Today marks the first day of summer! It is the longest of daylight hours and the shortest of night. Today is a day to hour the Light; our inner Light, the Light of our Mother Earth, and the Light of the Divine Source Consciousness.

The beginning of the summer season is a time to renew our inner fire. It is a time to recapture our passions, our drives, our desires. It is a time to shine our Light on the seeds of abundance, prosperity and personal success that we have planted in the spring. It is a time to nurture those tiny seeds and watch them grow and flourish.

Too, the Summer Solstice is the perfect time to allow ourselves to bask in the balance of our strength of passion and our need to unwind beneath the summer sun. It is the perfect time to allow ourselves to be outdoors, to relish in the gifts that our Mother Earth has bestowed upon us.

We must also learn the virtue of patience. For the fruits of our labour are not harvested until the autumn. But we can nourish ad cultivate our seedlings with patience, love and Light. And we can have comfort in knowing that our harvest is on the horizon.

The Summer Solstice is a time to connect and reflect with the potential for awakening within each and every living being. It is a time for hope which springs within us as we express gratitude for the Light that lives in all life. And by choosing for ourselves to connect to the Light that lives there, we raise its vibration. And within this connection, we may send love. We may send respect, we may send peace.

The Summer Solstice is a day to remind ourselves that we are all one; there is none greater or lesser than. And the sooner we remember our similarities to one another and focus on them instead of our perceived differences, the sooner we will bring peace and unity to our global consciousness, our hearts, our sacred Mother Earth.

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