Saturday, September 14th 2019 marks this year’s full moon in Pisces. As with all full moons, this moon represents the culmination of a cycle. Every full moon brings with it the opportunity for us to let go of that which no longer serves our highest and greatest good.

As spiritual warriors it is important that we practice continuous release of old, stale energies. Most of us who begin our spiritual paths are seeking to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be. By regularly releasing energies that no longer serve us, we are welcoming in newer energies that are more in alignment with our Divine purpose. There are several ways in which we can practice this release of energy. There are rituals, prayers and all kinds of ways to let go. If you do not have a regular practice already, one you may want to try is to write down the details of that of which you wish to let go on small pieces of paper. For example, if you wish to quit smoking, you can write ‘smoking’ on a small piece of paper. On another, you may write ‘unhealthy relationship with mother’ or something to that effect. You may write as many or as few as you wish. Once you have written all of which you wish to rid yourself, you can take the papers outside and burn them one by one into a small metal bucket or something safe so that the burned papers are contained and cannot cause harm to anyone or anything in their vicinity.

The full moon’s place in Pisces this month promises to bring our emotions to the forefront. Pisces are especially emotionally and spiritually sensitive. This means that any emotions that have been close to the surface and we have yet to deal with are likely to come to the surface during this time. It is important that we are prepared for this. A good way to prepare is to have a journal, sketch pad, voice recorder or anything you’re drawn to in order to encourage a healthy release of emotion. By allowing ourselves a creative outlet for our feelings, we are allowing ourselves to be authentic. This authenticity permits us to come face to face with our shadow sides- the parts of our personalities that we have yet to love. In being authentic, we will have a much easier time accepting ourselves. Thus, we can see where we are out of alignment and bring ourselves back as per the full moon’s opportunity.

This month’s full moon has the potential to create the perfect conditions to get to know ourselves on deeper levels. Pisces are highly spiritually sensitive. For those of us who are not Pisces, we can best utilize these lunar energies by meditating, reading up on and practicing dream recall, past life regression work, connecting with Angels; any divination practice that speaks to you. During this 48 hour lunar period (24 hours before and 24 hours after the full moon), should we be open to it, we may begin or continue to receive messages of healing from benevolent sources through meditation, dreams or past life work that can dramatically help us along our spiritual journeys.

Pisces are also highly intuitive beings. This lunar influence makes for a great opportunity to get to know your unique intuitive abilities. You may feel drawn to go to a book store, healing workshop or read online in ways that had not previously occurred to you about developing your intuition. During this time, if you feel drawn to anything at all, there is likely a deeper reason for it. This is a great opportunity to follow your intuition!

While all of these intuitive channels are opening up to us, we may end up feeling easily exhausted. We may quickly burn out. Thankfully, our sun is in the earth sign of Virgo while our moon is in Pisces. This is highly beneficial as Virgo has a very strong grounding element. Should all of the ethereal Piscean energy get the best of us, we can call on our sun’s placement in Virgo to help us to ground. To best help us through this highly emotionally and spiritually charged few days, it’s important to engage in grounding activities such as walking outside in nature, eating nutritious foods and resting well.

Given that both Pisces and Virgo tend to be quite introverted signs, we may want to opt out of any social engagements during this time. Or, should we wish to attend social engagements, we will want to pay attention to our own energies. We may find, especially at this time that we are easily depleted of energetic resources. This is why, if we choose to attend social engagements that we practice grounding both before and after these events. By calling on the Virgo sun’s energy, we can be sure that her grounding nature will help us to replenish our stores. Additionally, you may wish to protect your energy field before attending social events. By protecting your energy you are lesser likely to become drained of energy.

This lunar period has the capacity to bring about a great shift within each and every one of us. Though we are likely to experience deep emotions and profound spiritual insights, once this period comes to a close we will be much wiser and much more self aware than ever before. Be sure to keep a journal of your experiences for review later on. Keeping track of your spiritual journey is a wonderful way to look back and see how far you’ve come!


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