ego to shake down old beliefs and negative thoughts that inhibit our spiritual evolution.

Adding fuel to the Leo fire, this lunar event is brought to us in concert with Mercury retrograde. For more information on Mercury retrograde: https://soulsticespirit.com/2017/04/09/mercury-retrograde-what-does-it-mean/. Because of this Mercurian influence, we may find regular tasks to be excessively challenging. With respect to our deep desire to release that which no longer serves us, we may find that the final release of our old ways may take extra effort. Mercury retrograde suggests that we take time to go within and reflect on our current imbalances and how to bring them back to order. Thus, while the lunar events of this 48 hour period will want to have us swiftly releasing old behaviours and thoughts, we may find it more productive to take a more methodical angle to our release. We will, in the name of finality, want to rid ourselves of that which holds us back. To do so, we will find that approaching our challenges from a more grounded perspective will help us to let go once and for all.

With all of the planets in this alignment moving forward and backward, we may find that we become scattered and easily frustrated. Some planets are working ‘against’ our personal progress (Mercury, Mars, Uranus) while some planets have our back (Saturn, Venus, Jupiter). This has the potential to feel like a chaotic experience. Our sun is in Leo and our moon in Aquarius. The combination of fire and air can create a very smoky time, rendering us struggling to ‘see’. Many of us will undergo a deep-seated need for grounding during this time. It is crucial for every one of us to make time to go out into nature, plant our bodies onto the land and connect our root with that of our blessed Mother Earth. Because of the flighty, ungrounded disposition of this 48 hour period, our Mother Earth embodies the beauty and wisdom to bring us back to balance. While we are interconnecting with her and all of Divine Consciousness, let us remember to exemplify a vibration of boundless gratitude, as gratitude is among one of the highest human vibrations. This vibration will allow us to invoke our highest and greatest potential!






As we covered in Pt 1 of this series,
the ego and karma go hand in hand. The ego will fight us every step of the way on our spiritual journey until we learn to work with it instead of against it. By working with our ego to recognize where we are out of alignment, we can rewire our thought patterns into healthy harmony.

The vibration of the Earth is shifting. Along with the potential spiritual turbulence this may incur, we are, in kind, being confronted with our own shift in consciousness. It is now more important than ever to identify and release our individual unhealthy patterns. Should we choose to stand still where we are currently without moving forward, The Divine Consciousness will take it upon itself to push us forward; leaving us without a say in the matter. When The Divine Consciousness pushes us forward, the experience can be far more overwhelming than when we choose to do so of our own free will. When we are faced with our shadow sides, fears and ego, we have a choice. We can become spiritual warriors and face these fears on our own terms. If we choose to stand idly by, the Divine will throw us into the fire before we ever feel ready to face our fears. The choice is ours.
Here are 7 steps we can take to heal our relationships with ourselves, each other and The Creator:

1. MAKE A COMMITMENT- One of the most important parts of healing ourselves on our journey is to commit to it. Commitment helps us to stay accountable for our actions. By committing to ourselves, we are affirming positive self-belief. We are affirming self-confidence. By committing to ourselves, we are ensuring a shift in our consciousness to a higher plane of existence.

2. JOURNAL- It may help to journal as keeping track of our progress has many benefits. Some of these include-reference points to go to when reflecting, writing often helps to relieve stress as it is a creative outlet, and journaling can help to spur creative thinking/problem solving skills. Once we begin to journal to keep track of our progress, it may also be helpful to start a dream journal. Very often, while our conscious mind is at rest, our subconscious is free to bring forth that which needs closer examination. By writing down our dreams, we may be able to piece together ideas and concepts that can help us to heal our karma.

3. MEDITATE- Make a point of taking at least 10 minutes out of our day to meditate. Be aware that there are many forms of meditation. Meditation does not have to be sitting still and being still, it can involve a repetitive movement or sound such as walking, drumming or focusing on our breathing as we stop and ground. Meditation allows us to release our ego thought patterns and be still in the moment. There is tremendous value in stillness in the moment, as truly the moment we are in is the only moment that exists. Being still encourages us to let go of what was and what may be and to trust that each moment is taking care of itself.

4. WRITE LETTERS TO OUR ANGELS- Our angels are always around to help us when we ask. But ONLY when we ask. Our angels cannot help simply if they “think” we need it, as this would be a violation of our free will. A cardinal rule of enlightenment is not to violate another’s free will. Therefore, by writing a letter to our angels stating exactly with what and how we would like help, they will respond in a way that does not violate our free will. When writing a letter to our angels, we must always remember to use positive wording and express our gratitude for their guidance. Given that “joy” and “gratitude” are the highest vibrations known to human, integrating them into our angel letters will readily welcome Divine assistance.

5. STUDY AND PRACTICE ENERGY WORK- whether you receive energy healing regularly or become an energy healing practitioner, energy work is extremely beneficial in healing our karma. Energy work includes (but is not limited to) Reiki, ThetaHealing, IET, Access Consciousness, Body Talk, among a great many others. Once we are infused with the Light energy utilized in energy work, seeking out and working on our unhealthy belief systems and karma becomes second nature. It expedites the process of self-healing. By practicing energy work on ourselves and others, we are becoming of service to all beings on our planet. This will facilitate an elevation of our vibration. This ascension will allow us to come face to face with those aspects of ourselves which no longer serve our highest good. And through the Divine infusion of energy work, we will find within us the empowerment to let these aspects go once and for all.

6. BE PREPARED TO WORK! – No matter how old we are or how far along we are on our path, self awareness takes work. Once we consciously choose to be free of karma, to get there will take much self-examination. We will be bombarded with circumstances that call for DISCERNMENT. Practicing discernment is to find the wisdom to feel out what is right for us and what no longer serves us in a healthy way. We must be honest with ourselves and proceed in a way that is in alignment with our divinity. Of course the challenge with this path is to discern what is divinely valuable and what has been created by ego. The work involved in healing our karma is a kind of work that exists nowhere else in Earthly existence. It can be quite gruelling. But that is our choice to make it so. If we let go of our ego and allow the circumstances of our healing path to unfold, free of attachment to the outcome, the gruelling aspect of this work becomes much less so- and can even become obsolete.

7. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF- Many of us question our journey. We come face to face with obstacles that seem insurmountable. We wonder what we are doing, why we are doing it and what we are doing it for. There may be times when things look bleak and hopeless. THIS is when we are healing the most. Remember- the darkest hour is just before the dawn. By staying true to ourselves- our real selves (not our ego-minded selves), and believing in our own divinity, we can overcome and surpass all of the hurdles we create in order to test ourselves and rise above. We must always know that we chose this path for ourselves because we knew we could rise above. We chose these circumstances as guidelines for ourselves to heal and overcome. And when we created these circumstances for ourselves, we knew on a very deep level that we would only be confronted with that which we knew we could handle. By staying true to these visceral beliefs, we embody within us the strength to succeed.

In addition to following these 7 guidelines, it is always important to remember that we deserve happiness, love and abundance. We must remember that we too are one with The Divine consciousness. As above, so below. Once we have begun to move through our karmic debt, we can align ourselves with our dharma. We will fully realize the Divine. By understanding the oneness of all that is, and understanding that every choice we make has a direct effect on all of creation, perhaps begin to make wiser choices that will nurture ourselves as well as all other beings.






Our spiritual journeys are wrought with hurdles. Along the way, we are confronted with many speed bumps, obstacles and ‘problems’. It seems that many have trouble letting go of attachment to that which they are battling. What many may not be conscious of is that each of us attracts each situation; speed bump, obstacle and problem, as learning experiences. Whereas in a linear sense, this law of attraction is obvious, what is often overlooked is the grander scheme of things: why each of us continues to attract the same situation time and time again.  In the grander scheme of it all, we will continue to attract the same types of situations time and time again until we heal the aspect of ourselves that attracts it. This type of healing work is deep and intense. It is the type of healing that delves into karmic patterning that we have developed from a myriad of sources. And once we recognize its origin, we are one step closer to letting it go.


Unlike the commonly known term (ego- narcissist), the spiritual ego is that which we, on our spiritual journey, must overcome in order to become in alignment with our dharma. Dharma is a Sanskrit word which loosely translated means: living in accordance with Divine will; a point at which our personal choices become synonymous with The Creator’s path for us. According to Hindu, Buddhist and Spiritualist philosophies, we are born with two aspects; One being the ego and the other, the self. The self is the aspect of our being that is directly in alignment with our Divine purpose (Dharma). This aspect of ourselves is considered to be the truest form of Divinity on Earth. The second aspect of our consciousness is the ego. The ego is the aspect of ourselves with which we were born- otherwise known as our ‘personality’. Given that, according to these philosophies, we were born with two sides, it is believed that our journey in human form on Earth is to learn to make peace between both of these aspects of ourselves. As we may imagine, this can prove challenging. The spiritual ego can be very manipulative. The ego will wish for us to react to situations and experiences in a negative way. The ego will wish for us to become angry, frightened and sad. The self, however, is always at peace. The self is the Divine aspect of our consciousness that reflects the pure, unconditional love that exists beyond the third and fourth dimensions. The self is a clear and perfect reflection of the true nature of the Divine Source Consciousness. And it is our “job” in each life to become as closely aligned with that Divine love as we can.


The ego feeds itself on our belief systems. Most of our belief systems have been handed to us by our genetic lineage, formative experiences as children and karmic patterning. Some of these belief systems run so deep that it takes many lifetimes to work through them. Belief systems often involve thought patterns respective to money, relationships, intimacy and body image issues. They involve phrases such as “all women are…”, “i am never going to”, “I am unattractive”, “life is hard”, “If I do this then this will happen!”, to name a very small few. Belief systems can be hazardous to our spiritual growth for many reasons. Belief systems often cause worry, fear, despair and frustration. These are the vibrations that feed the ego. These vibrations are out of alignment with Divine will. These vibrations are in alignment with the ego aspect of consciousness. All vibrations that arise from self (Divine Consciousness) are created through loving intention to create peace and harmony within one’s self and beyond.

There are also positive belief systems, of course, such as “I think I can”, or “all living beings deserve respect”. There are also belief systems that can heal our negative belief systems such as “I am beautiful just the way I am”. When we are working through ego based thoughts, we are working with the heavy, toxic, unpleasant vibrations. If we are falling subject to the lower vibration belief systems, this must bear examination. We must alter how we feel about ourselves, each other and the Divine Source Consciousness. The very first step to doing this is by using only positive, loving, reassuring words when we speak to ourselves and each other.


There are several types of karma with which we incarnate. Some of these include;  genetic karma, gender karma, race karma, species karma or karma we have incurred from our current incarnation. However, the main type of karma focused in this article is the karma which is essentially the “stuff” we brought with us from previous incarnations. To use a specific example, if a person is addicted to alcohol and is unable to break the addiction completely, she or he will re-incarnate with the same predisposition to alcoholism. In fact, she or he will continue to re-incarnate this way until the addiction is completely healed.

Ideally, on our spiritual paths, we strive to eliminate all of our karmic patterning. Much of our karmic patterning hinges on belief systems- the same belief systems that are handed down to us in the above three ways.

Our karmic patterns manifest as unhealthy relationships, unresolved issues, addictions, body image issues and unfounded fears. It is our job to recognize our karma and heal it. And sometimes, recognizing the karmic pattern is half the battle. The other half is ego.

The ego can be very stubborn. The ego can want to attach itself to these negative belief systems and unhealthy situations to feed itself. It can often seem to “feel better” to be angry, depressed or hurt by external circumstances. The reality is, all of these “negative” external situations are happening to us because we are repeating the same karmic patterning that we have in previous incarnations. The reason is that it’s time for us to grow from them. The truth is, in the absolute depths of our despair, we are learning and healing the most. The truth is, we CHOSE to be born into and carry out all of the circumstances in this life that we currently are. The soul chooses to incarnate into whatever form and life it needs to in order to learn what it needs to learn. With this knowledge, we will be stronger. We will be able to overcome. Knowledge is power.

The ego never goes away for the duration of our human incarnations. We will always have that voice that wants to react negatively to something potentially upsetting. What we do learn, however, is to hear the ego voice in our minds, acknowledge it, and consciously effort to let it go. The sooner we let go of the power that our ego has over our emotions, outlook and choices, the sooner we can be free of karma.


Letting go of the challenges we are faced with can be challenging. The ego can be reluctant to let go of relationships from which it feeds. To the ego, anger, resentment and fear based thoughts have power. They have a position and a place in your psyche and they make you who you are. This is incorrect. Who YOU are is NOT who your ego wants you to believe you are. You are a Divine, pure being whose innate nature is unconditional love. Your ego will tell you otherwise. Your ego will tell you that you are fear based and that you need these fears in order to protect yourself from being hurt, being financially poor, being alone or being unhappy with the way you look.

The reality is that the ego can be powerless over you if you let it go. Given that the ego feeds on the very same things that are holding you back, if you feed these problems to The Divine Creator instead of feeding them to your ego, you will never be alone. You will have a partner in healing. You will be removing the ego’s power over you and then it will starve and weaken. You will have healed.


The good news is that we are not alone on our karmic healing journey. We are always surrounded by beings of Light who embody the unconditional Divine vibration. They may appear or sound to most like angelic beings, spirit animals, and other beings who exist in non Earthly realms. We will know it is they whom we are hearing and seeing as their messages and presence frequently bring tears of joy and love to our eyes.


As walkers of spiritual paths, we are constantly becoming more self-aware. The more aware we become, the easier it is to identify where we are out of alignment with our Divine selves. Understanding our karma is a crucial part of spiritual growth. Taking the time to seek out and destroy our negative belief systems can take years of hard work. Though this work can be gruelling at times, once we are through we will be forever healed from those patterns. We will be completely free of those issues and perhaps be able to inspire and others to walk the path we have. We will walk in tandem with our dharma, at peace with ourselves and all that is.

To find out specifics about how to heal your karma, stay tuned for part 2 of this article next week.






Summer is in full swing! This means longer days and far more outdoor time for us and our animal friends. As good guardians of our animal family members, most of us are aware of how quickly our animal friends can become dehydrated. If we’re not careful, we may even notice that our cats and dogs exhibit signs of heat stroke. On the one hand, we are conscious of their fur coats and dehydration-prone diets. On the other hand, how can we rationalize spending all of the playtime outside without our favourite family members?

Thankfully, there is a happy medium between watching our dogs and cats suffer in the heat and forcing them to miss out on all of the outdoor fun. There are several easy solutions to keeping our cats and dogs cool and outside (or even for those without in-home air conditioning) during the hottest summer months. Listed below are five innovative, creative, holistic methods of keeping our cats’ and dogs’ body temperatures regulated in the depths of the heat!

1)      BROTH-SICLE- Just as humans love their summer popsicles, dogs and cats will love their broth-sicles! Bone broth is an excellent source of many essential vitamins and minerals that are severely lacking in store bought processed foods. There are many homemade recipes for bone broth. Some holistic cat and dog foods stores even sell it. Once the bone broth has been made, pour it into ice cube trays and put into the freezer. Once they are frozen, cats and dogs will love their summer fun treats! For an even more exciting broth-sicle, adding veggies or whole protein sources to the bone broth before freezing will add to both the nutritional value as well as the taste of the broth-sicle. Your animals will love it!

2)      TEA FOR TWO- Believe it or not, cats and dogs nutritionally benefit from various types of teas. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, both herbs as well as foods can be categorized into “warming”, “cooling” and “neutral”. It is important that before you choose to alter your animal’s diet, you consult with a holistic animal care practitioner. Two types of herb teas that are considered to be “cooling” to the body are catnip and chamomile. Both of these teas are safe for both cats and dogs. By making these types of tea and keeping them in the fridge, you will have a readily accessible way to keep your animal companions cooler during the warmer temperatures. Obviously, they cannot drink from a tea cup! One helpful way to administer any liquid to an animal is via a syringe. Often an animal will only need a few drops per day of the tea for its energy to balance the body’s temperature. For more information, seek your local holistic veterinarian.

3)      HYDRATE!!- So simple, yet so effective. Water is absolutely the most crucial way to keep our animal friends cool in the summer heat. It is imperative that we keep our animals hydrated at all times. Dehydration is a major cause of chronic pain, early stage organ failure and worse. Often an animal may not drink directly from her bowl. Cats, for example, originated as big cats in the African deserts where there was almost no water. Drinking water is a learned behaviour for cats. This is why we will find that they often have to be reminded to drink. In the summer, and if they are eating dry food (which they should never be!), offering our cats and dogs more “exciting” ways to drink water will work in everyone’s favour. By placing extra water bowls around the home, you will be encouraging your animal companions to drink, wherever in the house they are. Syringe feeding water is another novel way of getting our animal friends to drink. There are “fountains” that are made for cats and dogs that also make drinking water time fun. Of course, getting creative about how to encourage our cats and dogs is part of the fun too!

4)      ADD OMEGAS 3 & 6- Often, when an animal already shows symptoms of dehydration or heat stroke, it’s too late for water to have been adequately absorbed into their body. Often, water will cleanse the inner organs and then pass right through the body without hydrating any organs or tissues. A lack of omegas in the diet can cause severe dehydration and lead to other serious health concerns as animals age. By adding omegas to the diet, we will be allowing water to be retained in the body in order to hydrate the coat, skin, organs, muscles and tissues. Adding fish, fish oil, coconut oil, olive oil an other omega-rich food sources will help to retain moisture within the animal’s body.

5)      ADDING ‘COOLING FOODS’- In Traditional Chinese Medicine, food is categorized into ‘heating’, ‘cooling’ and ‘neutral’. In the depths of the summer heat, it is a good idea to consider adding ‘cooling’ foods to the diet. Cooling foods are those which energetically cool the body temperature. Some of these include; broccoli, sprouts, cucumber and celery. Raw veggies can be quite harsh on an animal’s digestive system. If feeding veggies of any kind, steaming them is the best way for us to allow our animal’s gastrointestinal systems to absorb the most nutrients from them. For those who have finicky kitties, there are also protein sources that are considered to be cooling such as turkey, tuna (NOT from a can) and duck. Beef is considered to be neutral which may also help in cooling an animal down. As always, it is important to consider the concept of feeding ‘whole foods’ as opposed to processed, store bought foods. Raw food or cooked meat is a much healthier way of feeding our animals if they will eat it.

These are just five easy ways to help our animal friends stay cool during the hottest months. Each of these can be used on its own or in combination with each other. By implementing one or more of these cooling methods, we will be ensuring a safer, more fun summer for the whole family!




Why does my cat vomit ?



Anyone who has had the blessing of living with a cat companion knows how sensitive their little tummies can be. Boy, are they cute, what makes them vomit all of the time? It seems that they are incredibly specific when choosing what they will ingest. And, if they ingest anything other than what their bodies need, it comes back up.

There are several reasons why kitties regurgitate so frequently. The gastrointestinal systems of felines are extremely sensitive. Since companion cats are no longer solely consuming what they would in nature, much of the stomach upset can be resulting from processed foods. If you are feeding your kitty poor quality food, which happens more often than you might think, his body will reject it. ALWAYS pay attention to nutritional ingredients. Just because a label says “protein” does NOT mean the protein is a nutrient rich source…

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Lunar events are full of excitement, self awareness and shifting. This full moon is no different! On Wednesday, June 27th, 2018, we will witness the moon wax full in the sign of Capricorn. As with all full moons, the moon opposes the sun in the night sky, casting both a magnifying of the moon and the sun. In this particular case, the moon waxes full in Capricorn with its sun in its opposing sign of Cancer.

The illumination patterns of the sun and moon during a full moon are both witnessed in the physical as well as spiritual realms. Not only do we see the moon at its fullest, but the sun magnifies its energies here on Earth. This means that the Capricorn energy will be at its all time high for the year. This is a prominent configuration for any earth sign such as Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. For anyone born of these three signs, this full moon will create a comfortable atmosphere. Earth signs are generally quite grounded and feel more at home in nature or rooted in one place. Especially for the above three earth signs, this full moon will underline the need for grounding and rooting one’s body in one place. For the rest of the zodiac population, we will also feel the pull to root ourselves into the Earth. We may find that this is an excellent time to take part in ‘Earthing” or “grounding” rituals. These rituals will entail removing our shoes and planting our feet into Mother Earth, allowing ourselves to interconnect with her nurturing and revitalizing energy.

Capricorns are often empowered leaders. This moon will remind us that we are empowered to choose the life we want for ourselves. This Capricorn influence can stir up self-confidence in order to create the life we desire. We may feel a surge of powerful ‘inner knowing’ and suddenly have clarity on how to navigate our inner compasses to achieve our innermost desires. Let us not allow this clarity to fall by the wayside, as the Capricorn full moon allocates our wants and needs to be rooted in solid ground. This rooting will make for a balanced approach to manifesting the life of our dreams.

Capricorns tend to do well within a family unit as opposed to flying solo. They appreciate their abilities to care for others, both financially and physically. They feel it is their duty to keep the house and home and to provide for those within. This family-oriented nature of the Capricorn is shared by its polar opposite sign; Cancer. Both of these signs thrive within the home and family which makes this full moon period the perfect time to focus on caring for loved ones. We will surely find this task to be very fulfilling.

Where Capricorn and Cancer differ is their approach to problem solving. Whereas Capricorns tend to take a logical, more grounded approach to life, Cancers are quite heart-centered and emotionally driven. As the full moon looms, this difference in approach can become magnified both within our own hearts as well as between ourselves and others. We may find that within the framework of our self-growth, this lunar period may have us at odds with ourselves, torn between logic and feeling; head and heart. Because both Capricorn and Cancer ae highlighted at this time, we may find that we are fighting a losing battle and it may be best to wait until the full moon passes to find out which angle (head or heart) takes precedence over the other. Once the battling energies have left the atmosphere we may find ourselves more clearheaded and able to make a decision.

Conversely, this Capricorn/Cancer combination can be our ally. This alignment has the capacity to shed light on how to work through our emotional imbalances from a practical angle. For those who suffer from a broken heart, disappointment and any other personal struggle, this full moon is a wonderful time to start anew. It is a good time to shake off the heartache and begin a new path from a logical, detached angle.

The opposing forces of sun and moon, Cancer and Capricorn, allow us to distinguish where our lives are out of balance. Are we living our lives in emotional imbalance? Are we too grounded and logical, not permitting ourselves to let go and enjoy life? Maintaining a balance between joy and grounding is a prominent aspect to living a healthy lifestyle. This moon highlights the path to tread in order to find the balance between the two worlds.

With Cancer as the luminous sun sign, nurturing self and family is a must. Be sure to take the time to check in on loved ones, but take the time to nurture self! Whether it’s a walk in the forest or reading a book by the beach, the Capricorn moon combined with the Cancer sun will have us deeply longing to nurture ourselves with nature. Take the time to do so. You’ll be very glad you did!