What your angels want you to know:

Many times, your angels see you doubting yourself, your path and your purpose. Questioning your position and place, of course, is a natural part of the human consciousness. Though the process is natural,  you can become confused and often frustrated with any choices you feel you must make. Sometimes you may feel like you are helpless and alone. What your angels want you to know is that you’re never alone. They are here to help see you through all of your experiences. However- they can ONLY help you if you ask! Your angels want you to know that they are ALWAYS here for you yet they are unable to violate your free will. This means that they cannot just help you because THEY feel it’s a good time to do so. If they did they would be violating your free will, which would be in violation of their duties as the messengers of God, or The Source energy. So, they must wait for you to ask.

Since, even in one day, you think about so many things, your angels want you to know that the easiest way for them to help you is by your writing to them a letter, stating a specific request for guidance. By writing it down, you are solidifying your request as opposed to it being just another passing thought like the rest.

How you write your letter is actually quite simple. You angels operate on very high vibrations. The closest human vibrations to the angelic are gratitude and joy. In order to reach your angels in the highest and best way, you will want to extend joy and gratitude throughout your letter. To do this, you will want to begin by addressing your angels; Dear angels of mine, or Dear Archangels, etc. Following the address, you will want to state something which you are grateful for; such as the extra time you had this morning to spend with your cat, the warmer than usual weather or even the fact that you live in a country as liberal as ours. You can virtually pick any little thing that crosses your mind which brings you a sense of joy and gratitude. After you have given thanks to your angels, you will then pen (or type) your request. An example would be- I wish to pass my exam, or I wish to acquire enough money to take a vacation to Florida this winter, or some such idea. You may make the body of the letter as long as you wish however keeping your request concise and well-worded is important. Your angels can have a sense of humour and you may find you get EXACTLY what you wish for! The moral of the story here is: keep it simple. Once you have made your request, you may then thank your angels for reading your letter. Again, your angels respond very well to the gratitude vibration. THE MORE GRATEFUL YOU ARE, THE MORE YOU WILL RECEIVE CIRCUMSTANCES TO BE GRATEFUL FOR! Lastly, you will sign the letter with your signature, finalizing your request. Once you have signed the letter, it is ready to be put away or left on your mantle for your angels to read.

It is important that you do not continuously read your letter over again, as your angels want you to ask and then let it go. The more practiced you become at letting your wishes go, the more easily your angels can fulfill them!

Always remember: your angels are here to guide you and answer your prayers. All you need to do is ask!

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