Ever wondered why, after a single conversation, you can feel completely depleted of energy? Ever wondered why someone crossed your mind out of “nowhere”? How about those times when you’re sitting at home and you spiral into a spontaneous state of despair?

All animate objects have an aura. These auras are subtle bodies of energy extending from the physical aspect of the being to as far as a few feet. Minerals, plants, animals and humans all have different auras from each other that come in different shapes, colours and sizes. Animal and human auras have seven major aura layers, the first of which is called the ‘ETHERIC LAYER’. The etheric layer of the aura is extremely important in understanding our own energies as this is where the ENERGY CORDS reside.


Energy cords are invisible to the untrained eye. They are strands of energy that form between two animate beings when these beings have interacted. For example, each of us has an energy cord to our significant other, our mom and dad, cat, dog, next door neighbor, old lover, classmate, work buddy, etc. They do also exist between humans/ animal and plant/ mineral, however the cords are different in structure. The cord is essentially a “rope-like” tie that forms as a result of energy exchange from one aura to another, and back again. An energy exchange can be a conversation, thought, handshake or notable eye contact, among other occurrences. Ordinarily, these energy cords are pretty harmless…. until they’re not.

Ever wondered why, out of nowhere, you’re uncontrollably thinking about your ex? Ever wonder if he or she is thinking about you? He or she probably is… but that may not always be a good thing! Many times, throughout the course of our lives, we encounter a break up, an argument, resentment from an long standing friend, a family member, an ex- flame, or perhaps a brief interaction with a negative person that leaves is feeling depleted or depressed for no apparent reason. This seemingly sudden and strange change in our energy field is likely coming from an unhealthy energy cord that is attached to us from a negative source. Given that the majority of us come into contact with a variety of people throughout our day, we may not always be able to pinpoint the source of negativity.

In extreme cases, you may be prone to psychic attack. You will know if you are under psychic attack if you suddenly cannot stop crying, you have a sudden loss of belief in yourself and your purpose, questioning why you’re here and who you are. You may feel extremely depressed, often suicidal and experience extremely irrational behaviour. Some psychic attacks happen unintentionally, and some happen with ill intent. It is always important to be cautious of who you share your energy with!


Many of us who are sensitive often forget that our “out of the blue” blues may not be ours! Thankfully there are a few easy practices in which we can partake that will help is to maintain our balance and let go of any harmful energies that do not belong to us. Here are three simple steps to keeping your aura clear:

  1. Smudge: Go and get some sage and burn it in your home at least once every couple of days. Make sure you cover the corners of each room, the windows and the doors especially. This will help to clear negative energies away on a regular basis. This is very helpful if you work in a public place or have to frequently deal with negative people as you may be unwillingly taking their energies home with you.
  2. Cut those cords! It’s as simple as this: ask your angels (particularly Archangel Michael) to please cut the unhealthy cords that still exist between you and whomever’s energy must go! Following this, you will ask for a return of all of YOUR positive and healthy energy that other people have taken from you. This form of energy recall often results in feeling like a “brand new woman/man”.
  3. Get a piece of selenite- Selenite is a powerful crystal that aids in disconnecting your aura from the auras of others. It protects you from negativity while inviting your angels into your home to protect you.

If you are even remotely sensitive, protecting yourself is a must! If you’re feeling down, exhausted, lethargic or depressed for no apparent reason, remember, the energy may not be yours. By following these easy steps, you will find that you have a lot more energy; you will feel rejuvenated and ready to face the world!

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