Today, Saturday May 18th brings about this year’s full moon in Scorpio. Though the full Scorpio moon is generally named “The Fighting Moon”, this full moon’s uniqueness is noteworthy. At 7:11 pm central time, our blue moon waxes full in the sign of Scorpio. To most, the term “blue moon” refers to the second full moon in a calendar month. This full moon is a different type of blue moon. This blue moon falls under the lesser known category of seasonal blue moon. This means simply that whereas most seasons (consisting of three months each) have three full moons, this particular spring season of 2019 has four. Hence the “extra” full moon being named the seasonal blue moon.

Because of the Scorpion nature, we must be cautious during the 48 hours surrounding this full moon. The phrase “Beware the Scorpion Sting” is no false warning. When provoked, Scorpios can be very callous, insensitive and vindictive. Though not all of us have Scorpio present in our birth charts, we will almost definitely be affected by this prickly energy.

Scorpio is a water sign. Commonly, water signs are thought of as warm, nurturing, maternal, sensitive and loving. While some of these characteristics hold true for the unharmed Scorpio, when hurt or wounded in any way, the Scorpion water can run icy cold. They can become overprotective, overbearing, jealous and petty. During this 48 hour period, these characteristics of the Scorpio can be illuminated in any of us. They are prone to rise to our surface quickly. And if we are not careful, we may do unintentional harm to ourselves and those we love. To avoid any future damage to ourselves and our loved ones, we must become cognizant of our reactionary nature. By understanding that this lunar period has the capacity to create a thoughtless, sharp edged response to anyone who may offend us, we will allow ourselves to take a step back. By taking a step back we will be allowing ourselves the time to find compassion for anyone whose actions have offended us. Likely, they meant no offense and we were quick to assume the attack.

To further intensify this angst, astrologically Scorpio is opposite Mercury. This opposition can cause great chaos in attempt of communication. Because Mercury is the planet that represents communication and it opposes Scorpio – the passionate, intellectual, jealous and possessive, there leaves much room for ego based disagreements, mind games and insecurities abound. It would be very easy to get ourselves caught up in the game of second guessing ourselves on a personal and/or romantic nature. That said, we do have a choice. We can easily submit to the fear and chaos that surrounds us, OR we can recognize that we are a product of our environments. We can recognize that we have unconsciously taken on the energies of all that surrounds us (as empaths always do!). By acknowledging this, we can easily shake it off. Because, after all, it does not belong to us!

Thankfully, to balance out the chaos of the Scorpion moon, we can call upon the grounding energies of our Sun which is presently in the earth sign of Taurus. Taurean energy is earthy, grounded and pragmatic. These traits are quite welcome when working through the likes of the Scorpio full moon! To connect with the Taurean energy, align yourself with Mother Earth. This can be done through connecting with nature, connecting with grounding crystals or natural objects, or by simply meditating in your home. Any of these activities will invite the calming influence of Taurus.

In addition to the icy Scorpion nature, this sign encourages us to delve deeper. This sign asks us to look at what lies underneath. Whether this becomes self-examination or an examination of truth within an interpersonal relationship, Scorpio assists us in removing the mask, the façade. What we find may birth either a feeling of liberation, disruption or both. The clarity that we may find has the power to bring us closure to any outstanding situations – But not without a bit of work! Should we come across any information during this revealing time that we find upsetting, let us remember that this negative feeling is with us so that we can learn and grow from it. It is fleeting.

To best cope with the unpredictable nature of this full moon, let us remind ourselves that we are strong, fierce warriors and that the Universe will only give us what we can handle. Without these opportunities to grow, we would likely not learn anything of value. We may prepare ourselves, during thus lunar period by staying grounded and rooted in our self-belief. Trusting ourselves is our best line of defense when external circumstances go awry. Most importantly, it is of great value to make time each day to disconnect. Disconnect from other people, from social media, TV and all other influential media so that we have the time to recharge.


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