This coming Tuesday, December 29th marks this year’s final full moon. In conjunction with our past two weeks of brilliant celestial events, the final days of 2020 promise to go out with a bang! Carrying the impact of both the recent new moon in Sagittarius and last week’s Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, this full moon is a fitting end to a chaotic year.

As with all full moons, there is a theme of release. Creating a spiritual practice around the lunar cycle is a wonderful way to unite with both our innermost selves as well as the spirits of nature. While the moon is new, we can create a list of intentions. And, as the moon grows into its fullness, so do our intentions. On the date of the full moon, traditionally we create a list of that which we wish to let go. Once said list has been created, we are ready to ceremoniously release it into the atmosphere. The most common ways to release our list are to either bury it or burn it. By taking one of these actions, we are sending a message to the Universe that we are ready to bid farewell to the old, and ready to create a new and clean space for the new and wonderful gifts that come our way.

As with all full moons, this is a time to take stock of what is working in our lives as well as what is no longer. This is a time to consciously release all that holds us back; that no longer serves our highest good. With this past year having been painfully wrought with challenges and hurdles for every human who walks our Earth, many lessons have been learned. Despite its devastating immobilization of humanity, this year has been undoubtedly full of growth, perspective and layers shed. Throughout these dramatic personal and global shifts, we have experienced a by-product. We have witnessed ourselves shedding the layers of that which is no longer in alignment with our authentic selves. Though we may not have realized it, this was a blessing in disguise. As such, this full Moon in Cancer is time to fully let go of the remainder of these corollaries. This full moon is a time to release all of the pain and suffering that we have endured this last year once and for all in order to create a new and peaceful space for the bright future that is birthing on the horizon.

Backtracking slightly, we have recently witnessed “The Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn. While a magnificent spectacle in the night sky for several nights this past week, those of us who are sensitive would have undoubtedly felt its tug of war. Jupiter being the planet of intellectual expansion, healing, long distance travel, overindulgence and miracles conjunct with Saturn whose properties are structure, function, grounding, logic, responsibility and discipline, we sensitive people would have been highly uncomfortable. Bouncing between free-thinking, creative space and convincing ourselves that our dreams and goals are illogical would have had us constantly at odds with ourselves or with others who attempted to debate us. Particularly as we are in the throes of the second wave of the Coronavirus, our Jupitarian desire to travel abroad or to visit with family and friends over the holidays would have come to a screeching halt with the inane structures that have recently been cast upon us.

In tandem with this week’s Full Moon in Cancer, the Great Conjunction may cause discomfort in the home. As the astrological sign of cancer focuses on the hearth and home, we will find ourselves very aware of our feelings about our family members and or home itself. We will very quickly realize what must be freed from our surroundings. We may experience a desire to run away from our problems, to be free instead of to face them head on. We may become easily irritated by miniscule aspects of the personalities of our family members that hadn’t ever bothered us before. We may become easily irritated with clutter, smell or even having to share space with anyone at all. Conversely, should we be living alone in isolation, the Full Moon in Cancer may reinforce the fact that we are alone. Because Cancer is the maternal, nurturing, emotional sign of the zodiac, should we find ourselves without anyone to nurture at this time, we may feel temporarily out of place and gloomy. Ordinarily either of these scenarios would be unpleasant. However, once we stir in the energy of the Great Conjunction- whose energy is still residually present- we can run into an extra layer of aggravation. We may find ourselves at battle with ourselves or with others in our home over the precedence of free thinking and creation versus logic and discipline.

When Cancer, a water sign, astrologically arises, we can expect to be in touch with our feelings. Because of the vastly hectic year that was 2020, during this particular Full Moon in Cancer, we can expect that the deepest layers of our emotions that have been bubbling beneath the surface are sure to come out. At first glance, this may sound intense and unpleasant. However upon closer inspection we may find that this emotional release is cathartic, therapeutic and liberating. Though we may not have control over the emotional release itself, we do have a golden opportunity to harness these emotions and channel them into a creative venture. Whether we are writers, painters, dancers or artists, the emotions that are sure to come to the forefront during this lunar period can be a blessing.

This final full moon of 2020 invites us to take a serious look at the baggage that we have incurred this past year. It invites us to remember that we have the personal power to dig ourselves out of the mountain of weight that has been placed on our shoulders. This watery full moon in Cancer opens the floodgates and allows the weight of the world which we have been carrying to wash away.



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