Most people want to know if their animals know that they are loved. Even though most animals know they are, here are 9 of many ways that your animals will know how much you love them:

1)      You give them lots of gentle cuddles- cuddling is hands down the most wonderful way to show our animals we love them!! Remember that animals are gentle beings and should be cuddled in soft and easy way. Too much forceful cuddling can make them want to lash out at you. This is especially prominent with children. Teaching children to be gentle with animals promotes a lifetime of empathy and compassion!

2)      You give them plenty of exercise- animals thrive on exercise when they are young and healthy. By exercising them regularly, you will be keeping their cardiovascular system healthy, increasing joint mobility, keeping extra pounds off, increasing longevity and keeping morale at an all time high!

3)      You keep their food/bathroom areas clean- cats and dogs are very clean beings. Because they are guests in our homes, it is our responsibility to keep their areas clean. They are unable to clean up their spaces on their own, and rely on us to do so. Let’s show them how much we care!

4)      You always make sure to read food labels to ensure that they are eating the most nutritious foods- animals are unable to purchase their own food. If they were, would they buy the food we’re choosing for them? There are so many poor quality foods on the market. Proper nutrition is the most important part of their day. By reading food labels and understanding what may be harmful and toxic (there are far too many cat and dog foods with carcinogens and other toxic by-products!), we can ensure that our animal friends have the best quality of life possible.

5)      You verbally reaffirm your love for them on a regular basis- Most of us tell our animals that we love them on a very regular basis. This can do wonders for their self esteem and longevity! It can be equally, if not more affirming for us to add additional praises to the mix. Animals are very sensitive to vibes. If we choose to use positive words in a complimentary way in various forms, we will be promoting mental and spiritual wellness for all!

6)      You see them as equal members of your family, not as belongings or toys- animals should ALWAYS be respected and treated as equal family members. Though it’s important to set rules and boundaries with them behaviourally, in terms of love and respect animals will know you love them if they are treated as equals.

7)      You respect their space- animals, just like people, get irritated when people get too close, or stay too close for a prolonged time period. By recognizing your animal’s body language and postures, you will easily be able to tell when she has had enough of you in her personal space! Not only will this lessen any biting, barking and scratching, but it will also help your animals to know that you respect them and their needs.

8)      You create an animal-friendly environment, setting them up to succeed- By organizing your home in a way that helps your animals to be themselves you will surely be expressing your love! When you adapt to an environment that has few breakables, keep your shoes in a closed closet and keep your counter tops clean, your animal will have little choice but to behave in a way that encourages positive reinforcement.

9)      You recognize how noise-sensitive animals are and avoid yelling and other loud noises- Animals have a magnified sense of hearing. Their hearing extends far beyond the human hearing spectrum. To allow them a peaceful environment and to help them know you love them, keep the volume of your voice and other noise down.

By following these 9 steps, you will be showing your animals love in a way that they surely understand. They will be grateful to you for life!


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