Our first Full Moon of 2021 starts our new year off with a bang! True to its Zodiac sign, Our Full Moon in Leo promises to be one full of passion and promise.

Today, January 28th, 2021 illuminates not only our first full moon, but also the second to last full moon in the zodiac cycle. With our sun in Aquarius, we have just one more sun sign after this one until the culmination of our current zodiac cycle which occurs in the sign of Pisces. Thus, we have one final full Moon at the end of February before we begin the zodiac anew. This near-culmination may seem highly chaotic as there is a tremendous amount of energetic shifting and flexing occurring around and within us. Should we fall prey to the chaos, let us harness the energy of our Sun’s placement in Aquarius; the zodiac sign of emotional detachment. Contrary to Leo’s strong emotional roots, its opposing sign, Aquarius, does just the opposite. Aquarius has an overall theme of acknowledgment of his emotions, however not becoming engaged with them. Let us, on this occasion, take guidance from Aquarius and step back from our chaos and know that it, too shall pass.

As a result, this Full Moon may seem as if we are working toward a cessation of sorts. We may feel as though a project or initiative that we have been focused on; personal and/or professional, is nearing completion. Thankfully, due to the fiery, passionate nature of our fire moon in Leo, this is a most excellent time to proceed full speed ahead with any and all endeavours that inspire us. Just when we feel exhausted and burned out, the energy of this Full Moon in Leo will light that fire under us and carry us forward to the finish line.

As with all full moons, this one is a time to focus on releasing. As the moon waxes full in the night sky, so do our intentions. Yet in order for our intentions to fully awaken to us, we must make room for them by releasing all that no longer serves our highest good. We must release all that is no longer in alignment with what we seek to achieve as spiritual beings on the paths of spiritual warriors. This is truly the time to let go of any remaining pain and lower vibration energies that may be lingering from years past.

Largely affecting the fire signs of the zodiac; Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, this full moon has a massive creative potential. For those of us who consider ourselves to be creative, this is a time for us to shine! However, let us be mindful that along with the creative, impassioned energy of a fire sign comes the possibility of stubborn, headstrong, “my way of the highway” attitude. For fire signs as well as the rest of us, we may want to adopt a “check yourself before you wreck yourself” mantra at this time. Be sure that before you react to any situation that you stop and count to five before you respond with words you can’t take back.

Paradoxically, though this lunar period is a time to release, because our sun is in alignment with Jupiter at this time, we may feel overwhelmed with love and excitement! Instead of feeling the necessity to let go of aspects of our lives that we no longer need, our sun’s alignment with Jupiter is a time where we may feel inclined to expand our talents and abilities. We may feel the desire to hold onto all that we have and to make it bigger, larger than life. While this underlying desire for “more” may be prevalent at this time, we must remain diligent and decluttering our minds and physical spaces. If we are torn between what to keep and what to disregard, we can safely rest on the laurels of the bigger picture. As Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system, we can attribute its characteristic to our own spectrum of vision. Let us remove our minds from the desire to hold onto what we no longer need and shift it toward the bigger picture.

Jupiter’s alignment with our Sun is considered to be a highly auspicious alignment. As this alignment occurs simultaneously with our Full Moon in Leo, this celestial alignment is an ideal occasion to pour ourselves into both personal and professional tasks as the harder we work on ourselves and our journeys to self mastery, the sooner we will find the peace and prosperity we seek.



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