Friday, July 27th marks this year’s full moon in Aquarius. This full moon is accompanied by a total lunar eclipse. This eclipse is visible from Europe, Asia, Africa and Antarctica. Though this eclipse will not be visible from North America, its effects will still be greatly felt.

As with all eclipses, there is a strong pull to find balance. This eclipse is no different. With the sun in the passionate, fiery sign of Leo and the moon in the detached, unemotional sign of Aquarius, we will find ourselves attempting to seek balance between the two relative to consequence. We are all aware that all actions have consequences. This eclipse is the time during which, if we are reactive personalities, we will be inspired to think before we react. Conversely, if we are prone to live too much in our heads without taking action to empower ourselves, we will be inspired to speak up on our own behalf! To find this balance between action and reaction is a discipline not taken lightly. However, this lunar event will surely prompt us to do so in a healthy and positive way.

Throughout this 48 hour lunar event, we may tend to gravitate towards the Leo persona; allowing our reactive energy to overtake our rational thoughts and behaviours. Because the Leo energy is rooted in action, we are subject to its hot-headed thoughtlessness. With respect to understanding consequences to our actions, it may help to ground in the emotionally detached moon sign of Aquarius. Aquarians, alike to Leo’s, do feel very deeply and intensely. However, Aquarians have an innate ability to practice restraint when it comes to reacting to external circumstances. They have the inherent aptitude to recognize that all external influences are just that: external. Though they may be a reflection of what we are attracting, Aquarians understand that any external circumstances wield no power over us unless we let them. Practicing this detachment is the ideal lesson for any Leo-hearted personality.

Yet just as the Aquarian nature is to detach from emotions and experience, they, too have much to learn about the Leo way. Should we choose to live a life free of emotion, we are not allowing ourselves to feel. Feeling our feelings is part of an honest and true path to self healing. Feeling our feelings is gravely a part of the human experience. So much so that should we choose to proceed through life without feeling, we would be doing ourselves a disservice. Rooted in feeling are empathy, compassion and unconditional love. These feelings are the foundation of existence. Without allowing ourselves to feel the depths of emotion, we would be unable to heal these depths in order to achieve resonation with unconditional love. This is how the fully detached Aquarian mind can learn from the Leo heart.


Within the astrological framework, there are three ‘modes’; fixed, mutable and cardinal. Both Leo and Aquarius are ‘fixed’ which means they thrive on consistency and stability. As with all full moons (and eclipses) we are encouraged to shake off all old belief systems. For the duration of this 48 hour full moon/eclipse period, particularly if we are Leo’s or Aquarians, we may find that we are battling our stubborn ego. As fixed signs, we are often protected by our stubborn nature, unwilling to venture out of our comfort zones. Now is the time that we must take a leap of faith and believe that there is a higher path outside of our current comfort. And, as with all full moons and eclipses, if we choose to stand on the sidelines instead of taking spiritual warrior action to do so on our own terms, we may find that we are thrust into action  without proper warning. This is a choice that each of us can make. Either way we go, we will find ourselves within this celestial event, battling our ego to shake down old beliefs and negative thoughts that inhibit our spiritual evolution.

Adding fuel to the Leo fire, this lunar event is brought to us in concert with Mercury retrograde. For more information on Mercury retrograde: Because of this Mercurian influence, we may find regular tasks to be excessively challenging. With respect to our deep desire to release that which no longer serves us, we may find that the final release of our old ways may take extra effort. Mercury retrograde suggests that we take time to go within and reflect on our current imbalances and how to bring them back to order. Thus, while the lunar events of this 48 hour period will want to have us swiftly releasing old behaviours and thoughts, we may find it more productive to take a more methodical angle to our release. We will, in the name of finality, want to rid ourselves of that which holds us back. To do so, we will find that approaching our challenges from a more grounded perspective will help us to let go once and for all.

With all of the planets in this alignment moving forward and backward, we may find that we become scattered and easily frustrated. Some planets are working ‘against’ our personal progress (Mercury, Mars, Uranus) while some planets have our back (Saturn, Venus, Jupiter). This has the potential to feel like a chaotic experience. Our sun is in Leo and our moon in Aquarius. The combination of fire and air can create a very smoky time, rendering us struggling to ‘see’. Many of us will undergo a deep-seated need for grounding during this time. It is crucial for every one of us to make time to go out into nature, plant our bodies onto the land and connect our root with that of our blessed Mother Earth. Because of the flighty, ungrounded disposition of this 48 hour period, our Mother Earth embodies the beauty and wisdom to bring us back to balance. While we are interconnecting with her and all of Divine Consciousness, let us remember to exemplify a vibration of boundless gratitude, as gratitude is among one of the highest human vibrations. This vibration will allow us to invoke our highest and greatest potential!



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