Just as all new moons, this moon is an excellent time to begin anew. This is an excellent day to take stock of where we are and where we would like to be. By practicing conscious intention, we are able to do our part of the tandem covenant with Spirit to help us manifest our highest potential.

Because both the sun and moon are in the sign of Virgo and Virgo is an Earth sign, this new moon is ideal for manifesting the foundation and structure for your desired pursuits. Virgo is a very practical sign, yet it is also adaptable. These dual energies can help us to configure a more grounded approach to realizing our hopes and dreams. Remember it is just as important to remain grounded throughout our spiritual practices as it is to connect with our spiritual sides. This balance can make all of the difference in the world to our health and the outcome of our intentions.

Especially interesting is that Mercury, Venus and Mars are also all in Virgo! This unique planetary alignment will have us focusing all of our energy on sharpening various aspects of our consciousnesses. Beginning with Mercury which stands for communication, its place in Virgo could create an atmosphere of great learning and new information. Detail oriented Virgo loves to research every possible fact and figure. This combined with Mercury’s strong communicative ability will have us as curious as can be with an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Perhaps some of us will find emphasis on Venus’ place in Virgo. For those in a romantic partnership, be forewarned that if those tiny aspects of the relationship that you overlook are not discussed openly, they may tend to be more of the focal point during this planetary alignment. That said, both Virgo and Venus are very feminine signs. This can have us reconnecting with our femininity all day long! Be mindful that there is also the potential to fall victim to perfectionist tendencies during this time.

With Mars’ entry into Virgo, we may find that we can be quite hard on ourselves. This alignment is a great time to consider our current approach to conflict and how we may be able to improve it. Whether inner or outer conflict, practicing kindness and compassion to ourselves and others is always an act to be rewarded! Remember that practicing detachment from our negative feelings is the first step to healing them.

Virgos tend to be very meticulous and detail oriented. This influence has the potential to create an acute survey of our lives in order to take note of where minor details may be throwing us off course. This is an excellent time to revamp our diets and organize our homes. We may in fact find ourselves to be more clearheaded if we do.

We may also find that we feel a push to complete previously unfinished tasks. We may feel a push to let go of hurt and pain that we have formed an unhealthy attachment to. It is time to step up and complete our current cycles in order to move on, to grow and to be free!



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