Today is a day of days! This powerful full moon has the potential to bring a complete cataclysm or complete elevation of consciousness.. or both! There is the dual influence of the solar Aquarius which recognizes the human characteristic of detachment from one’s emotions as well as the lunar energies of Leo, which stirs up passion, drive and sensuality.  Additionally Jupiter opposes Uranus which conjures up ethereal, magical energy infused with sudden and abrupt change. Anything can happen! Jupiter is the planet which denotes expansion of mind, imagination and spirit, while Uranus is the planet that stands for sudden change and shaking up of energy. All of this is to say that if there is something within your energy field that needs to be released, it can happen gently if you are ready to let it go. And if you are not, today is the day to prepare to have it happen on its own. And when it happens on its own, you can be sure it will be full of surprises!

With the energies of this lunar eclipse, we can expect a heightened focus on emotional relationships. This conjunction of the sun and moon will illuminate what is valid for us now interpersonally and what is ready to be released. And today is the perfect time to ask for help with this releasing. During this 24 hour period we may feel like we are spinning out of control. But we need not worry because this is how we will begin to feel our stale energies release themselves from our fields.

On a more personal level, the balance between the sun and moon energies will shed light on where and how we must find the discipline to evolve without destroying our vital energy force or the energy force of the collective. This full moon/ eclipse focuses on shifting our energies with consciousness. If we are not conscious of our shift in energy, we will be left behind and miss this potential for initiation into a new, higher level of consciousness.

Today is the day where we have the power to tell ourselves that what we are experiencing as a loss of control is an initiation of sorts into a higher consciousness. This day is the completion of our personal and collective spiritual evolution that began during the lunar eclipse six months ago, when the Sun was in Leo and the moon in Aquarius.

To add to all of this excitement, we will bear witness to a rare comet in the dark night skies, around 3am PST. There is much mystery surrounding the astrological symbolism of the comet. In ancient times of the Greek, the comet as been regarded as an illusory symbol . In the times of ancient Roman, it was an omen of destruction.  Though these concepts do have their respective places in history, we can approach the symbolism of the comet on a more internalized level.

In ancient Greek mythology, the comet appears in two myths that both relate to grief and sacrifice. If we take this notion one step further and bring the ideas of these myths into modern day, we will see that he comet’s appearance is relevant to releasing our grief through self-sacrifice. This self-sacrifice need not be any gesture more that putting our own selfish needs aside for the greater good. And this will help us to relieve the grief of our collective planetary inhabitants. By putting our individual desires aside for a moment and looking at how we can be of service to the greater good, we will be both healing ourselves and nurturing our planet. At this time this is of foremost importance in our own evolution as well as the collective!

Comets also indicate the upbringing of “frozen” or stagnant issues within ourselves. Because comets are frozen rocks hurdling through space, we can expect movement of energy within ourselves that is ready to be released. This is highlighted here as well as within the lunar eclipse and can be expected to be a main focus of these celestial event.

If we allow ourselves to surrender this day to Spirit, we will be amazed at the magic and wonder that unfolds! Remember that we have the ability to channel our shifting energies away from upheaval and toward higher consciousness! By connecting with our higher selves, we can shift our perspective, let go and have faith that the peaks and troughs of this unique astrological alignment will bring us closer to where we aspire to be!

Send Love

Receive Love

Be Love


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