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SUNDAY AUG 26TH- USUI REIKI LV 1– Join J Morgan Saifer, Usui Reiki Master in learning to treat yourself and others with the magic of Reiki! The level 1 syllabus includes; study of chakras, auras, physical and spiritual anatomy, how to discern, treat and remove localized imbalances and more! Learn the practice of self treatment as well as how to treat others. 9-4:30 Course fee: $170+ manual.

WEDNESDAY SEPT 12- CRYSTAL HEALING FOR ANIMALS LV 1- Powerful yet gentle healing tools, crystals carry the capacity to harmonize and calm our animals. Because crystals come directly from the Earth and embody individual healing properties, they are the ideal way to bring balance to our animal friends’ energy fields and in turn our homes. In this level 1 course, we will study which crystals are beneficial for which animals and why. We can bring balance to all types of animals from all types of backgrounds. We will learn to create a sacred animal- healing space, study animal-specific crystal layouts, which crystals work well together in an animal healing, how to bring angels and other light beings into an animal healing session and more! 6-8:30, $75.

TUESDAY SEPT 18- FREE TALK- ANIMALS & ENERGY, RADIANCE GIFTS 875 CORYDON AVE- Join J Morgan Saifer, Animal Communicator and author of the book Animals & Energy  as she discusses the benefits of energy healing for animals. J Morgan will speak about animal consciousness and sentience as well as what animals think and how they feel about life alongside their people. Cost: FREE. MAX 20 seats. Call 204-284-4231 to book your spot.

WEDNESDAY SEPT 19- DREAM INTERPRETATION WORKSHOP- Please join J Morgan, professional intuitive in learning to uncover the secrets of your dreams! Since the dawn of humankind, dreams have eluded humans with their magic and mystery. In this class, we will examine what makes us dream, how we can remember our dreams and how we can learn to interpret our own dreams. Learn about dream symbols, dream meanings, lucid dreaming, recurring nightmares and all of the messages your subconscious mind wants to you know! 6-8:30 $60

THURSDAY SEPT 20- FALL EQUINOX DOG FRIENDLY DRUMMING & MESSAGE NIGHT-Come and join J Morgan Saifer, professional Animal Communicator & Medium in bringing in the autumn season! This dog-friendly event is one you and you dogs will want to attend! Guests are welcome to bring their well behaved dogs or a picture of their animal friends to receive a message from J Morgan. J Morgan will offer a ceremony to celebrate the Equinox as well as a message from every dog or picture of an animal in attendance. Cost: $40 MAX 15 people.

SUNDAY SEPT 23RD- ANIMAL COMMUNICATION MODULE 1- SASKATOON- LOCATION TBA.- Animals are our greatest friends, teachers and guardians. They come into our lives with love and blessings with a purpose. What if you could access the messages they wish to share? Would you want to know why they chose you? Would you like to know if they’re happy and feel healthy?

Please join J Morgan Saifer-Animal Communicator & Medium for her exciting Animal Communication Module 1 workshop! Through a series of individual healings, guided meditations and practicum, Morgan will introduce the concept and methodology behind telepathy and how to access your animal’s consciousness through telepathic communication. Morgan has over 15 years of animal care experience, both in hands-on and metaphysical settings. As an Animal Reiki Master & Animal Communicator of over 10 years, Morgan has dedicated her life and spiritual practice to teaching and speaking publicly about animal consciousness and wellness across Western Canada.  Please bring a picture of one of your living animal friends for the practicum portion of this class. 9-4 COURSE FEE $222



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