This year’s full moon in Libra falls on Friday, April 19th, 2019. At 6:12 am central time, the moon waxes full. As with all full moons, this is a time to reflect on what is working for us and what no longer serves our highest good.

The Libra nature is very intriguing. It is a paradoxical sign. Libras are known for both their dramatic personalities as well as their ability to find balance in any given situation. Libra, being an air sign, is well versed at detaching from emotions. Air signs have a keen ability to behave in a way that is removed from emotion. Because of this, Libra makes a good judge. Libra is able to remain non-judgmental in her calculations. Libra is able to objectively assess any situation and draw the fairest conclusion. Contrary to their unemotional platform, Libras often make good actors as they are easily able to draw on deep rooted emotions to communicate their point. Though they are unattached to these emotions they are readily able to tap into them in order to take on certain roles for the purpose of getting their points across. This makes them excellent debaters and intellectual conversationalists.

Drawing on Libra’s balanced temperament proves helpful in any context. If Libran energy resonates with your astrological chart, you have the blessing of being able to tap into her nature at any time. For those of us who do not have Libran energies readily available from which to draw, this lunar period will be an excellent opportunity for us to objectively examine any circumstances in which we find ourselves. Whether we are in the midst of a argument, about to make an important decision or having a difficult time seeing another person’s point of view, drawing on the objective-natured Libran energy can help us to take a step back and view these situations from a fair standpoint for all involved.

While the moon is in Libra, the sun finds its place in the sign of Aries. Interestingly, this full moon resides at the tail end of Aries and makes its way into Taurus shortly thereafter. Therefore, this full moon embodies characteristics of both sun signs Aries and Taurus. This is a bold combination. Both Aries and Taurus operate on a very bullheaded plane. Both characters are full speed ahead. This can potentially stir an anxiety within us if we are feeling as though we have much to do and little time to do it. We may find that we are easily overwhelmed and moody. To offset these emotions, should they arise, if at all possible, engaging in physical activity is the healthiest of outlets.

This astrological alignment poses Libra opposite Uranus. We are sure to feel restless as our need for change or freedom claims the forefront of our minds. Uranus is the planet of sudden change. Because it opposes the full moon in Libra, our need for excitement takes precedence over all other needs. This can cause a dramatic shift in our thoughts and behaviours as we will feel the need to break free from our usual routines. Being prepared for this sudden and short lived feeling is the best way to understand it. If we are able, taking a short trip out of our normal routine is a helpful remedy, nurturing our desire for excitement. If this is not possible, we may learn to accept that this desire for freedom is impermanent as are all other feelings. Allow this desire to come and go.

Perhaps troublesome for most, this full moon has the capacity to highlight imbalances in romantic relationships. Within relationships that lack compassion and empathy will be a call to release all egotism and arrogance. As well will be highlighted those partners who take their loved ones for granted. These imbalances become glaringly obvious during is lunar period, encouraging those who are the recipients of the imbalance to take a good hard look at their relationship priorities. When we rise above any perceived weaknesses we have as individuals we can view our relationships from an empowered state of mind. When we do, we will be more readily be able to acknowledge the aspects of our relationships that no longer serve our personal growth. Ideally, our partners will want to work through these imbalances with us for the common good of the relationship. However, should our partners remain neglectful to our concerns, this may bear further examination. It is always important, in any circumstance, to evaluate our priorities.

Further adding to the relationship struggle is the moon’s position with Venus in this planetary alignment. Venus, the planet of the Divine sensual feminine, is highlighted at this time. This illumination creates a strong desire for love and affection. Additionally, there is the need within this alignment for both men and women to feel emotionally supported. If these needs are not met, many of us will be quick to react and to cause a deeper imbalance within our romantic relationships. Though seeking this love and support is important, take caution not to do so in a way that undermines your relationship. It can be easy to fall into the trap of seeking affection from an external source, however remember who you will be hurting in the end. Be sure to talk your concerns out with your partner so as to avoid any thickening tension. Compromise and unconditional love with help to restore harmony to all relationships.

The Aries sun tends to bring out our abrupt, fiery reactionary sides. Be sure to manage any sudden outbursts by practicing self-awareness. Before we react, count to five slowly. This will give us the necessary moments to decide how our reactions will affect others and in turn ourselves in the long run.

The combination between the fiery, abrupt Aries sun, the Venus-minded need for attention and the Libran opposition to Uranus can and will account for many opportunities for fear based reaction. Be patient with yourself. Be mindful of the astrological tendencies during this 48 hour lunar period. Should we approach any situation during this time, we must do so with caution and self awareness. Remember to invoke the Libran ability to detach from emotions and objectively view all scenarios free of judgment. By taking a step back from all the likely emotional time bombs of this lunar period, we will have a greater possibility of finding inner peace in the midst of this potentially chaotic time.

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