On the eve of Sunday January 20th, our planet Earth will experience its “Wolf” Blood Full Supermoon/Lunar Eclipse in the moon sign of Leo. This event will be the first full moon and eclipse of 2019. This celestial event promises to be one of high energy and electricity. 

To understand the maginifnece of this celestial event, we must examine each term separately: A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon appears to be darkened as it passes through the Earth’s umbra or shadow. During this time, the Earth comes between the sun and the moon, giving an eerie appearance to the moon and the night sky.

The “Wolf” moon is a name which North American indigenous tribes gave to the first full moon of the year. The farmer’s almanac uses similar titles to name the moons.

The ‘blood’ moon is a name given to all total lunar eclipses as while the moon passes over the sun, it appears red in the night sky. And of course the ‘supermoon’ is a term given to the moon when its proximity is closer to the Earth than usual. This generally happens three times per year. The average distance from the Earth to the moon is 328 000 kms. The supermoon’s distance to Earth is approximately 326,000 kms. Therefore the moon, as it is literally closer than usual to the Earth, appears larger and brighter than usual.

Spiritually, this planetary alignment as many wonderful opportunities for personal growth and self-examination. When we examine the effects of each celestial body at play during a lunar eclipse, we can begin to see how to harness and work alongside these beautiful natural energies. Astrologically, the sun represents our personalities. It represents how we express ourselves to the world and each other. The moon represents our subconscious; our shadow sides- the sides of ourselves that we are often un-fond of. These are the sides of ourselves that during a lunar eclipse, are highlighted. Because during the lunar eclipse, the moon is illuminated by the solar energy, our shadow sides are brought to the forefront. Often this illumination may cause discomfort. However, we must also view this discomfort as an opportunity to grow and heal.

In addition to the energy of the lunar eclipse, we also witness the first full moon of the year. As with all full moons, this is an optimal time to assess which aspects of our lives and consciousness that no longer serves our highest good. As the moon is in its final stages of waxing (getting bigger), we may take the opportunity to acknowledge where our lives may be off balance. These imbalances may be in the form of relationships, responsibilities, or any other undue our outgrown sources of stress.

This full moon/lunar eclipse has energy that embodies the need to seek our purpose and to set foot on the path to serve it. The Leo lunar energy will impassion us to work harder than we ever thought we could at releasing who we thought we were to make room for who we aspire to be. The Aquarian solar energy will have us in full warrior mode, discerning what must be released without becoming overly attached to what we must bid farewell. The lunar and solar balance create an optimal time to shed our skin and become in alignment with our improving paths for the new year.

The moon being in Leo brings about a sense of awakening and confidence. Leo’s are empowered, courageous individuals. By connecting with the Leo energy during this eclipse, you will bring to the surface inner strength, courage and conviction. Leos embody the spiritual warrior consciousness. They are fearless and unafraid of self work. To harness this Leo energy is to allow ourselves to break free of the fears that come along with change. Leo is a fire sign which means that this lunar energy allows our passionate side to emerge, encouraging us to cast aside any self imposed blocks in the name of following our hearts. Leo is emotionally driven and very passionate about the cause. This sense of determination can create an ideal environment to recognize what we wish to shift within our lives and to take the head-first plunge into it.

While the moon is in Leo, the sun is in tepid Aquarius. Aquarians are quite removed from their emotions which allows for logic to take the forefront. Though air signs, Aquarians have a unique way to remove themselves from attachment to emotions and circumstances to obtain an objective view. When it comes to self-work, drawing on the sun’s  Aquarian energy will allow us to remain objective in all of our endeavours. This is particularly helpful while processing any aspects of our lives that no longer serve our highest good. After all, the more we attach ourselves emotionally or physically to that which we desire o release, the more difficult and dramatic it becomes. By harnessing the detached mantra of the Aquarius sun, the discipline of release will feel simpler.

While all of this seems relatively painless, there is an astrological wrench that will work its way into this planetary alignment. The mighty Uranus opposes this eclipse in the night heavens. We can expect sudden changes, sudden announcements and sudden shifting resulting in anxiety about the future. Unexpected news may bring about uncertainty. Life’ events could seem to be coming at us far more rapidly than what we are comfortable with.  We may find that we or those around us are prone to impulsiveness or rapid mood swings.  These types of experiences can have us easily reverting back to “fear mode” which could drive up a wall between us and those we love. Before we give into our knee jerk fear based reaction, it is important to take a moment to reconnect with our heart centres. It is important to note that this eclipse is not a good time to make sudden emotionally-charged changes to our relationships but to wait out the turmoil as we will see the pendulum swing back the other way.

As with all anxieties, it is crucial to ensure that we regularly release, ground and centre. When we partake in these exercises, we are more readily able to face the events that are thrown our way. By practicing patience, adaptability and self-compassion, we are better equipped to wade through the peaks and troughs that this lunar eclipse brings.


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