One of the articles that receives the most hits on my blog is “Anti-Inflammatory foods for cats and dogs”. Though I am glad that people are doing the research to provide natural health options for their animal companions, it saddens me that so many animals are suffering from chronic inflammation.

Without a doubt processed foods can cause joint inflammation in cats and dogs. Often, animal food companies fill their foods with non-food items, extremely low grade ingredients and mislabel their products for monetary gain. This means that even for those of us who research every ingredient we feed our animals, we may still not be accounting for all of the factors in nutrition. Further, some companies outsource their food factories to other continents. This decreases the quality of nutrients because of the length of time it takes for the food to travel overseas to your animal’s food bowl. With all of these hurdles to jump over, how can we ever be sure that we are doing the very best we can to feed them well?

It can be very difficult to avoid feeding our animals processed foods as taking the time to make our cat and dog food is not always feasible. Even the best quality foods can have ingredients that are not ideal for long term mobility of our animal companions.  Though many people are under the impression that good quality dog and cat food are pricey, this is often incorrect. There are very good quality food brands that are middle of the road pricing that can make a world of difference to the longevity of your animal’s healthy and joint mobility. However, even this processed for may not be enough. What is the solution?

Because of both inadequate nutrition as well as environmental factors such as stress and pollution, toxins can build up in the joints. Additionally, when animals age, joints can become depleted of lactic acid and other moisture that can cause physical pain and discomfort. Additionally, the toxins can cause inflammation of muscles and joints rendering walking, standing and sitting for prolonged periods of time painful. There are so many factors that can play into joint health that it is an excellent idea to begin your animals on prophylactic nutritional supplementation. By starting them on certain holistic food supplements, you can virtually alter the longevity of your animal’s mobility.

Below are five highly effective natural remedies that are commonly used and safe for cats and dogs:

1)      Wild Salmon Oil

2)      Coconut Oil

3)      Leafy Green Vegetables such as broccoli or kale

4)      Hemp Seed Oil

5)      Fruits such as blueberries, papaya and cherries

7)      Turmeric

8)      CBD oil

Please note that when administering any new supplement, it is of primary importance to begin with a small dosage and work your way up incrementally. This way you will not overload your animal friend’s system. It is also important to integrate slowly, being mindful of the dosage relative to the size of your animal friend.

When working with oil supplementation, be advised that many oils are fattening and to be mindful of used dosages. Also, if you are administering these oils to a dog or cat with chronic diarrhea or any other bowel issues, oils may cause diarrhea. Check with your holistic animal healer before beginning any new regimen.




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