Those of us who are conscious beings recognize thoughts and feelings in a certain way. We pay attention to messages that our subconscious wants to bring to our conscious mind. These messages can take on many forms and come from many media and have many different themes.

Perhaps one of the most common forms of messages is “synchronicity”. Synchronicity occurs when a perceived message comes to us through a series of events that are linked together through a common theme. For example, say we are questioning whether or not to move residences. We get into the car, begin to drive and we come across a billboard that screams “TIME TO MOVE ON”, as a song on the radio comes on about moving on. This is a basic example of synchronicity. These types of events can happen at any time at any place. They can happen on an objective level as stated above, or they can happen on a more personal level based on a prior emotional or intellectual connection one has with certain items or experiences.

When we experience “synchronicity”, the theory is that this is a sign that we are on the right path. And, if we experience many of these synchronicities throughout a short period of time, we are in alignment with our higher selves; our Divine paths.

Whether these experiences are spiritually-based or our consciousness perceives these chains of events in order to receive a message, one element is the same: there is a message there. To discern (or “Divine” in spiritual terms) the message, it is paramount to pay attention to several aspects of the experience. First, we must pay attention to the series of events. During a synchronistic event, there is also often an accompanied feeling of elation, joy or even the feeling of magic. Second, we must pay attention to the frequency of the message.

The frequency of messages is paramount in realizing what our subconscious is trying to get us to pay attention to. Whether the repetition happens in waking life, dreaming life or both, there is an underlying theme that needs to be realized. The messages will continue to come until we acknowledge them and set foot on the path to work with them.

Messages come in any way at any time. Whether we continue to see or hear the same phrase, song, or see the same animal symbol or series of numbers, there is a message afoot. To best understand what these signs and symbols mean to us, we must focus of the FIRST association that happens in our minds upon reception of message. For example, when we see or hear the same unusual word or phrase three times, the immediate feeling after the experience is likely what the message pertains to. Becoming familiar with our reactions to experiences in this way can take a lot of practice. The practice involves listening to our bodies, and NOT our minds. For the moment we get into our minds about messages, our ego interferes.

According to Wiccan tradition, the process of intuiting messages from external sources such as tea leaves, the Tarot, number patterns, clock times (11:11) etc is called “scrying”. According to Spiritualist and Shamanic practice, the process is called “divining” as in “Divination Tools”. Either way, this process can be quite helpful in becoming in alignment with our subconscious mind.

The nature of how messages will appear is specific to the individual. Often, when becoming more practiced at the art, the individual will begin to notice patterns. The notice of patterns comes with the knowledge that consciousness exists outside of our minds and is interwoven into the fabric of the Universe. Patterns, just as other messages, can come in any and all forms. Patterns can appear in a series of numbers, animal totems, how we react to experiences or what situations we attract. The key theme is that the patterns repeat themselves. And when they do, there is an underlying message, or lesson to be learned.

Once we delve deeper into the realm of message reception, we may begin to notice that the fabric of our reality begins to shift in a profound way. We may begin to realize that time as we know it begins to bend. And before we know it, our perception of time will alter from linear to non-linear.


Whereas linear time indicates that we experience events in a systematic, chronological order, non-linear time suggests that we experience events in more of an abstract disorder (or seeming disorder). In terms of reception of messages, non-linear time would have us feel as if we are in a time spiral. Once our consciousness comes into alignment with non-linear time, we will begin to notice that not only do messages repeat themselves, but they can return long after we feel we have healed the underlying theme of these messages.

Often throughout the course of our spiritual journey, we will acquaint ourselves with how our messages come through, the symbolism behind them and how we can heal their themes. As we focus our intention of the value of learning from these experiences, they will begin to shine through in every situation we encounter. We will especially begin to notice the spiral of time when it comes to re-encountering people from our past.

Why is it, that even though we feel that we have healed the aspect of ourselves that got lost in a previous relationship, it comes back with more healing work to be done? And why does it happen more than once?

Instead of a line of time as science would have us believe, picture a spiral. We can even go so far as to picture our spiritual experiences like an onion.  As dedicated spiritual warriors, we are always shifting and fluxing in time, space and dimension. Because we are always growing and expanding, we are sure to find new perspectives on old situations. These new perspectives will help us to heal in new and profound ways, allowing us new opportunities to become in alignment with our Divinity. And each time we re-encounter the same old situation and heal from it, we peel back another layer of the onion, continuing along the spiral of non-linear time, encouraging us to go deeper within to find new beauty within.

Though the timing of these events can seem “random” or “out of the blue”, in fact they are perfectly timed according to when you are ready to acknowledge the new perspectives. In fact, the Universe will only give us what we can handle at one time. If we are feeling overwhelmed at any time, it helps to know this. It helps to know that there is a bigger picture and that we are interwoven into it. Given that we, among all other beings and objects in the universe, have a vibration or frequency, we subconsciously (sometimes consciously) attract situations and people whom we are ready to be faced with.

The reception and understanding of messages are a significant part of living a spiritual or conscious lifestyle. They allow us insight, reflection and self-awareness; three main components of the journey to inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.


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