At long last, after several months of intensely critical full moon energies, we finally arrive at one that bestows upon us beautiful, bright and positive energy! Tuesday, May 29th 2018 marks this year’s full moon in Sagittarius. As with all full moons, this component of the lunar cycle represents its culmination. This full moon promises to be a powerful one whose energies are felt several days prior as well as several days after its fullest, at 9:19 am central time on May 29th in North America.

The theme of this full moon in Sagittarius is: Follow your heart’s desire! This moon, named the ‘Flower Moon’ is such because this is the time of year that flowers are becoming abundant. Thus moon is an excellent opportunity to plant seeds; both literally- in the garden and metaphorically- in our lives. We have created the seeds of intention on the new moon two weeks ago and now it is time to sow the seeds and actively begin the growth process. This Flower moon not only symbolizes actual flowers in our gardens but so does it the flowering of ourselves. It is time for us to blossom.

Sagittarius, the planet of the ‘higher mind’ is sure to allow us many insightful opportunities during this lunar hour period. This moon is an excellent time to expand our horizons on all accounts! Whether we wish to travel, plan an adventure or join a new class, the information learned and experiences had will be well worth the effort! Additionally, because Sag is a fire sign, we can expect a more heated desire, a stronger zest for life to awaken us into said new adventures.

If we are not the adventurous type, we may find that spending these few days expanding our minds is our top priority. The ever curious Sagittarius mind takes interest in learning the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ of the universe. It is time to indulge this aspect of the higher mind! We will likely find that we are in the mood to discuss the meaning of life. This moon is a highly social moon with much opportunity to get caught up in intellectual pursuits. As well, this moon’s social nature has the potential to have us commune with likeminded individuals for a common cause.

With the moon waxing full in Sagittarius, the sun’s position in Gemini will add yet another social aspect to the day. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury which is the planet of communication. The combination of the placements of sun and moon will create a healthy environment to work on our communication skills. This is an excellent time to seek out any aspects of ourselves that may be out of balance in terms of effective communication and fears of public speaking.

This moon also advises us to take responsibility for our actions. The lunar influence of Sagittarius could great an air of overindulgence this week- for which we must remain accountable. We must remember that there are always consequences to our actions; so to behave and create in a manner that is in alignment with our healthiest good.

This highly social planetary alignment additionally includes Mars in Aquarius. This juncture encourages us to ‘lay down our arms’ and talk out our differences from an angle of understanding instead of to fight about them. The Sun, Mars and the Moon are all in harmonious alignment which allows for balance within our conflicts and confrontations. This is a wonderful day to iron out any outstanding unresolved issues with others in the most peaceful way possible.

In addition to speaking, the planetary alignment suggests that any form of communication is highlighted; whether it is writing, drawing or dancing, this full moon encourages self expression of all kinds! This is a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with old friends whom we have not seen or heard from in years. So pick up the phone or email and let your friends know you’re thinking about them. Who knows? You may find a surprise of your own in your inbox!


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