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APRIL 18, 2018- $10 TALK- RADIANCE GIFTS, WINNIPEG- J Morgan Saifer will be at Radiance Gifts 875 Corydon Ave in Winnipeg for a one hour talk on animal consciousness, animal communication and the benefits of energy healing for animals. 6:30-7:30 pm. The cost is ONLY $10! ONLY 20 SEATS AVAILABLE.  Call 204-284-4231 to book your seat.

SUNDAY APRIL 29, 2018- COMPANION ANIMAL REIKI 1- RADIANCE GIFTS, WINNIPEG- 9:30-4: Learn to treat animals with Reiki by becoming a certified Animal Reiki practitioner! Learn about animal-specific chakras, auras, removing energy blockages, animal-specific stresses. Course includes a study of basic Traditional Chinese Medicine as it applies to animals. No experience necessary. Manual and certificate included. Tuition- $160. Call 204-284-4231 to register.

SUNDAY MAY 6, 2016- ANIMAL COMMUNICATION MODULE 1- WINNIPEG- PRIVATE RESIDENCE- learn to communicate with animals in their primary language- energy! J Morgan Saifer- Animal Communicator, healer & medium will take students through a series of guided meditations, personal healings and practicum to facilitate a better understanding of how and why animals think, behave and believe as they do. Tuition $200.

TUES MAY 8TH, 2018- UNDERSTANDING KARMA (SOUL) CONTRACTS- RADIANCE GIFTS, WINNIPEG- One of our main purposes as spiritual beings is to seek out and heal our karma. Humans have various types of karma that they incarnate with for the sole intention to heal and clear it. Join J Morgan Saifer, professional intuitive in learning what soul (karma) contracts are, how to access your karmic patterning and how to heal it. Learn to identify the Akashic (past life) origin of your most troublesome relationships and how you can begin to heal.

J Morgan specializes in Karma (soul) Contract readings that involve interpersonal relationships. These relationships are often quite impactful and weight heavily on those who experience them. They are most frequently experienced within romantic partnerships, parent-child relationships and sibling relationships.  6:30-8:30p. $50. Call 204-284-4231 to register.

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SOULSTICE SPIRIT also offers semi-private training classes in all of the above.

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