Most practiced healers and energy work practitioners are well versed in the depths of the healing crisis. Whether we are conscious of the crises or not, they are a staple of the spiritual warrior. A healing crisis has the power to knock us off of our feet or to embolden us. It has the power to run us into the ground or to empower us. The choice is ours.

When we, as spiritual warriors, embark on our journeys, we have open minds, open hearts and open souls. Regardless of whom we are or where we have come from, inevitably we will find ourselves confronted with circumstances that we find uncomfortable and insufferable. And, because of how sensitive we are, the impact of these circumstances can often feel like temporary personal trauma.

On our paths, we are continuously confronted with experiences that beckon us to look for deeper meaning. Repeated messages of like nature are the Universe’s gentle way of letting us know that it is time to investigate a facet of ourselves that requires realignment with our new vibrations. And if these gentle reminders fly by the wayside, their impact will become greater and heavier until we get the message. Often if we avoid the message long enough, the impact becomes so strong that it can feel like our world is toppling down around us. This is a healing crisis.

A healing crisis often begins with crying. It begins with suddenly remembering someone or something who has caused us pain. And this memory seems to come out of nowhere. The crisis continues in such a way that we feel as if we are reliving the experience, as painful as it was. It feels like we are right back to the source of the pain, despite all of the work we may have done to heal.

A healing crisis is all too familiar to energy work practitioners because though we are healers, our personal journeys to health are ongoing. Every good healer has committed at least a portion of her or his life to this. Consequently, there is much work to do. The positive side of this however, is that once we have experienced a healing crisis, we know what to expect in subsequent instances. Though no two healing crises are the same, the intense self-examination becomes habitual, thereby alleviating some of the crisis from the healing.

The more we delve into our spirituality, the more we encounter our shadow selves; the parts of ourselves that we would sooner ignore than give any energy to, as they can be quite uncomfortable to realize. But the reality is that the longer we ignore our shadow sides, the harder it is to heal them.

A healing crisis feels like an overwhelming sense of loss of control over one’s life, relative to a particular trigger event. This trigger event is most often associated with an aspect of one’s life that is out of balance. These triggers will likely continue to occur in a similar fashion until the one pays attention to the underlying cause. Likely, the underlying cause is one of the shadow sides of self.

Upon identification and acceptance of the underlying cause, the shadow of self, the healing can begin. Fortunately for many energy work practitioners, self-healing goes a long way. By healing ourselves on a regular basis, we are raising the vibration of each and every cell and energy fragment in and around us. And by doing so, we are bringing to the surface all of what no longer serves us so that it can be acknowledged, healed and released. If we are unpracticed at self-healing, a healing crisis is an excellent time to locate an energy healer with whom to connect to work on us.

Through the practices of patience, energy work and self examination, we are readily able to discern the source of the healing crisis and repair it. The identification process can feel like a sudden and strong epiphany. Most Spiritualists are also well versed in epiphany. The realization of the cause of the spiritual crisis is half of the battle. The other half is to heal.

Though it may seem like a downward spiral, a healing crisis is a sign of progress. We encounter these crises so that we are able to grow. We encounter the crises so that we can clearly see what aspect of our consciousness is out of balance. To rebalance our consciousness can take hard work and persistence. However, if we lived a life free of challenge, we would not learn anything. Therefore, we would not progress on our paths.

Day to day, living out the spell of a healing crisis can take its toll. It’s important to remember to take steps each day to ground and center ourselves so that we remain focused. Taking a few minutes to meditate, participate in breathing exercises, sitting in nature and going for long walks are excellent methods of grounding during any type of overwhelming situation.

What many tend to forget is that we are not alone in this healing. We have many helpers in the form of spirit guides and angels who are with us to help us to heal our crises. It is common for many emerging healers and spiritualists to have very few if any other people around them to talk with. Often, many new healers and spiritualists are the first ones in their social networks to experience these non-physical experiences. It can become quite overwhelming and confusing to walk this path alone, with few or no one to bounce ideas off of and share stories with. When this occurs, it is comforting to know that though it feels like we are alone, we are not. Ever. In order to seek help from our spirit guides and angels, all we must do is to ask.

Asking for help can take many forms; prayer, letter writing or telepathically asking for help from The Creator. These are all valid forms of communication with angels and guides that we are in crisis and we would like their help to heal.

When we are in the midst of a healing crisis, it can be trying to let go of all attachment to the outcome. Often we want it to go a certain way which can be detrimental to our healing. In order to fully heal, we must learn to relinquish our ego, relinquish our personal attachments to the situation to the Creator. By allowing ourselves to ask for help, we are enlisting the help of beings who can see the bigger picture; our greater purpose. It is often difficult to see the big picture while we are in the throes of a crisis. However, there is always a bigger picture at work. And it almost definitely it includes learning from the crisis experience which can most efficiently be done through letting go of attachment to the outcome.

Healing from a healing crisis with Divine Intervention will expedite the process. Spirit will help in unimaginable ways if we are open to it. To release attachment to and ego from the crisis is to assuredly hasten the process of healing. And we can be confident in the promise that once we have healed from a specific healing crisis completely, we will never have to heal from it again, for that part of our soul will be healthy, happy and whole.



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