This is a very powerful moon! This weekend’s energy is all about transformation. There is a strong pull toward breaking free of the old to make room for the new and higher. Because Capricorn correlates to finances, family and relationships, this is a very intense time. This moon is an excellent time to meditate and heal in order to transcend your own challenging emotions and belief systems.

This weekend’s lunar influence persuades us to choose between feeling victimized by our own feelings of insecurity or superseding them to take charge of our personal freedom.

The contradictory energies of the full moon in Capricorn and the Cancer sun can leave us struggling to find our ground. Though both Cancer and Capricorn are family-oriented signs, they differ greatly in the realms of logic vs. emotion. Capricorn, a grounded earth sign will draw our attention to finances and power struggles. Cancer, the Divine Feminine watery sign of nurturing will draw out our emotions. If we choose to succumb to both of these forces, we may find ourselves confused and unable to focus.

Capricorn is the “getting things done” sign which will encourage us to take charge of our projects. This particular full moon has a heavy Plutonian influence as well. Pluto is the celestial body which correlates to karma. The combination between the Capricorn full moon and the Plutonian energy will create a strong desire to push through old patterns. Pluto’s involvement with this full moon will allow us to get to the bottom of our feelings of lack of self worth and inferiority; whether they come from this life or lives past. It will allow us to begin to see ourselves in a whole new light- if we are willing to do the work.

On the bright side, because of Pluto’s influence on this intense moon, any new connections we make are sure to be deep and long lasting!

This moon has the authority to be highly transformational. It is our choice whether or not to rise to the challenge. The energies of the moon’s sign act as frequencies and influence the areas of your mind that relate to them. Be bold, be brave. Accept the challenge of working through those energies that no longer serve your highest good. Because what lies on the other side of the hard work is a gift, most beautiful!

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