Just at the perfect time for most, the sky births the new moon in Leo. At the end of long and tired Mercury retrograde ( ), we have an opportunity to create the life we deserve. For many of us, Mercury retrograde had us feeling stuck or even temporarily lost. We may have questioned our mere existence relative to spirituality and the Universe. Fortunately, on Wednesday, July 31st, the very day that closes this season’s Mercury retrograde, we are blessed with a new moon.

New moons are utilized as prominently creative times in the lunar cycle. This is because as the moon waxes (grows) throughout its monthly cycle, so do the power of our intentions. As a result, choosing to create a list of personal intentions; or goals during a new moon will allow their seeds to grow accordingly.

The juncture of this new moon in Leo is a powerful one. With both the sun and moon in the empowered sign of Leo, we are sure to feel confident in our choices. We can gracefully move forward with ease and self-assuredness. This lunar positioning brings about a time where we can readily release the past and allow for room to be made to fill with new hopes and dreams.

The Leo nature is headstrong, bold and secure. This 48 hour lunar period is an excellent time to reacquaint with ourselves. What do we wish to achieve over the next few months? What are our longer term goals? By taking a moment to meditate on our heart’s desires and writing them down, we will lock in the creative energies to allow them to unfold. Be mindful, however that any intentions that we create will only occur according to Divine Timing. The Leo way can also feel impatient at times, wanting to complete every task “right now”. Because the sun and moon are in Leo at this time, we may fall into the ego trap of instant gratification. By connecting with our inner wisdom, we may remind ourselves to look at the bigger picture.

Leos are proud beings. They have unparalleled inner strength that carries them through the depths. By drawing on the Lion energy, we embody his courage and self preservation. Should we find ourselves going through challenges bigger than Mercury retrograde, we may find respite during this lunar setting. We may draw on personal strength we hadn’t believed existed. We may be reminded of how string we truly are; that we do have the power to rise above any perceived challenges.

Be mindful of our tendency to need to win an argument, or to “prove our point” during this time. Leos can be stubborn and relentless when it comes to needing to be “right”. Remember that it is more important to be kind than to be right! Not everyone will share our opinions every time. So before you lash out or attempt to go to great lengths to prove your point, take a step back and let it go.

During this new moon we may find that we have excess physical energy. Due to Leo’s fiery, passionate energy, we could easily get carried away in physical activity. If physical activity comes naturally to us, this new moon will be full of vitality! Should we be the types of people who struggle with physical activity, be mindful that any excess energy that we may incur which is not properly burned off could result in irritability and conflict. Whichever disposition you may be, taking the time to go outdoors and bask in the fresh air and summer sunlight will bring us much joy and balance.



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