February 19th, 2019 births a full moon in the sign of Virgo. This full moon is a supermoon, which means that it is one of four moons that are closer in proximity to the Earth than the other nine during the calendar year. Because this full moon’s distance to our planet is closer than most, it appears larger than usual in the night sky.
As with all full moons, this one is a time for release. When the moon appears at its fullest, it astrologically signifies the highest and best time to let go of that which no longer serves our highest good.

As this moon waxes full in the sign of Virgo, it illuminates our need for order and structure in our lives; both physically and emotionally. While being organized and regimented are a valuable part of a healthy life, this particular lunar influence may have us dwelling on our imperfections. We may feel compelled to dwell on every detail of our lives that is chaotic. Any lack of clarity in emotional relationships may feel excessively overwhelming. In fact any aspect of our lives over which we feel a lack of control may have us in a panic. We feel an accentuated desire to “fix” everyone and everything surrounding. However despite all of the opportunity to feel we are unable to manage and organize, there is a lesson. And the lesson is acceptance. This is our opportunity to accept our imperfections, both in or physical world as well as our mental, emotional and spiritual. By working towards self-acceptance, we are working toward inner peace.

With emphasis on our need to control every detail of our lives, we may also utilize this opportunity to practice the discipline of letting go. When we relinquish control of our lives, we are allowing circumstances to naturally unfold. And, as they always will, they will do so in our highest good- in ways that work best for all involved. In the human body and mind, we are unable to understand the full picture of the greatest good. By releasing our need to control; by letting go of our ego, we are allowing divine miracles to shine through. We are opening ourselves up to possibilities that we hadn’t even dreamt of.

While the moon shines brightly in Virgo, our sun is in the watery, sensitive sign of Pisces. We may feel a desire to withdraw- to go within and search our souls. We may find that if we do so, we will daydream the day away. Pisces energy can be quiet ethereal. We may utilize this energy to create! Though we may get lost in other dimensions during this lunar period, we may find that when we return, we are filled with love and inspiration to create. Whether we are creative individuals or strictly wish to create a better life for ourselves, the full moon in the sun sign of Pisces is a wonderful time to get lost in creative potential. However should we feel that we are getting “too lost”, we can rely on the grounded earth sign Virgo to bring us back to Earth.

Both Pisces and Virgo have strong empathic tendencies. Both are acutely sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others. This, during this full moon period, is not to be taken lightly. During this time, empaths may feel extra sensitive. The Piscean energy could have empaths engulfed in their emotions- or the emotions of others. It is crucial to all to engage in grounding techniques- with the aid of the Virgo moon. By rooting ourselves into the Earth, we will find balance and compassion.

Throughout this 48 hour lunar period, it is crucial that we are mindful of the motivations behind our actions. Do we have ulterior motives? Or are we behaving out of the goodness of our hearts free of attachment? Thankfully, both the Piscean and Virgo energies carry a “think before I act” mentality. This mentality enables us to discern the motivations behind our actions. We may also draw on the “think before I act” mentality before we find ourselves succumbing to the ego’s need for perfectionism. Before we get swept up into dwelling on each individual detail of that which is out of our control, we may take comfort in our ability to practice the pause, take a deep breath and find compassion for others; and most importantly ourselves.


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