Today marks the full moon in Virgo. It is the first of two full moons in the month of March, 2018. This renders the month of March to be the second month of this year with a blue moon, a very rare spectacle.

This full moon is in Virgo. Virgo is a beautifully feminine sign that shines its light on our Divine feminine (yes, even for men). Through this feminine connection we are able to ask ourselves what we need to feel fully nurtured; body, mind and spirit. However though the focus is on our Divine feminine aspects, we must also account for the meticulous, compulsive nature of the Virgo. This nature may become combative to the gentle, nurturing persona of the feminine goddess. Because of the polarities of these experiences, it is our challenge during this full moon to seek balance between the two.

Virgo is very analytical. Virgo is grounded and Earthy. On its own, its combination between meticulousness and analogy can often feel oppressive. Thankfully, we will find harmony in allowing ourselves to get lost in the ethereal nature of the Piscean sun. The sun is in Pisces which is often sentimental, deeply emotional and highly sensitive, the juxtaposition of the earthy Virgo and ethereal Pisces has a strong capability to keep us centred and in the present.

The Virgo moon could have us self-criticizing all day. Further to this, we may find that we are extra critical of others. Beware, as what we are critical of others is merely a reflection of something that is triggered within us about ourselves. What we feel we do not care for in others is a reflection of an aspect of ourselves. Under the autonomous Virgo full moon, we will be apt to hop to the ‘fixing’ of that which we are so self-critical of. While this is a very noble effort, take care not to root yourself too firmly in logic alone as you may miss out on the magic that is gifted upon relinquishing our concerns to the Universe.

Simultaneous to the full moon, Venus and Jupiter come into alignment. Venus is the beautiful, loving energy and Jupiter is the planet of abundant exaggeration. Jupiter will have us always wanting more. This alignment can leave us imbalanced as we will want to ‘do what feels good’ to excess. If and when we feel ourselves slipping way into self-indulgent behaviour, we may call on our old friend the Virgo full moon to bring us back to ground.

The focus of this powerful full moon is on being present in the moment. For those who are challenged by simply ‘being still’, these 48 hours are the perfect opportunity for you to learn to tune into the present. Studying deep breathing techniques will assist you with this new focus. The focus on being present will allow us to ascertain what is working for us and that which no longer serves us. As with all full moons, this aspect of the lunar cycle exemplifies an ideal time to release.

By being present in the moment, we allow ourselves to become more deeply attuned to the Divine Source, allowing us to fully open our hearts to the vibration of unconditional love. The longer we sit within the vibration of unconditional love, the higher we raise the vibration of the collective consciousness and our Mother Earth.

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