Just like in the movies, our next full moon lands on Halloween. Marking the halfway point between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice, our upcoming Blue Full Moon in Taurus on Halloween night brings about much magic and mystery as the veil between the third and fourth dimension is at its thinnest. This full moon is the second full moon in the month of October, rendering its label of a blue moon.

During the days surrounding Halloween, many believe that a gateway between the third and fourth dimension opens. Too many believers, on this occasion, consider it to be a time we are most likely to have an encounter or an experience with spiritual beings; some claim that they are not always of the benevolent persuasion. Many have used Divination tools such as Ouija boards, pendulums and other magical instruments to attempt to connect with beings in Spirit. Unfortunately, many are unaware how to safely connect with other dimensions and can put themselves at risk of connecting with malevolent beings. If you do choose to attempt to utilize the energy of this full moon on Halloween to attempt such an idea, be very certain that you are doing so in a safe and secure manner so as not to put yourself or your loved ones in danger. There are many available resources that will illustrate how to safely connect with benevolent beings who wish to share messages of hope and healing.

Because we experience two full moons in the month of October, there is an overall theme of release. With this Full Moon in Taurus, in combination with Mercury in retrograde, there is a focus on releasing what we once found to be stable, safe and secure. With all of the shifting that has gone on over the last year, we are undoubtedly ready to begin anew. In order to do so, we must prepare to release the old to make room for the new. With Taurean energy focusing on stability, safety and security, our awareness shifts to the areas of our life where we are ready to let go of old belief patterns associated with stability and security. This may mean the release of those aspects of our lives where we are holding onto relationships, material items or other things that once made sense or held great value to us but do no longer. In recognizing which belief patterns and structures are ready to be released, we are de-cluttering our lives, reorganizing and restructuring. However, because Mercury is in retrograde (, we may have to wait until our nest full moon (November’s Full Moon/Eclipse in Gemini) to release what we have conjured up at this time.

In addition to the theatrical Blue Full Moon in Taurus on Halloween night, we also have Uranus, the planet of sudden insight and change aligned with the Moon. Meaning, at a certain point throughout the 72 hours surrounding the light of the Full moon in Taurus at 9:49am central time, we will receive a surprising piece of information. Or, we are likely to have a sudden, Earth-shattering, ground breaking, game changing realization. With the upcoming US election only three days after this full moon and all of the other global crises, this can truly be anybody’s game. Uranus is very likely to spring upon us information that could very well change the course of our lives completely. Uranus is the planet of spiritual awakening, which means that the Halloween Full Moon will be active, teeming with energy!

Taurus is one of two planets ruled by the planet Venus. Venusian energy is one of Divine femininity and beauty. Ordinarily, the Venusian energy would likely open our eyes to all of the magic, beauty and wonder that our great Universe gifts us. However, with Mercury in retrograde, instead of peering outward at the bountiful world, we will be prone to looking within. Ideally, we can take this opportunity to acknowledge our own inner beauty. For some of us, however, this may take work. And this full moon is the perfect time to do it! This is a fantastic time to learn to be kind to ourselves; to give ourselves a gentle break- to avoid being so harsh with ourselves. This is a fantastic time to practice using positive, loving words with ourselves so that upon the end of this Mercury retrograde, we will be well-versed and self kindness. So much so, that we will radiate love to all those whom we encounter. May we be a light, a beacon of hope to those in despair.

Despite all of the Earth-shattering and restructuring that this Full Moon brings, we can take comfort in the grounding, Earthy sign of Taurus. Taurus, an earth sign, encourages us to connect with nature. Particularly, while we are thrown off kilter during this powerful full moon time, there is a peaceful, calming temperament to nature itself. By rooting our feet into the ground of our Mother Earth and intending  to release all of the chaotic, overwhelming feelings that these days bring, we will allow ourselves be present in the moment. We can feel secure in knowing that whatever the present moment brings, we are safe and cared for. We are loved beyond all measure, more than we can ever grasp. We can feel safe in believing that the Universe only gives us what we can handle. If we are handed a challenge, it is only because we are given the task of believing in ourselves and our abilities to overcome these challenges.



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