Thursday, November 22, 2018 births this year’s full moon in Gemini. Particularly affecting those born into the element of air, (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra), this air- based full moon can have us maximally indecisive during the course of this 24 hour lunar period.

Ruled by the planet Mercury who stands for all types of communication, Gemini is a highly communicative planet. However this Gemini moon waxes full during one of three Mercury retrograde periods in 2018. For more information on what Mercury retrograde is, see: During this retrograde period, there is a tendency to internalize all of our emotions and thoughts. There is a pull to go within and self examine.

Gemini is known as the sign of “dual personalities”. Often Gemini people are seen as those who easily go with the flow. However they have a second side to their personalities that can take anyone by surprise. They are often cunning, premeditative and defensive. Because the moon waxes full at this time in this sign of Gemini, aspects of both of the Gemini sides may be illuminated within each and every one of us. We may find, in fact, that we are unable to make up our minds about which persona we wish to be.

While ordinarily, the nature of the Gemini is to appear (key word- “appear”) calm, cool and collected, this lunar period is heavily influenced by a Mars – Jupiter square. Any time there is a celestial square in the night sky, we can expect ourselves to react to situations in a bullheaded, stubborn, combative manner. This square is no different. While Mars has strong warrior energy, Jupiter is highly intellectual. Thus, we are faced off between our physical and intellectual needs for self expression. Whereas neither of these pursuits are alone harmful, should we find ourselves stifled in either of these cases, because of this full moon there is an immensely powerful need to lash out.

Jupiter’s influence will also seduce us into overindulgence. It is important to practice moderation in order to maintain health and avoid the frustration that Mars will bring which comes along with self-blame for overindulgence. The Mars’-Gemini influence can also lure us into reckless behaviour that could result in accidents or injuries. It is important to THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. Conversely, the Jupiter-Gemini influence will have us feeling the need to express ourselves in a sensual way. We may find ourselves acting out based on our need for physical validation. Again, should this need become thwarted in any way we may tend to react in a hot tempered fit of frustration.

Contrary to all of the inconsistencies of the Gemini moon, our sun holds still in the sign of Sagittarius. While Sagittarius is also a highly sensual sign, it is far more comfortable in conjunction with Jupiter as Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius. This means that they share many enlightened qualities, bringing about a strong desire for wisdom and intellect. However, under Gemini’s rule of Mercury in retrograde and in opposition to the Sun’s Sagittarius, we will surely develop very strong opinions on just about everything. We will feel the desire to speak our minds thoughtlessly without regard for others’ feelings or opinions. It is vital that before we thoughtlessly offend anyone, we consider how others may feel should we choose to speak.

Because of the many factors at play during this lunar event, this is an excellent opportunity to practice  mindful behaviour. Being conscious of how our thoughts and actions affect others is the highest and best way to wade through the tumult of this astrological alignment. Though we may be tempted to give in to our ego and feel scorned on more than one occasion, we must remind ourselves that any rash behaviour toward others or toward ourselves will not achieve desired results. We must empower ourselves with the knowledge that this too shall pass. We must remember to find wholehearted compassion for ourselves and those around us, for our positive reactions may encourage like reactions within those around us. Let us lead by example and be a light to others!

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