Sept 24, 2018 marks this year’s full moon in the sign of Aries. For those born in the fire element; Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, this moon promises to be a wild ride! For all other signs as well, there are various themes of which to be cognizant. Simply, the more information we have about this full moon’s planetary alignment, the better equipped we are to rise above its seemingly intense challenges.

The full moon’s placement in fiery Aries has the potential to cause irrational thoughts, behaviours and actions. Though this will likely be our primary call to action in any circumstance, we must be mindful that all thoughts, behaviours and actions have consequences. Though the Aries full moon will have us wanting to react before we think, this is the perfect occasion to practice the pause. Practicing the pause is a concise way to plan to think before we react. With respect to consequences, by thinking before reacting, we are setting ourselves up to succeed.

On the heels of today’s autumnal equinox, representing the season of harvest, tomorrow’s full moon allows us to take stock of all that we have planted in the spring and watched flourish over the summer season. As with all full moons, this moon represents the culmination of a life cycle. Both the autumnal equinox and the full moon allow us to take a step back and acknowledge a job well done. We have worked hard over both the spring and summer. We have worked hard over this last lunar cycle which began with the new moon in Virgo. It was a time of deep self reflection.  And now we are ready to reap the harvest that we have sewn.

In addition to the fire power of the Aries moon, we have several planets in a placement that warns of the danger of exhibiting control issues. If we are prone to control issues without this planetary alignment in place, we must take great care to self realize. With the sun, moon, Mercury and Saturn forming the dreaded astrological square, we will feel an overwhelming sense of severity over our lives leaving little room to remember that which brings us joy. To easily counterbalance this sombre seriousness, we may wish to take a moment to engage in activities that bring us joy such as playing with animals or connecting with Mother Earth. Bonding with nature and animals is a naturally cleansing experience; after which we will always feel rejuvenated.

On the other hand, this “controlling’ energy does have the capacity to encourage us to draw lines in the sand between ourselves and those people and situations who may be overstepping their boundaries with us. On the subject of thinking before we react, his bold planetary alignment will have us far more readily able to say ‘no’ to anything or anyone. This, of course, can be quite empowering; especially to those of us who are ‘people pleasers’. For those who are, this astrological square is an ideal time to learn to say no. With this astrological backing, we will muster the courage to put our own needs first.

As if so far, this alignment was not enough to make us want to avoid human contact during this 48 hour period, we also have Venus in Scorpio. Venus, being responsible for love interests, takes on a combative, insecure nature. If we are in love during this full moon, we may take extra caution not to give in to feelings of jealousy, possessiveness or the overall desire to emotionally manipulate our partners. Should we begin to feel these low vibration feelings, we must become conscious of them and remember that they are simply our ego at play. These are insecurities that are only a reflection of our fears and nothing more.

This full moon in Aries also highlights the aspects of our personal relationships that may be out of balance. The elements of our relationships in which our needs are not being met will inevitably come to the forefront. And we must ask ourselves: can we work through these imbalances or is it time to break free and put our own needs first? It is not selfish to take adequate self care before we are able to adequately care for others. With Venus nearing its retrograde, relationship disharmony is beginning to showcase itself.

Thankfully, due to the sun’s placement in the sign of Libra, we can rely on the theme of balance. The Libran nature is to bring balance and justice to all. Whereas the Aries’ lunar influence has the potential to create chaos in any given situation, the Libran energy allows us to step outside of our reactive nature and employ a higher wisdom.

Though most of this planetary alignment encourages us to suit up in armor before we even leave our house in the morning, if properly grasped, we can utilize these harsh energies to our advantage. For those of us who struggle either with people pleasing or with a lack of compassion for others, this lunar period call help us bring back the balance between the two.


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