Further to an earlier article I wrote about SOUL CONTRACT RELATIONSHIPS, there is another type of energetically abusive relationship. This is the kind of relationship that is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, heartache and despair. This type of relationship is dynamic, initially exciting and can be experienced like nothing you have ever felt previously. This is the relationship with a psychic vampire. Below is a brief explanation of psychic vampires and psychic attacks. If you feel that you are in this type of relationship, it is important to get help from a healer who has experience with these types of energies.


A psychic vampire can be likened to the mythological blood-sucking vampire. However, instead of sucking your blood, the psychic vampire sucks out your psychic, intuitive and positive energies. Instead of your being depleted of blood, you become depleted of energy.

Psychic vampires may appear as lovers, friends, family or even coworkers who appear to be curious about your life or clients who wish to come to you for a healing session. They often come to you for help or to help you in some way.


Psychic vampires are always extremely charismatic, sensual and charming. They will be so attractive that you cannot help but be drawn to them-until you know better. These people are engaging, fun and appear to be incredibly interested in you; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Do not be fooled, as these people will reel you in and then turn your world upside down.


You will, at the beginning, feel elated, as they will boost your confidence through the roof. They can and will take on any form they need to in order to fulfill a specific need you have. This can take the form of someone who needs help, someone who is interested in being your perfect mate, even someone who is trying to be neighborly. They are chameleons in terms of finding your weakness and preying on it. The psychic vampire will make it her/his life’s mission to get you to trust her/him.

Once the vampire is sure that you trust her or him, suddenly, the relationship dynamic will shift. The person you thought you knew will become a completely different person. The psychic vampire will start to become an intensified energy and begin to make you feel badly for yourself. They will blame you for events that occur within your relationship, plummeting your vibration and elf confidence. They behave quite manipulatively to throw you completely off balance and drain your energy. You will find that whenever they are down and you lend a comforting hand, you will shortly thereafter become the one who is down. You will become saddened and depleted while you watch your vampire friend walk away happy and energized. It may then bewilder you to see that the person is happy to see you sad and depleted. However, what has just occurred is that you have experienced the bite of the psychic vampire. You have allowed that person to suck out your energy to feed her/himself.


If you are in a relationship with a psychic vampire, you are likely a positive, upbeat person who loves to help others. At least, you were until the bite of the vampire. Post-bite, you are likely left sad, crying and confused. Like a moth to a flame, these individuals are drawn to positive, intuitive, trusting and helpful people. They attract you with strong intellect, sexual desire or whatever your individual weakness is. Once they have lured you in, they will prey on your positive, loving, caring energy and use it to feed their own energies-leaving you depleted. Your energy is their food source.


Similar to being attacked by a psychic vampire, intuitive types are often open to psychic attack if they’re not careful. Psychic attack can happen to the living by other living or even non-living entities. If you feel that you might be attacked by a non-living or other worldly entity, this is very serious. You will want to seek help immediately, see info @ bottom of the page.

Psychic attack happens when intuitive types are energetically unprotected and allow external influences to drain their energies; whether they know the influences personally or not. When healers and spiritual people do not consciously protect their delicate energy fields, they open themselves up to be preyed on.

A psychic attack can happen in any environment at any time. Both attackers and vampires are drawn to those who dabble in the healing arts, attend religious organizations, or make it their life’s missions to “help people”. They are most often equally as intuitive as healers however they use their abilities for self gain.


There are many signs of psychic attack. Some common ones include:

–          Sudden depression, crying or feelings of desperation when there were none prior

–          Apparent “bad luck” streak. Though the issue of “luck” is relative, when being attacked psychically, your life may seem to have a run of unfortunate events; loss of money, car trouble, electronics breakdown, etc

–          Low physical energy

–          Eventual declining health


All of this may seem overwhelming if read for the first time. The good news is that there are very simple steps you can take every day to prevent all of this from happening to you. Once we understand the concept of how energy affects us, we are more readily able to protect ourselves from psychic attack. As these are attacks on your energy, you will want to protect your energy- guard it with your life. A few simple ways to do this are:

–          Before you leave your home every morning, ask your angels to wrap you in the white light of protection this is a force field that keeps your energy protected in Divine white light.

–          Every morning, make a point to specifically ask your angels, the creator or whichever Divine entity feels right for you, to protect you from all sub-vibrational energies (energies that may be harmful to you)

–          As these attacks can happen when you least expect it, even during a healing session between you and someone else, it is always important to bless your environment and use sage to cleanse the room/house on a regular basis.


If you are a victim of a psychic vampire or psychic attack and need help, there are healers who can help you remove these entities step by step.






Life is interesting. One moment you can be on top of the world and the next? Crashing down, as if the ground we were standing on gave way beneath our feet. Did you know that our reactions to all of our experiences are a choice? Did you know that the highs and lows of life are all relative?

When an event occurs in our lives, objectively speaking, it is neither positive nor negative. What makes it so is our reaction or interpretation of the event. We create our own reactions to what we are faced with based on our desired outcomes. When events occur, we very often become attached to the outcome with little regard for what may best serve us. Becoming attached to the outcome is the frequent framework of the ego. When our ego attaches itself to an outcome of a situation, it can readily snowball into disappointment- which the ego loves. The ego loves to be showered in pain, sadness and all sorts of other self-depreciating feelings when situations do not go its way. When we release attachment to the outcome of a situation, whatever the outcome, we will be at peace.

What if there was a way to streamline our thoughts so that we can be free of attachment from every single event that we cross paths with? Good news—there is! By understanding how and why these events trigger certain feelings and reactions in combination with seeking the bigger picture of our lives, with certain training we can absolutely stop ourselves from spinning into that awful downward spiral of disappointment.


Foremost, we must always accept what comes our way. That is to say that when we encounter certain events that we are unable to change, it is in our best interest to accept the situation instead of fighting to change it. We have all heard the saying “You can’t change a person’s behaviour, but you can change your reaction to it”, the same applies here. Whether we have attracted a certain situation for a purpose or the situation has just “happened” to us, it is always healthy to recognize that this is the way it is and we must proceed accordingly.

Often, before we accept any sort of situation that does not suit us, there is a sense of disappointment regarding said event. What we may want to consider is that experiencing the emotion of or disappointment can trigger further experiences with similar consequences. While it is healthy to acknowledge how we are feeling as a result of circumstances, to dwell on these feelings can inhibit our future experiences. This is because like attracts like. By dwelling on the seeming unpleasantness of a situation, we are unconsciously attracting future circumstances that will bring us to the same sense of disappointment.

Often we are reluctant to accept responsibility for an apparently disappointing situation. Whether we realize it consciously or not, we have attracted it. By accepting responsibility for attracting the situation- through a direct error in judgment or a subconscious belief system, we are taking a step toward empowerment. We are accepting the situation so that we can work with it instead of against it.

When faced with a string of seemingly disappointing events that have a common theme, it is important to take note. By paying attention to the similarities of these events, we can begin to draw a pattern. And this pattern begins to take shape into reflections of areas in our lives that bear examination. For all of the situations we attract into our lives are a direct result of what we have felt, thought and acted on.


The situations that we attract into our lives are a combination of free will, karma and unconscious belief systems. Did you know that we can change what we attract? Simply by consciously changing our thought patterns, we can shift the events that unfold in our futures.

When we are faced with a particular situation that brings about a sense of disappointment, it is always helpful to remember that what may seem like a disappointment close up is actually a blessing in the bigger picture. It can always help to remember that we, as humans, are unable to see the whole picture. However, there is a bigger picture at work and what may seem like a disappointment is only a temporary change in plans. And this change in plans, when reflected on years later, will very likely seem like it was a blessing in disguise. When we reflect on situations that had not gone “our way” in the past, we can begin to see why, in the grand scheme of things, they went the way they did. Did we learn something? Did a new and better opportunity arise instead?

Coming face to face with situations that can seem unpleasant encourage us to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. They challenge us to rise above what we previously knew as our truth, and help us to become less rigid and more flexible. They help us to become adaptable to all situations that life can throw at us, reducing the potential for us to become disappointed in the future.

Remember that the feeling of disappointment is our choice to feel, and that as soon as we begin to feel it, we can acknowledge it and let it go. It is not our job to control every element of our lives- it is our job to believe that all circumstances that we attract are in the highest and greatest good for all involved. It is our job to remember that Earthly life is full of lessons to be learned and experiences to experience. If we did not have these experiences, we would not learn anything; we would not progress.

When events occur in our lives that may seem less than pleasant, it can be life altering to shift our awareness to a higher perspective. One we shift our awareness in this way, the feeling of disappointment becomes lighter. It becomes woven into the fabric of the bigger picture and we begin to realize that there are many other factors at work. Perhaps this situation is a life lesson. Perhaps this situation has a certain outcome for others involved. Or, perhaps the situation is occurring because we made an error in judgment. When we see these experiences from beyond ourselves, we begin to see them lesser as “good” or “bad”, and more so as learning experiences.

By relinquishing our power to a force greater than ourselves, we are forming a partnership with The Creator. Through this partnership, we are agreeing to a greater path of self-awareness, understanding and peace of mind. By having faith in a force beyond ourselves, it can become easier to obtain answers to questions that previously eluded us. The “how’s” and “why’s” become clearer and more solidified, and with this knowledge we are able to go forth with greater strength and confidence.


Our ego loves to stew in negativity. Our ego feeds off of our negative reactions to circumstances. Thankfully, we can cut it off at the source by simply letting go of any attachment we had to the situation and its outcome!

Letting go is the first step to moving on. The sooner we move on from circumstances that do not serve us, the more quickly we rewire our synapses to focus on the positive experiences to come. By creating a habit of continuously releasing that which no longer serves our highest good, we will be continuously attracting new and positive experiences.

By being honest with ourselves, we can start to see that events that seem to be disappointing are actually paving the way for better experiences for us. By holding this healthy belief system close to our hearts, we will find that once faced with any situation, we will walk in gratitude. We will be grateful for all experiences that come our way because they are what influence our growth. And just as all other skills, with practice, patience and nurturing, we can discipline ourselves in all of these ways.







The full moon in Taurus shines brightly in the early morning hours of November 4th, 2017 as the first of three consecutive Supermoons in Nov, Dec and January 2018. The Supermoon is when the moon is in its closest proximity to our planet Earth. This full moon is no less powerful than any other!

The Taurean influence of the full moon will encourage us to root ourselves into the earth both literally and metaphorically. Taurus, one of three Earth signs, will bring about our need to ground. Whether this need takes shape in physically being close or within nature or whether it takes shape through the desire to ground through meditation or even hard physical labour, we will take comfort in grounding activity. Additionally, because of its grounding properties, the Taurus full moon will have us acutely focused on the here and now. This allows for stability in planning for the future. The light of this full moon is an ideal time to meditate and journal about that which we wish to live out and experience in the future, as its grounding energy will be the perfect combination between wish and practicality.

In other astrological alignments today we find Venus and Uranus in opposition. This alignment has the makings of a sudden and uncomfortable breaking point. Because Venus rules beauty, femininity and comfort and Uranus is the “shaker” planet, known to shake things up, we may expect a brief period today or tomorrow where we are unwillingly shaken from our comfort zone in search of new foundation. Thankfully, the grounded Taurus moon will be there for us with new solid ground.

Because the sun is in the sign of Scorpio, we may still feel the chill of the icy waters it holds. The Scorpion nature is to find the secrets that the darkness maintains. Scorpios are highly detail oriented and can often be meticulous in their work and thought. The conjunction of the Scorpio sun and Taurus moon may call to action our seeking of balance between getting lost in the minutia and understanding how to remain surefooted in the name of progress.

Because the sun and moon both harmonize with Neptune, there is an air of overindulgence. Take heed not to eat or drink too much as we may regret it in the morning!






All living beings have souls. Souls travel in families and often incarnate together. Your soul family may or may not be your human family in this life. Whether or not they are, you will likely come across a few members of your soul family in this lifetime. They may turn up (other than immediate family) as significant others, inseparable life- long best friends or even people you meet with whom you are always fighting and keep reappearing in your life despite your best efforts to let them go. Soul contract relationships include relationships that have a karmic unresolved issue. The soul contract relationships may or may not be with your soul family, but they are definitely with people who have re-entered your life from a past life to work out unresolved issues.

Soul contracts originate before two souls incarnate. There is a predetermined agreement upon incarnation that these two souls meet on Earth and come together for however long a period is necessary to work out their karmic issue. If this issue is not resolved in this particular life, the soul contract carries over into as many following incarnations as necessary until the issue is resolved.

Animals and humans also have karmic ties but most often the animal appears in the person’s life to “take care” of her or his person. Animals have their own karma but are very much intent on healing people and teaching them how to love unconditionally. There are various types of soul contracts such as those with self, those with parents, children or other blood relatives or co-workers. However, despite the many types of soul contracts, romantic relationship soul contracts are perhaps the most trying to work through. 

Here are 7 signs that you are currently in a soul-contract (unresolved issues from a past life):

1)      The very first time you met this person they seemed very familiar but you couldn’t place the how or where of the situation.

2)      You feel extra sensitive around the person, often offended for little reason, resulting in a feeling of emotional pain, a feeling of “punched in the gut” whenever they leave the room/conversation.

3)      You have intense dreams about the person, often awaking to a feeling of fear, panic or loss.

4)      You continue to break up and get back together many times throughout your life, drawn to the person unexplainably.

5)      Even though you just met the person, you feel like you’ve know her or him your whole life.

6)      Any kind of abuse from or toward that person

7)      Obsessing about or being obsessed over by the person

These are a few of many common signs of a soul contract. If you are in a soul contract, it’s important to recognize it in order to resolve it. You may not be ready to leave the relationship as you may still be learning your lessons from it. It is highly beneficial, if you find yourself in this situation, to seek spiritual guidance in the form of learning a healing modality. Healing yourself is by far the most effective way to progress from these situations.  Any delays in attempting to resolve the karma will only facilitate further suffering. The old addage “if not now, when?” comes fully ito play in this context. It is important to acknowledge when you are ready to heal from it. Once you acknowledge that its time to heal, there is no going back. Working through as soul contract (karma contract) can be intense and gruelling. But once the contract has been resolved on your end, you will never have to face it again. 

To schedule your soul (karma) contract reading, email:

Blessed be!







Dogs and cats can get stressed out quite easily. Whether we’re moving, leaving for the day, the kids are screaming or any one of a number of reasons, it’s important to remember how sensitive our animal friends are.

Very commonly, animals who are stressed out react in an anxious way. They may exhibit compulsive behaviour such a

s spinning, chewing, panting, hiding, scratching furniture, spraying, marking, etc. It is EXTREMELY important to avoid punishing and/or yelling at our animal family members when they exhibit these signs. This is because your behaviour will influence your animals’ behaviours. If you yell and get upset, you will be facilitating more stress within your animal. The more stressed out your animal gets, the more likely she or he will be to fall ill, and of lesser importance, will cause more of the same undesirable behaviours.

When your animal exhibits compulsive behaviour, she or he is trying to TELL YOU SOMETHING, not upset you. Animals are almost never intentionally spiteful. Given that they cannot tell us outright what is bothering them, they feel that they have to SHOW you that something is wrong in order for you to fix it.

Here are 5 easy ways to calm your animals down:

  1. Instead of yelling or getting upset, acknowledging to your animal that you are aware that she or he is in distress is a much healthier and calming way to address the issues at hand. Though most animals do not understand every word we say, they absolutely understand intonation and intention. By calmly walking over to your animal friend and telling her in a soft voice that you can see she is upset and that you are here to help may take the edge off. Animals only respond well to loving vibrations. The more you show that you’re freaked out, the more your animal will react to that vibration. The more you show her that you understand her and that you love her unconditionally, the more she will respond to that.
  2. If your animal suffers from separation anxiety, playing classical music while you’re out will enhance his relaxation. Animals respond well to this type of music as opposed to other types of music.
  3. Lavender scented diffusers are a common and effective way to calm animals. DO NOT EVER put oils onto animals. It can be FATAL. Their skin absorption rate is extremely rapid and the oil may get into their bloodstream and can be fatal. That said, buying a lavender hydrosol spray or putting an oil diffuser out of their reach will allow the scent to fill your home appropriately and calm your animal.
  4. Rescue Remedy is a Bach Flower Essence that is HIGHLY effective for relaxing and calming your animal. If you are planning to take a long trip or have to take your cat to the vet down the street and she hates cars, Rescue Remedy is the best way to go. If you are changing residences or bringing new animals or family members into your home and your current animal is very sensitive to noise and energy, administering the recommended dosage of Rescue Remedy really goes a long way to aid the adjustment period. See health care practitioner for accurate dosage. Dosage depends on size of animal.
  5. Perhaps the most effective treatment for highly strung animals is ENERGY WORK. Animals love Reiki and all other types of energy work. They are far more sensitive to it than people are. Remember, animals are entirely spiritual beings and as such love to be reminded of where they came from- their life force energy. By practicing Reiki or other forms of healing on your animals daily, you will absolutely notice a difference in their overall well-being. They will be happier, better adjusted, and healthier; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One of the greatest parts of most healing practices is that energy work can be done on your animals both when they are there in front of you and also from any distance away. That is to say, if you travel a lot for work or play and your animals stay home, most energy work practices work from any distance away. You can even treat your animals in Canada from Australia! For some, this concept may be slightly overwhelming. There is plenty of information out there from teachers and healers that can easily explain how this works. Reiki is medically proven to reduce stress and anxiety in animals and people.

These are five easily attainable treatments for anxious animals. Before changing your animal’s routine, it’s important to take note of where their stress is coming from. If it’s possible, eliminating or reducing that stress may be necessary for your animal’s well being. If for whatever reason, the reduction of these stresses is not possible, the above methods can surely help!




If you are the proud parent of a poop-eating dog, you may be wondering if there is something wrong with your animal friend. The correct name for this condition is COPROPHAGIA. There are a number of reasons why dogs might eat their own stool or the stool of other animals. Some of these reasons are behavioral and some are health-related. It’s important to understand that every dog is different and every dog’s reason for engaging in coprophagia is different. The following is a short list of the main reasons why dogs may engage in coprophagia: 

1)       Perhaps the most common reason why a dog might eat poop is because the dog’s body requires more nutrients than he or she is receiving in his or her diet. To dogs, their feces and the feces of other animals smells like the food that animal ate. Because essentially, that’s what its composed of! In cases where the dog is being fed poor quality food, the dog’s body will pass all non-food items from said food such as preservatives, fillers and other ingredients that are devoid of nutrients without digestion. This leaves a limited amount of nutrients being digested by the dog. Therefore, the dog will be hungrier more quickly after eating, craving more nutrient rich substances. To avoid this, be sure to read all of the ingredients that you feed your dogs and understand what they are and if they are real food instead of fillers.


2)      Due to DNA wiring, some dogs will eat poop because its engrained in their genetic code. Before dogs became domesticated, they lived in a land full of predators. To ensure the safety of their pack, they chose to dispose of all evidence of their tracks by eating their poop. A mother dog is genetically wired to eat the poop of her babies to keep her den clean. Puppies see this behaviour and continue it as a mirror of what their mother did when they were learning to survive from her. By eating the evidence of their den, predators would be lesser likely to find them.


3)      Enzyme deficiency- some dogs do not react well to processed foods. Their pancreas lacks some of the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of carbohydrates as well as other processed ingredients. Because the stool of other animals contains these enzymes, they are attracted to the stool as a source of nutrients.


4)      Some submissive dogs will eat the poop of dominant dogs in the pack to show their submission in a multi-dog situation. This can be healed with positive-reinforcement behaviour modification techniques.


5)      Parasites- Dogs who have parasites will not absorb nutrients as the parasites will be ingesting the food for them. These dogs will always be hungry yet not gain any weight with increase of food. This condition needs medical assistance immediately.


6)      If you have attempted to train your dog to not poop in the house by rubbing his/her nose in it, the dog may feel guilt when he or she eliminates and want to get rid of it immediately. Eating the stool may be how he or she does so.


7)      Neglect- Sadly, when dogs are not being regularly fed, they will resort to eating whatever they can to survive. 

One reason why this behaviour is dangerous is that diseases can be found in the stool of dogs. Some diseases such as Parvo and Worms are highly contagious and can be extremely detrimental to your dog’s health. 

Whether behavioural or medical, if your dog has coprophagia, consult your animal care practitioner. It is important to understand why your dog is behaving this way and what you can do to treat it. It is important not to ignore these warning signs of physical, emotional and mental illness. By paying attention to these behaviours and seeking guidance from your holistic animal care practitioner or Animal Communicator, you could save your dog’s life!






1)      CATS DRINK MILK:  Though it is a common belief that cats should be fed milk, they absolutely should not. Like humans, kittens only need their mother’s milk until they stop feeding from her. Once the separation has occurred, milk can be quite unhealthy for cats. Like people, as kittens grow up, their lactase production slows down, making the digestion of milk considerably difficult. Feeding a cat any dairy can result in diarrhea, gas, bloating and other severe abdominal discomfort. Don’t be fooled! Just because your cat seems to like lapping up milk doesn’t mean he won’t pay for it later!

2)      CANNED TUNA IS A HEALTHY TREAT: Tuna is not healthy for cats. It has been linked to serious digestive issues as well as urinary tract stones. Tuna also contains iodine and mercury which, if fed for a prolonged period of time, can cause liver poisoning.

3) PRESCRIPTION DIETS ARE NECESSARY TO AID A CAT’S DIETARY HEALTH- Evidence has shown that there is not one single “prescription” ingredient in prescription labelled foods. Prescription labelled diets are geared toward assisting in one particular aspect of an anima’s dietary health such as bladder issues, weight loss, dental issues etc. Whereas this is quite a clever marketing scheme, the truth is that the ingredients listed in these “prescription diet” foods are not food items at all. When a cat consumes these non food items (ie corn gluten, pork by-product etc), there my be adverse effects such as malnutrition. Symptoms of malnutrition include; dry coat, dry skin, patchy coat, excessive thirst, constipation, dry eyes, allergy symptoms, diarrhea, lethargy, eating items around the house that are not food such as garbage, eating stool and more. generally speaking, all of these malnutrition symptoms can be avoided or treated with a SPECIES APPROPRIATE DIET of whole foods. This does not mean “raw” foods, but canned food that is highly nutritious; containing ingredients such as “deboned chicken”, vegetables and high omegas 3’s and 6/

4)      WATER IS SUFFICIENT FLUID FOR A CAT: As human beings, when we are thirsty we drink water. The same holds true for cats, however research has shown that in order for a cat to be fully hydrated, he must eat wet food. Wet food most closely resembles what he would eat in the wild. By feeding your cat only kibble, you are at serious risk of a very dehydrated cat. Prolonged dehydration leads to kidney failure. According to research, a cat would have to drink a very large volume of water daily to stay adequately hydrated. Wet food is full of moisture and quite tasty to cats. By feeding your cat wet food you are significantly lowering the risk of kidney failure.

5)      CHANGING YOUR CAT’S FOOD IS BAD: It’s a myth that you need to keep your cat on one type of food for her whole life. She may get bored just as you would. This myth stems from the fact that many cats are finicky eaters. It’s hard to find the perfect food for your cat. This is due to the particularly sensitive digestive systems cats have. While it’s great to find a food that sticks with your cat, if she gets bored with her food, there is nothing wrong with seeking healthy alternatives.

6)      KIBBLE CLEANS YOUR CAT’S TEETH: While a very small amount of daily kibble may be a good idea to keep your cat’s tooth enamel intact, kibble is not a replacement for brushing his teeth. Kibble, even the healthiest kinds, can form plaque on your cat’s teeth and will need to be removed. It is surprisingly easy to get your cat into a tooth-brushing routine. Your cat may be skittish at first, but he will adjust. Please do not use human toothpaste on your cat or dog.

7)      “DIET” FOODS WILL HELP YOUR CAT LOSE WEIGHT: While lower calorie foods may help your cat shed a few pounds, the reality is that the “diet” food pet companies are overcharging you for a product that may not be necessary. Simple math dictates that if you lessen the portion sizes that you feed your cat and up his exercise, you probably won’t need to spend the extra dollars on “diet” brands. If your cat is consuming fewer calories and burning more calories, the weight will come off on its own.

8)      LEAVING FOOD OUT ALL DAY FOR YOUR CAT IS A GOOD IDEA: “But what if I’m out all day and he gets hungry?” you ask. Your cat will not be hungry if you get him on a healthy two to three meals per day regime. Your cat should be eating no more than half a can of wet food in the morning and the other half in the evening along with a quarter cup of grain-free kibble. This most closely resembles what he would eat in the wild. It is also the appropriate portion size for a healthy indoor cat. If you leave food out all day your cat will eat it. If you were home all day with nothing to do except snack, you probably would too! As we all know very well, over eating causes many health concerns. Do yourself and your feline friend a favour and keep his eating habits in check!

9) CATS CAN DIGEST GRAINS- Poor quality cat food is high in grains. Dogs, humans, horses and most other mammals have a digiestive enzyme called “amylase” that is responsible for the breakdown of grains. Cats lack this enzyme due to their desert-scape origin. (They originated in the desert and subsisted only on raw meats of animals and had no need to eat grains). Because of their genetic origin, they do not have the enzyme “amylase”. When felines eat grains for a prolonged period of time, the grains get metabolized as sugars and wreak havoc on their insulin levels. Studies have shown that too much grain in a cat’s diet can cause diabetes, obesity and other major organ ailments.





The present 48 hour period marks the full moon in Aries in the sun sign of Libra. As with all full moons, this one promises to begin the culmination period of this lunar cycle both astrologically and energetically. Any intentions that we have created for ourselves during this lunar cycle will now be handed over to the universe to begin the manifestation process. This particular planetary alignment is sure to spark our deepest passions and ignite our inner fires!

With the full moon in Aries, our personal empowerment and passions will be illuminated. Though we might tend to feel impassioned about our personal goals, we will also want to be mindful of the hot-headed nature of Aries. Naturally, the fiery sign of Aries can have us following our ego-minded fight or flight response instead of stopping to think before we act. Thankfully the balanced sun sign Libra is also present to create a pause before action. This paradox of action before thought (Aries) and thought before action (Libra) has the potential to have us stopping and starting all day long. However, once we find our perfect balance between the two, we are sure to succeed at any project!

This full moon is confident about taking conscious action on both a personal and global scale. The days of sitting idly by while we watch our home in destruction are over. This celestial influence will encourage us to take even the smallest steps of action toward where we wish to see ourselves. It will encourage us to actively send healing to our planet and those affected by current events. We will find that once we begin to take an active role in the healing and nurturing of our Mother Earth and her inhabitants, we will feel relieved. These actions may even be the beginning of a new way of life.

Perhaps most interestingly is the current alignment between Venus and Mars called “The marriage of Venus and Mars”. From Aug 2017-Oct 2017, these two planets are closest in proximity to each other. Venus, the gentle nurturing feminine energy coupled with the raw, fiery passionate energy of Mars creates an air of desire to be fulfilled in romantic partnerships. Both Venus and Mars rule our passions and seek to be satisfied through physical action as well as marriage and home life.

This marriage of planets is also connected to karmic relationship fulfilment. This alignment may encourage healthy partnerships in terms of releasing old karmic patterns. This alignment strongly favours strong partnerships and creates an atmosphere for successful unification of male and female energies.

The marriage of Mars and Venus is especially potent during the 48 hours of this Aries/Libra full moon. Because Mars is ruled by Aries and Venus is ruled by Libra, this conjunction is powerful, meaningful and revolutionary. With the full moon’s Mars/Aries’ aggressive masculine energy tied to the strong Venus/Libran soft, feminine nurturing energies, this 48 hour period will have us jumping head first into our passions and desires!





We have all seen a cat’s reaction to catnip. Though it appears as of our feline friend is merely having an enjoyable physical reaction to the herb, there are far more health benefits to catnip for cats.

With known lineage as far back as ancient Egypt, Catnip is a highly regarded and effective healing herb. If you are the caretaker of a cat with an especially sensitive gastrointestinal system (otherwise known as a “puker”), you may want to try feeding your cat catnip once or twice a week. Not only will catnip calm his tummy and gag reflex, but it is also known to uphold these other medicinal qualities:

-Appetite stimulation

-Nerve calming

-Digestive aid

-Flatulence reliever

-Cold and Flu remedy

-Antibacterial and Antifungal properties

Catnip has a variety of valuable vitamins and minerals to also aid with your cat’s overall well-being; including selenium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, calcium, chromium, vitamins A & C.

Catnip is also highly beneficial for dogs and humans… though you may not get the same hilarious reaction upon ingestion as you do with cats. This is due to feline sensitivity nepetelactone isomers. This compound, isolated from the Nepeta Cataria plant (traditional catnip plant name) interacts with cats via the olfactory (smell) sensors. Catnip belongs to the mint family and has been used medicinally for over 1000 years.

Though catnip can be found at most animal food stores across the world, it is most beneficial for your cat to feed him home grown catnip. The varieties on the store shelves have been sitting for weeks and months on end. By feeding your kitty cat home grown catnip from your won plant, you will be ensuring a greater nutrient-rich experience for your cat. By ingesting the home grown herb, your sensitive cat’s tummy will have a =n easier time processing it. Therefore, its effects will be stronger, more productive and more enjoyable for your feline friend!

Because of its ability to stimulate the nervous system and to relax it shortly thereafter, catnip is the perfect mix of fun and good health for you and your feline companion!




There are many, many tales we hear about how to properly care for our canine companions. If we ask the different animal behaviour professionals, we will likely get ten different answers to the same question.

1)      YOUR YARD IS ENOUGH ROOM FOR ADEQUATE EXERCISE- While having a larger-sized yard is great for doggie play time, it is NOT enough space for your dog to burn off her energy. Dogs, especially large breeds, need 30-60 minutes of good exercise twice per day. This is not to say that it’s always possible, however letting your dog run around in your yard for an hour is not the same as a long walk.  Dog walking is more than just exercise. In addition to physical exercise which burns calories, increases circulation, promotes cardiovascular and respiratory wellness and builds confidence, walking your dog will allow for mental exercise as well. Dogs become mentally stimulated by the many smells, scenery and other animals who cross your paths. Mental stimulation is crucial to maintaining a dog’s mental and emotional well-being. Another important aspect of walking your dog instead of leaving him to run in your yard is socialization. Just as for humans, social contact can have a powerful impact on a dog’s mental health. In most cases, a dog will need to be trained properly to be social, however all of the effort will surely pay off in terms of overall contentment and increased longevity.

2)      FEEDING TABLE SCRAPS ON OCCASION IS OK- Most of us are aware that feeding table scraps on a regular basis to our canine friends is not acceptable. However, a few of us think that doing this once in a while is harmless. This would be incorrect! Feeding your dog food from the table even on occasion can cause serious behavioural problems. Your dog does not understand inconsistent training. This lack of disciplined training has the potential to snowball into chaos (such as jumping on counters, breaking open garbage bags, etc) as food is often the most exciting part of an animal’s day. Additionally, dogs can digest boiled and cooked meats however they cannot digest the fatty sauces that humans put on their food. A dog’s gastrointestinal system cannot properly digest sugars, dairy, fried food and high fat meats. This will give them diarrhea, gas, and can eventually lead to chronic gastrointestinal problems. Occasionally, an animal will develop pancreatitis due to eating high fat human foods which is most often fatal.

3)      BRUSHING YOUR DOG’S TEETH IS NOT IMPORTANT- How important is dental hygiene? Just like humans, dogs’ teeth form plaque. Just like humans, if the plaque is not removed, it can cause gum disease, gingivitis and rotten teeth. Tooth extraction is very expensive and surgery can be a traumatic experience for your dog. Mouth pain is a very real and terrible experience for your dog. Often times he cannot voice his pain so we must keep a look out for him by observing his chewing habits and keeping his teeth clean. It is important to notice if your dog is only chewing on one side, or appears to be in pain when crunching his food. It is beneficial to monitor this on an ongoing basis. To minimize any dental pain, be sure to pick up some canine toothpaste and a toothbrush! These items can be found at your veterinarian’s office.

4)      RAW FOOD IS THE BEST FOOD FOR ALL DOGS- While raw dog food has a variety of benefits, it is not for all dogs. Just like people, some dogs have sensitive digestive systems and cannot tolerate the raw meat. In fact, dogs (unlike cats) can survive on an all vegetarian diet. Though meat proteins are the most sensible forms of proteins, many dogs’ gastrointestinal systems will prefer to sustain a cooked meat diet. Cooked meat does not necessarily mean processed. Cooked meat means that in some cases when dogs cannot digest raw meat, cooking chicken or fish for them (without added sauces or spices) is a highly valuable form of protein. BE SURE to ask your veterinarian about which other vitamins and minerals are best suited to your dog’s species. Cooking your dog’s meals is a very noble and loving step to take however it is very easy to misunderstand the delicate balance of nutrients that a dog’s body needs for optimal wellness.

5)      EVERY DOG YOU SEE WANTS YOU TO PET HIM/HER- Very frequently, those who walk their dogs in public places will encounter strangers who wish to pet their dogs. Often, these strangers are not the types of people whom your dog wants to meet. It is imperative to be mindful of whom you let approach your dog. Remember how acutely sensitive dogs are to energy. If someone who approaches you and your dog seems “off” in any kind of way, remember that your dog senses it far more strongly than you do. Just say no! Unfortunately, this may not be enough to stop a stranger from trying to pet your dog. Many humans do not understand dogs whatsoever. It is up to us as the caretakers of our dogs to set boundaries for ourselves and our dogs. If someone does not understand the phrases “my dog doesn’t like when strangers pet him” or “my dog is not friendly”, it is perfectly acceptable to turn around and walk away before anyone has an opportunity to go against our wishes.

6)      DOGS BEHAVE BADLY OUT OF SPITE OR BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST “BAD DOGS”- There is no such thing as a BAD DOG. There is such a thing as a person who has not successfully trained her dog. Sure, some dogs are slower learners than others. Sure, some dogs have had unfortunate living circumstances and have developed poor behaviour or fearful, misunderstood habits. But every dog is trainable. In fact, ask any trainer and he will tell you that it’s not the dog who needs the training, it’s the person! All dogs develop undesirable behaviours due to lack of consistent training. To best achieve desirable dog behaviour, you will want to ensure that every member of your household is on the same page about behaviour modification. Your dog will not respond well to inconsistent training as it is confusing at best. You will also want to ensure that you provide healthy, species appropriate food, adequate exercise, discipline and love. Maintaining a balanced dog can be tricky but at the end of the day, the dog will be well behaved and grateful for your care!

7)      YOU CAN’T TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS- Yes, you can. Behaviour modification techniques work at any age. Keeping in mind that “behaviour modification” does not mean “negative reinforcement”, there are tools and techniques to train any dog at any age. The most important component of “teaching an old dog new tricks” is to have patience! ALWAYS go at the dog’s pace. Remember, the older they get, the more they are set in their ways. This bodes well for dogs who get adopted at older ages from poorly trained environments. Even though at older ages the training may take longer, the desired result is always possible!


These are seven of many dog misconceptions. Can you think of any others?