Soulstice Spirit is incredibly excited to share that we have opened up a brand new line of  Animal Wellness courses! We are now offering the following courses for distance education students. Students can now learn to work with their animal companions in a deeper, more compassionate way from the comfort of their own homes, anywhere in the world!


Learn to treat your companion animals with the magic of Reiki- from your own home on your own time!

J Morgan Saifer has created a distance education Animal Reiki class for those who are unable to join her Western Canadian classes. In this course, students will learn about human chakras and auras as well as the practice of Reiki self-treatment. Self-treatment is a very necessary step before learning how to treat animals. Students will learn how to read and treat animal chakras and auras with Reiki. As companion animals have very different stresses than do humans, students will learn to identify and remove the origins and growths of animal-specific energy blockages. Every student wil receive a quantum attunement to initiate her/him into Reiki. This level I course is derivative of the Usui Reiki lineage and is infused with relevant points of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Animal Communication techniques. This course comes with a 33 page colour PDF manual, three live video sessions with J Morgan Saifer, one final exam and a certificate of completion. J Morgan Saifer offers ongoing support via email and video chat for the duration of the course. Course tuition: $195.00


Approximate course length- 7- 21 days. Completion time is dependent on students’ availability.




Learn to communicate with animals in their native language! From the comfort of your own home and on your own timeline, study the foundations of interspecies communication. Through several exercises, meditations and practices, J Morgan Saifer- Animal Communicator & Animal Reiki Master has outlined the methodology behind honing your individual intuitive animal communication skills! Throughout this Module I course, students will be required to keep a journal of their intuitive development exercises. There will be several opportunities to check in with J Morgan to ensure that each student comprehends the details of telepathic communication. This course includes and exam and certification upon completion. Course tuition: $195.




In this beginner course, students will learn how to use crystals with animals. Students will learn which types of crystals are most beneficial for animals and why. Students will learn how to program crystals to engage in healing work with animals. There is also a focused study on how to create crystal healing layouts for animals. This course includes a basic study of animal-specific chakra systems as well as which crystals are beneficial to each. This course also outlines the details of how to perform a crystal healing session on animals.  This course is a pre-requisite for Crystal Healing for Cats and Dogs Level II. This class includes ongoing support from J Morgan Saifer, a 20 page PDF manual, six hand-in assignments and one final exam. Students need not purchase any extra crystals than they already have. The assignments in this course are geared for those who may not have all of the crystals they need at the time of the course. No previous experience necessary. Course tuition: $80.00




Further to the Level I course, Crystal Healing for Cats & Dogs II contains a deeper level of understanding of how crystals work to treat animals. The level II is an advanced class where students will learn the practice of crystal gridding for animals, a deeper look at animal chakras and how to create layouts/grids for each individually. Students will learn the art of crystal Feng Shui; which crystals will add to the healing energy of each room for both animals and people. This course contains six hand-in assignments, ongoing support from J Morgan Saifer and one final exam. Students will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. Prerequisite Crystal Healing for Cats & Dogs Level 1. Course tuition: $100.00

crystal grid


In an effort to continuously share messages of love and healing toward animals, Soulstice Spirit is currently creating several additional Animal Healing courses that will be available within the next several weeks. Thank you for your patience!

To register for these and all other Soulstice Spirit events and courses, please email to obtain a registration form.


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