Wednesday, Oct 24th marks this year’s full moon in Taurus which promises to be a powerful one! This full moon is all about excitement, surprise and the unexpected, especially to do with romantic partnerships. The Earth sign of Taurus is all about ensuring that we are grounded and centred at all times. Taurean energy reminds us that acting and reacting from a grounded, balanced state is the most effective way to approach any situation. Taurus thinks before she reacts which makes this full moon the perfect time to resolve any residual issues from last month’s Aries “act before we think” influence.

As with all full moons, this is moon represents the culmination of a cycle. This is an excellent time to let go of that which no longer serves our highest good. It is a time to take note of where have come from, where we are and where we would like to be. What has worked for us? What still holds us back? What are the necessary steps in order for us to get where we’d love to be?

This week’s moon waxes full in Taurus which is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is the planet of femininity and romance. There will surely be an air of romance surrounding within this 48 hour lunar period. For those seeking new romantic partners, this is an optimal time to accept unexpected social engagements. This may just be the opportunity you’re looking for! If you are already I a romantic partnership, this is an excellent time to plan a romantic adventure or special night out. Any plans you make will surely enliven your romantic life!

Adding to this full moon’s romantic excitement is Uranus’ placement opposite Venus in the night sky. This juxtaposition is sure to bring unexpected twists, turns and anticipation to our love lives as Uranus is the planet of sudden and erratic change. Be prepared for to hang on the edge of your seat. You never know what the immediate future holds.

This is also to say, on the subject of erratic change, that within existing partnerships there may be temporary uncertainty. Uranus tends to shake things up both on a personal and external level. It is important to remember that that which is being shaken up is a reflection of an aspect of our lives that bears examination. Thus, if we find ourselves or our relationship being knocked off balance, it is crucial to reflect on the illuminated aspects. Once we gain perspective on our roles in our relationships, we will be level headed and better equipped to handle all that arises in the future.

In addition to the Taurean influence of the moon, we are also under the confluence of the sun in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpion waters run deep. We may find that though we are getting carried away with the feminine romantic Taurean nature, we may also begin to feel our feelings very deeply. Whereas feeling our feelings is a very healthy and nurturing way to live, the Scorpion nature specifically may have us tending to blow our feelings out of proportion. Be advised that calling upon the Taurus energy to ground before we react to our feelings is a necessary step in accepting that they are temporary and will pass. In order to survive the Scorpion energy we must detach from the depths of our unwarranted fears. These fears are the foundation of the feelings that the sun in Scorpio will bring about during this lunar period.

Be advised that those who are single may find this to be an optimal time to meet an exciting new partner. Perhaps this partner is someone from an entirely different background, from a faraway country or someone you never would have thought would pique your interest. However as exciting as this new venture may be, do not get attached. There is an indication along with this planetary alignment that said new partner may just be a flash in the pan and may come to a startling end before we can even blink an eye. Be prepared to enjoy the short lived venture for what it is, free of expectation.

Those who are already in romantic partnerships are advised to take heed as this planetary alignment leaves some prone to extra-marital flirting or even engaging in extra-marital matters of the heart or body. Because of the aforementioned Scorpion influence, we may tend to create these scenarios in our minds out of fear, regardless of whether or not they are, in reality, taking place. Take caution to ensure we have all of the facts before lurching into a jealous rage. Again, calling on the grounded natured Taurus moon, we will want to rebalance ourselves before falling into the throes of false accusation.

Whether single or partnered, this lunar period can have us thrown this way and that. By acknowledging that those of us who are sensitive to the stars are at the mercy of them, we will be best prepared to realize that this too shall pass. We are best to remember that by choosing rise above any perceived struggles, we can let go of any potential drama. We will come into alignment with the higher perspective and resonate with the inner peace that lies there.




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