An exciting week awaits us! At the end of this week, we will experience themes of culmination. With both the end of the autumnal season as well as the current lunar cycle, we are sure to experience much shifting and fluxing. As with all celestial culminations, this powerful storm of events will create the ideal conditions for us to shake off all that no longer serves our highest and greatest good.

To break it down, Friday’s winter solstice is cause for celebration. The winter solstice is the first day of winter. It is also the point at which the northern hemisphere experiences its least number of daylight hours and most number of darkness. The winter solstice brings about a ritual of honour. We are honouring the silence that the darkness brings; its beckoning for us to slow down, rest and dream. As our Mother Earth rests peacefully under the blanket of the darkness of night, so do we; envisioning our dreams and desires for when the Light returns. Animals hibernate, leafing trees lay dormant and the silent lullaby of winter overtakes the northern hemisphere. We, as caretakers of all of her inhabitants, respect winter’s nature.

Because the winter months are the darkest, winter is a time for self-reflection. Spiritually, darkness represents a window into our subconscious- a widow into our deepest most innermost thoughts. The darkness of winter allows is the space and silence for reflection. As we ruminate over the previous year’s events and circumstances, we may ask ourselves: how do we feel about them? How do we feel about our actions and reactions toward them? What aspect of ourselves do we wish to improve upon in the coming months? How do we envision ourselves doing so?

To add fuel to the emotionally reflective fire, in the day following the winter solstice, we witness this year’s full moon in Cancer; the final full moon of 2018. Because the zodiac sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, this sign feels right at home during this lunar event. Cancer is emotionally sensitive, maternal and nurturing. For those born in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), this full moon will feel particularly comfortable and homey for you. For those born under these signs or for any other emotionally sensitive people, finding creative ways to outlet your emotions is highly recommended. Be it writing, drawing, dancing or cooking, any activity into which you are able to channel your strong emotions will be beneficial as this full moon may be a time of deep healing. As Cancer is a water sign, there is a strong likelihood that we will be guided to attend to any outstanding matters that require deep emotional examination. This could undoubtedly cause great waves in the ocean of self-healing.

While the moon waxes full in Cancer, the sun looms large in the earth sign of Capricorn. Capricorn the earthy, grounded and practical. Thankfully we may rely on his energy to anchor us from a potentially outlandish emotional state. Drawing on Capricorn’s grounded nature will allow us to approach any self-healing work from a stable state. As always, when engaging in any spiritual or healing work, doing so from a rooted state will provide us with the most balanced clarity.

Correspondingly, both Cancer and Capricorn hone in on the home. Both signs concentrate on harmony and beauty within the physical home as well as the family unit. In tandem with the winter solstice, this full moon weekend promises to be an excellent time to spend with family. With focus being on loved ones and reflection, we will feel inspired to surround ourselves with those for whom we are grateful.

Further, for those who love to nurture, this moon will be a carnival. The full Cancer moon brings out the maternal caretaker in all of us. Kindness is readily available and there is an air of ‘giving free of attachment’. This concept is of very high vibration and will be quite spiritually rewarding. That said, there is danger of giving and gifting to the point of exhaustion. Cancer also highlights our need for security in our familial and intimate relationships. There is a potential for us to get lost in the need to feel secure by way of giving and gifting to make ourselves feel secure. Be mindful that this is overcompensating behaviour for our deepest insecurities with loved ones. When we feel that we are running ourselves ragged for others, let us take a moment to ask if our exhaustive actions and behaviours rooted in love and nurturing others? Or are they are reflection of our own deep need to feel secure in our relationships? Be mindful to nurture yourself first. Remember: you cannot pour from an empty cup.

This weekend is sure to be full of fun, feelings and festivity. As with all emotionally charged astrological alignments, we have a choice. We can fall victim to the dark nights of winter and darkness of deep emotional healing or we can rise above, accept the challenge and face it head on like a warrior! The choice is ours.


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