The present 48 hour period marks the full moon in Aries in the sun sign of Libra. As with all full moons, this one promises to begin the culmination period of this lunar cycle both astrologically and energetically. Any intentions that we have created for ourselves during this lunar cycle will now be handed over to the universe to begin the manifestation process. This particular planetary alignment is sure to spark our deepest passions and ignite our inner fires!

With the full moon in Aries, our personal empowerment and passions will be illuminated. Though we might tend to feel impassioned about our personal goals, we will also want to be mindful of the hot-headed nature of Aries. Naturally, the fiery sign of Aries can have us following our ego-minded fight or flight response instead of stopping to think before we act. Thankfully the balanced sun sign Libra is also present to create a pause before action. This paradox of action before thought (Aries) and thought before action (Libra) has the potential to have us stopping and starting all day long. However, once we find our perfect balance between the two, we are sure to succeed at any project!

This full moon is confident about taking conscious action on both a personal and global scale. The days of sitting idly by while we watch our home in destruction are over. This celestial influence will encourage us to take even the smallest steps of action toward where we wish to see ourselves. It will encourage us to actively send healing to our planet and those affected by current events. We will find that once we begin to take an active role in the healing and nurturing of our Mother Earth and her inhabitants, we will feel relieved. These actions may even be the beginning of a new way of life.

Perhaps most interestingly is the current alignment between Venus and Mars called “The marriage of Venus and Mars”. From Aug 2017-Oct 2017, these two planets are closest in proximity to each other. Venus, the gentle nurturing feminine energy coupled with the raw, fiery passionate energy of Mars creates an air of desire to be fulfilled in romantic partnerships. Both Venus and Mars rule our passions and seek to be satisfied through physical action as well as marriage and home life.

This marriage of planets is also connected to karmic relationship fulfilment. This alignment may encourage healthy partnerships in terms of releasing old karmic patterns. This alignment strongly favours strong partnerships and creates an atmosphere for successful unification of male and female energies.

The marriage of Mars and Venus is especially potent during the 48 hours of this Aries/Libra full moon. Because Mars is ruled by Aries and Venus is ruled by Libra, this conjunction is powerful, meaningful and revolutionary. With the full moon’s Mars/Aries’ aggressive masculine energy tied to the strong Venus/Libran soft, feminine nurturing energies, this 48 hour period will have us jumping head first into our passions and desires!

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