Inspired by many of my students, clients, friends and colleagues, I have apprehended that there is a very important message underlying the mass heaviness in the atmosphere. There is a colossal amount of change occurring to date politically, environmentally and energetically. And it is taking its toll on all of us.

It may come in the form of depression. It may come in the form of sudden, irrational bursts of anger. It may come in the form of hopelessness. It may come in the form of fear. But it comes. It grabs a hold of us. It tugs on our heart strings for the world as we know it. It crushes us, illuminating just how small each of us looks in the grand scheme of the universe; and renders us seemingly powerless to do anything to fight it.

Alas we, feeling so insignificant may have spoken too soon. Have we forgotten that we are all one? Have we forgotten that we are part of the same force of consciousness that is able to co-create a more hospitable environment for ourselves and those with whom we share the planet? Have we forgotten that we are part of the same unity that has created this atrocious display of evil? Surely, if we are part of the unification of these forces, we must have the power to alter our futures and the future of humanity and Mother Earth! And surely, if we are all one, we are equally able to shift current circumstances back to a peaceful environment as are the forces that have created this new reality.

Too, Mother Earth is suffering. Long before these new circumstances arose, she was tortured, dismembered and abused beyond any acceptable limits. And now that the powers that be wish to cause irreparable damage to her, will we sit blindly and silently? We know very well that our retribution is love, and that it is so much stronger than any other force in the universe. Because ultimately we know that love is the ONLY truth. We will not picket. We will not write letters to the powers that be. We will not form sit-ins. Our retribution is love. And all that is necessary for us to combat the evil that rears its ugly head is to become one with love; with truth. And when we relinquish our fear to the Divine consciousness, we are joining forces with the greatest good. And when we submit to our fear, we are doing nothing to stop the acts of maliciousness. We are doing nothing to help our sacred Mother Earth. When we submit to our fear, we are feeding the belly of the beast that has made it it’s mission to bring us down. We will not feed the beast. We will feed the Divinity that lives within all of us. We will feed the Divinity that lives within Mother Earth. We will heal our sister, our Mother Earth.

Every action we take, be it behaviour, thought or feeling, has a direct effect on the fabric of existence. Our actions affect ourselves, humankind and the multitude of all living beings with whom we share the Earth. When we behave, think and feel in such a way that emulates negativity and sorrow, we affect all life. When we behave, think and feel in such a way that emulates kindness and love, we affect all life. It serves the highest and greatest good of all to sit in peace and prayer.

Because we are in the human body and inhabit the human mind, learning to supersede feelings f angst, fear and hopelessness takes discipline. And this is one of the reasons why we have chosen this life for ourselves; to learn the practice of discipline. Yet we know that we are only given what we can handle. Therefore it is at this time that we are given the choice whether to become a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

To invest ourselves in becoming the solution takes little physical effort. We need not move a muscle. All that is required of us to become a part of the investment is to connect with the deepest, most gratifying feeling of unconditional love. It is from the connection that healing begins. From this sole and magnificent connection we heal our bodies, we heal our minds, we heal our souls. And because of the interconnection of all living beings, we are sure to impact the outcome of our collective place within the greatest good.

By simply breathing, being and loving, we are changing the landscape of human existence. Because energy is the fundamental link between all that is, if we transmute our fear and hopelessness into love and compassion, the very fabric of our reality will shift. Though it may seem simple, the discipline involved in such a feat takes patience, care and awareness. Every being has the capability to become at one with unconditional love. The more time and space we create for ourselves to sit in complete and total love, the more we will raise the vibration of our universal destiny.

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