There is no doubt about it. Today’s astrological alignment is a powerful one. With the sun in the sign of Leo, we can expect a bold desire to affect long term events. As with all solar eclipses, we can ascertain that we are at the end of one cycle and beginning the next. Old belief systems, karmic patterning and personal limits will be put to the test. Because the sun and moon are in direct alignment with our Mother Earth, we will soon become in alignment that all options are possible. We will gain a clearer picture of both our shadow sides and Light sides and what we can do to cultivate personal growth of body, mind and Spirit.

The sun and moon are both in Leo which allows for a time of empowerment. However, because Leo is a fire sign, there is also the potential for butting heads and hot headed behaviour. Let us remember to be mindful of each other. Let us remember to be kind to each other, always. And mostly, let us remember to be kind to ourselves. In addition to the potential for us to be headstrong, the sun and moon’s presence in Leo can find us quite physically energetic. Today is an excellent day to get outdoors and enjoy the summer! It may even be the perfect day to watch the eclipse. Depending on where you are, you may have a full or partial view of the eclipse. Across North America, the eclipse is visible in the later morning hours.

Solar eclipses are a time of rapid change. Change has the power to frighten us. It is important to be mindful that change is geared to push us forward. And it may not always be so obviously doing so. Often, change can come in the forms of loss, disappointment and misunderstanding. But as with all events that we witness, we must take them in stride. We must remember to trust the process.

In this particular solar eclipse, the new moon illuminates the centre of the Leo constellation which is its brightest star. This brightest star is called the Heart of the Lion and is considered one of the most powerful. Its association is a strong courageous heart, emotional rebalancing and abundance. Caution is warranted to those who place attachment on said abundance is the illumination of the Heart of the Lion warns of potential loss.

This eclipse brings higher self awareness. If we attune ourselves to the energy of the magic of the eclipse, we can begin to see visions of our future selves. Additionally, Mars is in the sign of Leo which will add fuel to the motivational fire to see out our highest and bravest dreams. Focus on our dreams in combination with the impassioned fire signs of the sun, moon and Mars, are a sure recipe for success! All we need is discipline, faith and self-belief.

Today is an excellent day to begin a new list of intentions. Ordinarily, in celebration of any new moon, we practice outlining a list of intentions. However today, the alignment of the Earth, moon and the sun will illuminate our intentions extraordinarily more brightly. It is important, as always to ensure that we create our intentions with love in the highest and best of all involved. In combination with the lunar eclipse which occurred on August 7th, this second eclipse creates a tandem manifestation cycle that will end mid-2018. What would we like to see happen in our lives within the next year? What seeds can we plant that can begin to grow over this next year and blossom into the coming years?

To come fully into alignment with our higher selves, we may want to spend part of our day chanting or in meditation. By releasing attachment to the material world, we can be open to receiving the glorious messages of healing and abundance that Spirit wishes for us to know!

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