Happy full moon in Libra! Today, April 11, 2017 is the full moon in Libra in the sun sign of Aries. Because Libra is the sign of harmony and balance, we may find within ourselves the desire to be of service to others. And this is a wonderful idea! The 48 hours of this full moon are an excellent time to spread the energies of peace and harmony; to uplift those with whom you cross paths. This is the perfect day to spend our time and energies being of service to others. Being of service to others; both animal and human is a very high vibration act and is sure to heal ourselves as well in the process!

The sign of Libra is ruled planet Venus which exudes Divine Feminine energies. Aries, our current sun sign, is ruled by the planet of Mars; the male God of war. This leads to an interesting battle in our consciousness between the Divine feminine and warlike masculinity. If we let this battle take the stage, we may find ourselves amidst a power struggle between our ego and our self all day long. If this should begin to take shape, we must not submit to the battle. We can easily remind ourselves that we have the power to rise above and spend our valuable energy connecting with the nurturing and harmonious energy that is this lunar pull.

Because we are in the middle of our Mercury retrograde, we may also feel a string inclination to spend this day going within to seek aspects of our own lives and selves that are need rebalancing. For more information about this Mercury retrograde, please see:


This full moon is about focusing our consciousness onto the global scale. It is about coming together through unconditional love to raise the vibration of our Mother Earth. Because Libra is the sign of harmonious balance, this full moon carries with it a strong capacity to open our hearts and remember that we are a collective consciousness. Our concept of individuality is an Earthly vibration and once we step outside of that vibration into higher awareness, we can be reminded that we are all one, and that any though, feeling or belied each of us partakes in does affect the whole. This full moon is an ideal time to remove that veil of individuality, and instead of focusing on differences we may believe we have from others, to focus on one similarity that we all share: our Divine ability to love and be loved.

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