Dreams have always been an important part of the journey to self awareness. Since the dawn of language, dreams have given us a window into our subconscious, our spiritual paths and our soul’s journey. Dreams are the gateway to our alignment of body, mind and spirit.

In ancient societies, dreams were revered as omens and premonitions. Dreams were given much emphasis as they were considered to be signs from the Gods. In ancient Egypt, there were specific areas of structure that were specifically decorated to facilitate dream recall as Egyptians believed that dreams birthed messages of both good and evil. In Native American cultures, there was little to no delineation between experiences had in dreams and those in waking life. For example, if a man was to dream of having been bitten by a snake, in waking life the Shaman would treat the man as if he had been bitten in waking life. In this culture the energy of a snake bite in a dream damages the man the same way it would in waking life. In these cultures as well as many others, every morning children were asked if they dreamt and if they did what they dreamt about.

Because of today’s fast paced society, it can be easy to wake up and forget the places we visited and the people who crossed our paths as we slipped into a different state of consciousness: The dream world. Though the world is very different from how it was in ancient cultures where there was a tremendous emphasis placed on the importance of dreams, the messages of our subconscious are still very much a valid wealth of information.

Some of those who wish to recall their dreams, for various reasons, may find it to be a challenge. Here are three easy steps to begin to remember our dreams and to begin to understand ourselves on a much deeper level:

1)      STATE OUR INTENTIONS- Every night before bed, say aloud “Tonight I will remember my dreams”. BecayAs with all other spiritual practices, or even practices of memory recall, stating our intentions is the first step to manifesting our wish. By stating this one simple sentence (and, of course putting meaning and feeling behind the words), we will be able to readily recall our dreams in no time! We must also remember to be patient with ourselves. For some of us, it may take a week or two or three for the intention to manifest. It is perfectly common to have to practice stating the sentence every night for a few weeks before any changes in memory are noticed.

2)      DECORATE OUR BEDROOM/SLEEPING AREA WITH SPIRITUAL ARTIFACTS- In the times of ancient Egypt, Greece and Native American cultures, it was commonplace, when desiring to recall one’s dreams, to have a specific area to do so. This specific area would be filled with divination tools, spiritual artifacts and items of prayer. To these cultures, these items would allow their gods to know that they wish to recall their dreams. In today’s society, having spiritual artifacts such as feathers, crystals, spiritual books or personal items from our specific heritage will accomplish the same thing. If we feel disconnected from our heritage, collecting spiritual artifacts from nature or finding items in our day to day life that inspire us will ignite our intuitive nature. If we are not sure what we believe, at the very least, these items will spark our subconscious before bed and allow us to travel to far-away places and times, filling our dreams with wonderful stories and meaning. These colourful dreams will inspire is to remember them upon waking.

3)      JOURNAL- Journaling is by far the most effective way to remember our dreams. If we have yet to remember even one single dream, by journaling our thoughts day to day, we are in effect bringing our creative spark to life. By coming into our creativity, we are more readily able to recall our dreams, as these two activities both stem from the same side of the brain. Once we do begin to remember our dreams and to journal them, it is always interesting to look back and read the dreams we used to have. More often than not, they can be linked together! Journaling is an excellent way to retain detail as well. When it comes to dream interpretation, even the smallest detail can be very important! It is useful to have the dream journal right beside your bed so that you are able to record absolutely everything you remember- whether it is a colour, feeling or location when you wake up.

Dream recall is a practice that can be both fun and informative. It can bring to light deep rooted issues that need healing, past life regressions, health issues or even remind us that we shouldn’t eat certain things before we go to bed! Dreams are the doorway to facilitating a better understand of ourselves, why we are here at this time and our place in the universe. By studying and understanding our dreams, we are well within the means of finding inner peace and wisdom.



  1. Love this so much! I’ve been journaling my dreams for a few months now and I find it so interesting reading back in my journal and realizing that so many of them have come to fruition. Thanks for sharing your words, they are inspiring!
    If you get a chance, check out my blog! I’m just starting my journey and would love feedback/encouragement! 💜❤✌


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