Just after midnight on Tuesday, Sept 2, we observe this year’s full moon in Pisces. This intuitive, imaginative, watery sign is the perfect site in which to daydream and create our days away. This ethereal full moon will certainly have its ups and downs. However whether we are feeling up or down, this moon is an ideal one to set our sights on brighter days to come!

Pisces, the psychic watery intuitive sign will illuminate our emotional body. Whether we are in emotional distress or emotional harmony, our emotions will be brought to the surface. This Full Moon’s placement in the Water sign of Pisces will allow our emotions to pour from our bodies so that they are acknowledged, resolved and healed. Through this outpouring of emotion, we will find that old pain resurfaces. All of the emotional trauma and heartbreak that we have held onto now has the opportunity to be released once and for all. This full moon is truly a time to let go of all the emotional pain that we have unhealthily held onto. Though this may seem disharmonious, we may stabilize ourselves on the knowledge that once these built up emotions have evacuated our systems, we will be left with brilliant new room for all of our new and positive life experiences.

On the other side of the strong emotional upheaval we may experience at this time, we can rest our gaze on the positive planetary alignment that exists between the Full Moon in Pisces and Uranus. With the Piscean ethereal nature aligned with Uranus’ sudden need to switch things up, we can expect an influx of peace and love to come our way. Whether the peaceful influx is from external sources or a renewed sense of self love, we will, after such a challenging few months, be most grateful for the serenity., if even for a short while. Because of this new sense of serenity, we will find ourselves comfortably swimming into synchronicity and other magic.

This Full Moon in Pisces makes its appearance, as always, in the sun sign of Virgo. Both the Piscean and Virgo nature is to retreat into solitude, especially when provoked. Because of the sensitive nature of our feelings during the Pisces full moon, we may feel a heightened ans temporary connectivity to the “victim” mentality. We may feel as if humanity and the universe are out to get us because we may feel that we are being treated unfairly by others. However, this, in addition to many other beliefs and thoughts we have under the umbrella of the ethereal Pisces would be an illusion. If at any time, during this lunar period or otherwise, we feel that we are unwarrantedly being treated poorly, let us take a step back and ground. Thanks to our sun being in the Earth sign of Virgo, we are easily able to access earthly energy with which to ground. Upon grounding we will soon realize that the way that our colleagues and loved ones are treating us is simply a reflection of how they treat themselves. Their behaviour is not about us- it’s about them and should not be taken personally.

With our Moon in Pisces, we may feel a sudden and profound desire to study the spiritual arts. Or, if we are already on a spiritual path, we may feel a sudden and strong desire to learn a new spiritual skill or sharpen a pre-existing spiritual ability. This lunar influence is a powerful one that has the capacity to guide us into a new and exciting spiritual hobby that with practice could become a future source of income. This is an ideal time to ask the Universe for anything you desire in order to facilitate your spiritual hobbies and practices. From being Divinely aligned with a Spiritual mentor to finding a sale on crystals to create crystal healing tools, all is possible under the Pisces Full Moon!

With our Sun in the Earth sign of Virgo, we may feel a strong pull to retreat into nature. The Piscean moon will almost assuredly create a feeling of overwhelm to those of us who are sensitive. If and when we do feel overwhelmed by colleagues, family, friends or the media, we may feel inclined to spend as much time as we are able in the trees. There is much wisdom and solace in the trees, all we need to do is to be still and be open.




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