Embarking on a spiritual path can be filled with magic, mystery, peaks and troughs. It can create hope, joy, fear and confusion. It can help you come face to face with your darkest side only to illuminate how it has helped to serve you on your journey. It can be your brightest ally and your most antagonistic challenger.

Along your path, you are bound to have moments where you stop and question what is going on inside and around you. You are bound to ask yourself a series of questions; wondering if what you are experiencing is real, why you’re experiencing what you are or whether or not an experience you have just had is valid- did you make it up? You may even go so far as to ask yourself with whom you are communicating in the Spirit world, if in fact you are communicating with anyone at all. How do you know it is benevolent?

These are all valid questions. And it is healthy to ask them. Most of the time, when we are truly committed to our spiritual paths, the cause of questioning comes from an external influence. When we have lived a dedicated spiritual lifestyle, we have become accustomed to the synchronicity, the irony and the humour that life provides. When this ebb and flow is broken, it’s often due to a conversation, doubtful look or question from those who lead dissimilar lives. As spiritualists, we have grown to be so empathic that when questioned or examined by external influences, we can begin to take on their shred of doubt. We can begin to wonder if maybe they are right and this magic and mystery is all in our head. While this may sound like an unhealthy line of thinking, it doesn’t have to be. As always, there is more than one way to look at it. The alternative way to look at this self-examination is to re-affirm our paths. It is always valid to ask for proof of survival.

Asking for proof of survival is a healthy part of being spiritual. Walking in blind faith can be dangerous and harmful. When we walk in blind faith, we can become disconnected from the trueness of spirituality. It is always important to be an active part of our journey. When we leave our journey solely up to The Divine, we are omitting an integral part of it. Not only are we to learn by having faith, we are also responsible for the work we must do on ourselves to become in alignment with The Divine as well as with whom we are and why we’re here. By walking in unquestionable blind faith, we leave ourselves open to stagnation and backsliding. We also run the danger of having faith in something or someone that does not serve our highest good. By continuing to re-evaluate ourselves and our paths, we can continue to ensure that we are being of service to what is our ultimate truth in the highest a greatest good.

As spiritual warriors, we are in a constant state of shifting and fluxing. Nothing is constant as we are continuously learning and growing at an exponential rate. Our likes and dislikes are always changing and we are constantly attracting new situations or ridding ourselves of old, according to our ascending vibrations. Because our spiritual bodies are always on the move, it’s important to take the time to question where we are, where we have come from and where we’d like to be. Because of the rapidity of change in our lives, it’s always beneficial to re-evaluate our passions, priorities and goals.

By questioning our path, and our place on our path, we are creating for ourselves a new awareness. Because a commitment to spiritual awareness requires intense self-examination, we are always being confronted with new sides of ourselves. We are always drumming up the old, healing it and creating the new- all the while figuring out who we are in the face of all of these changes from darkness to Light.

Sometimes we wake up feeling unbalanced, down, or confused. By taking the time to question how we are feeling on a regular basis, we can get to know ourselves better. By asking ourselves questions regularly, we can become more grounded in understanding who we are at the core. With this self-grounding, we can have a platform on which to stand in the face of anything that Universe throws our way. And because we have this platform we are more readily able to stand sure-footed in the face of the challenges that we may face as old souls in a new human body.

When we question our paths, we are more readily able to let go of that which no longer serves us through the process of “discernment”. The process of discernment can be similar to the process of questioning as it comes down to a feeling in your gut. Much like questioning who we are and why we are, questioning whether or not something still serves us is a healthy way to progress on our paths. The process of “letting go” is a topic with a myriad of sub-categories which can take lifetimes to perfect. As we are constantly shifting and growing, our energies will attract and subtract learning experiences left, right and centre. It is our job to look within ourselves to find the necessity of each.

Lastly, it may seem familiar to some that if unquestioned and blindly believed, our spiritual paths can become stagnant. Spiritual stagnation feels like a plateau- nothing has happened for some time, like we are stuck. What we must realize is that we are stagnant so we can question. For without questioning, we do not grow and learn. In fact, the stagnation arises when we have reached a point that we have learned what we can from our current situations and it’s time to delve deeper and reconnect with ourselves. It is time to ask ourselves what kind of life we wish to live and how we, in tandem with Spirit, can make it happen.

Questioning our path is different from questioning ourselves. To believe in the path we walk, we must believe in ourselves. Believing in ourselves stems from the confidence found in self-love. To truly know self-love, we must understand who we are relative to what goes on inside and around us. We must always check in with ourselves to make sure we are on the highest and best road that leads to where we wish to be.

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