Lunar events are full of excitement, self awareness and shifting. This full moon is no different! On Wednesday, June 27th, 2018, we will witness the moon wax full in the sign of Capricorn. As with all full moons, the moon opposes the sun in the night sky, casting both a magnifying of the moon and the sun. In this particular case, the moon waxes full in Capricorn with its sun in its opposing sign of Cancer.

The illumination patterns of the sun and moon during a full moon are both witnessed in the physical as well as spiritual realms. Not only do we see the moon at its fullest, but the sun magnifies its energies here on Earth. This means that the Capricorn energy will be at its all time high for the year. This is a prominent configuration for any earth sign such as Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. For anyone born of these three signs, this full moon will create a comfortable atmosphere. Earth signs are generally quite grounded and feel more at home in nature or rooted in one place. Especially for the above three earth signs, this full moon will underline the need for grounding and rooting one’s body in one place. For the rest of the zodiac population, we will also feel the pull to root ourselves into the Earth. We may find that this is an excellent time to take part in ‘Earthing” or “grounding” rituals. These rituals will entail removing our shoes and planting our feet into Mother Earth, allowing ourselves to interconnect with her nurturing and revitalizing energy.

Capricorns are often empowered leaders. This moon will remind us that we are empowered to choose the life we want for ourselves. This Capricorn influence can stir up self-confidence in order to create the life we desire. We may feel a surge of powerful ‘inner knowing’ and suddenly have clarity on how to navigate our inner compasses to achieve our innermost desires. Let us not allow this clarity to fall by the wayside, as the Capricorn full moon allocates our wants and needs to be rooted in solid ground. This rooting will make for a balanced approach to manifesting the life of our dreams.

Capricorns tend to do well within a family unit as opposed to flying solo. They appreciate their abilities to care for others, both financially and physically. They feel it is their duty to keep the house and home and to provide for those within. This family-oriented nature of the Capricorn is shared by its polar opposite sign; Cancer. Both of these signs thrive within the home and family which makes this full moon period the perfect time to focus on caring for loved ones. We will surely find this task to be very fulfilling.

Where Capricorn and Cancer differ is their approach to problem solving. Whereas Capricorns tend to take a logical, more grounded approach to life, Cancers are quite heart-centered and emotionally driven. As the full moon looms, this difference in approach can become magnified both within our own hearts as well as between ourselves and others. We may find that within the framework of our self-growth, this lunar period may have us at odds with ourselves, torn between logic and feeling; head and heart. Because both Capricorn and Cancer ae highlighted at this time, we may find that we are fighting a losing battle and it may be best to wait until the full moon passes to find out which angle (head or heart) takes precedence over the other. Once the battling energies have left the atmosphere we may find ourselves more clearheaded and able to make a decision.

Conversely, this Capricorn/Cancer combination can be our ally. This alignment has the capacity to shed light on how to work through our emotional imbalances from a practical angle. For those who suffer from a broken heart, disappointment and any other personal struggle, this full moon is a wonderful time to start anew. It is a good time to shake off the heartache and begin a new path from a logical, detached angle.

The opposing forces of sun and moon, Cancer and Capricorn, allow us to distinguish where our lives are out of balance. Are we living our lives in emotional imbalance? Are we too grounded and logical, not permitting ourselves to let go and enjoy life? Maintaining a balance between joy and grounding is a prominent aspect to living a healthy lifestyle. This moon highlights the path to tread in order to find the balance between the two worlds.

With Cancer as the luminous sun sign, nurturing self and family is a must. Be sure to take the time to check in on loved ones, but take the time to nurture self! Whether it’s a walk in the forest or reading a book by the beach, the Capricorn moon combined with the Cancer sun will have us deeply longing to nurture ourselves with nature. Take the time to do so. You’ll be very glad you did!


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