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 SUNDAY NOV 11- USUI REIKI 2- WINNIPEG- Further to Reiki Level 1, the level 2 course is a more intensified look at the Reiki healing system. Students will learn to significantly strengthen their Reiki abilities. We will learn three Reiki symbols for increased activation during a Reiki treatment. We will study how to heal from a distance (absentee healing) and meet our Reiki guides. Course tuition $275. Email jmorgan.soulstice@gmail.com to register

WED NOV. 14-LEARNING TO CHANNEL- WINNIPEG- Learn to access light beings from all 12 dimensions! Learn to connect with your spirit guides, angels and all benevolent beings who have messages to share with you. We will examine how to connect with your highest creative potential, how to access powerful messages of healing for you and those you love. We will discuss basic interdimensional travel, how to only receive messages from light beings and how to protect ourselves from undesirable energies. Course tuition: $50 email: jmorgan.soulstice@gmail.com to register. 6-8:30PM

SATURDAY NOV 17- CRYSTAL HEALING FOR ANIMALS LV 1- WINNIPEG-Crystals are gentle yet powerful healing tools that animals resonate with on very deep levels. Crystals are gems that come from the earth and embody both spiritual and grounding healing energies. Come and learn to treat your animal companion with the therapeutic energies of crystals! Learn about which crystals are used for what purpose, how to create a animal-specific layouts for various healing purposes, which crystals to keep in which areas of your home to protect yourself and your animals from negative energies and much, much more! Course tuition: $75. Email jmorgan.soulstice@gmail.com to register. 11:30am-2 pm.

TUES NOV 20- CRYSTAL HEALING 1- WINNIPEG-Join J Morgan Saifer, professional intuitive and certified crystal healer for an evening of getting to know crystals! Learn about types of crystals, which crystals can be used to treat various imbalances of body, mind and spirit. Crystals are gentle and powerful healing tools that promote wellness and peace. Learn how to create a sacred healing space, how to perform a crystal healing on yourself and others, basic crystal Feng Shui and more! Course tuition: $75. To register, email: jmorgan.soulstice@gmail.com.

MON NOV 26- UNDERSTANDING SOUL (KARMA) CONTRACTS- WINNIPEG- One of our main purposes as spiritual beings is to seek out and heal our karma. Humans have various types of karma that they incarnate with for the sole intention to heal and clear it. Join J Morgan Saifer, professional intuitive in learning what soul (karma) contracts are, how to access your karmic patterning and how to heal it. Learn to identify the Akashic (past life) origin of your most troublesome relationships and how you can begin to heal.
J Morgan specializes in Karma (soul) Contract readings that involve interpersonal relationships. These relationships are often quite impactful and weight heavily on those who experience them. They are most frequently experienced within romantic partnerships, parent-child relationships and sibling relationships.
Course fee $50 email: jmorgan.soulstice@gmail.com to register

SATURDAY & SUNDAY NOV 24 & 25- COMPANION ANIMAL REIKI 2- WINNIPEG- Further to Companion Animal Reiki 1, the level 2 class is a more intensified healing experience for both animal and person. Syllabus includes; treating other humans with their animals in a Reiki session, three Reiki healing symbols, learning to distance (absentee) heal, meeting our Reiki guides. We will study the animal anatomy and how it applies to energy healing using both Reiki and a basic study of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Study the companion animal meridians, organ functions, five element theory and more. Course tuition: $275. Prerequisite Companion Animal Reiki 1



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SOULSTICE SPIRIT also offers semi-private training classes in all of the above.

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