HAPPY FULL MOON IN VIRGO!  This day holds an interesting paradox between the ethereal, emotional, impressionable, sensitive nature of the Pisces sun and the grounded, hard working, organized, diligent nature of the Virgo moon.

Full moons are the centre point of the lunar cycle. They are midway between new moons, which means that they are the end of the waxing moon cycle and the beginning of the waning.  The moon represents our “inner” selves (feelings, beliefs) , while the sun represents our “outer” selves (personality)

During this particular full moon, we are being encouraged to let go of control of every small detail of our lives. Because the Sun is Pisces, we are feeling free to dream the days away. And because for these 48 hours it is opposed to the Virgo moon which sheds light on our need for meticulous control, there can be a strong overtone of discomfort in this area. This is because of the opposing forces at work here. We will find that letting go of our need to control every aspect of our lives will create a more harmonious life experience for ourselves. This moon exemplifies the concept that when we set our intentions, they may not unfold exactly how we had hoped, but realizing that the way they have unfolded is in a higher and greater good for all involved. Remember that Spirit can see the biggest picture, while we may only be looking at a very small picture in comparison. Stay strong in your faith!

At this time as well, Venus is in retrograde. There is a strong and conscious calling coming to our forefront that invites us to reawaken our Divine feminine energy, and form an ever-strengthening bond with it. Whether we identify with the female or male gender, all living beings have within them a connection to the Divine feminine. And during this six week Venus retrograde, we will find ourselves being called upon to nurture that aspect of ourselves and of others.

Because of the Venus retrograde, this full moon will be full of encouragement to heal past relationship trauma. We may feel periods of deep sadness and mourning indicating that it is time to heal our past relationship wounds so that we are able to move forward in a healthy and whole way. Additionally, this moon will invite us to relinquish control over current relationships- meaning that we will be inspired to realize that we are only responsible for ourselves. We do not have the right or responsibility to control others; we must RELEASE expectations of them.

Undoubtedly, this moon has the capacity to draw out strong and deep emotions. It can help to remember that we attract these emotional situations to learn from. They represent areas of our lives that are out of balance. And that by doing the work involved to self-heal, we will be able to reinforce our confidence, inner peace and self-love!

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