Friday, December 7th is the final new moon of 2018. As with all new moons, this one is a time to create, create, create! Each lunar cycle begins with the new moon, which is why its spiritual significance correlates to new beginnings of cycles in our lives. This aspect of the lunar cycle is an excellent opportunity to plant seeds of intention. As the moon grows, so do our seeds into flowers.

This last new moon of 2018 resides in the sign of Sagittarius. With both the sun and the moon in Sag, we can expect to feel as if anything is possible. And it is! Sagittarius is confident, boastful and full of life. It is intellectually thirsty with an ever present desire to learn everything it can about anything. For those who wish to create an improved living situation for any reason, harnessing this delightful Sagittarian energy during this time can help to employ the means to get there. Taking the time to write down our intentions for the lunar cycle that follows is a primary example of organizing our dreams and desires. As always, by taking our dreams to pen and paper, we are allowing Spirit to witness what we truly desire and work behind the scenes to help us to create it.

Perhaps most noteworthy is that because this new moon is the final of 2018, we can utilize this opportunity to contemplate the changes we wish to see in the coming year. Through this strong and empowered Sagittarius energy, we can regain creative control of our lives. This moon is the opportune time to believe in ourselves and our dreams.

For those of us in romantic partnerships, this new lunar cycle will cast light upon the darkness that the Scorpion sun had left. Romantic partnerships may have been tried and tested throughout last month’s icy chill. Fear not as the fiery Sagittarian energy will melt the ice and have us back in each other’s warm embrace. For those who are not entangled in romantic partnerships and wish to be, this powerful new moon is a highly positive time to manifest the partner of your dreams! By creating a “wish list” of qualities we wish to see in our next romantic partner, we are, akin to creating a list of intentions or a vision board, allowing Spirit to witness our desires and dreams for a partner.

As positive and exciting as the tandem Sagittarius sun and moon may be, caution is also warranted. Should we carelessly adapt to the power-charged Sag alignment, we may find ourselves falling prey to a need to control every detail of our lives- and the lives of others. There is a strong likelihood of getting swept up in the confidence and direction that the Sag sun and moon bestow upon us. It is important to be mindful of our responsibilities; where they begin and where they end. Remember: we are only responsible for ourselves. We do not have the authority to take responsibility for others, nor do we to tell them what they can and cannot do. We must remember that every individual has free will. We must detach from our wants and wishes of situational outcomes. When we place expectations on circumstances, we will likely be disappointed. As Buddha stated, “Attachment is the root of all suffering”.

The Sagittarian need for control comes from an air of “knowing what’s right”. Be cautioned that “right” is subjective. Every person is entitled to her or his opinion and actions. Being mindful to avoid interfering with other people’s karma takes discipline. Acknowledging that any experience that another person is going through is a direct result of what they have thought, believed or felt. We must, as they must remember that every action has consequence, therefore always acting out of kindness will bring us desirable consequences. By letting go of control and allowing circumstances to unfold naturally, we are allowing Divine miracles to shine through.

Sagittarius is full of spontaneity. Allow yourself to live! Live every day, be free. Let go of every belief that holds you back from living the life you aspire. Live your truth, let go of that which no longer serves your highest purpose. When you are in alignment with your highest good, everything is possible!


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